[Gold Making] 115g in 30 mins - Isle of Quel'Danas dailies


The aim of this guide is the most efficient gold farming in the least required time, so its perfect for players who need gold and dont have a lot of time. With this guide, you get the most efficient way to get through your daily Isle of Quel'Danas quests.
I made the guide for players that dont know the Isle of Quel'Danas dailies yet or just would like to uptimize their route. I will instruct in details what to do in each quest and place. The more experienced players can skip the details part and just try my circuits for a more effiecient way through the isle dailies.

In the many times I have done these dailies I manage to do them in 25-40 minutes depending on peak hours, drop chances and pvp. Most of the time I manage to stay away from pvp and get it done in 30 mins, while I even managed to do it under 30 mins with being killed 3 times by allies.
The 115g is only based on gold from the quest rewards and selling the gray items. During the dailies you will also have chance of getting greenies, netherweave cloth, scryer and aldor reputation items and pots. I personally keep most of these items for alts and disenchanting, but by selling all, Its possible to end up with 150g from 1 run. Thats possible equal to 300g/hour. Players with gathering proffesions can of course use those to up the profit.

DISCLAIMER: This guide does NOT take into account tradeskills, drop chances or PvP. It's 100% focused on getting through the quests in the shortest possible time. Any race/class combination can do this guide. Any complaints about PvP, tradeskills, or class specific issues will be ignored.

Basic rules

Useful addons

The only addon I have used for this guide is an addon for showing coordinates. The addon I used can be found at www.curse.com

Color codes

Isle of Quel'Danas dailies
Let's get started!

1. You take the Shattrath Portal to Isle of Quel'Danas from Shattrath City and end up in the middle of Sun's Reach Sanctum.
Jump down from the tower and go inside it. Get the quests: [70]The Battle Must Go On, [70]The Air Strikes Must Continue and [70]Know Your Ley Lines

2. Go southeast to Sun's Reach Armory. Take the spiral staircase upstairs. Pickup [70]Keeping the Enemy At Bay on the way. In the top get [70]Crush the Dawnblade. Run back out to the staircase and jump down and take [70]Dont Stop Now....

3. Mount up and ride north to the Inn and get [70]Open For Business and southeast to the Silvermoon's Pride(the boat) and take [70]Disrupt the Greengill Coast. From here ride east out Greengill coast.

Note: From now on pick up any Bloodberry you happen to pass by until you have the 5 required. Theres gonna be a lot in the forest on the west side, so it will be no problem getting them, however you might as well pick them up if you happen to be next to it. If you are a herbalist you can track the Bloodberries on your minimap

4. Here you go south killing all Darkspine Sirens and Darkspine Myrmidons. Make sure to loot them for Darkspine Chest Key and Orb of Murloc Control.
Use the Orb of Murloc Control on the little green murlocs to free them(if they are red it means that someone else has allready freed them). Its possible to free 3-5 pr orb, so if your lucky with bundle of murlocs, you only need 2-3 orbs. The orbs are 100% drop chance.
The Darkspine Chest Keys are used for opening the small Darkspine Ore chests you find all along the coast. The keys arent 100% drop chance, so you might have to kill a few Myrmidons to get the 3 keys.
As you move south you come to the Naga shrine(61,62) where you need to use the Astromancer's Crystal in your inventory. If you are not done with freeing murlocs and getting ore keep killing while you move north.
As soon as you are done, mount up and ride back to the Silvermoon's Pride and turn in [70]Disrupt the Greengill Coast.

5. Ride west and then northwest to Shattered Suns Staging Area. Inside the hut you get [70]Further Conversations and [70]Arm the Wards!

6. From the hut ride north and find Ayren Cloudbreaker at the end of the dock. You need to dismount manually before you get on any of his missions. The order here doenst matter, so I just start with the top one which is going on an air strike for [70]The Air Strikes Must Continue. Locate Arcane Charges in your inventory and put it in a hot key spot, this can be done after talking to him as it takes some time getting to the bombing area.

