Eternal Farming

Eternal Farming

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Eternal Fire
  3. Eternal Air
  4. Eternal Life
  5. Eternal Water
  6. Eternal Shadow
  7. Eternal Earth
  8. Transmutes


Eternals are the follow-ups of the Primals.

There are 6 Eternals: Air, Water, Shadow, Fire, Earth and Life.

Eternal Air, average AH price is 50G.

Eternal Water, average AH price is 10G.

Eternal Shadow, average AH price is 10G.

Eternal Fire, average AH price is 50G.

Eternal Earth, average AH price is 5G.

Eternal Life, average AH price is 50G.

Eternals are used in almost every high-end crafting profession, from Alchemy to Enchanting. In most cases it is better to farm Eternals than normal gold grinding, it will give you a higher gold/hour ratio.

As you can see, Eternal Life, Fire, Air are worth far more than Eternal Water, Shadow and Earth. This is based on WoWhead and on my own server economics. Note that the prices may vary per server!


1) You can do Eternal farming alongside Daily circuits or gathering materials for Alchemy as an example.

2) Wintergrasp is a place where almost all Eternals can be farmed, but be careful: Wintergrasp is a PvP area.

3) Example: You need 10x Crystallized Fire to create Eternal Fire.
This applies to any of the Eternals we talked about before.

4) You can only farm in Wintergrasp when your faction is in control!

5) Herbalists can get additional Crystallized Life from herbs, Miners can get additional Crystallized Earth from mining nodes.

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Eternal Fire

There are several places to farm Crystallized Fire

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Eternal Air

There are plenty of spots to farm Crystallized Air, but I'll give you the ones that will give you the highest drop rate.

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Eternal Life

This'll be a bit harder to farm assuming you aren't a Herbalist. This is because Wintergrasp doesn't have Life Revanants - it only has Life Elementals, and they don't have a 100% drop rate, sadly enough. I'll give you two spots to farm Crystallized Life.

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Eternal Water

Crystallized Water is one of the easier Eternals to get your hands on. If your fishing skill is high enough, you can fish them up and Miners can get them from Titanium and Cobalt mining nodes. Below I'll give you 3 spots to farm for Crystallized Water and 2 spots to fish them up.

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Eternal Shadow

I'll be giving you 2 spots to farm Crystallized Shadow.

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Eternal Earth

In my point of view, it's a waste of time to farm Crystallized Earth. The Eternals go for 5G median on the Auction House, so it's better to use your time farming the other Eternals. But for those that really want to farm them: