[Mage] Gearing For Heroics Chapter 2 - Talents

So, you just hit 80. You're in greens and quest blues, and you're wondering...what next? Heroics, of course! This guide will not only show you how to gear, but will also recommend glyphs, talents, and gems/enchants. Please note I will be uploading these in Chapters.

Table of Contents
1.Gear - RELEASED Guide
2.Talents - RELEASED
3.Rotations RELEASED Guide
4.Glyphs E.T.A. December 18th, 2008
5.Add-ons E.T.A. December 19th, 2008


2. Talents
Now we are on too talent specs. Now, what are talent specs? Talent specs means you are specializing for a certain role, such as PvP, PvE, healing, tanking, etc. Now, why choose the right spec? you might ask. The reasoning for this is so that you can be most effective also. The three talent specs for a mage are Arcane, Fire, and Frost.
Since I cannot force anyone to play how someone says, I have devised four specs that I think will be effective not only in heroics, but also in raids.

I made a change of plan about this. Follow this spec here. Thanks to Jame for it!

Improved Fireball 5/5
Improved Fire Blast 1/2
Ignite 5/5
Flame Throwing 2/2
Pyroblast 1/1
Burning Soul 2/2
Improved Scorch 3/3
Master of Elements 3/3
Critical Mass 3/3
Playing with Fire 3/3
Fire Power 5/5
Pyromaniac 3/3
Combustion 1/1
Empowered Fire 3/3 Hot Streak 3/3
Dragon's Breath 1/1
Firestarter 2/2
Burnout 5/5
(Now we are going to the Arcane tree)
Arcane Focus 3/3
Arcane Subtlety 2/2
Magic Absorption 2/2
Arcane Concentration 5/5
Student of the Mind 3/3
Focus Magic 1/1
Arcane Shielding 2/2
Arcane Meditation 2/3
Final Spec 20/51/0

Improved Frostbolt 5/5
Ice Shards 3/3
Elemental Precision 3/3
Icy Veins 1/1
Piercing Ice 3/3
Arctic Reach 2/2
Frost Channeling 3/3
Shatter 3/3
Cold Snap 1/1
Improved Cone of Cold 1/3 (I had to add this because I forgot it was in the original spec, and while going through the talent calculator it didn't unlock the second to last tier)
Improved Blizzard 1/3 Again, sorry, this is from the 3rd tier)
Cold as Ice 2/2
Winter's Chill 3/3
Ice Barrier 1/1
Arctic Winds 5/5
Empowered Frostbolt 2/2
Fingers of Frost 2/2
Summon Water Elemental 1/1
Improved Water Elemental 3/3
Chilled to the Bone 5/5
Deep Freeze 1/1
Now we are going to the Arcane tree.
Arcane Focus 3/3
Arcane Subtlety 2/2
Arcane Concentration 5/5
Student of the Mind 3/3
Focus Magic 1/1
Spell Impact 1/3
Arcane Meditation 3/3
Improved Counterspell 2/2
Final Spec - 20/0/51

Frostfire - Now, you may be asking, "This isn't a talent build." but it is a whole new breed of mages, to be truthful. This is the best single target spec, and is great for heroics. Follow this spec here. Thanks again to Jame for it!

--End of Chapter 2--

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