Gold making by tailoring.

Tailoring Gold
By Domobb

Tailoring is a great profession. People don't understand tailoring quite as well as they could. I thought it was a rubbish profession to use to make money. Although I have developed a great way to make gold with tailoring, and it involves using the auction house, but it is simple and free.


Tailoring from level 1-450.
Some items may require higher level tailoring to make so just stick to items that you can make.

These items you will want to make because they sell easily, and higher levels buy them for there alts to level up quicker.
Good sellers.
Simple kilt - may take from 20s-1g to make, sell higher price depending on price cost to make. (sell in bulk)
Tuxedo pants - may take 1-3g to make, sell for 10-15g, these are great because they are rarer to the jacket. (sell 1-3 at a time)
Enchanters cowl - Not to expensive, only make if thick spider's silk is cheaper than 20s, sell 3-5g. (sell 1-2 at a time)
Soft-soled linen boots - takes around 1-2g to make, sell for 3-4g depending on price. (sell in bulk(6) )
Dreamweave vest - this is an awesome item because it may take only 1-3g to make, and you can sell it for 20-40g. (sell 1 at a time)
Dreamweave circlet - another great item just like the vest.
Dreamweave gloves - another great item just like the circlet and vest.
Spidersilk boots - these boots may only cost 1-5g to make, although 1 mat is very expensive, if you find it cheap can sell up to 40-60g


Buy cloth, cloth is very valuable because it can be cheap, but the next day jump a load. The same as mining ores.
Always buy linen if it is 20s or lower a stack.
Always buy runecloth if it is 2g or less a stack.
Always buy mageweave if it is 1g or less a stack.
Always buy silk cloth it it is 50s-1g or less a stack.
Always buy Wool cloth if it is 50s or less a stack.

*NOTE*, if you notice shadow silk or thick spiders silk for less than 20s a piece, buy it, will help in making items.

Now you should be on your way with making money using tailoring. One more thing. If you wish to make more money, take the mining profession as your second and follow this mining guide: Mining 1-450

Good luck Tailoring your gold.