[WotLK BG] Strand of the Ancients

I've been enjoying the new battleground, but lamenting the fact that players are woefully unprepared when they enter. Blizzard drops players into the invasion of Normandy without any idea which way is up. This guide is an attempt to orient you and give a few tips.


This is an assault style battleground. One team attacks while the other defends. After a successful attack or 10 minutes (whichever comes first) the attackers play defense and vice versa. The attacking team spawns on two boats (half the team on each boat) which sail to the northeast and northwest beaches during prep time. The defending team spawns at the southern graveyard to start. The defending team can move at will during prep time and can even wait on the docks for the attackers to land if they choose. The goal of the attacking team is to reach the southernmost building and click the artifact inside. To do this they must break down a series of walls between the landing site and the artifact using two kinds of siege weapons.

The first barrier has two walls--one on the east and one on the west. The second barrier has a similar setup. The third and fourth barriers have one wall each, located at the midline of the map.

Graveyards can be captured by the attackers, but cannot be recaptured by the defenders once lost. Capture is achieved by clicking the flag, similar to Arathi Basin (not like EotS).

If the first team successfully captures the relic, the sides immediately swap regardless of the time left on the clock. The second team must then beat the first team's assault time to win. If neither team touches the artifact, the match is a draw. A draw will not count as a win for the daily quest, and both teams receive only one mark. Due to these rules, the maximum time for a complete game is 20 minutes.

There are two brackets for SotA: one for levels 71-79 and one for level 80.

New Toys

Anti-Personel Cannon

(25000 HP in 71-79 bracket)
Cannon Blast
• Shoots a explosive in the targeted area for 3500 or so damage on demolishers and about 2000 on players in the 71-79 bracket. (2 second CD)
• These do not respawn once destroyed

Battleground Demolisher

These can have 1 driver and 2 passengers. The attackers start with 4 and they respawn at the docks. After you capture the first set of graveyards, they will also spawn at the goblin workshops farther up. Since the tanks move at run speed, capturing these graveyards is important to speed your assault. They have two abilities:
Hurl Boulder



You have two methods of taking down enemy gates.
1) Demolishers
2) Seaforium charges

Use them both at the same time. Every attacker should carry a seaforium charge at nearly all times. 4 demolishers can carry 12 people with seaforium charges (4 drivers, 8 passengers). If you can mass 4 demolishers and 12 charge-carrying attackers that wall is going down. String the demolishers in a line so the back tanks can give covering fire to the front tanks. When your demolisher is destroyed go straight for the wall and drop the charge.