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Avast Ye, Admiral!


Ever seen one of those people with 'The Bloodsail Admiral' title? Searched your achievement section for it? Well, it's not in there.

It's actually a Feat of Strength, so it only appears once you've got it...

Avast Ye, Admiral!

...And who wouldn't want an achievement that says THAT?

  1. Getting the Title

  2. Improving Bloodsail Reputation

  3. Things to know before you start

  4. Tips

  5. More Things to know before you start

  6. Bloodsail Quests

  7. Regaining Cartel Reputation

And how do I get it?

Well, first you have to get the Bloodsail Admiral Hat.

And how do you do that?

You complete the quest Avast Ye, Admiral! which is available at Friendly reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers.

Ring a bell? You may remember beating them senseless for a bit 40 or so levels ago.

Check out your reputations tab (U) and check your Bloodsail Buccaneers rep. Depending on how many quests you did for Booty Bay your Bloodsail reputation could be anywhere between Neutral and Hated: 10,000/21,000.

I followed Jame's Horde guide and was at around 23,000.

So... How do I get my Bloodsail rep back up?

This is the fun bit. There are various mobs you can kill that will give you Bloodsail reputation, but the best (presuming you can kill them, and if you can't, it's really not worth doing this) are Booty Bay Bruisers.

To work out how long it will take you:

(Replace 'x' with your starting reputation, in points above zero. i.e 35,673/36,000 Hated is 35,673. 2,999/3,000 Hostile is 36,000+2,999=38,999.)



y/25=Number of Booty Bay mobs you'll have to kill. Still interested?

More caveats:

Doing this will absolutely without a doubt bring all your Cartel reps to 0/36000 Hated.

This means there are various NPCs you cannot interact with, and you cannot use the Neutral Auction House.

Later on in the guide I will explain the various best methods of improving your rep.

Be very careful to think about what this entails. I had a friend who was unable to do the Master cooking quest in Gadgetzan because he did this with me, and he could not be bothered to get his reputation back, resulting in him not being able to complete the Winter Veil achievements (he was going for the Violet Proto-Drake).

Hilarity ensued.

This would also make the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza harder (but not impossible).

Does that still not deter you?

It gets worse.

The Bruisers have not been buffed up with WotLK (as of 3.0.2), so they are still 68, and will be grey to level 80s and give 5 rep per kill.

Level 80s may want to wait for them to be buffed up, or complain repeatedly on the forums.

As of 3.0.8, Bruiser's have been buffed up to 77.

Okay, I still want to do this. Got any tips?

Yes. Bring a group, although with any group larger than 5 the rep gains become reduced.

Also, while KillCounter is not WoWMatrix supported, it is the best (and only) kill counting macro I can find, so you and your group can celebrate the 1000 kill marker. I also find it fun to see how many times I've killed Alliancenoob-Skullcrusher.

It is surpisingly easy to get a group together, just make sure people know what they are getting in for.

An ideal group composition would be a hunter (they can control their pets, which is a good way to make a safe pull).

A mage (excellent AoE, plus water.)

A Death Knight tank (their AoE comes in handy, since mobs get loose very easily, also Frost Walk is great).

A shaman (Chain Heal which is great with all the loose aggro, plus Water Walking allows eating and drinking while the lazy DK is rezzed, as well as useful versatile buffs from totems and the occasional large boost from Bloodlust. Visit Shamantopia today).

And another Off tank/DPS, just to make sure the mage gets no aggro.

The healing role is not too demanding, as I managed to do it as an instance-blue enhancement shaman (with a spec which allowed me plenty of +int gear). In total I did around 1 million points of heal.

The traditional solo strategy is to stand on the balcony by the tunnel exitting Booty Bay and abduct and murder the two patrolling Bruisers seperately.

Anything else to know?

Yeah. Past Unfriendly attacking something spawns more mobs (although this happens to a degree earlier) and entering buildings also spawns mobs.

A good group tactic is to either sit in the water in the centre of BB and get the hunter's pet to pull and then die (so bring lots of meat)or to move around Booty Bay, starting at where the ship docks, and ending up in the Inn, having killed Revilgaz and Seahorn.

I would also advise stopping off to kill the Ally flight master.

It's fun to be the victim of several /rudes, and he respawns in about 10 seconds flat. It's also worth noting that by clearing the inn you are screwing up many people's questing.

But ah well.

Oh, and about those Bruisers...

They net you, so running is going to be hard, and you shouldn't run because they also have the games best knockback, a gun attack which, if you get 'chained' causes you to be flung backwards.

If you're in the right position, you can 'fly' a loooong way.

If you see a Bruiser with a gun out, tell everyone to kill them, and you may also want to make a macro saying that. If you're only being attacked by one (say, if you're the mage) get everyone to do a /a [your name].

Eventually, people will need to fly to Grom'Gol to get repairs/restock. Before you start your grind, and while your BB rep is still above Unfriendly, repair often.

As everyone will start with a different rep, you will reach different points at different times.

When you reach Neutral, you can do the quest Dressing the Part, which gives you a bit of generic pirate clothing.

This may be a good time when a few of you have Neutral for the others to nab a repair and pick up some meat for the hunter.

What's this about quests?

There are three (although one is a reasonably pointless breadcrumb).

Neutral:Dressing the Part-Fleet Master Firallon

Friendly:Avast ye, Scallywag-'Pretty Boy' Duncan which leads to:

Friendly:Avast ye, Admiral!-Fleet Master Firallon.

