Shinke's Tauren (1-12) Guide


I was not sure what I wanted to put here, so my introduction is based on Jame's leveling guide introduction.

This guide is made for FAST leveling through the use of Optimized Quest Circuits. With this guide, questing will be very efficient and you'll not waste any second running around and trying to figure out in which order to do your quests. Follow each instruction carefully and you will see for yourself. The quest choices and order to do them are optimal so that you run as few as possible while doing the most possible, turning several quests at the same time. It will be like grinding, because you'll be killing stuff almost non-stop, besides you'll also be completing a bunch of quests at the same time!

Everything described in this guide can be done solo (beside when I say otherwise). You can, of course, follow this guide while duoing, grouping, it's not a problem, it works too.

You'll realize that I grind a few bars here and there, but that's merely so you're able to accept quests I want you to do before heading back into town! (Ex. Breaking Sharptusk, it requires you to be level 3 and if you don't grind, you'll be about 6 bars from level 3.)

DISCLAIMER: This guide does NOT take into account tradeskills, class specific quests or PvP. It's 100% focused on getting the most experience possible in the shortest possible time while doing a lot of quests and enjoying as much content as possible. Any race/class combination can do this guide. Any complaints about PvP, tradeskills, or class specific issues will be ignored.

Basic Rules

Useful Addons

To get the most out of my guide, you should get an addon which displays coordinates, because I use them to describe locations in my guide (x,y). You can use any addon you like, but here's a very simple one I use.



Below is a list of other addons Jame uses, this is 100% optional though, it's mostly for people who are curious to know which addons Jame uses:

Side Note: In case you don't know how to install add-ons, simply download an addon from one of the links above and unzip it. Then drag the unziped folder in your Addon folder (full path is c:\\Program Files\\World of Warcraft\\Interface\\Addons). Then, restart World of Warcraft and it should be working.

If it isn't working, you might need to log out to your character selection screen and click on "Addons" in the lower-left corner. Tick the box that says "Load out of date Addons". Re-launch WoW.

Color Code

The Guide

Level 1 - 6

  1. Talk to Grull Hawkwing (44,77).

    Accept The Hunt Begins and then go southeast of the area.

    Kill Plainstriders until you loot 7 Plainstrider Feathers and 7 Plainstrider Meat.

    Run back to Camp Narache, turn it in, and accept:

    • The Hunt Continues
    • Your Class Quest
  2. Sell junk so you have at least 10 Copper for your first skill. Talk to your Class Trainer, turn in the quest and train your skill.

    Talk to Chief Hawkwind and accept A Humble Task.

  3. Go to (50,81) and turn it in at Greatmother Hawkwind.

    Accept A Humble Task (part 2).

    Click the Water Pitcher on the fountain.

    Grind on Plainstriders until you are 650xp or more than 73% into level 3.

    Run back to Camp Narache and turn in the quest.

    Accept Rites of the Earthmother.

    Accept Break Sharptusk! back in Camp Narache. Note: If you didn't grind you won't be able to accept this. Go grind!

    Sell junk and repair. Hunters make sure to stock up on Ammunition.

  4. Go south to (44.88).

    Kill Mountain Cougars until you loot 10 Mountain Cougar Pelts.

    Run to (42,92) and talk to Seer Graytongue.
    Turn in Rites of the Earthmother.
    Accept Rite of Strength.

    Grind to level 4 on your way back to Camp Narache.(44,77)
    Turn in The Hunt Continues
    Accept The Battleboars.

    Sell junk, repair, get skills.

  5. Go east to (53,81)

    Kill Battleboars while running towards the Brambleblade Ravine, collecting8 Flanks and 8 Snouts.

  6. Go to (58,85) and enter the Brambleblade Ravine.

    Kill Quilboars on your way to the tent at (64,77).
    Kill Sharptusk. Loot his head.

    Run to the cave at (63,82) and on the inside is a Dirt-stained Map. Right-click it to accept Attack on Camp Narache.

    Make sure you have 12 Bristleback Belts. If not, kill Quilboars until you do.

  7. Use your Hearthstone to Camp Narache.

    Turn in all quests.

    Accept Rites of the Earthmother (Part 2).

  8. You should be close to level 6 now.

    Sell junk / repair.

  9. Follow the road out of Camp Narache to (38,81) and speak to Antur Fallow.

    Accept A Task Unfinished.

    Grind to 6 while following the road to Bloodhoof Village.

  10. Talk to Innkeeper Kauth. Turn in A Task Unfinished.
    Make Bloodhoof Village your home.

    Sell junk and repair.
    Get spells / abilities. Also, consider picking up the First Aid profession

Level 6 - 10

  1. Talk to Baine Bloodhoof

    Turn in Rites of the Earthmother.


    • Sharing the Land
    • Rite of Vision
    • Dwarven Digging
  2. Accept Poison Water from Mull Thunderhorn (48,60).

    Talk to Zarlman Two-Moons (47,57)
    Turn in Rite of Vision and accept part 2.

