Durotar Leveling Guide 1-12

Basic Rules and Addons taken from Jame's Guide.

Basic rules

Useful Addons

To get the most out of my guide, you should get an addon which displays coordinates, because I use them to describe locations in my guide (x,y). You can use any addon you like, but here's a very simple one I use.



Below is a list of other addons I use, this is 100% optional though, it's mostly for people who are curious to know which addons I use:

Side Note: In case you don't know how to install add-ons, simply download an addon from one of the links above and unzip it. Then drag the unziped folder in your Addon folder (full path is c:\\Program Files\\World of Warcraft\\Interface\\Addons). Then, restart World of Warcraft and it should be working.

If it isn't working, you might need to log out to your character selection screen and click on "Addons" in the lower-left corner. Tick the box that says "Load out of date Addons". Re-launch WoW.

Color Code

The Guide

Valley of Trials

Welcome to Durotar, home of the Orcs and the Trolls. It is here that you begin your quest to level 80.

1. Accept Your Place in The World from the NPC infront of you, and turn it in at the building, pick up the follow up Cutting Teeth.

2. Start killing Mottled Boars untill you reach Level 2.

3. Go to a dying troll at (40,62) and get his quest Sarkoth

4. Go up the hill west of the quest-giver and kill Sarkoth, be sure to loot his claw.

5. Go back to the quest-giver and turn in the quest. Get the follow up.

6. Make your way back to The Den while killing any remaining Mottled Boars you may still need for Cutting Teeth. Turn in both of the quests. Accept and turn in your class quest.

1. Pick up all the quests which are now available.

2. Do these quests in the encompassed area.

3. Go back to The Den and turn in all the quests. Get the two followups:

4. We are going back to the cave we were at earlier, except now we are going inside. Right infront of you as you enter should be a room. At the far end should be a shining mining pick. Loot it to get Thazzril's Pick.

5. Exit the room and take a left and follow the path you should see Yarrog Baneshadow. Kill him and loot the Burning Blade Medallion.

Use your Hearthstone to return to The Den.

6. Turn in the two quests and get the follow up Report to Sen'Jin Village

Journey from Sen'Jin to Razor Hill

1. Run west to Sen'Jin Village pick up A Peon's Burden on the way.

2. Turn in Report to Sen'Jin Village and get all the quests in the village.

3. Start walking north towards Razor Hill while grinding mobs untill you reach Level 6 so that you can get training.

Go to the inn, turn in A Peon's Burden and make the inn your home location.

4. Turn in Report to Orgnil and get all the quests in Razor Hill.

Now go up to the watchtower northwest of Razor Hill at (49,40) and pick up Carry Your Weight

And so it begins...

1. Go south-east to Tiragarde Keep and kill Kul Tiras Sailors and Marines while making your way too the castle. Remember to loot their Canvas Scraps.

2. Once at the castle go upstairs into a big room, kill Captain Benedict. He has another mob with him so this may be difficult, but YOU HAVE to finish this quest. Once you kill him pick up Benedict's Key.

3. Go up to the top of the castle and open Benedict's Chest. Loot the Aged Envelope to start The Admiral's Orders.

4. Go back to Razor Hill and turn in all 3 quests and get their folowups:

Sell junk, repair and re-stock food/drink.

1. Go south-east to about (32,50) and do From The Wreckage... and A Solvent Spirit (The items for this quest may take a while to drop but be patient.) The Gnomish Tools look like this:

2. Go to the north-west to the area around (49,49) and kill 4 Razormane Quilboars and 4 Razormane Scouts.

3. Go back to Razor Hill and turn in From The Wreckage... If you are level 8 get training, if not don't worry we will be back here in a little while.

1. Run south to (50,78) and do Thwarting Kolkar Aggression. The attack plans are in a tent at (49,81), inside the canyon at (46,78) and on the opposite path at (46,77).

2. Go back to Sen'Jin Village and turn in A Solvent Spirit and Thwarting Kolkar Aggression.

3. Go south-east to the Echo Isles and work on:

4. When you are atleast halfway done with those quests go to the main island. Kill Voodo Trolls and Hexed Trolls (Watch out, these guys heal to full health, try to interrupt it) while going to the main encampment of trolls (The one with Zalazane in it.) Go to the back of the hill on the east and make sure that Zalazane isn't near and loot Minshina's Skull from an Imprisoned Darkspear for Minshina's Skull.