7. When you reach The Dead Scar you can start to bomb. You need to kill 2 Pit Overlords, 3 Eredar Sorcerers and 12 Wrath Enforcers. The Enforcers and Sorcerers should die from 1 charge, while the Pit Overlords needs to be hit twice. There are plenty of mobs and they respawn quite fast, so its easy to get it all in 1 round, I at least have never tried not getting all my kills.

8. You land back at Ayren Cloudbreaker and talk to him again and accept the other mission for intercepting the Dawnblade reinforcements for [70]Keeping the Enemy at Bay.
Here you need the Flaming Oil in your inventory. You only need to click it 3 times, but you can put it on a hotkey if you like.
You come to the Sin'Loren first, click the Flaming Oil and use it at the big mast. The bird then fly to the Dawnchaser, wait with throwing till you are on the eastside of the boat. Last the bird fly to the Bloodoath and here you throw from the west side of the boat.
The reason I say where to throw it from is that Ive experienced that its not working from certain points, and the ones mentioned works every time.
As you bomb the boats, make a note if there are horde or ally killing mobs on them as you need to slay 6 Dawnblade Rerservists next.
You land on the Sin'Loren in the middle and can stay there and kill Dawnblade Rerservists or move to another boat.
When you are done, talk to the Unrestrained Dragonhawk, which will take you back to land.

9. Mount up and head west into the forest. Here you need to kill Wretched Fiends and Wretched Devourers for 4 Mana Remnants for Arm The Wards!, keep picking up Bloodberries if you havent gotten 5 yet and kill Erratic Sentries.
When you killed a sentry, make sure to loot it first as it usually holds a grey item and sometime motes of mana. Afterwards rightclick the Attuned Crystal Cores in your inventory and click the sentry. Now you converted 1 sentry out of 5 needed for [70]Further Conversations.
Stay in the forest until you gathered the 4 Mana Remnants, converted 5 sentries and looted 5 Bloodberries.

10. Depending on where in the forest you are when are done, ride south or east into the Dawnstar Village.
Here you need to kill 6 Summoners, 6 Blood Knights and 3 Marksman. As you kill the mobs, move to the Blood Crystal(42,35) and do a reading with the Astromancer's Crystal. Its very easy to kill Summoners in this room as they often dont have a pet, and if they do, you can kill the pet first without the Summoner aggroing.

11. Continue east under the bridge and start killing Demons for [70]The Battle Must Go On. You need to slay 6 Demons and impale the Emissary of Hatewith theShattered Sun Banner. You can theEmissary of Hate no matter if its your kill or not, so focus on killing your 6 demons and go kill the Emissary of Hateif no one has by then.
At 48,44 you do the last reading with the Astromancer's Crystal.

12. Move northwest to the Sun's Reach Armory and get close to a Crystal Ward (those big red crystals you can find all over) and click Mana Remnants in your inventory.
Now turn in [70]Dont Stop Now.... While you are here, repair and sell the gray items.
Run upstairs and turn in [70]Keeping the Enemy At Bay and [70]Crush the Dawnblade.

13. Jump down and mount up. Ride north to the Inn and deliver [70]Open For Business.
Continue southwest and deliver [70]The Battle Must Go On, [70]The Air Strikes Must Continue and [70]Know Your Ley Lines.
Ride north and deliver [70]Arm The Wards! and [70]Further Conversations.
In this hut you find Eldare Dawnrunner who is the Shattered Sun Quartermaster. Furtermore, when you achieve friendly, honored, revered and exalted reputation, she will give you a care package filled with pots, elixirs and rep items you can sell for more gold.

14. From your inventory use the Darnarian's Scroll of Teleportation from your inventory.
You now find yourself back in the middle of Shattrath at least 115g richer done in approx 30 mins.

Note: Thanks Zyzx for making those nice maps