Wow-Pro Professions Addon Module - PROPOSAL

So ... I found WoW Pro a bit late to be really useful for the push to get it ready for Cataclysm, but I like to code and in WoW I'm really all about the professions.

I've had an idea to build an add-on for the professions, based heavily on the WoW-Core and WoW-Leveling modules so have come up with the following proposal.  Please comment on it, tell me if you think it's workable ... or a terrible idea :) Any comments you can make will only improve the final product!

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We have a major content update on it's way! Click Read More to see what you can expect.

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Important Info (Mainly Mac Users)

A number of people have used our Addon Help chat today (Big Smiles) and it seems there is a consistant issue for people on Macs.  Although this tip will help both PC and Mac users. When you download the addon there are 2 seperate folders "Wowpro" and "Wowpro Leveling". You need to make sure that if you are draging and dropping these folders into your addon folder, that you dont drag it's parent directory in there, or the addon will not load.

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WKJ Blog - November 2010

Hello Wow-Pro and welcome to me having a bit of a blog! If you are looking for helpful insight into anything, then you came to the WRONG place Laughing out loud.

The Shattering
So in our World of Warcarft after a tireless week of alt killing elemental invasions on our beloved home cities, blizzard threw us a curveball and shattered Azeroth sooner than many thought.

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WoW-Pro Dungeons Addon


Hello all!

I am working on a new module for the WoW-Pro addon called WoW-Pro Dungeons, that should provide the framework for guides and information related to dungeons in World of Warcraft. Right now, the WoW-Pro Dungeons is still in its early alpha stage, but I decided to create this page to explain my own design ideas and to hear feedback from the community (especially those that are in the beta, since I'm not).

That way, if we decide to change something, I won't waste too much programming time. Smiling

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[AddOn] Silverpine Forest (12-21)

WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide('3', 'Silverpine Forest', 'Malorajan', '12', 'Uknown', '4', 'Horde', function()
return [[

A Warchief's Command: Silverpine Forest!|QID|28568|M|66.07,49.80|Z|Undercity|N|You can pick this quest up from the Warchief's Command Board in Undercity.|
f Trade Quarter|QID|28568|M|63.37,48.64|Z|Undercity|N|At Michael Garrett.|
T Warchief's Command: Silverpine Forest!|QID|28568|M|57.40,10.11|N|To Grand Executor Mortuus.|
A The Warchief Cometh|QID|26965|M|57.40,10.11|N|From Grand Executor Mortuus.|
C The Warchief Cometh|QID|26965|M|57.28,10.28|
T The Warchief Comet

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[AddOn] Kezan (Goblin 1-5)

WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide('1', 'Kezan', 'Malorajan', '1', '5', '2', 'Horde', function()
return [[

A Taking Care of Business|QID|14138|M|56.52,77.00|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
T Taking Care of Business|QID|14138|M|60.10,74.66|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|
A Trouble in the Mines|QID|14075|M|60.10,74.66|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|
A Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|14069|M|60.10,74.66|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|
C Trouble in the Mines|QID|14075|M|62.72,96.40|
C Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|14069|M|70.29,82.50|
L Level 2|QID|14069|LVL|2|N|You should be around level 2 by this point.|
T Trouble i

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Patch 4.0.1 and leveling (Part 2: Priests)

Hrm...didn't really plan to cover priests, but figured what the hey, since one guy posted about wanting to see a priest blog. =p

I did a little bit of testing, starting a priest from 1 and getting it up a few levels, and messing around with an old priest I had sitting at 42, and then just looking at how talents and spells have changed.

Pre-patch 4.0.1, for priests to level, the fastest way to level was to be Holy (with 3 points in Spirit Tap from the shadow tree).

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New Project

An update for you all, I am working on a new glance guide listing all the items from Reputation gain in Cataclysm. I entice your taste buds, the general idea is Honored Rep = 85 Dungeon Gear Equivelant. Revered = Heroic Gear and Exalt = Raid Gear.

Watch this space

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Patch 4.0.1 and leveling (Part 1:DKs, Mut Rogues, Feral Druids and Demo/Destro Locks)

As Jiyambi knows, I'm currently working on some leveling guides for paladin, death knight, and rogue, as well as a general guide on tanking (mostly just working on paladin right now, though have the other three started).

I figured I'd put my thoughts together on a blog, without worrying about prettying up as a guide on classes and where I see that they stand from a leveling perspective, and fish for opinions/thoughts from other people, or just serve as a rough temp guide.

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