[Items] The Big List of Hunter Gems, Enchants and Glyphs

Update number 3: Added some more glyphs and removed old ones. Also added wowwiki links to all the factions, and some more buff food.

Update number 2: Added a consumables list!

Update: Added a bit more formatting to the list, Glyphs and more comments on enchant choices! Also added wotlkwiki links to the factions needed for head and shoulders enchant. These pages also provide reputation guides.

This list contains all the new Wrath of the Lich King gems, enchants and glyphs that are useful for a hunter. Other classes that benefit from almost the same stats (such as rogues) may find something useful in here as well. This list focuses mainly on agility, (ranged) attack power, hit, crit, intellect, stamina, haste, armor penetration and probably some other bizzare physical DPS stat that i forgot to mention here.

The items listed with the "Also good" tag are, as suggested, also good, but slightly inferior to the rest.

Sometimes I will be listing an optional hit rating enchant that, once you are hit capped, can be replaced with something else.

Any questions/suggestions and such will be taken into consideration, so feel free to leave feedback.

Anyway, enough talking, on with the list!

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Note: If you don't have time to start farming the rep, the "old-world" versions of the head and shoulders enchants are a perfectly viable alternative if you can buy them.





Note: Generally, MM hunters should focus on attack power, SV on agility, while BM are given a bit more allowance, though keep in mind that agility will also give you crit rating. My advice for beast masters is to choose depending on your lowest stat: if you have low AP get an AP enchant, low crit rating means getting an agility enchant.



Note: These shouldn't be very expensive as leatherworkers learn them from trainers and make them while they level up their profession skill.


Note: Same rules as the "Hands" section apply here.

Rings (Enchanters ONLY)

Two-Handed Weapon

Note: No, at the moment, there is no agility enchant higher than the BC one (35 agi). Sad, isn't it? Sad

One-Handed Weapon

Ranged Weapon

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The gems are classified under the color of the socket they can fill, followed by the color of the actual gem. Only the prefixes are listed. The wowhead links will take you to a list with all the gems that have those prefixes, thus being very handy for finding a gem of a certain quality.

Red sockets

Red gems:

Purple gems:

Orange gems:

Yellow sockets

Yellow gems:

Orange gems:

See above

Green gems:

Blue sockets

Purple gems:

See above

Green gems:

See above

Note: I chose not to include any blue gems here simply because there are no blue gems that have better stats for a hunter than say a purple or green gem.

Meta sockets

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Major Glyphs

Note: I haven't included all hunter glyphs in the list, as not all offer big DPS boosts. I chose to list only a select few. Nevertheless, here is the complete list.

Minor Glyphs

Note: Minor glyphs are really more utility-based than DPS, so I only list 2 that are the most useful. You can choose a third one from this list.

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Buff food

Note: Plenty of buff food to choose from, so I recommend you follow the same advice I gave you on enchant choices. Also, most of the food below gives very similar buffs, and in some cases, even the same.

Flasks, elixirs and potions


Battle elixirs:

Guardian elixirs:




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And that concludes the list for now, but I will do my best to keep it updated.

Again, comments, suggestions and constructive criticism is encouraged!