Nilz' Image Uploading Guide


As I was looking at Jame's Guide Writing Guide I noticed a lot of questions about images and why they weren't working and such. To me, it seemed that Jame was doing his best to answer all the questions but it looked very frustrating to keep answering the same question over and over again So, I have decided to write a focused guide on images only, to help those you are having trouble (just like I did, as a matter a fact) Smiling.


So you've decided to write a guide that will be awesome least it would have been if you get those GOD-!@#$ IMAGES TO JUST UPLOAD ON THE !@#$!@#$#@!$@ WEBSITE. Well first things first, you need a picture, once you have that go down to the bottom of the screen and click File attachments then click browse and find your picture. After you have done this you have to copy the html code that is under your picture. Once this is done you click the icon for adding pictures on your text formatting toolbar or you type in [ img] [/ img] (without the spaces). and click preview. But then something happens. This shows up instead of your picture:


In order to fix this you need to go back to your picture file and rename it without any special characters or spaces. So it looks more like this:

[img][/ img] (without the space).

Then once that is done you have to Submit your guide (still as work in progress) first then go back to your draft and hit Preview and your picture should be up.

Image Editing

Now you may want to edit a picture to make it better or add lists, etc. there several different image editing programs out there and couple would be GIMP (just google the download) or Microsoft paint, however my favourite is which is completely free and is really easy to use and can do some pretty cool things. However it is all up to you.


Sometimes, in your guide, you will want to add screenshots which is just a shot of your screen as you see it. You can take screenshots by simply pressing the Print Screen button on your keyboard. it may also be called PrtSc so just press this button and then open up your picture using any picture editor. If you use this while not on WoW then while on your picture editing program just paste (either CTRL - V {command - V for you mac users}or [edit - paste]). If you took the screenshot on WoW then just find it in your screenshot folder (i couldn't find the folder Eye ) or just paste into the picture editor. After you have gotten the picture into your picture editor ten just crop out the unimportant stuff and viola! Save as a JPEG and then upload it into wow-pro.

That is really all there is to it Sticking out tongue!

P.S if you want to not show the links to your pictures at the bottom of your guide then simply uncheck the list box in your file attachments.

P.P.S sometimes the file attachments box will be minimized which can make it hard to find but this is where it found when minimized (I.e. right above the preview and submit buttons)

Another frequent mistake I see is that your image will NOT SHOW UP if you just click "preview" when you first upload it. The image doesn't actually upload until you click "Save" the first time. So if your image doesn't show up at first, that could very well be the reason. *Jiyambi*

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