[80] VoA - How to play Emalon, The storm watcher. 10 - 25 man

This is a guide how to play Emalon, The storm watcher in the raid Vault of Archavon.

Recommended addons:
Deadly boss mode Link to Curse.com

    Needed players: 10man
  • 1 Main-tank. Tanking boss
  • 1 Add-tank. Tanking adds.
  • 2 Healers. 1 healer on off-tank. 1 healer on raid and main-tank.
  • 6 dps. At least 2000dps
    Needed players: 25man
  • 1 Main-tank. Tanking boss.
  • 1-2 Add-tank(s). (It's comfortable when picking up an add when there's 1 extra tank. Would recommend just 1 Add-tank though. It depends on gear of the Add-tank) Tanking adds.
  • 4 healers. 2 on Add-tank and 2 on Main-tank and raid.
  • 18-19 Dps. At least 2,500dps.

Before you start you have to decide who heals on what tank(s).

The fight

To start there's 4 adds on this boss.

The Add-tank going in first right behind him is the main tank and taunting the boss off him as fast as possible. Add-tank need heal in 5sec or he's dead, unless he's good geared.

Add-tank going to left and Main-tank going to right.

After that the pull it's really easy. All dps on boss. After that the boss will do lightning nova, then the dps have to run from the boss. You always gonna take some damage but the more far away you are the less damage you take. Deadly boss mode warns for lightning nova. The tank is standing on the same place in lightning nova.

This is the most important in the whole fight When an add are overcharged all dps on that add. The overcharged is stacking up more and more. When it reach 10 charges you probably going to die. Because the add damage more and more each charge.
When 1 add is dead it'll spawn an add with the boss. the Add-tank have to taunt it and get aggro.

After this it just go around and around until the boss are dead.


  1. Pull the boss
  2. Dps boss
  3. Watch out for lightning nova
  4. Kill overcharged add
  5. Taunt new add
  6. Do everything again, and again until the boss are dead.

That's everything, a very easy boss fight! Smiling