Eric's Argent Tournament Guide (Alliance)

The Argent Tournement is a world event that was released patch 3.1 were the houses was unfinished. In patch 3.2 (currently) the tournament has started, all the houses were finished and a lot of daily quests were added/removed. The Argent Tournament takes place in the northern part of Icecrown. With this guide, our goal is to be exalted with the Silver Covenant and your racial faction. If you're familiar with The Burning Crusade, The Argent Tournement is pretty much equal to Isle of Quel'Danas, however much less over-crowded, and more challenging and rewardful. The only requirement for the guide is a Alliance character at level 77+. There is an inn, a mailbox, a flightmaster, almost everything that is needed for a good daily grind area. Also, the whole area is marked as a Sanctuary – like Dalaran or Shattrath and includes alot of mounted-combat. Get further information here.

Picture of the Argent Tournament

Disclaimer: To avoid any confusion about this guide, I wanna tell you that The Silver Coventant is not really like other reputation factions. The guide will be based on a short grind every day, doing a few daily quests. Aslo, that does not exist a "tabard" like the other northrend factions (you cannot get reputation through instances, sadly).

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Your Lance, and Your Mount
  3. Aspirant
  4. Valiant
  5. Champion
  6. Daily Grind
  7. Achievements
  8. Rewards

Your lance, and Your mount

A lot of the quest at the Argent Tournament will be based on mount-combat. Mount-combat can be quite confusing at first, but I'm sure that this section will cover the basics for you.

Before you can ride your mount, you must have a lance equipped. You can get your lance by right clicking the lance rank, at the entrance of the alliance pavilion, and the mounts outside the pavilion. Now, let's take a look at the action bar of your mount:

  1. Thrust - This is just a basic melee attack, got no cooldown (beside global cooldown which is about 2 sec). It damages your target for around 3250 damage.
  2. Shield-Breaker - This abilites removes (1 charge) of your enemy's Defend shield. It's a ranged attack, and deals 2000 damage, minimum 5 yards.
  3. Charge - You simple run toward your enemy with a very fast speed, and damaging around 6000 damage plus removing on charge of your enemy's Defend Shield.
  4. Defend - You can buff this on your self (3 stacks) so you're taking less damage that normal, you should always have this one on 3 stacks, obviously.
  5. Refresh Mount - This ability heals your mount for 50000-70000 HP, and has a bit to long cooldown (in my opinion).
  6. Duel – Challenges another (player) combantant to a duel.

Each spells has its unique way of use. The mount is a combat mount just to make it clear, so I will explain them in a fight-releated way.
Before the fight: Make sure you've stacked the Defend buff at 3 stacks.
The charge: Either just use charge, or you can cast Shield-breaker, then run a few steps backwards and cast charge.
During the fight: Use Thrust every time it's possible. Make sure you have 3 stacks all the time of your Defend ability. Keep your enemy's stacks at zero, for a lot more damage.
End of the fight: Heal yourself up with the Refresh Mount ability, so you're ready to the next fight.

Hopefully you're now tuned abit in on how The Argent Tournament works, so lets start off!

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==Note== You need to complete the Black Knight Chain quest to get the known group quest at the Champion rank: Threat From Above. You can follow it here:

Eric's Guide to The Black Knight

Picture of the Argent Tournament

Day 1

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Day 4

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Daily Grind

When you reach Champion for the firs time, you should be about honored with the Silver Covenant. Our goal is now to master all the other factions, which should bring you to exalted. So from now on, you should grind the 8 availible quest every day. For that, I've made a short quest circuit you can use.

Pick up:

Your questlog should now look like this:

I assume that you know how to complete every quest, so I'll just be listening the quests in which order to do them, and where.

1. Warm up by completing [80] The Grand Melee, the Valiant duelists can be found just north of the Alliance pavilion. You need to defeat 3 to complete the quest.

2. When you're done with [80] The Grand Melee, move further to the Champions for [80] Among the Champions. The champions can found in the southern part of Argent Tournament grounds.

==Note== These are a bit harder than normal, and will might be difficult for some people to deal with.

3. Mount up, and run west until you reach a camp of some Cult of the Damned members. Kill 15 for [80] Taking Battle To The Enemy.

4.(Optional) Run even further west until you reach Chillmaw's spawn point in the mid-north part of Icecrown for [80] Threat From Above . Chillmaw will also spawn 3 adds which is also needed for the quest (means you can't skip them). Chillmaw is defintely soloable, but 2 or 3 players is optimal.

==Note== Threat from Above is a group quest, common name is "TFA".

5. When you're done (if you did part 4) with Chillmaw, mount up and run south until you're just about west of Ymirheim where you will find Converted Heroes. Kill 10 of them for [80] A Valiant's Field Training.

6. Run further south to Corp'rethar. Get your Argent Mount, and run into the camp of Scouts, Footmen, Commanders and Lieutenants. Kill 10 Scouts, 15 Footmen, 3 Lieutenants and 3 Commanders for [80] Battle Before The Citadel and [80] At The Enemy's Gates.

7. Now do whatever quest you have ([80] A Worthy Weapon , [80]The Edge of Winter or [80] A Blade Fit For A Champion). If you had [80] A Worthy Weapon , you pick up the Winter Hyacinths needed for the quest.

8. Turn in your quests back at the Argent Tournament Grounds when you're done.

Gold Gained: 106 Gold, 9 Silver Rewards: 5 Champion's Seal (+ 40 gold or 1000+ reputation with homecity factions) Time spent: Aprox 20 min

Well, continuing this every day should bring you exalted on about a month or so. The Silver Covenant is a very hard and challenging reputation to get reputation with. Good luck on the grinding, I'll gladly enjoy reading you comments on how your journey has ben!

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I did mixed a short list together of horde and alliance achievements that involved Argent Tournament. You will find each factions achievement at the list, good luck achieving them!

Random - Outside the categories.

Champion - Become a Champion with any of your faction's races.

Champion of the Alliance/Horde - Become Champion with all of your faction's races.

Exalted Champion - Become Champion with any of your faction's races and earn Exalted status with them.

Exalted Champion of the Alliance/Horde - Become Champion with all of your faction's races and earn Exalted status with all of them.

Exalted Argent Champion - Become Champion with all of your faction's races, and earn Exalted status with them and The Argent Crusade.

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- Eric