Just Hit 80 - Gerpz's Guide to Preparing for Endgame Content

Have you just hit level 80 or are close and don't know what to do to prepare for end-game content? Follow this guide to become familiar with preparing for the endgame content.


Deadly Boss Mods - http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/deadly-boss-mods.aspx

- This addon is mostly self explanatory once you load it. It pretty much tells you what is going on in a fight and what to do. This is only a basic outline of the fight so be sure to still read up before the attempt.

GearScore - http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/gearscore.aspx

- This is a great addon to decide who to invite to a raid group and who not to. If you have been in a major city in the past month you have most likely heard this addon's name more than once. When you hover your mouse over a character in the little screen (bottom right corner) should be their name and below that their gearscore. This addon uses the average item level of your gear to give an estimate of how good your gear is. WARNING - Do not base what gear you wear and what gear you don't wear just to improve your gearscore. This will result in terribad performance and most likely a raid boot.

Tanks and Healers - Other than the addons above you will most likely need some others because you take on such an important role in any raid or dungeon.

Helpful Websites

Bosskillers - http://bosskillers.com/

- This site gives videos and explanations on what your role in the fight is so you don't screw things up Smiling.

Wow-pro - http://wow-pro.com/class_guides

- This website has many guides for specific classes and roles that you can find in the Class Guides section of the site.

Maxdps - http://www.maxdps.com

- This website is great for finding out what better gear you can get from what instances and/or what raids are available to your gear and experience.

Wow-heroes - http://www.wow-heroes.com

- Similar to the gearscore addon this website gives you a score based on the value of your gear. However, many raid organizers prefer this to the gearscore addon because of the fact that this site adds in a value for enchants and gems that are put into your gear.

WoW Forums - http://www.WorldofWarcraft.com/Forums.com

- Though this may seem obvious, this is a great place to get information on your class. I do not recommend going to the Class Roles forums section just because it is not specific to your class. Whenever you are having problems with your dps or deciding on a spec visit here and you'll be sure to find an answer.

Tankspot - http://www.Tankspot.com

- Like the World of Warcraft forums. This place has great info not only for tanking but for all roles and/or classes of the game.

A Good Guild

Whether you are looking to PvP or PvE you will most likely do much better with a guild. I would not recommend looking in trade chat for a guild unless they ask for an application. I prefer going to the WoW Forums which were mentioned above and, looking in your realm's forum NOT the Guild Recruitment forum.

Getting Geared

When you have first gotten to level 80 you are going to want to run heroics until you can't stand it anymore.... and then run a ton more. Running heroics is your key to getting geared for raids like ICC and RS. You should always enchant and gem your gear before you use it as this will improve your role greatly. I will not go into what gear you should be purchasing with your newly earned emblems but you should be able to find that kind of info in the forums I listed above.

Thank you as this is my first guide that I have written. Please feel free to flame and leave comments on how to improve my guide to best fit the reader.