Only the final one requires any completion, you have to kill Revilgaz and Seahorn and then you have your achievement, hat and bizarrely summonable parrot.

NB: The two have a small spawn time of ten or so minutes, so you may want to stop killing them a little while before you hit Friendly.

So how do I get rep back?

Well, first you have to ask yourself whether you want to keep your Bloodsail rep.

NOTE: In 3.1, Bloodsail and Cartel reps are all part of the most 'Insane' achievement yet, so it's time for some Gordok farming for the really, really, REALLY psychotic among you. Seriously. I play this game way too much, but if you're going for this, get a life. SERIOUSLY.

Things get a lot easier if you don't want to. You keep the achievement when you go back to Hated 0/36000.

Losing Bloodsail rep:

The fastest way to get everything back to Neutral is cloth turnins.

To steal WoWWiki's figures (I can't find my own) you will need:

Mending Old Wounds: Ratchet - 168 stacks of Linen, 336 Empty Vials.

Traitor to the Bloodsail: Booty Bay - 84 stacks of Silk, 168 Red Dye.

War at Sea: Gadgetzan - 42 Mageweave, 84 Strong Flux.

Making Amends: Everlook - 22 Runecloth, 42 Coal.

Keeping Bloodsail Rep:

The fastest way is to get everything to Neutral is farming Dire Maul North for Gordok Shackle Keys for Free Knot! and bringing along 4 Runecloth, 8 Rugged Leather, 2 Rune Thread and the Ogre Tannin found in the instance.

Turning in those mats creates the Ogre suit and gives you 75 rep to all the Cartel factions.

Freeing Knot with the key grants 350 rep to all factions. Getting your reputation back to Neutral from Hated will take (42000/425=98.7) 99 runs of Dire Maul.

Oh, and create the suit first.

Is that it?


Oh, and if you're done and a group member isn't, it's up to you whether you stay and help. It's nice if you do, and even if you don't, try and get someone to replace you.

This is my first guide, so any text formatting tips would be welcome, and also any mentions of something that has somehow slipped my mind. Thanks =D

Critters and Books

This guide is designed to be able to be completed solo, though you may need help in Scholomance, depending on your class. (requires Skeleton Key)
This guide Covers the following Achievements, and assumes you can fly in Northrend.
The guide is divided by continent.
I highly recommend the Overachiever mod, check it out.
Tourguide version available here.

Friend or Fowl?

Pest Control

To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before

To All The Squirrels Who Shared My Life

Well Read


Northrend Angler

Outland Angler

The Scavenger

Also would be a good idea to keep an eye on the following:

Northern Exposure - macro

Medium Rare - macro

Table of Contents

1. Map Legend and Macros
2. Northrend takes about 1 hour including fishing nodes.
3. Outland takes about 30 minutes including fishing nodes.
4. Kalimdor takes about 45 minutes including fishing nodes.
5. Eastern Kingdoms takes about 1.5 hours including fishing nodes. (& Scarlet Monastery & Scholomance)
6. Scarlet Monastery Library
7. Scholomance

Map Legend and Macros - Back to Table of Contents

Map Legend
Critters in Red
Books in Blue
Fish in Purple

Northrend Macro
/tar Arctic H
/tar Faw
/tar Roac
/tar Snake
/tar Spid
/tar Chic
/tar Crab
/tar Sheep
/tar Fjord R
/tar Skunk
/tar Huge
/tar Zul
/tar Sholazar T
/tar Steam F
/tar Borean F
/tar Borean M
/stopmacro [noexists]
/tell YOURNAMEHERE Found %t!
/stopmacro [dead]

Outland, Kalimdor, and Eastern Kingdoms Macro
/tar Scorpion
/tar Frog
/tar Toad
/tar Prairie Dog
/tar Adder
/tar Parrot
/tar Hare
/tar Swine
/tar Gazelle
/tar Moccasin
/tar Cat
/tar Cow
/tar Lava Crab
/tar Fire Beetle
/tar Ram
/tar Maggot
/tar Larva
/stopmacro [noexists]
/tell YOURNAMEHERE Found %t!
/stopmacro [dead]

Northrend - Back to Table of Contents
Northrend takes about 1 hour including fishing nodes.

/love Rabbit and Squirrel (not in macro, should be easy enough to find)
kill Rat Outside of Violet Hold
kill Underbelly Rat in the sewers
Horde read The Guardians of Tirisfal on the top floor of the horde inn

Crystalsong Forest
Fly down from Dalaran to the river below.
Glassfin Minnow School

Dragonblight (find one while traveling through the zone)
/love Arctic Hare

Dragonfin Angelfish School Lake Indu'le
Imperial Manta Ray School along the shores

Grizzly Hills (all of them are at the same place, you should see an area of tree stumps)
/love Fawn
/love Deer, Grizzly Squirrel, and Mountain Skunk (not in macro)
kill Mouse (not in macro)

Glacial Salmon School in the rivers

Howling Fjord
(1) kill Roach, Snake, and Spider
(2) /love Chicken
(3) /love Fjord Penguin (not in macro)
(4) /love Crab and Sheep
(4) /love Scalawag Frog (not in macro, at pirate camp)
(5) kill Fjord Rat
(5) kill Devouring Maggot in Utgarde Keep Catacombs, (56,49) (not in macro)
Go down the ramp, down the stairs on your right, 2 flights down.
(6) /love Skunk and Fjord Turkey
(6) Slay 15 Fjord Turkey in 3 minutes.

