[WotLK] Horde Dailies Guide

Northrend Horde Daily Guide

Table of Contents
  1. Icecrown
  2. Grizzly Hills
  3. Stormpeaks
  4. Sholazar Basin
  5. Dragonblight
  6. Howling Fjord
  7. Borean Tundra


This is the Horde version of a Northrend daily guide. Rather then say that you have to do the zones in a certain order, I would much rather show you the dailies inside the zone, and the most effective way to do them, that way, you can choose whatever zone you wish to do dailies in and complete them. Zul'Drak is under construction ATM, and the spoils section has been taken down for updates.

Doing every daily you possible can in this guide (Revered with Sons of Hodir, 3 Oracle Quests) you will have done 17 out of 25 daily quests for the day. So prioritize what dailies you need to or want to do that day.

Useful Addons

To get the most out of my guide, you should get an addon which displays coordinates, because I use them to describe locations in my guide (x,y). You can use any addon you like, but here's a very simple one I use.



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If it isn't working, you might need to log out to your character selection screen and click on "Addons" in the lower-left corner. Tick the box that says "Load out of date Addons". Re-launch WoW.

Color Code


Head to the Krasus Landing in Dalaran. Once there talk to Sky-Reaver Klum, click the "Take me to the ship." option. Once at the ship pick up the following dailies:

1. Fly to the Broken Front. Now we are going to start looking for Piles of Bones, Abandoned Armour, and Abandoned Helms. Once you have 1 of each use Copperclaw's Volatile Oil. Do this three times.

2. Kill Hulking Abominations untill you have Chilled Abomination Guts. (If you have a pet dismiss it now). Use the Abomination Reanimation Kit and kill 15 Icy Ghouls, Vicious Geists and Risen Alliance Soldiers. (When he explodes get some more guts by killing more abominations.)

3. Fly to the Glacier north of Ymirheim. Get Assault by Ground. Escort the troops to the gates of Ymirheim then fly back to the Glacier. Get Assault by Air now. Use the gun to cloud any Harpoons untill 4 people drop. Then exit the vehicle.

4. You should have now landed in Ymirheim. Now start killing Vrykul on the way to Blast Thunderbomb (51,57) for Blood of the Chosen. Get King of the Mountain from him. Go to the top of the mountain and plant the banner.

5. Now make your way to the Saronite Cave. Keep talking to Saronite Mine Slaves untill you have rescued 10. (Be warned they can either run out, kill them selves, or attack you.)

Make your way out of the cave and keep killing Vrykul untill you finish Blood of the Chosen.

6. Go North to a cultist camp at (55,44). Start killing Bitter Initiates then use the Orb of Illusion they sometimes drop on the Dark Subjugator. Do this 3 times.

7. Fly North to Aldur'Thar. Drink the Diluted Cult Tonic and start killing Void Summoners and Enslaved Minions. Use the Rod of Siphoning on the dead minions for the Dark Matter. (Remember to refresh the buff every 10 minutes.)
Stay here untill you have 10 Tainted Essence and 5 Dark Matter.

8. Head to (55,33) and use the Summoning Stone.

9. Now go west to (48,34). Click on the Essence in your bag to form a Writhing Mass. Throw it into a cauldron. Each cauldron gives you a certain buff.

1. Fly to the Shadow Vault at (43,24). Pick up every daily here. They are:

2. Fly South-West into Jotunheim. Go to (27,39), mount onto one of the stationary Proto-Drakes. Now ride around burning house roofs. Once you have burned 10 dismount and start killing Vrykul and planting their corpses with the Ebon Blade Banner.

3. Go to (32,24) and choose a Harpoon. Use all 10 harpoons as fast as possible on a Rider. Dismount the Harpoon and go to a new one and repeat this strategy untill the quest is done.

4. Fly to Death's Rise at (20,47). Pick up every daily here. They are:

5. Fly to the Onslaught Harbour. Mount the Gryphon in your bags and start killing Gryphon Riders untill this quest is done. Then fly to the beach at (6,39). Kill members of the Scarlet Onslaught. Loot them for their keys and use the Darkmender's Tincture on them. Also open chests for the Intel. Stay on the beach till you finish these two quests.

6. Fly back to Death's Rise turn in all the quests.

7. Fly back to the Shadow Vault and turn in everything.

8. Fly back to the ship and turn in everything.

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Grizzly Hills

Warning, these quests take part in a PvP Area, so if you want to avoid PvP stay away.

