[Mage] Gearing For Heroics Chapter 3 - Rotations

So, you just hit 80. You're in greens and quest blues, and you're wondering...what next? Heroics, of course! This guide will not only show you how to gear, but will also recommend glyphs, talents, and gems/enchants. Please note I will be uploading these in Chapters.

Table of Contents
1.Gear - RELEASED Guide
2.Talents - RELEASED Guide
3.Rotations RELEASED
4.Glyphs E.T.A. December 18th, 2008
5. Add ons E.T.A December 19th, 2008

--Edit-- I'm so sorry I had to postpone these. I did not have enough time to write the 3rd chapter, therefore delaying the next. I'll delete this edit when I post them.


3. Rotations
Now we are onto rotations. What exactly are rotations? Well, the term rotation means using certain abilities in a certain way to get the most maximum damage output you can.
I will be doing rotations for all three specs. Please note - this will be a somewhat short guide.

Arcane Blast x 3 -> Arcane Missiles ->
Arcane Barrage -> Frostbolt x 3 Repeat.

Frostfire Bolt x 3 -> Fireball x 3 -> Fire Blast Repeat.

Frostbolt Repeat.

-End of Chapter 3-