[Hunter][Raiding] Survival Hunter

Survival Hunter Raiding Guide

Table of Contents
  1. Talent Builds
  2. Stat Values
  3. Rotations
  4. Glyphs
  5. Enchants
  6. Gem
  7. Pet Choice
  8. Addons


With patch 3.08 the Survival Spec has become the new maximum dps build for aspiring hunters everywhere. I will show you what stats to reach for, what builds to use, how to use the rotation effectively and more. First off the Talent build.

Talent Builds

There is a lot of flexibility in the Survival Tree, being that there is no set cookie-cutter build. However there are some core talents that you must take. They are in this talent build.

You will notice that there are 6 points to spare, and you will have to decide for yourself based upon your gear where to spend them. You should be aiming to have Haste and Hit Rating at these values:

If not don't worry. There are talent points to compensate for this. Namely, Focused Aim and Improved Aspect of the Hawk. If you are not at 10% haste then you might want to consider the Aspect of the Hawk Glyph. Here are some sample talent builds.


As a Survival Hunter you will find that some stats you are looking for are different than that for the Beast Mastery Talent build. Here are some key points on each stat.

Level 80 Stat Conversion

High Value.

First of all, you will want to be aiming to have:

What this will do, is it will get your Steady Shot cast time to be at 1.5 seconds, allowing you to maximize your dps. You can have less if you have the Glyph, and talent points into the Improved Aspect of the Hawk talent.

High Value.
Scales with Lightning Reflexes and helps your Expose Weakness, and unlike Attack Power boosts your Crit Percentage.

Critical Strike Rating
High Value.
It increases the uptime of Expose Weakness and Hunting Party and increases your Pets focus regeneration, as well as giving you mana back with Thrill of the Hunt.

Attack Power
Medium Value.
Now scales, still gives your pet 22% of your Attack Power.

High Value.
Careful Aim gives 1 AP per 1 Intellect Point. And to Quote Elitist Jerks:

More Int means a higher manapool, thus a higher return from the ReplenishmentBuff that Hunting Party lends and a higher return when in AotViper, thus less time spent in AotViper.


The Survival Hunter's rotation is extremely straightforward, but requires more attention due to Lock and Load procs. This is the first Standard Rotation:

(Remember to only cast Serpent Sting on the first Rotation and then again when it wears off.)

What to do when Lock and Load procs?

(You must wait untill atleast 2 of the DoT ticks from Explosive Shots go before firing your next Shot)

Now continue with the Regular Rotation.


Major Glyphs:

Steady Shot - Increases Damage, whats to complain?
Serpent Sting - Less time refreshing, more time dpsing.

3rd slot - Only 2 decent choices.

Hunters Mark - Huge boost to the AP, works extremely well when you are specced into Improved Hunter's Mark as other hunters and you get more AP.

Improved Aspect of the Hawk - Only get if you havent points in the talent, helps you get 1.5 second Steady Shots.











1 Handed Weapon

Two Handed Weapon

Ranged Weapon


This link pretty much shows you what gems for each colour, and what they are required for, far better than I could.


There are three kinds of pets. Cunning, Ferocity and Tenacity.

Cunning Pets

Viable in 10 mans for their Roar of Recovery. There are currently only two Cunning pets worth noting:

This is the talent build you should be using for your pet.

Ferocity Pets

Viable for their Call of the Wild. Can be used in conjunction with other cooldowns for a dps increase.

This is the talent build you should be using for your pet.

Tenacity Pets

Useless for Raiding since the Scorpid Nerf.


These are the addons I use, and what they do: