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"What A long strange road it's been" - The Epic Quest of WKJezz

There is an achievement in WoW called "What A long strange road it's been"  or words to those effect; and I have to say, the last 36 weeks of being away from WoW have been no exception.  If the truth be known for the first time since wow entered my life, I deactivated my account and decided to focus on real life. 

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WKJ Blog Spring 2011: Patch 4.1.X - Coming Soon to PTR

Patch 4.1 Public Test Realms Coming Soon 

Check out the latest information about the 4.1 Public Test Realms on the official World of Warcraft site. 

Click this blog to read the 1st set of patch notes, some interesting class and guild rep changes

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WKJ "Mini" Blog - December 2010

Hi all, I have been a bit quiet here recently!


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Breaking News: 7 Hours On

Short but sweet -

7 Hours sinse our 2.1.0 and


That my friends... Is SWEET

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We have a major content update on it's way! Click Read More to see what you can expect.

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Important Info (Mainly Mac Users)

A number of people have used our Addon Help chat today (Big Smiles) and it seems there is a consistant issue for people on Macs.  Although this tip will help both PC and Mac users. When you download the addon there are 2 seperate folders "Wowpro" and "Wowpro Leveling". You need to make sure that if you are draging and dropping these folders into your addon folder, that you dont drag it's parent directory in there, or the addon will not load.

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WKJ Blog - November 2010

Hello Wow-Pro and welcome to me having a bit of a blog! If you are looking for helpful insight into anything, then you came to the WRONG place Laughing out loud.

The Shattering
So in our World of Warcarft after a tireless week of alt killing elemental invasions on our beloved home cities, blizzard threw us a curveball and shattered Azeroth sooner than many thought.

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New Project

An update for you all, I am working on a new glance guide listing all the items from Reputation gain in Cataclysm. I entice your taste buds, the general idea is Honored Rep = 85 Dungeon Gear Equivelant. Revered = Heroic Gear and Exalt = Raid Gear.

Watch this space

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