Gold Making Tips for the Casual Player

This guide is aimed at casual players who split their time between raiding, leveling alts, doing dalies and many of the other things that we do to pass the time. I personally have 3 level 80s with varying professions near to maxed skill. I hope some of the ideas below will help you make some extra gold, whether it be for epic flying, epic armour or whatever you want!

Helpful Addons

Now I use Auctioneer Advanced, easily found here, but I don’t buy into the
whole buy low sell high mechanic, although it work, it does need a lot of time put into it to reap large rewards. Although in saying that if you ever see anything that is stupidly cheap then buy it and resell if for some quick gold. (First recipe I ever bought was Smoking Heart of the Mountain- bought for 3 gold, sold for 50, so this method can work!)

When to Sell

Now my method is selling everything at the weekend. It may seem silly if you have 2 gathering professions and you can sell all your wares all of the time, but just remember that A LOT of casual players only play at the weekend, so when they need stuff, they need it right now! You will find that selling on the weekends, while it won’t necessarily make you premium gold, it will still make you gold.

If you do want to sell during the week, stick with items that are widely used, for example - ore, fish, rep items, leather, cloth, enchanting mats etc.
One point on the above, if you have an enchanter then have a look on the Auction House and see what enchants are lacking. I found that Haste on cloak was selling at over 200g, and all you have to do is buy the scrolls (also a great way to level enchanting, enchant scroll and sell on the AH).

Fishing for Profit

Another item that I found that sells well is Fish – now I don’t mean any fish, primarily them mats for the Fish Feast – this is loved by all guild groups, PUGs and anyone that is raiding. Just fish in Wintergrasp and I’ve found the majority of the mats that you fish up are involved in the Fish Feast (with the occasional Clam which goes into Dalaran Clam Chowder and gets you pearls!)
For clarification below is a list of the fish needed;

Enchanting & Jewelcrafting

Another point is that with all of this new content people are getting new gear faster than you can read the first line of this article, but the point is that with new gear come new gems and new enchants! So if you have an Alchemist then crack on with transmuting new gems to sell, or if you have a jewelcrafter then cut the most popular gems and sell them on the AH. Now be aware that you will get undercut a lot by other JCs and money makers that want to sell cut gems because the demand for them is so high at the moment, but eventually people will buy the cheaper stuff and be left with your gems being the cheapest (until you get undercut again!)

Now one thing to think about is when the top guilds raid, for example if >>insert top guild name here<< raid on a Tuesday then it might be a good idea to sell all those enchant scrolls so that people with new gear don’t have to buy the mats they can just buy your scroll then get summoned back to the raid (assuming they don’t have friendly guild enchanters!)


One other tip I found while levelling my blacksmithing was that a lot of people want tanking gear, so if you’re a BS then try selling all the Tempered Saronite gear, it sells surprisingly well! Eternal Belt Buckles also sell well buy think about the cost of the mats, they are quite pricey unless you farm them yourself.

Tailoring & Leatherworking

Tailoring and Leatherworking works well with selling the leg enchants, but it is a fickle market and you will get undercut a lot, but its worth it at the moment, the epic leg enchant (can’t remember the name) is currently selling for over 200g, so craft it and then sell it. Also the minor leg enchants sell well too! And who can forget the lovely twink enchants they always tend to sell well, but I’ll leave it up to you to discover which ones are wanted the most.

My Final Thoughts

I’m going to end this ideafest here but if you have any other secret little tips that you think might be sneaky money makers then add them below and we’ll see what we can do to increase everyone’s cash flow.

Oh yeah, better stick this little bit in just for me;
Copyright of Dolin Dwarf Industries – All the usual copyright rules apply, if you want to copy this then PM me for authorisation, I’m rather liberal so I can’t foresee it being a problem.