Chinese version: Youri's Level 20-30 Alliance Leveling Guide

This guide is a prequel to Jame's leveling guide found here on wow-pro. At the end of this guide, you will have the necessary flight paths and an almost completely empty quest log, with exception of a few quests that will be handed in while following Jame's guide. It is a lot less polished than Jame's guide, but should provide sufficient information where you can complete the quests even without maps. That being said, if you plan to rewrite it in the same style as Jame's guides, feel free to do so, just be sure to credit me for it.
This is still the first version which may contain some errors or inconsistancies. Please report them in the comments so I will be able to fix it. Also suggestions to add quests I may have missed are welcome.

Detailed content see attachment file.

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