[Gold Making] Grinding Guide Part 1: Primal Farming

Grinding Guide Part 1: Primal Farming

There are seven primals: Mana, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life and Shadow.

Primals are used in almost every high-end crafting profession, from Enchanting to Blacksmithing. In most cases it is better to farm primals than normal gold grinding, it will give you a higher gold/hour ratio.

Of course, some primals will net you a higher price than others. As an example: Primal Air, Fire or Water are worth far more than the easily obtainable Primal Life or Mana on most servers. Primal Earth is almost worthless since miners get them on their mining rounds all the time. This all depends on the server economy, after all.

Primal Air

Primal Fire

Primal Water

Primal Shadow

Primal Life

Primal Mana

Primal Earth

Do not farm Primal Earth. You should farm the other Primals and get Primal Earth off the Auction House.

This was Part 1 of my 2-step grinding guide.

Part 2 is coming up!

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