Skinning 300-450

Levelling Skinning 350-450

Table of Contents

  1. Getting from 300-350
  2. Getting from 350-405
  3. Levelling from 405-430
  4. The final leg - 430-450
  5. Goodies from skinning

Determining the highest level creature you can skin

To determine the highest level creature you can skin we use the formula: (Skinning skill)/5. In case you don't like the area I've suggested you raise the skill you can use this formula to skin wherever you desire.

Getting from 300-350

1. There are a lot of areas in Hellfire Peninsula that you can get to 310 skinning from. You should be killing Hellboars of all kind for an easy 10 skillups.

2. Now you may either, continue killing Hellboars untill 330 or move to the Ravagers near Falcon Watch or the ones near the Warp Fields.

1. This part of the skinning experience is very very easy. Nagrand has been called the Skinner's Paradise for the sole reason of the enormous amount of Beasts in the zone. The area I have highlighted includes Talbuks and Clefthoofs. They are found in such abundance in this area that you can probably get to 350 skinning in 1 or 2 crossings of the area.

NOTE= You have a choice now, you can continue skinning in Nagrand untill 375 OR move onto the Howling Fjord. This will depend on your level. If you are above level 70 I would highly recommend going right on ahead to the Howling Fjord.

Getting from 350-405 - Shoveltusks

1. Go to the area around The Ancient Lift and start killing any Shoveltusk you see. Be sure to skin all of them untill you reach Skinning Skill 405 as they turn green.
(Alternative: You can kill Mammoths in Northern Borean Tundra, or Beasts if you do not have an intention of going to the D.E.H.T.A. Camp)

Getting from 405-430 - Duskhowl Prowlers

1. Go to the area of land around Drakil'Jin Ruins and kill any Duskhowl Prowler you come upon, as well as any other Beast in the area. Make sure to skin them.

The Final Leg 430-450 - Sholazar Basin

1. Go to this very large encompassed area of land. Inside this area there are a large variety of animals including: Rhinos, Crocolisks and Dreadsabers. To be blunt, kill them all. Make sure to skin every last one untill you reach 450 Skinning.

Goodies you can get from skinning

While skinning you may come across such items such as:
1. Arctic Fur
2. Jormungar Scale
3. Icy Dragonscale
4. Nerubian Chitin
5. Borean Leather Scraps which can be created into Borean Leather once you have 5.

All these items are used for a plethora of BoE Leatherworking items such as:

1. Jormungar Leg Armour which is the an improvement over the Nether Leg Armours.
2. Icescale Leg Armour which again is an improvement over the Nether Leg Armours.
3. Frosthide Leg Armour the epic version of Jormungar Leg Armour.

All of these items are also used for special Leatherworker only enchants like:

1. Fur Lining - Attack Power An extremely powerful enchant for the bracers, only for leather workers.
2. Nerubian Leg Reinforcements Is one of the many leatherworking only leg enchants, and the bonus about them is that they require barely any materials to create them.

I would highly recommend keeping most of these 'special' skins or perhaps selling them to a leatherworker, or even picking up the leatherworking proffession yourself.