1. Head to the Bluesky Logging Grounds at (34,32). Pick up:

2. Head into the grounds and to the following:

3. Once those are done find a Broken-Down Shredder. Mount it and run back to the camp and use the Shredder Delivery spell. Do this 3 times.

4. Turn in all these quests, and fly south to Blackriver and get Blackriver Brawl. Kill 10 Alliance Units, or players.

1. Fly south to Venture Bay and pick up:

2. Go east across the river to a building at (14,76). Use your Smoke Bomb on Venture Company Stragglers.

3. Kill Alliance on your way to a lumbermill at (16,76). Smoke out the Stragglers here.

4. Continue clearing your way to the dock at (14,78). Find Captain Brightwater and kill him. Finish off any Alliance you may need for Keep Them at Bay. Return to the camp and turn all these in.

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To unlock most of the dailies in The Stormpeaks you have to complete the very long quest chain starting with They Took Our Men, you must also have a flying mount.

1. Fly to K3. Get the Daily Quest Overstock . Go North-West to around (43,81) in Garm's Bane and lay down the Improved Land Mines. Make 12 Garm Invaders go boom. Return to K3 and turn this in.

2. Fly to Brunnhildar Village go to Gretta the Arbiter, get the Daily quest she offers, they are possible from this pool:

Do the Daily Quest which you got from the list first, and turn it in (They do not need an explanation on how to do them).
All the Brunnhildar Village Daily Quests have a chance to give Reins of the White Polar Bear.

3. If you got The Abberations Must Die fly to Valkyrion and kill Valkyrion Aspirants for their Vials of Frost Oil untill you have around 4. Then go to the pit with the Plagued Proto-Drake Eggs in it and aim for destroying the 7 and 8 egg group first, repeat this untill you have completed this quest. Now fly back to Brunnhildar Village and turn in the quest.

4. Now we get to the the Sons of Hodir quests. I will simply be listing the quests, what reputation is required, and what to do for them. You can do them in whatever order you wish as sometimes some objectives can be crowded. What daily quests are available depend on your Reputation. Whenever you reach a new level of Reputation Standing, be sure to check around the village to see if any new one time quests have popped up. Completing them will unlock the dailies for the respective Reputation Standing.

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Sholazar Basin

The Daily quests here are unlocked after A Hero's Burden. If you kill the Oracle then you can gain reputation with the Frenzyheart, and vice versa.


All of the Oracle quests come from Rainspeaker Canopy. There is a possible 8 dailies you can complete, and only 3 are offered per day.

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Like the Oracles, you are limited to 3 dailies a day, out of a pool of a possible 8 choices. All your dailies are given from Frenzyheart Hill.

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1. Take a nice relaxing flight to the Wyrmrest Temple and get Defending Wyrmrest Temple. Go to (55,66) and destabilize the Azure Dragonshrine. Be sure to be killing Azure Drakes and Dragons, untill you have killed 3 dragons and 5 drakes. To kill them simply spam Flame Breath and when at 65% health use Renew. Once you are done fly back to the Temple and turn in. If you can do this in under 2 minutes, congratulations on a new achievement.

2. Now go down south to Moa'ki Harbor and get Planning for the Future. Go up North into the glade and look for the pups. Right click them to pick them up. Do this 12 times. Go back to the Harbor and turn this in.

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Howling Fjord

1. Go to Kamagua and get The Way to His Heart. Go East and West of the isle and collect these fish. Now, stand about 20 yards from a Reef Bull and throw the fish at them. Keep moving back and throwing fish at the bull until you get him to a Reef Cow. Wait untill you get quest credit turn in. Go back to the turn in. Or if your class can kite, just regularily kite the bull across the water, then lure him with some fish.

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Borean Tundra

1. Fly to Kaskala and get Preparing for the Worst from Utaik at (64,45). Go south of him into the village and look for Kaskala Supplies on the ground. Collect 8 of these and then return to him.

2. Fly to the Transitus Shield and get Drake Hunt. Fly to the Western side of The Nexus and use Raelorasz's Spear on a Drake Hatchling. Take the hits from this mob for around 25 seconds then return to the Transitus Shield and turn in this quest.

3. Now fly to the uppermost ring of The Nexus and get Aces High!. Use the following rotation to kill 5 Scalesworn Elites: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 5, 3. This will make sure that Revivify and Flame Shield are nearly constantly up. Make sure to kill 5, then return to the quest-giver and turn this in.

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