Blacksmithing 1 to 300


This guide is being updated for Wrath of the Lich King. Feel free to let me know about any discrepancies and thank you to all those helping keep me on my toes!

Like any profession there are always difficulties entailed. I've found that Engineering and Blacksmithing are the two hardest professions for myself. After searching for a blacksmithing guide I've found very little in the way of helpful content. I first based this guide off of information gathered from using the updated level ranges for professions. I'm looking for feedback to see if there are any possible ways to smooth it out or if there are better options because of material costs.

Skill Level
Number of Items
1 to 25
Rough Sharpening Stone
25 Rough Stone
26 to 45
Rough Grinding Stone
40 Rough Stone
46 to 75
Copper Chain Belt
180 Copper Bars
76 to 110
Runed Copper Belt
350 Copper Bars
111 to 130
Thick Bronze Darts
120 Bronze Bars
40 Rough Grinding Stones
20 Medium Leather
131 to 145
Rough Bronze Leggings
90 Bronze Bars
146 to 155
Bronze Warhammer
80 Bronze Bars
10 Strong Flux
10 Medium Leather
156 to 165
Green Iron Leggings
80 Iron Bars
10 Heavy Grinding Stones
10 Green Dye
166 to 190
Green Iron Bracers
150 Iron Bars
25 Green Dye
191 to 210
Golden Scale Bracers
100 Steel Bars
40 Heavy Grinding Stones
211 to 215
Mithril Scale Pants
60 Mithril Bars
216 to 235
Mithril Scale Bracers *
160 Mithril Bars
235 to 250
Mithril Coif
150 Mithril Bars
90 Mageweave Cloth
251 to 255
Dense Sharpening Stone
5 Dense Stone
256 to 275
Thorium Belt ***
Thorium Bracers ***
160 Thorium Bars
160 Thorium Bars
276 to 295
Imperial Plate Bracers **
240 Thorium Bars
295 to 300
Imperial Plate Boots **
90 Thorium Bars
* Pattern obtained from Vendor.
** Pattern obtained through Quest.
*** Pattern obtained from Auction House. (Or lucky drop)

I've tried to minimize the materials and patterns involved based on availability. Most of the stuff in the guide until you hit 215 you will learn from a trainer. I tried to avoid as many world drop patterns as possible, but there weren't many options outside of the ones that I did choose.

I've removed the Heavy Mithril Pants in favor of the Mithril Scale Pants due to availability. I think that may have been my original intention but I hadn't noticed that the pattern for Heavy Mithril Pants was a drop.

First item that you can't receive from a trainer are the Mithril Scale Bracers pattern. This pattern can only be bought from two vendors, one for each faction and is carried in limited supply. Alliance will find Haggran in Aerie Peak and Horde will find Gharash in Stonard.


The Thorium Armor set has since become a trainable ability that you can find at any Blacksmithing trainer and the materials cost has been lowered.

Next are the two uncommon drops, Thorium Belt and Thorium Bracers, of which you should be able to find both reasonably cheap in the Auction House if you're not lucky enough to have already farmed them up yourself. I placed two of the patterns in the same leveling range because they will both offer the same amount of points and are nearly identical in materials cost, this way you're hopefully not trapped waiting and watching the auction block for a long period of time. I will recommend that you choose the Thorium Bracers over the Belt simply because it remains at the orange skill level until 275 where as the belt will turn to the yellow skill level at 270 but will will remain so much longer than many other items, still offering the necessary points. If you can only find the Belt pattern I suggest you have a few extra materials ready because we all know there is the potential for a skill-up drought, this is the only part in the guide that you might have this problem. Once you've finished these as long as you're level 50 or higher you should be able to proceed unhindered to the Imperial Plate all the way to skill level 300.

Lastly are the Imperial Plate items, they can only be received from a quest line found in Gadgetzan, Tanaris by speaking with Derotain Mudsipper who will offer you the opening quest called A Blue Light Bargain. You must be level 50+ and have a Blacksmithing skill of 265+ to start the Imperial Plate Armor chain. After which time Derotain will offer the quest aptly named Imperial Plate Boots and Imperial Plate Bracers, in return for a small pittance of Thorium he will offer you Pattern: Imperial Plate Boots and Pattern: Imperial Plate Bracers as a reward.

-- Alternate Ending --
Since the Thorium Armor set is now trainable it might be advisable to make Thorium Bracers/Belt until 280 and make Thorium Boots or Thorium Helm until 300. Thorium Helm in my opinion might be a better option due to the availability of Star Rubies earned during your mining, however my blacksmith is also a jewel crafter and I have have an inordinate number of star rubies just lying around.

-- List of Materials --

- Mining -
* 145 Rough Stone
* 530 Copper Bars
* 290 Bronze Bars (145 Copper Bars & 145 Tin Bars)
* 230 Iron Bars
* 100 Steel Bars (100 Iron Bars & 100 Coal)
* 150 Heavy Stone
* 370 Mithril Bars
* 5 Dense Stone
* 490 Thorium Bars

- Skinning -
* 30 Medium Leather

- Vendor -
* 35 Green Dye

- Drop -
* 90 Mageweave

- Gathered -
* 80 Red or Blue Power Crystals

Note: You will need an additional 30 Thorium Bars to complete the two Imperial Plate Armor quests to receive the patterns, this brings the total number of Thorium Bars to 520.