Fangtooth Herring School in the rivers
Deep Sea Monsterbelly School
Zul'Drak (both of them are at the same place)
/love Huge Toad
kill Zul'Drak Rat

Storm Peaks - Halls of Stone (just inside the instance)
kill Gold Beetle (not in macro)

/love Glacier Penguin (not in macro)

Sholazar Basin
/love Sholazar Tickbird

Nettlefish School

Borean Tundra
(1) /love Tundra Penguin (not in macro)
(2) The Nexus (inside instance, go straight towards Keristrasza)
kill Crystal Spider (not in macro)
(3) /love Steam Frog, Borean Frog, and Borean Marmot

Musselback Sculpin School
Moonglow Cuttlefish School

Return to Dalaran and take portal to Shattrath City

Outland - Back to Table of Contents
Outland takes about 30 minutes including fishing nodes.

Shattrath City
/love Ewe

Terokkar Forest

School of Darter in the rivers
Highland Mixed School in the highlands like Skettis

Hellfire Peninsula
kill Scorpion

/love Frog

Brackish Mixed School
Sporefish School
Steam Pump Flotsam

/love Toad, and Prairie Dog
kill Adder

Mudfish School
Bluefish School

Return to Shattrath City and take portal:
To Caverns of Time (if you are revered with Keepers of Time) or to Kalimdor

Kalimdor - Back to Table of Contents
Kalimdor takes about 45 minutes including fishing nodes.

If you ported to Darnassus read The Betrayer Ascendant

read The Kaldorei and the Well of Eternity in Caverns of Time
read Old Hatreds - The Colonization of Kalimdor in Gadgetzan

Floating Wreckage

Un'Goro Crater
/love Parrot

Mulgore - Horde only
read The Battle of Grim Batol

/love Hare and Swine

The Barrens
read Charge of the Dragonflights in Ratchet by Gazlowe
read Exile of the High Elves in Jazzik's General Goods
read Sargeras and the Betrayal in the Ratchet Inn
read Mount Hyjal and Illidan's Gift in the Ratchet Inn

Alliance fly to Darnassus if you still need to read The Betrayer Ascendant
and fly back to Ratchet

Take the Boat to Booty Bay

Eastern Kingdoms - Back to Table of Contents
Eastern Kingdoms takes about 1.5 hours including fishing nodes. (& Scarlet Monastery & Scholomance)

Stranglethorn Vale
Booty Bay

read Sunwell - The Fall of Quel'Thalas Second floor of The Salt Sailor Tavern
In the basement of "Sea Wolf" MacKinley's building read Empires' Fall, The Twin Empires, Wrath of Soulflayer
read The Sentinels and the Long Vigil outside and up to the top floor of "Sea Wolf" MacKinley's building

Bloodsail Wreckage
Schooner Wreckage
Waterlogged Wreckage

Swamp of Sorrows
kill Moccasin
read Rise of the Horde
read The New Horde
read The Dark Portal and the Fall of Stormwind

read Kil'jaeden and the Shadow Pact
read The Birth of the Lich King
read The Founding of Quel'Thalas

Elwynn Forest
/love Cat, and Cow
read Lethargy of the Orcs
read Rise of the Blood Elves

Stormwind City - Alliance only
read The Alliance of Lordaeron
read The Battle of Grim Batol
read The Guardians of Tirisfal

Searing Gorge
/love Lava Crab
kill Fire Beetle

Loch Modan
/love Ram
read Ironforge - the Awakening of the Dwarves
read The Last Guardian

Scarlet Monastery Library map - Back to Table of Contents
read Aegwynn and the Dragon Hunt (22.6,20.1)
read War of the Three Hammers (22.6,13.0)
read Aftermath of the Second War (30.9,9.7)

read War of the Spider (33.5,17.4)
read Arathor and the Troll Wars (40.9,10.6)
read The World Tree and the Emerald Dream (40.9,16.6)
read Archimonde's Return and the Flight to Kalimdor (43.0,15,5)
read The War of the Ancients (44.8,13.0)
read Beyond the Dark Portal (42.6,19.4)
read The Scourge of Lordaeron (42.6,25.2)
read Icecrown and the Frozen Throne (45.9,40.9)
read Kel'Thuzad and the Forming of the Scourge (46.7,44.0)
read Civil War in the Plaguelands (41.4,43.7)

Scholomance map - Back to Table of Contents
read The Lich King Triumphant (35.4,41.5)
read The Seven Kingdoms (32.3,23.7)
read The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth (17,17)
read The Invasion of Draenor (30.4,28.3)

kill Larva, and Maggot

Silvermoon City - Horde only
read The Alliance of Lordaeron
read The Betrayer Ascendant

Scholomance Key (Alliance & Horde)

Step 1:

Travel to Tirisfal Glade and go to the Bulwark in the west edge just before Western Plaguelands and talk to High Executor Derrington. Get the quest All Along the Watchtowers, it's marked as elite but it's very easy to do solo as the elites inside the towers won't aggro. Mark all four towers and return to High Executor Derrington and turn in the quest.

Step 2:

Now you get the quest, Scholomance. Talk to Apothecary Dithers and get the next quest, Skeletal Fragments.

Go back to Andorhal and kill the skeletons inside, you need 15 Skeletal Fragments to complete it. Get the fragments and turn in the quest and get the next one, Mold Rhymes With...