5. Wait for Zalazane to come up and then kill him.

6. Make sure to finish up Practical Prey, Break a Few Eggs and Zalazane before you swim back to Sen'Jin Village.

7. Turn in Practical Prey, Zalazane and Minshina's Skull.

Hearthstone to Razor Hill and turn in Break a Few Eggs. (Get training if you need it.)

Sell junk, repair and re-stock food/drink.

1. Go west of Razor Hill to (44,39) and kill 4 Razormane Dustrunners and 4 Razormane Battlegaurds for Encroachment.

2. Go north to a hut at (43,30) and accept Lost But Not Forgotten.

3. Go north-east to a goblin at (46,22) and accept Winds in the Desert.

4. Go south through the path on the canyon, there should be an entrance to the Razorwind Canyon at (51,23) look for Sack of Supplies on the ground. Collect 5 of them.

5. Go back to the goblin and turn in the quest, get it's followup Securing The Lines.

==NOTE== Now there may be a grind depending on how lucky you were with drops. Make sure that you are atleast 625 XP points from level 10 before continuing on with the guide.

6. Go to Razor Hill and turn in Encroachment.

==NOTE== Congratulations on level 10 and your first Talent Point. Spend it wisely. Now you should get training and I recommend that you do your class quest, for a good chunk of XP points and a nice Green Item. Or, you can continue with the guide and do the class quest later on.

1. Go west from the Goblin Rezlak to Rhinag at (40,16) and pick up Need for a Cure.

==NOTE== This quest is on a timer for 45 minutes, though it shouldn't take you that long.

2. Go into Orgrimmar and go to Thrall in the Valley of Wisdom. Turn in The Admiral's Orders and get the quest Hidden Enemies.

3. Go to the Cleft of Shadow and talk to Khorgan pick up his quest Finding the Antidote

4. Now go back to Rhinag and kill Venomtail Scorpids for their Venomtail Scorpid Sac's. Once you have 4 go back to Khorgan and turn in the quest for the Venomtail Antidote.

5. Go back to Rhinag and turn in Need for a Cure.

1. Go back to the Drygulch Ravine and go to the end where you should see a cave. Go through the cave and kill Dustwind Savages and Storm Witches untill you finish Securing the Lines

2. Head back to Rezlak and turn it in.

3. Make your way to the River west of Durotar and kill Dreadmaw Crocolisks untill one drops Kron's Amulet.

4. Head into Thunder Ridge and go to (42,26) and kill Fizzle Darkstorm. He might be fairly tough to kill as he casts alot of shadowbolts and has an imp that casts firebolts, but try really hard to kill him as this quest has a lot of follow ups. Use Minshina's Skull to help you kill him if he can't do it. (Consider that as a last resort as we may need it further down the road.)

5. Go back to the hut at (43,30) and turn in Lost But Not Forgotten.

6. Turn in Dark Storms at Razor Hill and get the followup.

1. Go to Margoz at (56,20), turn in the quest and get the follow up: Skull Rock.

2. Go directly north to a cave. Kill Burning Blade NPC's untill you finish Skull Rock and Hidden Enemies.

3. Find Gazz'uz and try to kill him. =TIP= Burn everything you've got on him, and try to kill him as fast as possible, use Minshina's Skull, and be sure to loot him for the Eye of Burning Shadow. Right-click it to start Burning Shadows. If you can't kill him just move on.

4. Go back to Margoz, turn in Skull Rock and accept the followup Neeru Fireblade.

1. Go to Thrall and turn in Hidden Enemies, get the same-name followup.

2. Go to The Cleft of Shadow and find Neeru Fireblade outside the entrance to Ragefire Chasm.

3. Turn in Burning Shadows and Neeru Fireblade there is no need to get the followup. Keep on talking to him to complete Hidden Enemies.

4. Go back to Thrall and turn in Hidden Enemies. (You may consider taking the followup if you want to run Ragefire Chasm, if not, do not take it.)

You should be Level 12 by now.

Optional - Instance: Ragefire Chasm

Now you can start looking for a group for the Ragefire Chasm instance.

You already have the quest Hidden Enemies and you can pick up Slaying the Beast from Neeru Fireblade outside of the instance.

This instance gives alot of XP points if you need them, and it may drop some nice Blue Items you may find of use.

Now you have a choice, you can either go back to Razor Hill and pick up Conscript of the Horde. Then follow Hosho's Guide to the Barrens to Level 20, then follow Jame's Guide all the way to 80.


You can follow Snowflake's Guide to Ghostlands. (I would personally recommend this as Ghostlands is much faster to level in than the Barrens.)