The Diplomat, Part I: They Love Me In That Tunnel

The Diplomat is an achievement earnt by getting Timbermaw Hold, the Mag'har/Kurenai and Sporeggar reputations all up to Exalted. With the change in patch 3.0.8 allowing full reputation gain per kill, no matter what your level, there has never been a better time to get this achievement.



    Colour Charts

    Your Reputation

    Calculating Number of Kills

    What You Need

    Frostsabre Grinding

    Addons and Macros

    Getting Ready

    What Path to Take



The first guide in this three part series will deal with the Furbolgs (affectionately known as Furbies) of Timbermaw Hold.
These are the colours I will use in this guide:

The Timbermaw Furbolgs live in Felwood, in their tunnels. They believe themselves to be the last uncorrupted tribe of Furbolg, despite the existence of another tribe of Furbolg on Azuremyst Isle, and more in Grizzlemaw.

The lore behind the Furbolg quests reveals that they are attempting to save the other Furbolg from the influence that is corrupting them, and in the Exalted quest, which grants you your Defender of the Timbermaw, you kill the demon corrupting the Winterfall, who live in Winterspring.


There are plenty of quests in Felwood and Winterspring that grant Timbermaw rep, and you will have done most of them if you have followed Jame's levelling guides. There is one quest available at Friendly (two if you are a tailor) and a further quest at Exalted.


To calculate the reputation you need to grind to hit Exalted, replace 'x' with your current reputation. Find your rep using this table:

: 0-35,999

: 36,000-38,999

Unfriendly: 39,000-41,999

Neutral: 42,000-44,999

Friendly: 45,000-50,999

Revered: 51,000-62,999

Revered: 63,000-83,999



y/44= Number of mobs (approx.) you'll need to kill to reach Exalted. (Not including the quests I'll give you the option of doing here)


The mobs you should kill (assuming maximum level) are the Deadwood tribe of Northern Felwood. They have the greatest chance to drop the items we need for turnins, Deadwood Headdress Feathers.


However, people who really, really, really want their Frostsabre mount can grind mobs that drop their turn-in item, Winterfall Spirit Beads, at a lower drop chance, but can be grinded for the Wintersaber Trainer's Rep quest.

I would not recommend this path, as grinding Wintersaber rep will slow you down, and the area's where you kill the mobs in are often heavily camped.

Note that the mount (and quests) are Alliance only.


For Addons, I would highly recommend KillCounter (does what it says on the link), and I would recommend LootFilter with a caution to trigger-happy 'Instructions, bah!' people like me: If you set types of items to be automatically be deleted, make sure that you set everything else to 'Keep' as if you use the 'clean' button, you can destroy every green or better in your inventory. Trust me, I've done it, it's not nice.

For Macros I would recommend creating a #show Deadwood Headdress Feather (make sure you spell it right) then put it on one of your bonus action bars (you can add these with esc-> Interface).

(For the uninitiated, macros are created by typing /macro, clicking 'New' choosing a name (try 'feather') and then, since the focus of the macro is an item/ability with a picture, use the Question Mark icon at the top, then once you've created it, drag it down to an action bar).

While I do not pretend to understand the arcane geekery behind scriptwriting, someone on Wowhead clearly does, and has thus created with awesome macro for repeated turning in of quests with only one click:

/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1)
/script CompleteQuest()
/script GetQuestReward()

So kudos to dJe713.

Create a macro with that in it, name it and pick a suitably bewildering picture.

To use, right click on Nafien, the Furby who you turn the quest in to, then press, press, press, click.

Repeat until Exalted Smiling

Getting Ready

Clear your inventory and head out to Felwood. You will be killing the Deadwood in Northern Felwood.

20 rep is gained per kill until Revered, at which point rep stops being gained from kills, and you can only gain it from Feather turn-ins.

For this reason I recommend saving feathers to get you from Revered to Exalted.

It requires 350 Feathers to get from Revered to Exalted, so once you reach that number, you can start doing turn-ins, as long as you always have at least 350 on hand.


And that's all you need to know, so you can get started on your Furby slaughter. I would recommend starting at the bottom of the ramp leading up to Timbermaw Hold, working around the lake (staying on the lower terrace), then, after you've got round to the big tree at the south of the lake, go north up to where the Winterfall furbolg is, then East and then South along the upper terrace, heading right back to where you started.

This all depends, of course, on how quickly you kill and how many other people are there. Have a few tries, and see what works for you.


At Friendly the quest Runecloth becomes available from Meilosh, you can do that basically immediately, since this grind supplies you with PLENTY of Runecloth.

Tailors capable of making Mooncloth also get the quest Sacred Cloth, which rewards you with the ability to make Mooncloth Boots. Do it if you want.

At Exalted, the quest The Root Of All Evil becomes available. Complete this by travelling to the large Winterfall village at the East of Winterspring, planting a torch in High Chief Winterfall's cave and then killing Xandivious you can then loot the Essence of Xandivious from Xandivious' Demon Bag. Easily soloable for anyone above 68 or so.

This rewards you with your Defender Of The Timbermaw trinket, allowing you to summon a cool-looking ghost Timbermaw, who does ineffective heals and ineffective spells for a short while. At the 19 twink bracket (if you ghost around after someone who kills them for you) it is the absolute bomb.


Talk to Meilosh and buy some recipes if you are a Tailor, Enchanter, Blacksmith, Leather Worker or Alchemist.

Enjoy your new-found newb-magnet, and enjoy the slightly odd looks you may get in Dalaran.

Stay tuned for the next installment of The Diplomat, Part II: Mag'har/Kurenai The Czar of Sporeggar.