Step 3:

Make sure you have 15 gold and then travel to Gadgetzan in Tanaris. Talk to Krinkle Goodsteel and get the next quest, Fire Plume Forged.

Get two thoium bars from the Auction House if your not an miner or ask someone for them. Travel to Fire Plume Ridge in Un'Goro Crater. Go to the lava lake at the mountain and rightclick the Skeleton Key Mold there. Go back to the Bulwark and turn in the quest at Apothecary Dithers and get the last quest in the chain, Araj's Scarab.

Step 4:

Get some more people to help and go to Andorhal and kill Araj the Summoner, return to Apothecary Dithers to get your key to Scholomance.

Gratz, now you'll never have to be in a group without the key!

The Alliance one (As I read about it) Is exactly the same except guys are at another spot, Chillwind Point.

Some general achievements (for alliance)

If you're here as horde, I must ask you to turn back, because i haven't done your guide yet, but don't fear, it will come in the future!

This is a guide for 5 Achievements combined (Tastes like chicken, To all the squirrels I've loved before, Friend or Fowl?, Old Crafty, The fishing diplomat)

1 Great proposal for those following the whole guide is to explore everything at the places I tell you to go! It will make it easier for you later when doing the exploration achievements!

For those of you who are leveling cooking or have finished the first Achievement already, just continue to the parts where the critters are.

I'm sorry to say there is no pictures because I couldn't get it to work, but it's no problem.

First of all, I wanna recommend an addon to make this easier, and that is mapcoords.

This guide actually requires level 65+ because some of the food requires 65 to eat (if you're doing the food part only, otherwise its 70+ because you will be entering Wotlk zones)
A quick teleport to Shattrath (HearthStone or Portal) will make things go smoother.
It will be much easier to finish though when you're level 80 because a lot more food will be available.
In this guide you will spend approximately 10~13g (if I counted wrong and you pay less/more, please tell me).
I will also tell you to start the secondary skill "Cooking" because it's very easy to get some easy food at start.

But now for the guide:

Start of by going to Stormwind. Depending on where in Stormwind you are, you can buy your cheese.
These are available to buy in the listed areas below:

Elaine Trias [Cheese seller] (SW harbor)
Ben Trias [Cheese seller] (66.5, 73.6 SW Trade district)

Alterac Swiss 40s
Dalaran Sharp 1,25s
Darnassian Bleu 25c
Dwarven Mild 5s
Fine Aged Cheddar 20s
Stormwind Brie 10s

/6 Pieces of food and you should have payed 76,5s in total.

Now make your way to the Trade district in SW if you didn't buy your cheese there.
You should find Thomas Miller walking around in the district. NOTE: He's a baker.
Thomas Miller [Baker] (walking around in SW trade district)

Freshly Baked Bread 1,25s
Homemade Cherry Pie 40s
Moist Cornbread 5s
Mulgore Spice Bread 10s
Soft Banana Bread 20s
Tough Hunk of Bread 25c

/6 Pieces of food available and you should have payed 76,5s (12 food and 1,53g spent in total)

Before making our way to the next city, we will visit a nice little inn, in a nice little village. YES! We're making our way to Goldshire.
Go straight to the trade supplies seller outside the inn Tharynn Bouden and get yourself some Flour and Mild Spices.
Then go slay some Boars and Wolves until you got at least 1 "Chunk of Boar Meat" and 10 "Stringy Wolf meat".
Now go into the inn and in the room behind the bar. There you will find Tomas.
He will teach you cooking and how to make Spice Bread, Charred Wolf Meat and Roasted Boar Meat.
Stand next to the fire and open up your profession book for cooking, and if you're level 65+ you should know how to do 1 Spice bread, 1 Roasted Boar meat and 9 Charred wolf meat.
After that talk to Tomas again and learn Spiced Wolf Meat. You should have the ingredients to make this now.
Now we're done with cooking.

Make sure you targeted and said /love to the critters listed below before leaving Elwynn Forest
- Cat (They can be found at the house where you buy cats on the way between Goldshire and Stormwind)
- Chicken (Found close to the blacksmithing house in Goldshire)
- Cow
- Deer
- Fawn
- Rabbit
- Sheep

Those with no specific location can be found all over Elwynn forest.

Now make your way to the deeprun tram in the Dwarven district and get on one of the trams.
Now, as the tram stops in IronForge, look around you for a gnome named Nipsy. He should be selling Deeprun rat kabob.
If not, just take his 2 (or 3) quests, which take about 5~10 min to finish, and you will get the kabob in reward.
And don't forget to /love a rat before leaving.

OK. As we're done in the Deeprun tram, we make our way into Ironforge.
Your first stop will be in the Military ward, looking for Sognar Cliffbeard

Sognar Cliffbeard [Meat vendor] (Walking around in The Military Ward in IF)

Cured Ham Steak 20s
Haunch of Meat 1,25s
Mutton Chop 5s
Roasted Quail 40s
Tough Jerky 25c
Wild Hog Shank 10s

/6 Pieces available and fee of 76,5s (23 food and 2,3g in total)

Alright, now make your way all the way up to the mystic ward.
Now look for the next gnome! Her name is Bimble Longberry, and guess what she's selling? Of course, it's fruit!

