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New Official TomTom in the oven! Beta now availible!

The bug I posted to the official TomTom site has been closed:  146-hacked-up-version-works-in-602-mostly

James (aka Cladhaire) has sucessfully sucked out the goodness out of my hacked up version and is now actively working on the next version.

We are in email communication and I have offered any and all assistance that we all can provide.

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WoW-Pro 6.0.0E Leveling, Dailies, WorldEvents, Achievements and Professions Release Notes

Current Version: 6.0.0E
Last Update: Oct 21, 2014
Next Update: Oct 22, 2014

This update includes:
  • Wrath of Draenor Support
  • Updates to *all* the older guides.
  • Updates, as we incorporate the suggestions and bug fixes from YOU, our community! There are > 183 guides, of which some guides had updates.

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WoD Status 6.0.2 19005 (Oct 10)

  1. The patched version of TomTom and the ACE libraries are here: that I am now using a date, duh!)
  2. The latest Draenor Addon can be downloaded here:
  3. The commit list can be found here:

I am in the process of merging all the guide updates right now, so expect an update over the next hour or so.

The Draenor branch will go live on October 14!

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WoD Status 6.0.2 18865 (Sept 15)

Sorry about the delay. I kinda forgot that I was going to be on call at work 24/7 for a week ending today and it kinda sucked up a lot of free time.

I have been spending what free time I did have trying to figure out why the waypoint arrow was not working right and have managed to correct the code in WoWPro, TomTom, Astrolabe, and LibMapData.

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There is a New WoD Build a Brewin ... and this is the new checklist

OK. The official questing zones in WoD are:

  1. Tanaan Jungle
  2. Shadowmoon Valley
  3. Frostfire Ridge
  4. Gorgrond
  5. Talador
  6. Spires of Arak
  7. Nagrand

So I will set up wiki pages for each of these tomorow. If a quick look at WowHead seems to indicate faction specific zones are appropriate, I will set them up as such.

Any existing material from Emmaleah will be moved into this new structure.
However, if you want to take over a guide from her, ask her!

My role will be as editor, tester and bug fixer.

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WoW Beta Report v6.0.2 (18764)

So Emmaleah and I have been busy for the past few days.  She's been making changes to the guides and I have been fixing bugs in the Addon.

While I had great plans at makes some updates to the Pandaria addon, Verizon decided to break my DSL connection for most of the weekend, so I had to put that part off.

So new features and fixes:

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For whoever does Alliance Gorgrond...

I collected this while doing the horde guide. (the information was found together so I thought it would be easier to collate it at the same time). These items seem to be found ramdomly throughout the zone. I have found the Gronn Eye off of a named gronn (and he didn't have it when I killed him with a diff char) for one of the quests and the Orc Thorn off of a random infected mob for the bonus objective near Beastwatch.

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Horde - Iron Horde Invasion - Source Code

This is the intro questline that will become available when 6.0 is released (October 13, 2014). For some reason. The Tanaan Jungle guide was here instead, so. I changed it.

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Neutral Intro to WoD Quest Line #2

Edit 8/23/14: I realized my plan to combine the Blasted lands and tanaan jungle sections was flawed, so I have undone that...

Thanks Fluclo for editing it to make it neutral!! (see his comment below this) I have put a merged version over my original post.

edited from yet another play through. 8/28/14.
Here it is, the recorder and I don't get along well.

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My First WoD Guide

What better way to test the recorder than to run it.
I think Blizzard has tinkered with the starting zone quests again.
We will need someone to spin up a toon of every race and class to test.

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('LudoOrc', 'Leveling', 'Valley of Trials', 'Ludo', 'Horde')
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,1, 9)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, 'Nothiung')
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

T Lazy Peons|QID|25134|M|46.10,63.49|Z|Valley of Trials|N|To Foreman Thazz'ril.|
A Vile Familiars|QID|25131|M|46.01,63.44|Z|Valley of Trials|N|From Zureetha Fargaze.|

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