How to turn 1-3g into 7-15g

This is by no means a sole means of making money, but using this method can mostly support your regular mount fund, and increase gold income by a bit.

1) First thing's first, go train enchanting (or have your bank/AH-alt train it if you have one and don't want to give up your precious professions, trust me I know that feeling).

2) Next, go straight to the auction house and look up [Strange Dust]. This stuff sells for surprisingly well on most servers, the average being about 7-10 gold per stack of 20. (If this isn't the case, and they are cheaper this method isn't really worth the time and money spent).

3) Click on either the armor or weapons tab** and hit search (without typing anything into the box), click on the "current bid" tab on the top row of options and make sure the arrow is pointing downward, now you will have the lowest current bid on all items. Buy GREEN items (needs to be greens, can't d/e greys or whites and blues will be too expensive) which buyout prices are around 1-50 silver (any higher and you are paying to much). Do this for about 10 items, you will have spent about 3 gold by now (hopefully you'll have picked a few cheap 11 silver greenies) If you have spent more that's fine, but try not to spend more than 5 gold on this.

**Note: I've found armor is generally cheaper than weapons for some reason

4) Go get them in the mail and disenchant. Most of these super cheap greens will require only 1 skill point in enchanting, and most of them will drop about 2-3 [Strange Dust]s. (Note: if you don't have twenty of them when all of the items are d/e'ed you can buy a few (normally about 2-4) of them from the enchanting supplier in your city. But be aware that there is a limited stock).

5) Anyway, sell your [Strange Dust] at the lowest price on your auction house. This should be around 10 gold, but can be as high as 20 gold if you are supremely lucky.

Final note: Like the real economy WoW's has a Demand:Price ratio, wherein the more an item is readily available the less it is worth. So, if you flood the market using this method you will lose out on gold. Put up a maximum of 5 stacks of [Strange Dust] a night, but try and keep it around 3 or 4 stacks. Also, if you found [Strange Dust] sells for a lower price than 7 gold on your server it is probably because someone flooded the market with it, and thus the demand was lesser than the supply. Wait a few days and check again, the price may have gone up with the demand.

Another Final Note: To those of you who say "I could grind and make more money than this" You may or may not be correct. It's all based on your repair bill, really. Also, wouldn't it feel nice to know you have up to 50g (depending on the number of stacks) on the auction house while you are grinding for more gold? Also, this requires very little work and is much less boring than grinding. And like I said, this should be a boost in income not your sole means of it.

A Third Final Note: [Lesser Magical Essence]s may also drop from the d/e'ed items, though [Strange Dust] is more common, if so these also sell fairly well on the auction house.

The Final, Final Note: You cannot lose money doing this, you will eventually sell these, as they are so popular, and there is no deposit fee for enchanting reagents like [Strange Dust] and [Lesser Magical Essence] you will not be charged money each time you put a failed auction of these up. (Though I find auctions like these almost always sell, generally never needing you to put up a second or third time).

Thanks for reading.