Bimble Longberry [Fruit vendor] (walking around Mystic Ward in IF)

Deep Fried Plantains 40s
Goldenbark Apple 10s
Moon Harvest Pumpkin 20s
Shiny Red Apple 25c
Snapvine Watermelon 5s
Tel'Abim Banana 1,25c

/6 Pieces of food available and a fee of 76,5s (29 food and 3,07g in total)

Now make your way out of IF and into the cold world of Dun Morogh
Go to Khanaros south of IF and talk to Ragnar Thunderbrew and get the quest Beer Basted Boar Ribs.
After that, make your way to the east and enter Loch Modan and /love the critters listed below
- Ram
- Squirrel
- Sheep (If you missed it in Elwynn forest)

Now teleport to Shattrath City.
The first thing you should do in Shattrath is walking straight to 57.2, 22.0 and /love the Ewe you find there (it can't be found in another place).
Now make your way to the vendors listed below, just follow coords. Be aware that some of the coords lead up to either Scryer or Aldor, so make sure to go to the other coord.

- Brendan Turner (43.8, 67.9); (59.0, 68,6)
- Granny Smith (32.9, 29.7); (44.0, 67.9) ; (63.6, 68.4)
- Oloraak (56.7, 15.4); (89.0, 44.7)

Brendan Turner (Just below scryer tier and on Scryer Tier, might bug so relog to buy)

Clefthoof Ribs 80s
Smoked Talbuk Venison 56s

/2 pieces of food and 1,36g in fee (32 food and ~4,5g)

Granny Smith (aldor rise, scryer tier below scryer)

Skethyl Berries 56s
Telaari Grapes 80s

/2 pieces of food and 1,36g in fee (34 food and ~5,9g spent)

Oloraak (56.7, 15.4 in Shattrath)

Bristle Whisker Catfish 5s
LongJaw Mud Snapper 20c
Rockscale Cod 10s
Slitherskin Mackerel 25c
Spinefin Halibut 40s
Striped Yellowtail 20s
Sunspring Carp 56s
Zangar trout 80s

/8 pieces of food and 2,15g (42 food ~8,2g spent)

Ask a mage to conjure each of his ranks for you, unless you are mage yourself (8 ranks pre-wotlk)

Conjured Bread
Conjured Cinnamon Roll
Conjured Croissant
Conjured Muffin
Conjured Pumpernickel
Conjured Rye
Conjured Sourdough
Conjured Sweet Roll
(And of course you can eat from table, not sure it counts though)

/8 0~5g depending on the person you ask (50 food done and 8~13g spent)

Ok, now we're done with the Taste of Chicken Achievement. Now we're gonna get the rest of the Critters.
You should have these so far:
- Cat
- Chicken
- Cow
- Deer
- Ewe
- Fawn
- Rabbit
- Ram
- Sheep
- Squirrel

10 done, 11 to go.

Remaining are:

- Hare (Durotar)
- Prairie dog (Nagrand, Mulgore, The barrens, Arathi highlands and Westfall)
- Steam frog (Borean Thundra)
- Parrot (Un'Goro Crater)
- Skunk (Terokkar Forest, Bloodmyst Isle, Azuremyst Isle)
- Borean Frog (Borean Thundra)
- Crab (Borean Thundra, Dragonblight, Ghostlands, Howling Fjord)
- Frog (Zangarmarsh, Eversong Woods, Ghostlands)
- Swine (The Barrens, Durotar)
- Gazelle (The Barrens)
- Toad (Nagrand, Darnassus, Wetlands, Eversong Woods, Teldrassil)

The best places to go to finish this quickly are:

Durotar (2 possible)
The Barrens (3 possible)
Zangarmarsh (1 possible)
Nagrand (2 possible)
Borean Thundra (3 possible)
Un'Goro Crater (1 possible)
Terokkar Forest (1 possible)

More info than this is useless, since critters are running all over the zones. All that's needed is some logical thinking like for an example Toad belongs to water, etc.

For the Achivement [Friend or Fowl?], Howling fjord is the place to do this. I'm not sure if there is turkeys in another place to be honest.
When you take the boat from menethil harbor, you will end up at vangarde keep. along the shore, there is a guy that can take you to explorers league by flight if you have done some certain quests. If you haven't just follow the road out of vangarde, and just head south until you reach the horde town New Agamand. From there just head east, cross the bridge and follow the road until you stand at a split road (69.0, 64.0). You should now see several Fjord Turkeys. Make sure you locate as many as possible before you start to make sure you finish the achievement Smiling Good Luck Smiling

Now for the fishing achievements:
Old Crafty and The fishing diplomat are 2 special cases and requires at least level 72+ (to do it my way and to do it the easiest Smiling)
Requirements to do it my way: Done with Veteran of the Wrathgate and not turned in and (not) finished Fate, Up Against Your Will. And according to some reliable fishing sources, a plus would be if you had the daily Crocolisk in the City.
Ok, here we go:
After obtaining the quest Reborn From The Ashes and just before you turn it in, I suggest you go make sure you got bait, fishing pole and the daily Crocolisk in the City with you.
Go turn in the quest at king wrynn and get the follow up Fate, Up Against Your Will.
Talk to the Lady next to king Wrynn and ask her to teleport you to Ogrimmar. When at Ogrimmar DON'T turn in the quest by talking to Thrall, instead go east and up to the Valley of Honor.

