The Care and Training of Venomhide Ravasaurs

The Venomhide Ravasaur was introduced in patch 3.2 as the Horde counterpart to the Winterspring Frostsaber. However, it's significantly easier to get this sexy black raptor than it is to get the cat. This guide will walk you through the steps of acquiring, caring for, and eventually riding, your very own Venomhide Ravasaur.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Required
  2. Starting Quests
  3. Daily Quests
  4. Final Turn-In

What is Required

In the process of obtaining and training your Venomhide Ravasaur, you will need to:

  1. Complete [53] Toxic Tolerance, in which you allow yourself to be poisoned 20 times by attacking venomhide ravasaurs.
  2. Complete [53] Venomhide Eggs, in which you acquire some venomhide raptor eggs.
  3. Accept [53] They Grow Up So Fast. You will be given a baby ravasaur to care for.
  4. Take care of the ravasaur for twenty days. It will offer you a daily quest, one each day. When you complete the quest, the baby will loose a tooth. Twenty teeth lost means the baby has grown up.
  5. Gather 20 Rugged Leather, 20 Runecloth, and 80 gold.
  6. Turn in [53] They Grow Up So Fast, and receive the mount!

This is just a quick overview. Any detailed questions you might have will be answered below.

Optional: While in the Un'Goro area, keep your eye out for the Ravasaur Matriarch. She spawns and roams around the ravasaur area in the south-east part of the zone. She is a rare spawn who drops the Ravasaur Hatchling 100% of the time. You can keep the pet, or sell it to make a profit (it is currently going for around 3000 gold on my server but the price will likely drop since it's actually a fairly easy pet to farm).

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Starting Quests

This section will take you through the opening quests. Once you complete these quests, you will have access to the daily quests which actually advance your raptor in growth.

What to bring: To get poisoned by the ravasaurs (which is required to advance through this section), you must attack them. This is best done unarmed and without any gear that grants attack power. As a caster druid, I continued to wear my caster gear so that my hit points were never remotely dented by the ravasaurs, but doing this quest naked is probably a completely viable option. Alternatively, a fast attack speed weapon with low damage would also be a good choice. Plan ahead and bring whatever gear you want.

  1. Starting in Dalaran, take the portal in Rhonin's room (the western building) to the Caverns of Time. Ride south-east across the zone to the path leading down to Un'Goro. Head a little north to the area marked on the map. Here you'll find Mor'vek, the Ravasaur Trainer.

  2. Pick up the quest [53] Toxic Tolerance from Mor'vek. Note that this is a low level quest and won't show until you talk to him, unless you are tracking low level quests.

  3. Put on whatever gear you brought to get poisoned in (or take off your normal gear) - just make sure you have as little attack power as possible. Head to the area marked on the map and find Venomhide Ravasaurs (they are the black ones). Keep attacking them until you are poisoned 20 times.

  4. Put back on your normal gear and head back to Mor'vek. Turn in [53] Toxic Tolerance and pick up [53] Venomhide Eggs.

  5. Head to the area marked on the map and look for Venomhide Ravasaur Eggs. Pick up 4 of them.

  6. Return to Mor'vek and turn in [53] Venomhide Eggs. Pick up [53] They Grow Up So Fast.

You are now ready to begin the 20 day process of training your baby raptor to be a fierce mount!

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Daily Quests

Each day, you'll want to head down to southern Kalimdor and complete one of these dailies. I suggest making use of the portal in Dalaran to go directly to the Caverns of Time. Once you get into Tanaris, call your hatchling right away, since some of the quests are located there.

As you perform the daily quests, keep in mind that you will need 20 Rugged Leather and 20 Runecloth at the end of the 20 days. The leather can be skinned from dinosaurs in Un'Goro and the cloth can be found on humanoid mobs in Silithus.

Each day, your hatchling will offer one of the following quests:

Hungry, Hungry Hatchling - Un'Goro

    Kill dinosaurs anywhere in Un'Goro. The area marked on the map has a large concentration of them, but they can be found over most of Un'Goro. When you get some of their Fresh Dinosaur Meat, put it on your action bar. Summon your hatchling and click the meat to feed him as you go (this will help you keep track of how many more you need). Remember to skin the dinosaurs for Rugged Leather if you are a skinner.

Poached, Scrambled, Or Raw? - Tanaris

    Search the area marked on the map for Silithid Eggs - they will be lying around on the ground. Here I suggest to search the eggs on the eastern side of that area, plenty of eggs on the edge just where the desert "begins" after the terrain goes uphill (thanks Benhir for the tip!). When you get one, put it on your action bar so you can feed your hatchling as you go (he'll need to be summoned).

Gorishi Grub - Un'Goro

    Kill Silithid in southern Un'Goro, marked on the map. When you get some of their Silithid Meat, put it on your action bar. Summon your hatchling and click the meat to feed him as you go (this will help you keep track of how many more you need).

Searing Roc Feathers - Tanaris

    Head to one of the areas marked on the map and kill rocs there for their Searing Roc Plumage. When you have gathered five of them, summon your hatchling and turn them in.

Remember that on the 20th day, you should bring the items for the final turn-in with you for your daily quest. As soon as the raptor looses it's last tooth, you can head to Un'Goro!

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Final Turn-In

On the last day of your daily quest, make sure you have:

  • 19 Venomhide Baby Teeth (you'll get the last one from your daily)
  • 20 Rugged Leather (skin from dinosaurs or purchase on the AH)
  • 20 Runecloth (get from humanoids in Silithus or purchase on the AH)
  • 80 Gold
  • Your baby raptor!

Note that if you forget anything for your last turn-in, there is a bank and an auction house conveniently located in Gadgetzan.

When you've completed your last daily quest, head back to Mor'vek in Un'Goro (see map at the top of the guide). Talk to him to receive your awesome new mount, and congratulations!

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