Easy alliance starters gold (earn a nice amount of gold in your low lvls!)

Ok, here's the deal. When you just start playing WoW or you move to a new server, you'll find yourself with very little bagspace, very bad equipment and sometimes even a lack of skills, all because you don't have enough money to buy it! However, making a nice amount of gold while you're still below lvl 10 is not really hard!

I've found a nice mining loop in Elwynn forest, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete (depending on your lvl and luck) and in the end you will have about 80 to 100 copper ores! One stack of 20 copper ores sells for an average of 2.5g on most servers, so in the worst situation you will earn 10g in 45 minutes!

"But what about those guides where you can earn 50g in 1 hour, that's a lot better!"
Well, that's true, but those guides require you to be a certain (probably high) lvl, where this mining loop only requires you to be somewhere between lvl 5 and 10!

Here's what we're going to need:

- Auctioneer: This add-on scans the auction-house for you and automatically picks the best price for your auctions! Can't be a good tradesman without this add-on!

- Cartographer: Not only does this add-on give you all the maps of the whole world without ever exploring them, it also tracks stuff you loot from the world. You're able to see where you've looted herbs, ores or treasure boxes just by pressing the M-button!

As of patch 2.3 there are some slight problems with these 2 add-ons. If Cartographer doesn't work you might wanna try using Gatherer. If Auctioneer is bugged for you, you'll just have to look up the prices yourself and do some calculating Eye

Ingame stuff:
- Mining profession: Pretty self-explanatory...
- A mining pick: What else do you want to mine your ores with!?
Captain Obvious says: D'uh

Also, I suggest picking up the skinning profession (this requires you to have a skinning knife in your inventory). This is the easiest profession to take, because you can skin every 'beast' monster from his fur/hide and then sell it on the Auction House!

First off, get to Stormwind, if you're a human this is easy, just check your map.
If you're a dwarf or a gnome take the Deeprun Tram from Ironforge and you're there!
If you're a Draenei or a Night Elf it's a bit more complicated; take the boat to Auberdine, then from there take the boat to Menethil Harbor (it's the dock pointing towards the south). Walk through The Wetlands and Dun Morogh towards Ironforge and take the Deeprun Tram from there! Offcourse you can also search for a kind mage or warlock to give you a portal/summon but this will probably cost you some money!

In Stormwind, scan the Auction House using the Auctioneer add-on. Do this by talking to one of the auctioneers and pressing the 'scan' button. Go do something for 10 minutes (call your girlfriend/boyfriend/mother for a change Eye) and then return when it's done scanning.
Pick up the mining (and skinning if you want) profession, along with a mining pick (and a skinning knife) make sure your bags are empty (except for the pick and knife ofc) and head out towards Elwynn Forest!

Here's the route we're going to follow:

(Click for a bigger version!)

Start off by heading to the south and then follow the red line I drew on the map above! Easy right? While walking kill everything that gets in the way and don't forget to skin them! If you're still around lvl 10 you can actually get quite a nice amount of experience from this too!
When you get to the the Fargodeep Mine (the first one) just enter one of the entrances and walk through the cave all the way to the other entrance.
South of Eastvale Logging Camp is 1 node, you can choose to take this one if you feel like you don't have enough yet, but I usually leave it there, since you won't really miss it!
The Jasperlode Mine only has one entrance/exit so just walk all the way to the end of the cave and then just head back out.
The end is right where you've started, at Stormwind. I suggest taking a break since it can be quite boring and the mining veins need time to respawn. Time to cash in! Go to the Auction House and see what price your Auctioneer Add-on advices you to set for a stack! If you have a stack with less then 20 ores, don't be afraid to dump it there too, the add-on will automatically set the right price comparing to a full stack!

I hope this guide is off any use to new players, it sure gives me a nice money-boost when I'm starting a new character on a realm! Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions (don't be too harsh on me though! Sticking out tongue) or questions, I'll be glad to answer them!

Have fun mining! Eye