IMPORTANT INFO: Don't loot the baby crocolisk (quest item for the daily) if you should fish him up, then it doesnt matter that you brought the quest.
Now you should know what to do Sticking out tongue! Just fish! And since you have (not necessary) Crocolisk in the City you should've finished both in 10 casts Sticking out tongue maybe 20 or 30 or more, but just be patient. If you didn't bring the daily, you can stand there for lots of hours. What I know, it had taken at most 1300 casts to get the fish Old Crafty for the achievement Old Crafty.
You can always hs out of Ogrimmar and come back by talking to the same lady again.

IMPORTANT INFO: Don't loot the baby crocolisk (quest item for the daily) if you should fish him up, then it doesnt matter that you brought the quest.

OK, that's all.
I must apologize for the typos i probably have done in city names and item names, so I really appreciate all feedback on spelling and things in guide, that makes it better!
Horde guide for the cooking will be up sometime in the future.

Guide author: Boxxeraj (finished some text formatting to)
Text formatting: Kalya (Thanks! Great thanks! /boxxeraj))

The Well Read Achievement

Since this is live now, I'm going to make sure everyone is aware that this is a work in progress, and when completed will be complete, have more detail, images and videos. At time of writing, I am 9 books short of the achievement. The alliance only parts have been completed, although much of the guide is still full of placeholders. The order used in the guide however is final.

I have written the guide with both Alliance and Horde in mind, and so the guide will split in two on occasion. The alliance should follow the blue parts of the guide, and the horde should follow the red parts of the guide.

This achievement is no walk in the park. Not everyone will have the patience to do this achievement, which makes it all the more desirable to have, so here's how to do it. Please note that all of this information was found in the Books Database of Wowhead. If anything is ever unclear or becomes inaccurate over time, everything can be found there.

These books are the lifeblood of the lore of World of Warcraft. If you are simply looking for more achievement points, then just open the book and close it. But if you are interested in knowing more about the game and the world contained within it, then go ahead and read the books! You might be surprised to know some of the "history" behind the everyday things you see in WoW. Give it a try!

What you will need..

Scholomance Key (The Skeleton Key)
Scarlet Monastery Key (The Scarlet Key)
Karazhan Key (The Master's Key)
Level 70
A Partner (Not 100% necessary, but it helps!)

Having a clear Karazhan instance for the week will simplify this greatly. If you don't have a clear karazhan instance of your own, you can ask a friend of guild member if they will allow you to use theirs. Here's a brief description of how that's done.

You need at least two people. You, unsaved to any Karazhan instance for that week, and your friend, who has cleared Karazhan in that week at least as far as Shade of Aran.

The player who is saved to the instance must invite the person who is NOT saved to a party. Note that the party MUST be started by the player who IS saved to the instance. Then, the saved player must turn the group into a raid group.

Once the raid has been created, the raid leader must walk into the instance first. Then you're free to use the instance to gather your books!

Part 1 - Scarlet Monastary [Video Here]

Head into the Library and follow the instance through, past the courtyard. Keep going until you find the first corridor with a red carpet. Along this corridor, enter the first room on your left.

  • Aegwynn and the Dragon Hunt On a table in this room, red cover, guarded by 3 mobs. Red Cover.
Exit this room and follow the corridor forward again, entering the second room on the left.
  • War of the Three Hammers On a table to the right side of this room. Can be opened without aggro'ing the mobs in the room. Brown Cover.
Exit this room and continue along the corridor until it opens out into a large room with pillars.
  • Aftermath of the Second War In this room and to the left, on the floor under a window. Next to the quest objective for [38] Mythology of the Titans if you have done that quest. Blue cover.

  • War of the Spider On the floor in the back right side of the same room where we found Aftermath of the Second War. Blue Cover.
Move forard through the instance to the next room, which is basically identical to the last room.
  • Arathor and the Troll Wars At the rear of this room and to the left, near the rear door. Green Cover.

  • The World Tree and the Emerald Dream At the rear of the room and to the right, also a Green Cover.
Proceed through the door and into the last corridor of the instance.
  • Archimonde's Return and the Flight to Kalimdor As soon as you walk through this door, turn to the left. It is on the floor tucked into a corner, and can be difficult to find if you're not looking for it. Brown Cover.

  • The War of the Ancients Directly in front of the door you just entered, on a table. Green Cover.

  • Beyond the Dark Portal Further along the corridor, on a table on the right. Green cover.

  • The Scourge of Lordaeron Next table along the corridor, Black cover.
Proceed to the end of the instance, where Arcanist Doan can be found.
  • Civil War in the Plaguelands In Arcanist Doan's room, to the right as you enter, on a table. Green cover.

  • Kel’thuzad and the Forming of the Scourge Also in Doan’s room, to the left this time, on the second table moving anti-clockwise around the room. Black cover.

  • Icecrown and the Frozen Throne The final book in Doan’s room, on another table to the left side, moving clockwise around the room. Green cover.

Part 2 – Scholomance (Video Coming Soon)

NOTE: From this point onwards, we will occasionally trip over books that we already read in previous parts.

Get yourself a group. (Either 5 level 60's, or as few as 2 level 70's) It is entirely possible to solo the entirety of Scholomance at level 70, regardless of class or spec. While you're in here, you may as well use your Argent Dawn Commission and grab some Corruptor's Scourgestones to help boost your Argent Dawn reputation, helping towards the much covetted Argent Champion title.

Once you get the door open, using either your Skeleton Key or a rogue's lockpick ability, we begin!

  • The Lich King Triumphant Walk in, turn left, downstairs, first table. Brown cover.

  • The Birth of the Lich King 2nd table moving anti-clockwise around the room. Black Cover.