  3. Talk to Ruul Eagletalon (47,62). Accept Dangers of the Windfury.

    Talk to Harken Windtotem (48,59)
    Accept Swoop Hunting.

    Talk to Maur Raincaller (47,57)
    Accept Mazzranache.

  4. Now we are going to start questing. While on this run make sure you do the following, whenever you see them:
    • Kill Trophy Swoops for 8 Quills.
    • Prarie Wolves for 6 Paws.
    • Plainstriders for 4 Talons.
  5. Just kill these when you see them, whenever they come up during the run.

    Underneath trees, loot 2 Ambercorns.
    Loot 2 Well Stones near the Well at (53,64).

  6. Go to (52,70) and kill the Palemane for Sharing the Land.

  7. At (33,41) kill Harpies for 8 Windfury Talons.

    Then go to (31,50) and kill Dwarves to get Broken Tools for Dwarven Digging.

  8. Then go to (59,62).

    Accept The Ravaged Caravan from Morin Cloudstalker.

    Go to (54,48) and click on the Crates to turn it in.

    Accept the second part.

    Run back to Morin Cloudstalker (59,62).

    Turn it in.


    • The Venture Co.
    • Supervisor Fizsprocket
  9. Make sure you have finished killing:
    Trophy Swoops for 8 Quills.
    Prarie Wolves for 6 Paws.
    Plainstriders for 4 Talons.

  10. Grind to level 8 if you aren't quite there yet.

  11. Go back to Bloodhoof Village and turn in all the quests and get all the followups.

    Sell junk / repair / train skills

  12. Go to (53,67) and cleanse it using Thunderhorn's item.

    Run back to Mull Thunderhorn (49,60)

    Turn in both quests.

  13. Go to (47,57) and drink Water of the Seers in your backpack, then follow the wolf spirit.

  14. Turn in Rite of Vision (33,36) when the spirit stops.

    Accept Rite of Wisdom.

  15. Continue to (59,25) to Lorekeeper Raintotem.

    Accept A Sacred Burial.

  16. Go to the Ancestral Spirit (61.5,21.0.).

    Turn in Rite of Wisdom .

    Accept Journey into Thunder Bluff .

    Kill 8 Bristleback Interlopers nearby.

    Once done speak to Lorekeeper Raintotem (59,25) and turn it in.

  17. Go to Thunder Bluff to the Forge at (39,55) and destroy the Prospector's Picks here by clicking on them.

  18. Go to (69,51) and talk to Cairne Bloodhoof.

    Turn in Journey into Thunder Bluff

    Accept Rites of the Earthmother.

  19. If not level 10, grind to it. Train skills / sell junk / repair. Do your class quest.

Level 10 - 12

  1. Hearth to Bloodhoof Village. Talk to Skorm Whitecloud (46,60)
    Accept The Hunter's Way.

  2. Turn in Dwarven Digging and Thunderhorn Totem.

    Accept Thunderhorn Cleansing.

  3. Go to (48,60) and speak to Baine Bloodhoof. Turn in Sharing the Land.

  4. Go to the Water Well at (44.5, 55.5) and use it to cleanse the totem in your inventory.

  5. Go to (45,16) and kill Flatland Prowlers until you have 4 Claws. Also, look for Arra'chea for his Horn. I found him at (49,19)

  6. Go to (61,47) and you should see the Venture Co. Mine.

    Kill 14 Workers and 6 Supervisors.

    Take a right at the first intersection and you should see Fizsprocket, kill him.

  7. Go to (59,62) and turn in The Venture Co. and Supervisor Fitzsprocket.

  8. Go to (49,60) and turn in Thunderhorn Cleansing

    Accept Wildmane Totem.

    Go to (69,51) in Thunder Bluff and turn in Rites of the Earthmother.

  9. Go to (46,60) and turn in The Hunter's Way.

  10. Go to (38,60) in Thunder Bluff. You should see Eyahn Eagletalon.
    Accept Preparation for Ceremony.

  11. Go behind Thunder Bluff and kill Windfury Matriarchs and Windfury Sorceresses until you have 6 Azure and 6 Bronze Feathers.

    Run back to (38,60) and turn it in. Sell junk, repair, get new skills.

  12. Run back towards Bloodhoof Village, make sure you kill Prarie Alphas along the way until you have 8 Teeth.

  13. Go to (49,60) and turn in Windmane Totem.

  14. You should be level 12 now, if not grind to it then run into the Barrens following the path to Camp Taurajo.

So you've completed my guide! I hope you enjoyed it! TAURENS FTW! You can continue with Guide to The Barrens (12-20). Find the Tauren "Getting to Crossroads" section and go from there! I'm pretty sure I didn't steal any quests from that guide, but if I did, I apologize! IF I missed anything, had a typo anywhere, please comment and let me know! Thanks for using my guide! Bodyfat ads. Total turn offs!

All credit for this guide goes to:

WoWWiki (for the maps)