  • Sargeras and the Betrayal Back left corner, next book around, kinda hard to see. FAR in the back corner. Black Cover.

  • The Dark Portal and the Fall of Stormwind On a ledge, next to the wall, moving anti-clockwise around the room. Green Cover.

  • The Seven Kingdoms Front Left corner, on a table. The last book in the room. Brown Cover.
From here, go through the set of iron gates into the room with the Summoners. Carry on straight through this room, and out the Iron Gates on the other side.
  • The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth After walking through the Summoner room and walking through the gate at the far side, this book is on a table immediately to your left. Blue cover.
After gathering this book, turn around and face into the room. Walk forward until the room opens out, and seek out the back right corner of the room where you will find..
  • Old Hatreds - The Colonization of Kalimdor On a table, immediately to the left of the door leading downstairs to Jandice Barov. Brown cover.

  • Kil'jaeden and the Shadow Pact Far back left of this room on a table. Black cover.

  • Rise of the Blood Elves Near Kil'jaeden and the Shadow Pact on another table to the left. Red cover.
There is no need to go downstairs to kill Jandice Barov as there are no books down there. The next boss on your list is Rattlegore, who you must kill to gain the Viewing Room Key for a door we will come to later on. So head to Rattlegore and kill him. When he's dead, go back upstairs, past the dragon whelp room and into the main chamber. On the left is an Iron Gate, behind which are stairs that will take you down to a square-shaped room with the Viewing Room Door in the back left.
  • Exile of the High Elves As you enter this room, turn left and follow the wall. You will find this book on a ledge next to the wall, Blue Cover.

  • The Invasion of Draenor In the back left of this room, also on a ledge next to the wall. Red Cover.
Head into the Viewing Room.
  • The Founding of Quel'Thalas As you enter the Viewing Room, turn right, and jump up onto the platform. This book is on a table behind Marduk Blackpool. Red cover.
And you're done with Scholomance!

Alliance Part 3 - Ironforge and Stormwind [Video Here]

Head to Ironforge, and look for the library behind the Hall of Explorers.

  • The Battle of Grim Batol On the large table in the middle of the library, Brown cover.

  • Ironforge - The Awakening of the Dwarves To the left of the library as you enter, on a table. Blue cover.

  • Rise of the Horde To the right of the library as you enter. There are three books on this table, you want the one with the Brown Cover.

  • The Alliance of Lordaeron Same table as Rise of the Horde, to the right side of the library. Blue cover.
Once you have read these four books, make your way to the Deeprun Tram and ride through to Stormwind. When you reach Stormwind, head to the Keep, and to the Library.
  • The New Horde As you enter the library, turn left. The book is on a ledge, on one of the pillars that forms the doorway of the Library, behind a guard's head. It can be tricky to spot, so take your time looking. It has a Green cover.

  • The Kaldorei and the Well of Eternity Also on the ledge of a pillar, near the western corner of the library. It is directly to the right of the NPC Donyal Tovald's head. It has a brown cover.
When this is done, get out of the keep, mount up, and ride to Eastvale Logging Camp. Find the large house to the southeast of the camp. It is the only house that has stairs. Find the house and go upstairs..
  • Lethargy of the Orcs As you walk upstairs you will see a table directly in front of you. The book is on this table. Red cover.

Horde Part 3 - Stonard(Video Soon)

Find the largest building in Stonard. It is a tower-like structure, with a Blood Elf NPC named Cersei Dusksinger standing just beyond the doorway. There is a large circular staircase in this building. Walk up it. At the top of the staircase is a room. Both of the books we want are in this room.

  • The New Horde Sitting on a table to the left side of the room. It has a green cover.

  • Rise of the Horde Sitting on a table to the right side of the room. It has a brown cover.

Part 4 - Karazhan(Coming Soon)
Unfortunately, this section of the guide will have to wait until I have done Karazhan this week. This will happen Friday at the earliest. This section of the guide may in fact be changed in WotLK, since few people will be running Karazhan then. One of these books can be found in Westfall for the Alliance, and Thelsamar, an Alliance town in Loch Modan, for the horde. (The horde can also go to Westfall but I suspect I will add this to the Wetlands route in part 8 of the guide for Horde.)

Both of these books can be find in the library after The Curator, and will be clear of mobs once the Shade of Aran has been killed. Exact locations and fraps to follow.

  • The Last Guardian
  • The Guardians of Tirisfal

Part 5 - Booty Bay (Video Coming Soon)

Booty Bay is notoriously difficult to navigate for people unfamiliar with the town, so I strongly recommend using the video along with the directions here to find where you are going. Here come the directions, please read them carefully!

Step 1. Find the Big Shark (27,77) hanging upside down, outside the inn. It's probably the most noticable landmark in the town, so we'll start there!

Step 2. Face East. You will see a ramp going up to the top level of the town. Walk up this ramp.

Step 3. As soon as you reach the top of the ramp, you will see a bridge to your right. Walk across it.

Step 4. Once you have crossed the bridge, turn right. About 5 yards in front of you, there will be another right turn, to a ramp leading down slightly. Walk down this ramp, to where the stationary Booty Bay Bruiser is standing.

Step 5. Turn left and walk across the short bridge in front of you, then enter the building on your left.

  • The Sentinels and the Long Vigil On one of the two bedside table in the building you just entered. It has a brown cover.
Step 6. Exit the building, and jump over the fence ahead of you. Turn around 180 degrees.

Step 7. Enter the building in front of you. If you can see "Sea Wolf" MacKinley, then you are in the right place.

Step 8. Find the flight of stairs at the back of the room and follow them down.

Step 9. You will be in a room full of boxes with a stove. There is another flight of stairs going down at the opposite end of the room, find it and go down.

  • Empire's Fall At the bottom of the stairs and directly in front of you, you will find a bookcase with 3 books. This one has a Blue cover.

  • The Twin Empires This book is on the shelf above Empire's Fall and has a Green cover.

  • Wrath of the Soulflayer The last book of the three in the bookcase. Red cover.
Step 10. Turn left and you will see an exit. Take that exit and turn left.

Step 11. As you walk out onto the main walkway, turn right and you will find a ramp leading upwards. Walk up the ramp.

Step 12. Turn around 180 degrees, and take the second ramp going up. You will find yourself back at the shark.

Step 13. Behind the shark as you look at it, you will see the Inn. Walk in a straight line as far as you can, under the Salty Sailor Tavern sign, and walk through the entrance on the right.

Step 14. You are now in the inn. Go upstairs and..

  • Sunwell - The Fall of Quel'Thalas As you walk upstairs, this book is on the table directly in front of you. It has a green cover.

Part 6 - The Barrens (Work In Progress)

Once you're done in Booty Bay, get onto the boat to Ratchet. <

  • Charge of the Dragon Flights Somewhere in Ratchet, near the Engineering Trainer.

  • Mount Hyjal and Illidan's Gift As you enter the inn, turn left and walk to the table at the very back of the room. The book has a green cover.
At this point, Alliance players can begin making their way to Darnassus as they should be one book away from finishing. (Assuming they completed the Karazhan section of the guide.) Horde players need to do a little bit more in The Barrens.

  • Lethargy of the Orcs Barrens for horde

  • Ironforge - The Awakening of the Dwarves Bael'modan

Alliance Part 7 - Darnassus [Video Here]

Make your way to Darnassus, and to the Tradesmen's Terrace. At around (65,75) you will find a house with a white lamp post and a purple vase outside. Enter this building and..

  • The Betrayer Ascendant To the left as you enter, on top of a small cabinet. Black cover.

And that's it for the Alliance! Congratulations on your new achievement!

Horde Part 7 - Silvermoon

The first place you must find is Velaani's Arcane Goods shop, on the Walk of Elders at around (71,67). Once you're here, walk in and..

  • The Betrayer Ascendant Turn right. The book is on top of a crate, tucked away in the back corner of the room, near a small braizer. It has a black cover.
When you've read this book, leave the shop and move south towards the Wayfarer's Rest Inn. Walk in, turn right and you will see a stairway going up in the back of the room. Go up these stairs and you will see three beds.
  • The Alliance of Lordaeron Walk over to the red bed on the right. Just to the right of this bed is the book. It has a Blue cover.

Horde Part 8 - Wetlands

Yes, Hordies, I know. It's been a much longer, much more difficult trek for us, compared to the alliance, who barely had to leave the comfort of their major cities. But unfortunately Thrall didn't see fit to add a comprehensive library to Orgrimmar. It just didn't seem important enough. And so, we head off on our final trek, the longest one yet, and the most dangerous by far! We're heading into enemy territory!

Fly to Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands. When you land, mount up. We are riding down to Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands.

When you arrive, stop at the bridge and work out your options. We need to get into the Inn of Menethil Harbor. This inn is full of civilians who will summon Level 65 guards to attack you. You will end up with 2 or 3 of these on you, and there isn't a great deal you can do about it. So let's think about what we can do.

  • If your class can stealth, then by all means, stealth. Reading the books will not break stealth, so as long as you don't aggro any guards, you will be safe.
  • If you are a healing class, heal yourself through whatever they throw at you. There is no need to kill the guards, since as soon as they die, they will respawn and attack you again. Merely living long enough to read the books and escape is enough.
  • Use any damage reduction abilities that your class has. Warriors, use tank gear, Shaman might want to try an earth elemental totem, and so on.
  • If you play a pet class, use your pet to tank the guards while you read.
  • If you get lost, use the video. If you're still unsure of where to go, log onto an alliance alt if you have one and scout out for the books, so you don't waste valuable time when you're doing it for real.
  • If all else fails, call in some help! Remember that no matter what happens, you'll be reading the books with guards beating on you. Improvise if you have to.

This map shows what I believe to be the sneakiest route into the inn. You should use this room to enter, and then to exit.

As soon as you enter the inn, walk upstairs. As soon as you reach the top of the stairs, look to your left.

  • The Kaldorei and the Well of Eternity This book is on a small table in between two chairs. It has a brown cover.
Once you have read this book, turn around so that your back is facing the wall. There should be three doors, one immediately to your left, one in front of you and to the left, and one in front of you and to the right. Enter the door in front of you and to the right. (Note that in the video, I took a wrong turn and entered the room on the left first. There is no need to do this.)
  • The Battle of Grim Batol As you enter the room, there will be a table directly in front of you with this book sitting on top of it. It has a brown cover.
As soon as you're done, get out as quickly as you can, using the same route as you used to get in. The guards will stop chasing you if you run far enough away. I don't recommend swimming, you can avoid all the guards by running with your feet slightly underwater.

And for those of you who think there must be an easier way of getting these two books.. it was either here or Stormwind. Your choice!

And Congratulations to the Horde on their MUCH more difficult achievement!