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Naxxramas boss or trash epic drops

Basic list over what that drops for the specific class.

Table of Contents

  1. Death Knight
  2. Druid
  3. Hunter
  4. Mage
  5. Paladin
  6. Priest
  7. Rogue
  8. Shaman
  9. Warlock
  10. Warrrior

Flame Leviathan

Flame Leviathan


Flame Leviathan is the first boss in Ulduar. In order to progress to the other bosses you must take him down. Lucky for you, you have some help in the form of siege vehicles. May the siege of Ulduar commence!


Raid Setup

For this fight you can have any raid setup that you like, it does not matter about the numbers of DPS, healers or tanks. The reason for this is that you will be controlling vehicles to take down the trash and the boss. Still you will need 10/25 people.

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This boss is regarded as the easiest in Ulduar, and rightly so. However like every other fight, the better geared you are, the easier it is. When you get in a vehicle, the better your gear is, the more health your vehicle will have, this will make the fights slightly easier.

You can also get hardmode on this boss. There are 4 towers that you take down on the way to the boss. If you leave them standing they will make the fight harder in different ways. I will exaplain more about them later on.

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This map shows the location of everything you will need for the first boss. All parts will be explained further on in the guide.

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There are 3 types of vehicle you can control, and they are all found here:

Each of the vehicles benefits from the drivers average item level, so you should put your best geared people in as drivers. Other than that you should make sure you have 2 DPS in the Demolishers passenger seat as they will need to take down the Turrets (on 10man), and several good DPS and a Healer in the Demolishers passenger seat (on 25man).

Siege Engine

These can carry a driver, a turret controller and can pick up up to 2 more passengers who cannot attack.

Driver's Abilities:

Ram (40 Steam Pressure) - Rams any enemies in front of the demolisher, dealing 22501 to 27501 Damage and knocking them back. Also deals 2850 to 3150 siege damage to buildings.

Electroshock (38 Steam Pressure) - Shocks all targets within a 25 yard cone in front of the caster. It also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 4 sec. (10 sec cooldown)

Steam Rush (40 Steam Pressure) - Put the steam engine into overdrive for a short duration, rushing forward, dealing siege damage and knocking back enemies. (15 sec cooldown)

Note: You should never use Steam Rush when you are on a ramp, this will result in you falling through the world and an untimely death!

Passenger's Abilities:

Anti-Air Rocket (10 Steam Pressure) - Fires an explosive missile that explodes on contact with air targets. (0.25 sec cooldown)

Fire Cannon (20 Steam Pressure) - Fires a cannon blast. An indirect hit can do as little as 5,000 damage, while a direct hit will do upwards of 20,000 damage. Does approximately 2,300 damage to buildings.

Shield Generator: Activates the shield generator on the Siege Engine, absorbing a limited amount of Physical, Fire, Frost and Arcane damage taken for 5 sec. (1 min cooldown)


These can carry a driver and a passenger also.

Driver's Abilities:

Hurl Boulder – Hurls a massive boulder into the distance, dealing 27000 to 33000 damage to enemies within 8 yards of the explosion.

Hurl Pyrite Barrel (5 pyrite) - Hurls an orb of blue pyrite into the distance, dealing damage, but consumes ammo. Also places a debuff that does damage per second for 10 seconds and can be stacked up to 10 times.

Ram - Rams any enemies in front of the demolisher, dealing 19000 to 21000 Damage and knocking them back. Also deals 2160 to 2640 siege damage to buildings. (4 sec cooldown)

Throw Passenger - Launch a passenger into the distance. (2 sec cooldown)

Passenger's Abilities:

Mortar – Fires a miniature explosive blast, dealing Fire damage to all enemies in the target area. (1 sec cooldown) An indirect hit can do as little as 5,000 damage, while a direct hit will do upwards of 20,000 damage. Does approximately 2,300 damage to buildings.

Anti-Air Rocket – Fires an explosive missile that explodes on contact with air targets. (0.25 sec cooldown)

Grab Crate – Use your hook and chain to grab the targeted crate. Grab the targeted crate to pick up Liquid Pyrite off the ground, which reloads the demolisher by 25 Pyrite

Increased Speed (25 pyrite) – Injects liquid pyrite into the engines, increasing movement speed by 100%. Lasts 20 sec.

Load into Catapult – Load yourself into the catapult arm, using yourself as ammunition. (30 sec cooldown)


These have a driver, and can pick up a passenger who cannot then attack.

Driver's Abilities:

Sonic Horn (20 energy) – Sends a wave of force in front of the motorcycle, causing 6300 to 7700 damage to all enemy targets within 35 yards in a frontal cone.

Tar – Drops a pool of tar for 45 sec that slows the movement speed of enemies within 10 yards. Tar can be ignited. Lasts for 45 sec. (15 sec cooldown)

Speed Boost (50 energy) – Fires the fuel injectors on the bike, increasing its speed by 100% for 5 sec.

First Aid Kit – Heals your passenger fully over 4 sec. (1 min cooldown)

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The trash will begin when you talk to Brann Bronzebeard or the Lore-Keeper of Norgannon and say that you are ready. Then you hop in the vehicles. It is generally best if you sort out who is in which vehicle before you talk to Brann Bronzebeard or the Lore-Keeper of Norgannon. If you talk to Brann Bronzebeard then the fight is set to 'easy mode'. If you talk to the Lore-Keeper of Norgannon then the fight is set to 'hard mode'; this means when you destroy towers during the trash fight it will remove buffs from Flame Leviathan. In easy mode he does not have any buffs and destroying the towers only stops the mobs from spawning.

Once you have started it and are in the vehicles head north. There will be many small mobs, then should be easy to take down, just use your various attack abilities. The small mobs will die fast (Steelforge Defenders and Titanium Stormlords). The larger ones (Ulduar Colossi) will cast Ground Slam periodically, this does a lot of damage and it will be easier if you get the Siege Engine drivers to use Electroshock, which will interupt the cast.

Get the Siege Engine and Demolisher passengers to use their Anti-Air Rockets to take down the Flying Crates, which will drop Liquid Pyrite, which the demolishers passengers need to pick up using Grab Crate (it is the demolishers 'ammo' for their abilities). They will also need to use Anti-Air Rockets to take down the Helicopter mobs which can be a pain.

If you are on easy mode then destroy the towers to stop the mobs from spawning, if you are on hard mode then destroy any towers that you do not want up (you will make the fight easier the more towers you take down, it is a bit like Obsidian Sanctum in this respect). Each tower increases Flame Leviathans health by 25% (2 Towers = +50%, 3 Towers = +75% etc.). However the more towers you leave up the better the loot (you need all 4 up to get any of the special 'hard mode' items).

Map of Towers:

I do not recommend leaving a tower up for your first attempt at this boss, you need a couple of 'easy mode' attempts to get the hang of it. Each tower as well as the health bonus also increase his damage by 15%, and have the following effects:

  • Storm Tower (+ Physical Damage) - lightning balls come down from the sky, these are quite easy to dodge.

  • Flame Tower (+ Fire Damage) - beam moves across the ground leaving fires behind, these are slightly harder to dodge. This also increases the damage of Flame Vents.

  • Frost Tower (+ Frost Damage) - freezes players and siege engines, this is not too hard to dodge, but if you fail it can have dire consequences, the 'ice tomb' will last for 1 minute and acts as a DOT, it can be taken down early using fire (Flame Vents, Hurl Pyrite Barrel or Tar when it is ignited). Also you will be slowed by 20%.

  • Nature Tower (+ Nature Damage) - spawns adds that must be killed, these adds are a pain if you get too many, and it takes more co-ordination than the other towers effects.

Other than the effects and health/damage increases the fight is exactly the same with the towers up, albeit harder.

If you get low on health then there is a repair pad which is marked on the map here (it is just before the boss). Do not attack the 2 Colossi that are guarding the gate until you are all full on health (unless you are going for the achievement) and all the demolishers have as much Liquid Pyrite as they can carry, killing them summons the boss.

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Flame Leviathan


Flame Vents - Inflicts 3,000 Fire damage every 1 second to enemies within 50 yards of the caster. Lasts 10 seconds.

Battering Ram - Inflicts 100% weapon damage to the target, and applies a stackable debuff that increases damage taken by 50% for 20 seconds.

Gathering Speed - Increases the Flame Leviathan's movement speed by 5% for 10 minutes, stacking up to 20 times. Overload Circuit resets the number of stacks back to 0.

Turrets - The Flame Leviathan has 2 Turrets (4 on 25man) that can be destroyed by passengers launched by the Salvaged Demolisher's catapult. Each time you destroy all the Turrets it causes Overload Circuit to happen, which stuns the Flame Leviathan (Systems Shutdown).

Rockets - Inflicts ~700 damage to the whole raid every 1-2 seconds.

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The Fight


When you are ready you should kill the Colossi. The boss will come through the gate and wait just in front of it. When you engage all move forward together or the barrier will prevent you from joining your comrades, and if he targets you and chases you through the barrier he will reset to full health. Not good.

When you attack him he will randomly target a Demolisher or Siege Engine and chase them. Make sure he does not catch you. Use Steam Rush or Increased Speed and run around the edge of the arena, thats right, you have to kite him. In that respect this fight is just like Big Bad Wolf in Kara. In just about every other respect it is different! Every 30 seconds he will target a random Demolisher or Siege Engine and chase them.

He will gradually get faster the longer he is up thanks to Gathering Speed. If he catches you he will use Battering Ram, this will really hurt if you get a couple of stacks of it on you. Every so often he will use Flame Vents which means you cannot run around on top of him. I would suggest that you all move in a pack behind him (except for the Choppers and the machine is kiting him). That way you can all dps him without getting hit by Flame Vents and if/when he changes to a different machine you have time to run!

When possible you should launch the 2 DPS (on 10man) or several DPS and a Healer (on 25man) onto Flame Leviathan (using Load into Catapult and Throw Passenger. Once up there they should take down the Turrets (there are 2 Turrets in 10man and 4 Turrets in 25man), once they are down Flame Leviathan will become stunned (Systems Shutdown) and take 50% more damage, this is the time to nuke! The stun will also reset the stacks of Gathering Speed.

From there it is a case of rinse and repeat. If you have no towers up you should only have to cause Systems Shutdown once, and he will die before you trigger the next one.

Note: If you are going for the Shutout achievement then you have to do this without causing a Systems Shutdown, this means he will keep getting faster and faster, so you really do have to nuke him down are hard as possible. This is not too hard to do without any towers up. In fact quite a lot of first time groups do not realise they can launch people up onto him to stun him, and get this achievement by accident!

Siege Engine Tactics - Driver

Your job is to keep away from him when he is chasing you (Steam Rush is your friend), and follow him when he is not. You should also use Electroshock to interupt Flame Vents, which will take a toll on any vehicles in range.

Siege Engine Tactics - Passenger

It is your job to use Shield Generator when your vehicle is kiting him and he gets uncomfortably close. For the rest of the time you should be using Fire Cannon to dps him down. After a while the demolishers will get low on Liquid Pyrite, so you should shoot down some of the Flying Crates using your Anti-Air Rockets. You should also be using Anti-Air Rockets to ignite the Tar that the Choppers will be laying in front of the boss.

Demolisher Tactics - Driver

You should be keeping away from Flame Leviathan when he is chasing you, getting your passenger to use Increased Speed will help you do this. You should be using Hurl Boulder extensively, and when Flame Leviathan is incapacitated (Systems Shutdown) you should use Hurl Pyrite Barrel, you can use it during other times but it is best to save it in most circumstances as you will get more damage for your limited ammunition. When your passenger and the raid is ready you should use Throw Passenger to get your man (or woman) on the back of the beast. Your passenger and/or the Siege Engine passengers will be shooting down barrels at some point to replenish your supplies, your part in this is to drive close enough to the barrels that your passenger can pick them up, if you do not it can lead to a very frustrating time for your passenger!

Demolisher Tactics - Passenger

You should be using Increased Speed to keep your vehicle ahead of the Leviathan when you are kiting. Use Mortar to DPS the boss while doing this. You will get low on Liquid Pyrite at some point, then Anti-Air Rockets will let you shoot down Flying Crates, which you can pick up using Grab Crate, Siege Engine passengers can help you by shooting the Flying Crates down. You should also be using Anti-Air Rockets to ignite the Tar that the Choppers will be laying in front of the boss.

When the raid is ready you should use Load into Catapult and get ready to be fired onto the Leviathans back. Once you are up there you should DPS down the Turrets as fast as possible (or heal those up there if you are a healer). Once you have taken them down you will be ejected from the Leviathan.

Chopper Tactics

Once Flame Leviathan has been disabled you will need to pick up the people that were ejected from the top asap. If you do not pick them up they will die, and fast. Once you have them onboard you should use First Aid Kit to heal them up and take them back to the demolishers.

When you are not doing that you should be using Tar in front of Flame Leviathan so that the rest of your team can ignite it doing some damage. Speed Boost will help you get in and out without getting hit.

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The Hardmode loot is only dropped when there are 4 towers up. However he drops an extra Emblem of Conquest with each additional tower that is up.

10 Man 10 Man Hard Mode 25 Man 25 Man Hard Mode
Lifespark Visage Twirling Blades Steamworker's Goggles Golden Saronite Dragon
Ironsoul Mantle of Fiery Vengeance Embrace of the Leviathan Plated Leggings of Ruination
Firestrider Chestguard Handguards of Potent Cures Glowing Ring of Reclamation Shoulderpads of Dormant Energies
Flamewatch Armguards Shimmering Seal Titanguard Boots of Fiery Resolution
Combustion Bracers * Leviathan Fueling Manual Pendant of Fiery Havoc
Firesoul * Steamcaller's Totem *
Kinetic Ripper * Freya's Choker of Warding *
Energy Siphon * Constructor's Handwraps *
Might of the Leviathan * Rising Sun *
Pyrite Infuser * The Leviathan's Coil *
* * Gloves of the Fiery Behemoth *
* * Mechanist's Bindings *
* * Mimiron's Inferno Couplings *
* * Strength of the Automaton *
* * Iron Riveted War Helm *
* * Fragment of Val'anyr *

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  • Take Out Those Turrets - Destroy a Turret. Only the player that gets the killing blow will get the achievement, so this could be hard for healers and tanks to get.

  • Three Car Garage - Defeat Flame Leviathan in one of each of the vehicles. This just requires your guild to rotate vehicles and kill him 3 times (requires 3 weeks minimum).

  • Unbroken - Defeat Flame Leviathan without anyone repairing thier Vehicle. This is highly possible if you manage to get through the trash without taking too much damage, having high ilevel gear helps as you will have more health to play with. If you allow your vehicles to be destroyed after clearing the gauntlet then new ones respawn (as they do if you wipe on him), this makes this achievement much easier (as you have vehicles with full health at the start without having to repair), but I am not sure if this is an exploit or not, and whether it will/has been fixed.

  • Orbital Bombardment - Defeat Flame Leviathan with 1 Tower up (I recommend leaving Storm Tower up).

  • Orbital Devastation - Defeat Flame Leviathan with 2 Towers up (I would choose Storm Tower and Flame Tower, as long as your team can dodge things that fall from the sky, and interupt Flame Vents quickly).

  • Nuked From Orbit - Defeat Flame Leviathan with 3 Towers up (Storm, Flame and Frost Towers might be easiest, the same applies from the previous achievement).

  • Orbit-uary - Defeat Flame Leviathan with 4 Towers up (Storm, Flame, Frost and Nature, now you will have things falling from the sky, increased damage all round and adds that you have to take down or you will become swamped).

  • Shutout - Defeat Flame Leviathan without causing a Systems Shutdown. This is not too hard to do without having any towers up (i.e. easy mode), just have everyone hit Flame Leviathan with everything they have, including Pyrite in the case of the Demolishers (theres no use saving it for a rainy day!).

  • Dwarfageddon - Destroy 100 Steelforged Defenders in 10 seconds on the Ulduar gauntlet. This isnt too hard, just nuke hard as you go down the gauntlet!

Note: If you are having trouble doing it with Towers up, then you can go round after a wipe and take them down to make the fight easier and allow you to progress.

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That concludes the guide, hope this helps!

Frostwyrm Lair


Boss HP: 4,100,000

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Start Position

Phase 1

The most important in this phase is to avoid the blizzard. Things will go a lot easier if no one get hit by it. Sapphiron will spawn a blizzard that is following random players through the whole fight. You should also be in range of the healers all the time. The maintank healing itself isn't that hard in this fight, but all in the raid will take around 1,000 damage every second untill the boss i dead, additional damage will be taken by blizzard. The trick to avoid the blizzard is to spread out instead of grouping up. So in phase 1 it's just a tank n' spank fight. Melee DPS's and the offtank (which is not tanking in this fight) should stand on the side of the boss, to not get hit by cleave and tail swipe.
Assign the healers, e.g. if you got a paladin he should take the tank, a shaman should take the raid, druid and priest could be both (of cause paladin healers can take the raid too, and shaman healer the tank, it's just how you should organize it if you got those two) .

Phase 2

Through the fight Sapphiron will take a deep breath which you instantly die from if you get hit. The boss will fly to the air, and two random players in the raid will be frozen in ice. You will have to run behind these iceblocks to avoid the deep breath. Try to split your raid so you have same amount of players behind each iceblock. When Sapphiron lands on the ground again, it's back to Phase 1.


Boss HP: 5,660,600
Abominations's HP: 75,000
Bashee's HP: 55,000
Skeleton's HP: 2,500
Icecrown Scarabs HP: 2,520,000

Difficulty: Hard

Start Position

Remember to get inside before the raid starts, a gate will block all ways to the boss room when the fight starts.

Phase 1

When you're buffed, run to the center of the room. When you're are in the ring, don't ever go more for more than a few steps outside. If you go to long, you will pull from one of the five spots. In this phase there will be spawning three diferent types of mobs from five different places of the room (the boss is currently frozen in ice). There will be spawning:

  • Soldier of the Frozen Wastes (skeletons)
    71 of those will spawn during Phase 1. They have a 2,500 hit points, slow movement speed, but will cast Dark Blast on any target in melee range. Dark Blast will instantly kill the skeleton and inflict 3,063 to 3,937 Shadow damage to nearby players.

  • Unstoppable Abominations
    8 of those will spawn during Phase 1. They have ~75,000 hit points, don't hit too hard, but may apply a stacking Mortal Wound debuff, which decreases healing received by 10% per application.

  • Soul Weavers (Banshees)
    8 of those will spawn during Phase 1. They have ~55,000 hit points, and move very slowly, but will cast Wail of Souls if their primary aggro holder is in melee range. The spell knocks up to three players 30 yards back and inflicts 4,250 to 5,750 Shadow damage.
From Wowhead

The ranged will have to kill the Banshee's as first priority, second priority is the skeletons. Same goes for Melee/tanks just Abominations instead of Banshees. It lasts for 3 minutes and 48 seconds. Maintank must be quick to pick up Kel'thuzad before he get unlocked.

Phase 2

The maintank must be quick and pick up the boss before another one pulls aggro. Finsih off the rest of the Banshees/Abomintaitons/skeletons before attacking the boss. When all the mobs from Phase 1 are killed, split up so you aren't in 10 yards range of each other. The reason: *frost blast*! Kel'thuzad will cast *Frost Blast* throughout the fight, which will deal 104% of the players HP over 4 seconds. That means healers must be quick and heal them up with iehter instant heals or very short cast time heals like Holy Shock, Riptide, Renew, etc. The *Frost Blast* will hit the player and all allies within 10 yards, that means, if four players is in a group together, two of them will probably die. So split out (like on the picture).
Kel'thuzad will also cast *Frostbolt* very often, and hits the tank for 10,000 damage. This needs to be interupted by warriors, rogues, death knight, etc. Through the fight Kel'thuzad will also cast *Frostbolt Volley* that hits everyone in the raid for 6,000 - 7,000 damage. Can't be interupted.
Kel'thuzad will randomly cast a *Shadow Fissure* on the ground under a player. If you've not moved away from it within three seconds you will die instantly.
Last ability is *Detonate Mana*. It burns 2,000 of your mana and you will explode after 5 seconds, dealing 10,000 damage to all players within 10 yards (not the player that gets it get damage).

Phase 3

When Kel'thuzad reaches 45% HP he will summon two Guardians of Icecrown (two big scarabs). These need to picked up by the offtank very fast. They aren't hitting hard but they use *Blood Tap* which is increasing their damage dealt by 15%, stacks up to 100 times. Now it's just a DPS race, all DPS's should activate all cooldowns/heroism and max focus on killing Kel'thuzad, the two adds got to much HP to kill.

Beside that it's the same as Phase 2 you will still have to avoid Shadow Fissures, Frost Blasts, Interupt Frostballs etc.

Great thanks to all these people that have read my guide! I really hope it was helpful. You can comment, vote and share it with your friends and guildmates. Good luck with your runs in Naxxramas Smiling !

- Eric

The Arachnid Quarter


HP: 2,230,000
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Start Positions

Phase 1 Part 1

Let the maintank tank him towards the group at the end of the room. Only the maintank may face the boss so everyone; stand behind (casters and healers in center, melee dps and offtank just behind. Sometimes the boss will cast *Impale* which will throw you up in the air and take around 4k damage.

Phase 1 part 2

After a while, the boss will spawn a Crypt guardian (a yellow warning will appear on your screen). Offtank need to pick the add up and melee dps and caster dps need to kill it. When the add is dead, then back toPhase 1 Part 1.

NOTE: Sometimes also scarabs spawns, offtank need to get control and should be nuked down by AoE spells.

Phase 2

The boss will cast a spell called *Locust Swarm*, you must be quick as melee dps and offtank to move to the center (also casters and healers should if they are outside). If you aren't in the middle, you won't be able to cast any abilites or spells! The maintank now need to kite him around along the edge like shown on the map, until *Locust Swarm* disappears. (Make sure that the maintank is so close to the wall that he touches it). When the *Locust Swarm* is over go back to phase 1 part 1.

Grand Widow Faerlina

Boss HP : 2,230,000
Adds HP : 80,000
Difficulty: Medium

Start Position

Mark the worshippers:
Add1: Skull - 1st kill when enrage first time.
Add2: Cross - 2nd kill when enrage second time.
Add3: Square - 3rd kill when enrage third time.
Add4: Moon - 4th kill when enrage fourth time.

Phase 1

Start off by letting the offtank get aggro from all the 4 adds and DO NOT attack them (it's very important that the offtank doesn't kill the adds).
All DPS's just tank and spank on boss, if the healers are well geared, dont worry about the firerain, if they aren't geared and can't keep high healing power up all should try to move out of the firerain. The boss will random cast a *Posion bolt Volley*. This spell can either be dispelled or the healer can just heal the person that gets the *Posion bolt Volley* (dispelling is prefered). Remember to tank the boss close to the adds.

Phase 2

When she enrages, all dps must be quick and kill ONE add, not more. When the add is killed, the enrage will dispell. Note that the boss must be close to the platform (on the stairs) when she enrages. If not, the dispell may not work! After enrage is dispelled, back to phase 1.


Spiderlings HP: 7,000
Boss HP: 2,230,000
Difficulty: Medium

Start Position

Part 1

Start up with full nuke on the boss until the boss casts a web over a random target. Now, the ranged dps must kill the web before the player inside the web dies (it's prefered to have AT LEAST 2 ranged dps). The melee DPS shouldn't focus on killing the webbed - just continue attacikng boss. Note that the webbed can be healed, so one of the healers - keep an eye for the webbed. The boss also got a annoying debuff which need to be cleansed.

Part 2

The boss will also cast a stun to all in 3 seconds, make sure that the healers got all HoT heals on the maintank.
Sometimes, the boss will spawn lots of small spiderlings. The spiderlings need to be tanked and killed by the offtank. When the boss hits around 700k HP, the boss will go into a frenzy which will increase its damage alot. Healers should focus extra much on the maintank, 'specially on the stun waves. Another strategy can be to wait taking the boss down to enrage before web stun close to. The pop all all cooldowns to the last 700k HP.

The Construct Quarter


Boss HP: 4,320,000
Difficulty: Medium

Start Position

Patchwerk is walking along the green slime. The offtank will need to keep his threat at about 60-80%. The maintank will have to tank him in the slime and the melee DPS's should not stay in the slime, if they do, they well get hit by a DoT and hp will be reduced by 50%, so for the tanks, it's even more important to not stand in slime.

The fight

When the boss shows up from the north (on the picture), wait untill he stops. Then pull him, and melee DPS's should run behind him and DPS from there. This is far the best example of a tank'n'spank boss in the game imo. The boss will hit the one that got aggro, and the one with the highest threat. Make sure this is should be the other tank! The boss will also do *Hateful strike* which hits for around 6,000 damage on tanks, so not only DPS and tanks need to focus, also healers will get work to do.
The boss will break into an enrage after 6 minutes fighting. With a basic setup (2-3range DPS's, 2-3 melee DPS's) it never happened to me that we reached the enrage timer. He will also go into a frenzy when he reaches 5% HP. Tanks and healers should try to save cooldowns for this.


Boss HP: 2,928,000
Adds HP: 102,300
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Start Position

The Fight

This Fight is easy if you follow three simple rules:

  • Fallout Slime
    All other than the maintank should never stand in front of the boss. At random times in the fight he will cast *Slime Spray* which damage all in front of him by 6,300 - 7,700 damage and there will be summoned a "Fallout Slime" equal to the number of players in front of him. The slime got around 100,000 Hp and got a DoT that is dealing 1,000 damage every second to all players within 10 yards. All DPS's should DPS it hard and fast so the DoT won't bring out too much damage. The slime should only be in range of the Melee DPS's and the offtank so only a few players get hit.
  • Debuff
    The debuff is called *Mutation Injection*. This ablility randomly hits players. Note that it should NOT be cleansed. After 10 seconds of this debuff you will explode, dealing 10,000 damage to all players within 10 yards of the player that got it, including the player and make a green spot on the ground which will cause damage to everyone standing on it. The green spot will grow. You will then have to run away from the raid group so you won't be in range of the others. Don't run into the green stuff on floor, you will take damage. Avoid to stand on the maintanks route around the room, so he/she won't have to get around the green spots. There are alot of good spots, but along the wall is almost good every time, there is also the ramp etc. Don't run to middle because the casters and healers are healing/DPSing there.
  • Green stuff on ground
    The circle grows and remains for 75 seconds. Don't touch these, they deal out 2,000 damage per second when you're standing in them. The boss will also spawn a green circle every 15 second. Every time he casts a circle the maintank will have to move the boss a few steps behind untill the melee DPS's and the offtank (and the maintank of cause) don't stand on it anymore.

So what is basically going on in this fight is:

  • Maintank kiting boss around the floor every time he leave a green circle.

  • Offtank grab the add(s) when it(they) spawn and all DPS's kill them as fast as possible.

  • When you got the disease, run away to a good spot, so no one get hit.

  • Always stand behind boss except maintank.
Keep this up until the boss is dead.
This boss should be easy enough on a few tries, but he can be a little tricky at first.


Boss HP: 3,230,000
Adds HP: 500,000 (25,000 when Decimate)
Difficulty: Medium/hard

When you're done with Grobbulus, you will have to run upside the ramp, and inside the entrance. Be careful when on the tube, it's easy to fall and you have to run again. When all are buffed and ready, run through the sewer with the maintank in front and wait with DPSing untill the tanks are in position.

Start Position

Phase 1

The maintank and the offtank are facing the boss at the end of the room. The boss will cast *Mortal Wound* every 10-15 seconds, which reduce all healing taken by 10% and stacks up to 10 times. When the maintank got three of these marks, the offtank taunts him. When the offtank got three marks, the maitank taunt him back. Follow this process until the boss is dead. The DPS's will just have to max focus on their DPS in this phase, except the kiter. The kiter (marked as a K on picture) need to pick up the adds which is spawning from 2-3 rifts on the ground every 10 seconds in the back of the room. These zombies/adds doesn't hit for much damage but are stacking *Infected Wound* on you which are increasing damage taken by 100. The kiter will have to take care of these zombies. Every time a zombie spawns, the kiter get the aggro of it, and run around with it. Note that the adds should NOT be close to the boss. If they hit the boss it will increase his Hp by 5%. So 2-3 adds will probably mean a wipe for the raid group (if they hit Gluth). The zombies can be slowed, chilled, stunned etc. Mage is the best choice to be kiter. They got Cone of Cold, Blizzard, Blink etc. In particular if the mage is frost specced. Next choice will be a hunter with the slowing shot, Multi-shot, Volley, Traps etc. But also a warrior specced into Piercing howl works, and I've also seen a paladin doing the kiting however I don't how, and a elemental shaman with Earthbind totem and Thunderstorm will probably also be able to do it.
Last ability to worry about is the Enrage. Sometimes, the boss will enrage, increasing his attack speed by 25% for 8 seconds. Hunters can use Tranquilizing Shot and Rogues can apply Anesthetic Poison II to their weapons to remove the Enrage.

Phase 2

Every 105 seconds the boss will use *Decimate* it reduces everybody except the boss HP to 5%, including the zombies. It's very recomended to have Deadly Boss Mod or BigWings so the healer will be ready to cast a heavy heal before *Decimate* to replace the HP lost by *Decimate* on the tanks. When the boss uses *Decimate* ALL DPS's including the kiter will have to kill all the zombies before they hit the boss. The zombies will not attack, but they will go directly to the boss with no threat. It's very important that the kiter got the zombies close to the sewers (entrance) so the DPS's will get more time to kill them because the zombies will have to walk longer. The tanks will still have their three marks shift during Phase 2 . When all the adds are dead, it's back to Phase 1.

The boss also got an berserk timer on 8 minutes increasing Gluth's attack speed by 150% and damage done by 500%, wiping the raid quickly. The berserk will happen shortly after the fourth *Decimate*. If no zombies hits Gluth you will probably not hit the berserk timer.


Boss HP: 3,850,000
Adds HP: 838,300
Difficulty: Hard

Start Position

The raid group will be split up in two parts. To the left you will have the two strongest DPS's, two healers and the offtank. To the right, the rest of the group (3 DPS.One Healer. Maintank). When all is ready the tanks are to pull the two adds at the platform: Stalagg and Feugen.
Before pulling, you should be sure that all that don't know this fight should practice the 'jump'. The 'jump' is when you have killed Stalagg and Feugan and have to jump down to Thaddius. It's prefered to switch into movement speed bonus auras (Unholy Presence, Aspect of the Pack etc.) before jumping. To practice the jump you can jump to the platforms next to the entrance.

Phase 1

When you feel that all are ready to jump; pull the adds (maybe make a count down so the other tank is ready). Pull the adds to the north edge and keep them there. Now, it's just tank and spank the adds down. The group killing Feugen will pretty sure kill him faster than the group that is killing Stalagg. The bosses have to die within five seconds of each other, so make sure they are dying at almost same time. If not, they will both respawn with full HP. Also note that the adds most NEVER leave their platforms or you will receive massive damage. Sometimes, the adds will do a *tank throw*, the tanks will switch side.

Phase 2

When the adds are dead, then make the jump. The trick is to be very close to the edge, but don't fall. If you miss and fall into the slime, all the thing you have to do is to run back and try again. When you've jumped go to the front of the boss (if you missed and the boss already started once you arrive at the second try, go in front of him until he will cast *Polarity Shift* See below;))

Keep DPSing him in front of him until he will cast *Polarity Shift* and you'll have to run to one of the sides of him. If you got a minus debuff go clockwise to the left of the boss. If you got plus debuff go to the right of the boss. Apart from the first *Polarity Shift* where you may you have to go to the right, you should always run clockwise around the boss when he casts *Polarity Shift*. Remember to fight at max range (melee, offtank, maintank) or you will die. Ofcause also counts for ranged DPS's and healers. Thaddius also got an enrage timer on 6 minutes.
Else keep the healings up, Thaddius got some AoE attacks that need to be healed, keep it up! Smiling

The Military Quarter

Instructor Razuvious

Adds HP: 450,000
Boss HP: 3,100,000
Difficulty: Medium

Start Position

the fight

The main object in this fight is how well the tanks can control the adds. Nornally the tank tanks, but here it's different; the tanks need to control the adds, and the adds will tank. The adds (controlled by the tanks) need to switch aggro whenever their taunts run out. Before taunting, use bone shield which will decrease damage taken alot (can be found on the adds actionbar). So it will go like this:

First Pull (the tank that control the crystal to the left):
Bone shield (6)-> Taunt (5)-> Auto Attack (1)-> Damage Dealing ability (4)

When the taunt of the tank controlling the add to the left runs out; the crystal tanker to the right should pop bone shield 1 sec before the first taunt runs out, THEN taunt the boss (same rotation like first pull).
The boss will also cast a heavy DoT on a random target which will deal around 15k damage at all. Every 15 second the boss will cast a AoE which will deal 4-5k damage.

Gothik the Harvester

Boss HP: 830,000
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Start Position

Split your party up in 2 groups (see picture). When someone hits the boss the fight will begin.

Phase 1

When the boss is attacked, adds spawn on both sides of the room (living side and undead side). There are 3 different adds. A Unrelenting trainee with 10k hp. Shouldn't be any problem. Unrelenting Death knight - 34k hp, they will randomly intertupt party members. Unrelenting Rider - they have 55k hp and cast *Unholy Aura* which does 350 damage every 2 second.

Phase 2

After 4:30 seconds phase 1 will end, and the boss will attack the living side (south on the map). The boss will teleport from side to side and when the boss is at 30%, the gate will open. The boss casts a de-buff every 15 seconds which will decrease all atributes by 10%. Stacks up to 10 times. So actually, you got 2:30 minutes to kill the boss.

The Four Horsemen

Boss HP: 870,000
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

There are several ways to down this boss. I choose this one because I think its the easist way with a basic group setup.

Start Position

The main object in this fight is how to cordinate the debuffs right. Every boss got a debuff which will cause you damage. The debuffs stack. The first stack won't give you damage but then the next 500, and the third 3,500 damage. Now, lets take a look at the group setup.
1 tank, 1 DPS (2 in the right corner) , and 1 healer in each of the 'front side corners'. Then you must have your 2 ranged on each side of the debuff range (45 yards) in the 'back side corners'. The strongest healer in the raid must be at the backside with the ranged. The backside healer must be in range of both ranged, but NOT in range of both bosses debuff (make sure the ranged DPS's and healer not pulls aggro from the bosses).

Part 1

When you are in range of the bosses, the four bosses will run to a corner each. Let's take a look on the frontside:

Thane Korth'azz

  • The boss will run to the south-west corner on the map.
  • Meteor - Thane Korth'azz will cast a Meteor on a random player close to him, causing 13,775 to 15,225 Fire damage, split between all players in the ~5 yards range of the meteor. from wowhead
Baron Rivendare
  • The boss will run to the south-east corner on the map.
  • Unholy Shadow - Every ~15 seconds Baron Rivendare will use this on the person with highest threat on his list. The ability hits for 4,500 to 5,500 Shadow damage and leaves a magic debuff that deals 1500 Shadow damage per second for 8 seconds. from wowhead

The maintank must tank Thane Korth'azz at the his corner and the Baron Rivendare must be tanked by the offtank in his corner. As mentioned, the bosses will cast a mark which will cause you damage. When the groups get 3 marks (it will happen at same time at the frontside), the groups must run to the middle and switch aggro of the bosses so the offtank gets Thane Korth'azz and the maintank get Baron Rivendare. Then the maintanks group must run with the boss back to the offtanks group original tankspot (and the offtank run to the maintanks group original tankspot). Follow this process untill both bosses at frontside are dead. It's very sure that one of the bosses will be dead before the other one, because the group to right got one more DPS's. That means the two strongest DPS's must be to the left. When one of the bosses dies: The group to the right which is pretty sure the group which will be done first, runs to the other boss at the left and should bring the last add down fast. When the group to the left (which will get 3 marks before the group to right) get three marks, they will run to the right side and the rest of original group from the right keep DPSing until three marks; swap groups once more, keep this up until the last boss is dead on frontside.

Now, let's have a look on the backside:
The two ranged DPS's will have to tank a horseman each, the healer need to heal them up. The ranged DPS's will stand close to max range of the debuff, but NOT in range of both debuffs. The healer (note that the healer still need to heal the ranged DPS on the right side) starts by standing on the left side. When the ranged DPS on left side and the healer got 3 marks, the ranged DPS's will do like the tanks; switch target and aggro (now they just don't need to run that long). The healer will keep moving with the ranged DPS that originally was on the left side.

Sir Zeliek

  • Holy Bolt - Holy Bolts are the primary attack of Sir Zeliek. They hit for 2,357 to 2,643 Holy damage, every ~2 seconds, 45 yards range. This will always be cast on the player closest to him.
  • Holy Wrath - Every 15 seconds Sir Zeliek will cast Holy Wrath, hitting his target for 900 to 1,100 Holy damage, and jumping to other targets in 10 yards range. Each jump increases the damage done by 50%.
  • Condemnation - Sir Zeliek will spam this ability if there are no players within 45 yards of him. The spell hits the whole raid for 5,655 to 6,345 Shadow damage every 2 seconds, or until a player enters his range. from wowhead
  • The boss will run to the north-east corner on the map.

Lady Blaumeux

  • Shadow Bolt - Shadow Bolts are the primary attack of Lady Blaumeux. They hit for 2,357 to 2,643 Shadow damage, every ~2 seconds, 45 yards range. This will always be cast on the player closest to her.
  • Void Zone - Every 15 seconds Lady Blaumeux will summon a Void Zone under a player in her range. The Void Zones do 4250 Shadow damage each second to players inside them, and last for 75 seconds.
  • Unyielding Pain - Lady Blaumeux will spam this ability if there are no players within 45 yards of her. The spell hits the whole raid for 5,655 to 6,345 Shadow damage every 2 seconds, or until a player enters her range.from wowhead
  • The boss will run to the north-west corner on the map.

Part 2

When both bosses at fronside are dead, the players at fronside must assist backside. The tank and his/her group that tanked to the left will assist on the north-west and the tank and his/her group that tanked to the right will assist on the north-east. While the DPS's and the healer at backside got their own game running (I'm talking about the marks they got, e.g. maybe they got two marks already and the groups from frontside got 0 when they arrive at the backside). The tanks will now take over the two last bosses, but now the whole groups have to move instead of only the tank and healer.

Alternative Strategy

If you got healing class which is DPS, or a person who wanna duelspec, they can take over on the backside insread of the three-man team in the original strategy. The only thing they have to do is heal them self up; survive. Then you will get more DPS on the frontside.
Example: Our balance druid and our elemental shaman took the backside by healing them self up.
= 2 tanks, 4 healers (two of them were specced DPS, but healed backside with no problems).

The Plague Quarter

Noth the Plaguebringer

Skeleton HP: 102,000
Boss HP: 2,500,000
Difficulty: Easy

Start Position

Phase 1

All the DPS's should focus on killing the boss only. When the adds (skeletons) spawn, the offtank have to pick them up. The boss will also cast a Curse which will deal 5-6k damage and a heavy DoT if not de-cursed within 10 seconds. I advise you to have a mage or druid decursing the players who gets it, or it will become hard to heal as healer.

Phase 2

After a while, the boss will teleport away. Now it's time to kill the skeletons, they will spawn from the corners (like shown on the picture). The adds will come in a few waves and then the boss will teleport back. Then go back to Phase 1 .

Heigan the Unclean

Boss HP: 3,100,000
Difficulty: Medium/hard

Start Position

Phase 1

When the fight begins, the maintank need to pull him to *Savepot 1*. All ranged and healers go to the platform. Melee DPS and offtank just need to follow the maintank.
Every 10 seconds the boss will pop green slime up from the floor. If you aren't in *Savespot 1* you will get hit by 7k x2 damage. When he pops the green slime, move the boss to *Savespot 2*. Next time he pops the green slime, you will be save at *Savespot 2*. After 10 seconds he pops the slimes once more and you have to run to *Savespot 3*.......
The runs will go like: 1,2,3,4,3,2,1,2,3.. etc.

The boss casts *Decretpit Fever on a random target, which will deal 3k damage per 2 seconds on the target and reduces their HP by 50%. This need to be cleansed (By a paladin for example).

Phase 2

After a while, the boss will teleport to the platform. Make sure that the ranged DPS's and the healers move away from the platform 2 seconds before he gets on it (watch Deadly Boss Mod or BigWings). Now, the whole group has to do the process in phase 1, but this time just much faster! If a player is standing on the platform he/she will get hit by a heavy DoT - don't do that. After he pops the green slime - Move to savespot 2, you will only be able to wait 1 second, then the slime will pop up again, and you have to move once more. It's prefered to have no dps or only instant casts on the boss during this phase.

If this is unclear, take a look at one of these pictures/movies - picture - picture - movie - movie
(Thanks to original websites for these pictures and movies)


Boss HP: 6,700,000
Difficulty: Medium/hard

The trash mobs between Heigan the Unclean and Loatheb can be very annoying. The tank have to pull the slimes inside the room all the way to the other entrance in one pull. Healers need to keep everyone alive through the room. If a player dies, you'll all have to do it again because the trash respawn just when you have killed it. The DPS's shouldn't dps the slimes ONLY dps the eye stalks and NO AoE damage. It is critical if the tank loses aggro during this trash.

HINT: If you got a warlock in the group, at least make sure he/she survives. Then you can just summon the dead players.

Start Position

The Fight

The main object in this fight is how focused the healers are. The boss will cast *Necrotic Aura* which will decrease all healing effects by 100% for 15 seconds. When the aura fades away, all healers must be quick and get the raid and tank up. The healing will only be allowed for 3 seconds, then the boss will cast *Necrotic Aura* again. The boss will also leave a DoT to the whole raid, which will deal 200 damage every second.
Every 30 second Loatheb will summon a spore. The spore will drop an aura that increases critical strike change by 50%. You don't have to run to it and just kill it. It's a better idea to wait until the spore is at a range of 10 yards or something, then gather up (Melee Dps and Offtank) and kill it. The spore may also spawn from another side than shown on the picture. When this happens, the spore will probably spawn near the gate, and then the ranged dps and healer will deal with it. Gather up just like the Melee DPS's main tank and offtank and kill it. The ranged DPS's and healers
should kill it together as fast as possible.
Note that the spore must NOT reach the maintank, it will reduce his/her threat to zero.

Tips for becoming a successful raider

Firstly I would like to say I don't know everything when it comes to raiding. My guild has been on our server for a few months and we're up to SSC, TK and Mag. There are other people who are sure to be more qualified than me to write a guide like this but I figured heck, why not? Some things will just be common sense and this is all mostly stuff I have experience with, things that have happened stuff like that.

1. Join a guild that is right for you - don't join a guild that is raiding Black Temple and Mt Hyjal if you have only just got to 70 that day. Chances are they won't even have Karazhan on the agenda and you won't have much of a chance to prove yourself to them. Join a guild that is already in Kara or starting to move onto Gruul. They will have Kara on farm status (or almost) and they will be able to give you the best advice in regards to what gear and skills you should be working towards. If you join a guild that wants to start raiding Kara be expecting big regular repair bills and be set to enjoy the journey of learning the fights with your guild.

2. Don't comprimise on gear - Get the best gear you can for your class and spec, don't settle for second best simply because better gear will take a little longer. The best geared that you are the easier raids will come and the more time you will be able to spend learning your class. You will also have a better chance of getting into the group the better geared you are.

3. Learn your class - A friend once told me 90% of people use trial and error in the middle of a fight to learn a boss fight. 5% do hardcore thoerycraftying before a fight and the rest do their theorycrafting mid fight. I personally do a lot of reading about my class before a raid, general ideas. My brain doesn't start ticking over into the more complex things until I'm in there doing it. If there is something I didn't understand or something I didn't get the hang of I spend a lot of time talking to people I respect afterwards.

4. Be on time - A lot of guilds complain their biggest downfall is members not turning up to raids on time. My guild failed as a raiding guild on our old server due to this. My best advice is to turn up ready to go half an hour before the raid is due to start. This applies whether your guild has set teams or it decides teams on the night. My guild advises people turn up to a raid at 4:30 (we raid at 5 pm on the oceanic servers), guild invites go out at 4:45 and then we do our first pull at 5 pm. You won't get many raid invites if you haven't been outside ready to go well in advance.

5. Show you have the guild's interests at heart - This is something I have struggled with (unknowingly). Guildies started thinking I didn't care about the group as a whole simply because I spent so much time talking about what gear I wanted, what gear I wanted to drop from that boss we were killing. It took a strong word from the officers to get me to realise my constant talking was a drainer.

6. Be quiet on vent - unless you are specifically being addressed try to avoid talking in a raid. Leave the vent channel clear for the raid leaders to talk. This is another problem I struggle with, my voice is more noticable than others (since I'm a girl). At the end of the day your group doesn't really care that your lagging hard core and aren't shooting.

7. Use all the consumables you can - If its a wipe night use Flasks and food, if you are really gunning for bosses use Elixirs, food, scrolls and stones or mana oil on weapons. It can make a real boost in how you perform your given role in the raid. The daily quests you can do at level 70 should pay for your repair bills, consumables and ammo, this is dependant of course on what armour you use (clothies can afford to forget a day or so of quests whereas plate wearers really shouldn't).

8. Have fun and remember it's just a game - Don't let your real life suffer for the sake of raiding. If you find yourself not eating with your family or something like that find a guild that raids at a more agreeable time. Negotiate with your family as to when you should be raiding and take a step back when you feel its becoming more of a job that you pay to do and less of a time killer after work.

Feel free to make any comments, suggestions or additions below, I know there will be something I have missed out or conveyed badly.

[60] Blackwing Lair Guide - First Two Bosses

NOTE: This guide only covers the first two bosses, and as BWL is rarely attempted since the release of The Burning Crusade, this guide will not be completed.

As my guild has finally cleared BWL, I thought I'd try and share some of my experience with you guys. This will not be a traditional guide, more like an event diary for each of the bosses and some of the trash pulls.

It is a work in progress, and all feedback is welcome. It is the way we do it in my guild and by no means a definate solution or approach to any of the encounters in the instance. Any feedback I find interesteing will be quoted in the guide itself at the appropriate place.

Right, let's start. There are a few things you need to take care of before heading into Blackwing Lair.

1. Find an endgame guild or try and build one yourself.
2. Get Molten Core on farm.
3. Get attuned to BWL. Check this guide.
4. Not needed from the get go, but start farming FR. You should have plenty if you have killed Ragnaros on a weekly basis.

Obviously these points are a quite obvious if you're already in BWL. My point is that Blackwing Lair for a while was the ultimate challenge in WoW and it's still a handfull to progress through. You need a firm and dedicated guild to make fast progress, it's not something you go LFG'ing for-)

Razorgore the Untamed

The beginning of BWL is virtually trash free. The first room you enter is where you find the first boss, Razorgore. Now don't be fooled, he may be the first boss, but he is most definately not the easiest in BWL.

What will happen
When you enter, the room is full of eggs. At your right you see Razorge on a raised platform, to your left is another platform with some orcs and an orb. The orb is used by the orcs to mind control Razorgore. After you kill the named orc, someone in the raid needs to take his place, or Razorgore will start attacking you. When the raid is MC'ing Raz, the room will start filling with orcs. They keep spawning until all the eggs are destroyed by Razorgore (through the raid member controlling him). As soon as all the eggs are destroyed, the mobs will run out and the raid can focus on killing Razorgore.

What to do
Once you enter the egg room go left and gather the raid south of the platform with the orb and the orcs. Take out the orcs through simple tanking and dps. Once the orcs are killed and someone is mc'ing Raz (a paladin is ideal as warriors are needed throughout phase 1 and whoever mc's will have quite some raz aggro once all the eggs are destroyed), the raid splits into four, covering each corner of the room. At this point the room should start filling with orcs, loads of them (there are a maximum of 40 of them at once) and a few dragons.

Now the trick to this fight is kiting. There are 3 types of mobs spawning, handled differently.

Legionares hard hitting melee orcs, kited around the room by warriors and hunters (piercing howl, hamstring, concussion blow, concussion shot etc). They should tag whatever legionare they see and start running. Follow a pattern close to what you see above, where you run up the platform and jump down. The orcs will run back down, thus creating some distance between them and the kiter. These kiters should be continuesly given hot's and shield by healers, anything else risks giving the healer aggro. My priest has gotten aggro several times simply by using too much renew, so if possible try and stick to shield.

Dragons very hard hitting, these need to be either sleeped or have a warlock on chain-fear duty. They can be tanked but it's not worth the trouble to be honest. Keep them scared or sleepy.

Mages they do nasty dmg, but are easily killed. They should be dps'd in the corner they spawn.

While all this is going on, whoever is controlling Raz needs to be fast in destroying eggs. Razorgore is as suspectable to attack from orcs as the rest of the raid, and if he is killed he will do an AOE that wipes the raid. Eggs should be destroyed east to west, ie from where Raz stood when you entered, to where the mind controlling orb is. Once there are only a few eggs left, have the orb controller use Razergore's AOE fireball attack to make every add in the room attack him. Have the raid move to the centre and use every cc there is psycic scream, demo shout, frost nova, to keep the orcs from destroying Raz.

When the last egg is destroyed the adds run out and phase 2 begins.

He has the following abilities

1. Standard melee
2. Melee cleave
3. Conflagurate. This attack is like a scatter shot with a nazty fire dot. For each tick it spreads to nearby raid members who get both the dot and the confusion effect. Razergore wipes aggro on whoever gets conflag'd, but it is restored once the effect wears off.
4. AOE Fireball on a timed interval, around 1k dmg.

Raz becomes where angry at however mc'd him, and he can't be taunted so MT must be fast in getting those sunders on him (we even used a pally as MT once cuz Raz simply wouldn't get off him, even with Salvation on him). Conflagurate makes two tanks on him a necessity. The OT must build agro directly behind Raz so he doesn't get hit with conflag when the MT does and visa verca. Make sure MT got good aggro before you start DPS. We wiped quite a few times cuz Raz ran around going splat on the raid. Due to conflag, rogues should stay away during this fight, they will simply take too much damage and require too much healing.

Once you got Raz controlled by the tanks, and dps is going steady he should be a cakewalk from here on (assuming you didn't loose too many during phase 1, especially healers). The AOE fireball should be easily controlled by healers if tanks are taking all other damage (conflagurate, frontal fire attack and melee). You can also try and avoid it by staying out of LoS with Razorgore on each time it's coming up, or move out of it's range (40 yards). Depending on who is tanking and where, chances are at least healers take a beating though.

Once the chubby is down, the door to the next boss opens, and the real challenge can begin.

Razorgore drops the tier 2 bracers.

Now onwards too the encounter that make or break many a dedicated guild. But before that comes, there are a few other things too take care of.

While the loot from Razorgore is being distributed, the raid must stay put in this room. Once everyone is ready, have the raid move inside the next room. Vael is lying on the floor, but don't worry, he's not hostile yet. Inside this room are also loads of goblins, and they start running away as soon as you enter. They drop elementium ore (needed for Thunderfury and AQ quest reward) and hourglass sand (needed for Chormaggus later on), so everyone in the raid must tag as many as possible and kill them. One dot or autoattack will do. They go down easy, you shouldn't have any problems here. Once that is done, head back to where Vael is lying and prepare the raid for what is about to happen.

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

What will happen

When you enter the room (and start hunting down goblins) Vael will be lying on the floor, tagged as a friendly. You can see Nefarian on the throne, finishing off the corruption of the red dragon. Nefarian will eventually vanish and can't be damaged anyway, so don't bother with him. Once the goblins are dead and you start the fight (simply talk to Vael) he starts a monologue and after the fight begins. From then you have 3 minutes to DPS him down or you will probably wipe (for reasons you will see below).

What you need to do


Burning adrenaline Every 15 seconds Vael targets a RANDOM MANA USER with the debuff Burning Adrenaline. It makes all your spells instant cast, and increases dmg by 100% (it does not remove cooldowns though) but also reduces your health by 5% each second until you die. When you do, you explode and everyone around for up to 5k dmg.

However, every 45 second, Vael will target the CURRENT AGGRO HOLDER (MT) with the same debuff. His attack speed is increased by 100% until he dies.

Essence of the Red This buff is given to the entire raid when the encounter begins, and lasts 3 minutes. It gives casters virtually endless mana, warriors endless rage and rogues endless energy. After 3 minutes you only have a few seconds if you haven't yet killed him, or the healers will OOM faster than you can say "OMG we g0t pawnzzzor by Vael".

Frontal fire attack that hits everyone infront of him for 2k and upwards depending on FR.

Cleave attack that hits everyone in range for 2-3k dmg.

Tailwipe that hits for 500ish dmg and knockbacks.

Fire aura that hits everyone in the raid for a few hundred fire damage per tick, depending on FR.

As mana is no issue here, every stat you have can be sacrificed to get as high fire resistance as possible. Everyone will need it due to the aura. The less dmg the raid takes, the more time healers can spend on the MT.

Now, what makes this fight hard, apart from the incredible annoying fire aura, the continues loss of casters and tanks due to Burning Adrenaline, the tight timeframe and tremendous ammount of healing needed on the ENTIRE raid...(discouraged yet?) is that this fight requires very good tanking rotation mixed with high DPS and good aggro control.

For your first try you can take your time and set up the raid, as Vael will be friendly. Use imps to show the position of the MT as there will be alot of tank switching when MT gets Burning Adrenaline. Have your MT standing right infront of Vael's face, as close to the throne as possible, and set up your OT's (five or six) on the blind spot between his left hind legs (out of reach for both cleave and tailwipe). Make sure the tanks know the order in which they step up as MT, and have them start sundering accordingly.

Give the first MT a few seconds to gain initial aggro, but not too long. If Essence of the Red ends, you're history. When DPS starts, go full out. Everyone needs to use their aggro reducing abilites as soon as they can. If they are resisted, hold back on DPS or you risk gaining aggro. In that case, Vael will flame breath and cleave the raid to death in seconds. Faint, feign death and even fade should be used everytime cooldown is up. Mages should use whatever they got speccd to reduced threat generation.

If you get the tanking rotation working, this fight will get alot easier. Our main problem when learning the encounter was tanks dying before they get Burning Adrenaline, thus when all tanks are up he goes splat on the first rogue/mage/hunter on his hatelist.

Ideally you should have a priest in each group to keep the fire aura in check with Prayer of Healing. This is rarely the case, so have a druid cast regrowth, rejuv and heal everyone as fast as possible. Remember, mana is no issue here, time is. Every healer should cast a heal on the MT when they can, be sure to have at least 2 or 3 healers on the MT at all times. A good tactic for priests is to have the MT targeted from the getgo, and change between PoH and flash heal rank 7. When the MT dies from BA (hopefully) hit TAB and then the assist key (F as default) to target Vael's next target, then keep changing between flash heal dn PoH.

That's it really. High DPS, good tank rotation and GET THE FUCK AWAY when you get Burning Adrenaline, or you blow everyone up, not just yourself. Run directly behind his legs, as close to the wall as possible and start spamming your highest dmg spell that has no cooldown (instant cast remember?). If you're a healer, try to keep yourself up until your 20 seconds have passed, to inflict as much dmg as possible (heals are instant as well).

And by the way...Vael starts the fight with 30% health (due to being raped by Nefarian beforehand), but don't let that fool's still around 800k healthpoints and if the 3 minutes are up and you don't have him at around 2%, you are in for a wipe. Also, at the time the buff wears off many of your casters will be dead from Burning Adrenaline.

Vael drops the tier 2 belts. He also makes way for a long and boring chain of fast spawning trash mobs, but more about that later. Keep the feedback coming, next up is the more laidback encounter that is Broodlord Lashslayer (renamed Lootlord after he was nerfed).

[70] Eric's Magtheridon's Lair guide

Magtheridon's Lair is an end level 25 man raid instance. IF you're looking for a group (LFG) to Magtheridon's Lair, it will be called "maggy". The instance is located at the buttom of helfire citadel. Make sure you use the right meeting stone, not the one to Helfire ramparts or Blood furnace. this raid instance is the shortest raid instance in the game, it takes maximum 20 minutes, if all works well, and are too not so difficult.
You will need at least half karazhan epic gear (pvp season 2 can do it too) and other half mostly superior as dps. Healers will need a little more and tank more.

classes will need:


1600 attack power. 8000 hp. 25% crit rating.

and spell DPS will need:
900 spell power. 25% spell crit rating.

12k hp. 490 defence rating.

15k hp 510 defence rating.

900 spell damage. 10000 mana.


Your raid should look like this:
1 main tank
4 off tank
5-6 healers
3 warlocks
3 paladins (healers are included here) (not optimal)
2 warriors (tanks are included here) (not optimal)
1 hunter (not optimal)
5 ranged dps (includes hunter, warlocks)
and last 3-6 spots are random dps's.


main tank
healer(the best in raid)
3 dps

off tank
3 dps

off tank
3 dps

off tank
3 dps

off tank
3 dps

When all is in start buff up and begin to pull. let the tank do it. When have killed the first 3 orcs turn left and kill the patrol.When they are killed kill the last group of orcs in the bottom of the left way. Then go up to the right way kill the last mobs until you see the boss: Magtheridon.

Make sure that all got buffs and tell them the tactics to all "first time magtheridon's lair raiders" listen below:

there are 5 mini mosses in a circle around magtheridon. DONT ATTACK THEM before all is ready.
Healer and tank from grp 1 stay at first mini boss at the entrance. Give the mini boss a mark(example a skull).

Healer and tank from grp 2 to the next one to left. Give the mini boss a mark(example a cross).

Healer and tank from grp 3 to the third to left. Give the mini boss a mark(example a circle).

Healer and tank from grp 4 to the fourth to left. Give mini the boss a mark(example a tringle).

Healer and tank from grp 5 to the last one. Give the mini boss a mark(example a diamond).

All dps' stay at the entrance.

When all is ready the dps will need kill the first mini boss to left in a horde. when the first boss are dead move to the second to left, then the third to left until you're around.
When all mini bosses are dead Magtheridon will be released and all off tanks will go dps.


damage: 6000 on tank and around 11000 on cloth.
HP: around 3.300.000 or 3300k
spells: Blast nova, 2000-3000 damage every in the room per 2 sec in 10 secs.


This part is the most important.
5 players (prefer range or spell classes) will need to click these cubes when Magtheridon cast his BLAST NOVA or the raid will wipe.
the cubes look like this:

when you're done Magtheridon he will normally drop these things below:
Magtheridon's Head
Pit Lord's Satchel
Chestguard of the Fallen Champion
Chestguard of the Fallen Defender
Chestguard of the Fallen Hero

he can drop that too:
Black Sack of Gems


when you start the quest from Magtheridon's Headyou will recieve The Fall of Magtheridonyou can turn in, in Honor Hold and you will choose between these nice rings:
A'dal's Signet of Defense
Band of Crimson Fury
Naaru Lightwarden's Band
Ring of the Recalcitrant

hope you like my guide Smiling

...'** Eric **'...

[70] Karazhan

Karazhan is located in the Deadwind Pass of Eastern Kingdoms, it is a 10 man raid dungeon which contains new unique challenges for your guild.

To enter Karazhan you must do a chain of quests, eventually giving you the Master's Key, which will allow you to enter.

If you want to know what and where you need to do/go please check out this wonderful guide by Limolia

Karazhan contains 12 different bosses.

Before engagin the trash infront of Midnight/Attumen you want every person in the raid informed of the tactic, so that you won´t have to waste time infront of Midnight, as what make Midnight hard is accually the trash. It is on a 25minutes timer so at most you will have 2 tries before trash spawns.
Attumen the Huntsman

* Basic Melee: 1.6k - 2.1k on tank, 8k on cloth. He can, and should, be disarmed. Immune to taunt.
* Shadow Cleave: Cleave attack for around 4k.
* AoE Curse: Casts every 30 seconds a wide-area curse that reduces chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks and spells by 50%. Can be removed by mages and druids.
* Mount Up: When he or Midnight is at 25% he will mount up.
* Charge: After Attumen is mounted, he periodically does a charge. This does over 6k on cloth, and causes a knockdown. Standing closer to him however, reduces the chance that you will be charged.

Midnight only hits for about 2k damage on a tank, and is very easy to heal through.

Attumen is the first boss fight you will encounter in Karazhan. At first only his steed is seen, but after bringing it down a few %, Attumen will rush in and join the fight.
The fight itself it pretty easy, and it requires you to have 2 tanks. The offtank engages Attumens steed, Midnight, brings it to the corner in the left and tanks it until Attumen spawns. The main tank has to be really quick to pick up Attumen, or he will probably quickly dispose of your healers. After Attumen has spawned the main tank brings him where Midnight stood in the beginning. The dps continues to attack Midnight until he´s down at about 25%, where Attumen will call for him and mount up. Now he will randomly charge someone in the raid, and if you are unlucky he will also hit the person, usually killing them. This won´t happen to often tho. At this point it´s quite simple, let the tank keep aggro and heal the charged people until he finally falls dead on the ground, giving your group some nice loots, for such an easy fight.

Loots can be found here

The trash befroe Moroes is quite simple, not so short spawn time allowing for a couple of wipes. Some pulls consist of pac of nonelites, others of solo or 2 elites.

Moroes will have different adds in every instance, much like Chromaggus' breaths. Each add will be based off a class and spec.

Baron Rafe Dreuger
Retribution Paladin
Health: 68k
can dispel shackle, casts blessings

Baroness Dorothea Milstipe
Shadow Priest
Health: 66k
Casts mana burn

Lady Catriona Von'Indi Holy Priest
Health: 66k
can heal and dispel shackle

Lady Keira Berrybuck
Holy Paladin
Health: 68k
casts Holy Light, dispels shackles, casts blessings

Lord Crispin Ference
Protection Warrior
Health: 83.4k
very hard to kill

Lord Robin Daris
Mortal Strike Warrior
Health: 84k
hard to kill, can easily one-hit clothies, does melee-AE

You should crowd control as many adds as you can. It is recommended that you bring 2 priest, tho not nessesary.
Assign a shackle target to the priest(s), one for freezing trap if you got a hunter, while the hunter has one in frezzing trap he should aswell kite one of the adds. I also recommend you to shackle the warriors, as they are hard to kill. Also kill the priests first, and don´t shackle the retribution paladins, he tends to stun his shackler when he breaks free. The priests should reshackle every 15-20 seconds or so, to prevent them from going loose.

Kiting the adds with a mage and a rogue is very well working. The mage can shoot his spells from a distance while the rogue slows him down with crippling poison.

After crowd controlling and disposing of adds, you face Moroes himself. Moroes got a few nasty abilities who all can really annoy you. You will need 2 tanks for him as he will gouge the primary tank and then he should face the other one until it goes off. If you are really unlucky he wll gouge one tank and blind teh other, going a rampart though your group.


Meele: around 2000 on plate.
Vanish: Vanishing, does not drop aggro.
Garrote: After returning from a vanish he will garrote someone dealing 1000 damage every 3 sec for 5 minutes, meaning 100.000 damage.
Blind: A poison that causes the target to wonder around. This can be removed by poison removing effects.
Gouge: He will gouge his primary target and turning to the one with second most treath.
Enrage: At 30% health Moroes will enrage

Other then his adds this fight is very simple if you manage to live trough his adds. When you got the adds crowd controlled and some killed it´s simply just about healing the tank and the garrote targets.
Garrote can be removed by a dwarf using stoneform, a mage using iceblock or a paladin's divine shield.

Loots can be found here

Maiden of Virtue

The trash infront of Maiden is not hard at all, some has aura taht reduces meele or spell damage done by 50%, they should be taken care of first. Have the tank pull all the trash except the 2 mobs gurading the entrance to Maidens chamber out of the room and kill them there. Stay to the right wall when entering or you may aggro mobs in the rooms.

About 3000 meele damage on a warrior.
Holy Fire: An annoying fire spell that damages about 3000 damage and then ticks for an additional 1750 damage every 2 sec for 12 sec.
Holy Ground: A consecration looking aura, damaging about 300 every 3 sec. Silences for 0.5 sec every sec. Breaks the stun from repentance.
Holy Wrath: Aoe chained damage, make sure you are position away from other people (see below).
Repentance: A 10sec incaptitate. Any damage caused will awake anyone affected by repentance. Maiden will cast this random, but it is on a 25 second cooldown. This is the killer move of this fight.

The fight with Maiden herself is quite easy once you got the hang of it. Shamans should keep grounding totem up as much as possible as it will soak up the damage from Holy Fire, reducing the amounts of dispell the dispellers have to do.
Paladins can aslo cast Blessing of Sacrifice on the tank everytime the repentance cooldown is over, making them get out of it and heal the tank through repentance. The tank should be topped att all costs throughout the fight, especially when repentance cooldown is over.
Druids will need to keep up HoTs on the tank all the time aswell as giving targets og Holy Fire a quick HoT.
Priests and Paladins will mainly dispell throughout this fight, unless you have 2 shamans, that will remove about 90% of her Holy Fires if grounding is kept up all the time.
The tank should tank her where she stands, and the rest of the raid position infront of everypillar to avoid chaining Holy Wrath. If you got more then 2 meeles they should position in a triangle to avoid chaing the Holy Wrath to the tank. Any health increasing consumables should be used by the tank, aswell as being ready to pop Last Stand, Shield Wall, potions, healthstones for those unlucky repentances. One of the healers could aswell run in the Holy Ground after repentance cooldown is over to get loose from it and then quickly run out and spam the tank.

If you get the hang of repentance, she´s dead.

Loots can be found here

Opera Event

The first trash towards the opera event after Maiden has gone down, was pre-patch the hardest trash in the whole instance, now they´re a cake. Simply have 2 tanks building aggro on one while they otehr is crowdcontrolled. Having 2 tanks mean that the other one get hit instead of the group when one is put in a iceblock.

After reaching the opera, you talk the the stagemen to start the accual opera event. Which one of the events you get in randomly, and it´s reset by a soft reset, meaning if you get one one day and fail you can get another the next day. The opera event consists of either one of 3 random encounters, The Big Bad Wolf, Wizard of Oz and Romulo and Julianne.

Ths Big Bad Wolf

This is probably the easiest one of the encounters, aslong the raid know what to do, this even you can take your time to explain tactics, trash respawn ain´t that fast, and you start it by talking to the grandmother, and you don´t have to do that in the start.

The Big Bad Wolf (I´ll call him The Wolf from now on) has 2 main abilities.

    Little Red Riding Hood; This will turn you into Little Red Riding Hood, causing The Wolf to chase that person until the debuff is over. Turning into The Little Red Riding Hood will reduce all your armor and will silence you. This also increases your speed.
    Terryfing Howl; Instant, fears, can be countered by all usuall fear counters

What makes The Wolf an encounter that´s accually more then free loots is Little Red Riding Hood. You want The Wolf to be tanked in one of the corners while the rest of the raid stands on the other side. As soon one member of the raid beomce Red Riding Hood, he/she will wait until The Wolf comes closer and then start running around the wall, kiting him. While someone is running, healers want to spam lesser heals on the person, as he hits for about 4000 damage on everyone. It is recommended that heal over time spells and power word shield are used. Rogues can vanish to make him stop chase you, tho the debuff remains and if you leave stealth he will come after you again. Hunters can also feaign death but the debuff will still stay up, so do not jump up again until it´s gone. Druids do not want to be in tree of life form, as this will slow them. Paladins can aswell use blessing of protecting to prevent damage on the chased person but he will chase longer then the buff lasts, so be careful in timing it. Priests can also slow him with mind flay and as there is no magic damage mage's can boost the healing by using amplify magic.

Loots can be found here

Romulo and Julianne

First off, you face Julianne alone, she has a couple of spells, including a heal (Eternal Affection),which needs to be interupted, and a selfbuff (Devotion), that decreases casting time and holy damage done by 50%, this needs to be dispelled. Here´s a list of all her spells.

    * Eternal Affection: Holy. Calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally. Heal 46250-53750, Cast Time 2 seconds.
    * Powerful Attraction: Shadow. Stun 6 seconds. Range 45 yards. Cast Time 1.5 seconds.
    * Blinding Passion: Holy. 6000 Holy damage inflicted over 4 sec (1500 initially, then 4 ticks of 750 each). Range 45 yards, Cast Time 2 seconds.
    * Devotion: Holy. Holy damage dealt is increased by 50%. Spell casting speed is increased by 50%. for 10 sec.

After killing Julianne, you will face Romulo. He is a warrior type mob with high armor. Has four diffrent abilitys, namely Daring, which also has to be dispelled from him. Here´s a list.

    * Backward Lunge: Physical. Strikes at an enemy behind the caster, inflicting weapon damage plus 300 (Knock Back 35 yard).
    * Deadly Swathe: Physical. Strikes at nearby enemies in front of the caster, inflicting weapon damage plus 300 (Affects up to 3 targets).
    * Poisoned Thrust: Physical. All statistics reduced by 10% (Stacks up to 8 times), the debuff can be depoisoned.
    * Daring: Holy. Increases the Physical damage dealt by the caster by 50% and the caster's attack speed by 50% for 8 sec.

When Romulo dies, they will both spawn and attack you, so make sure the tanks can pick them up fast, also it´s preferred to stop dots at 10% on Romulo, as they will continue to build aggro when he´s "dead".
Some may want to split the dps into 2 groups, one for Julianne and one for Romeo, if you decide to do it this way, keep meele away from Romulo because of his abilitys.
Others however, might want to have everyone dps Julianne until she is 25%, and then everyone except a rogue or wahtever you would like to use as interupt stays on her along with the tank, autoattacking and interupting while the rest of the group dps Romulo until he goes 10%, at this point make sure they both are at 10%, or they might get enough time to res eachother.
Now, kill them both at the same time, or atleast quite close to, I think you will have about 10-15 seconds to finish the other once one dies.

Loots can be found here

[80] Eye of Eternity

So you've reached EoE. Congratz.

When starting a group for EoE the most important thing to take into account is that members have over 18k hp with raid buff. We will come to why, later.

Phase 1

Phase 1 begins when the tank clicks the big orb in the middle of the room.
- Tanks should pull Malygos facing away from the raid group, as Malygos does a 'cone effect' arcane breath. Don't worry though, Malygos's tail is completely useless and does not swipe unlike other dragons allowing you to freely kite Malygos around the room without fear of tail swipes.

Malygos has an ability called 'Vortex'. He will fly off the ground and spin the whole raid group around in a circle dealing 2000 damage a second for 10 seconds. While in the vortex you can use instant cast abilities and can still attack malygos. After the 10 seconds he will drop you giving you 10% fall damage.. This is why everyone need 18k+ hp

Malygos will also summon power sparks at on of 4 locations around the room. At regular intervals (including 1 before vortex) a spark will emerge from on of these 'glowing stars'. If these reach malygos they will give him a massive damage boost. All the raid apart from the tank should huddle in the middle of the platform. The tank should then 'kite' malygos around the platform ensuring that malygos does not face the raid at any time, so the group in the middle is between Malygos and the spark.

Phase 2.

Phase 2 begins when Malygos reaches 50% health

Malygos takes of into the air and spawns a purple bubble similar to that of a deathknights. The whole raid must run from bubble to bubble.
There are two types of adds in this phase 'Lords' and 'Scions'

Nexus Lord: They will fly down to the raid and need to be tanked normally. When they are dead they drop their discs allowing melee dps to get on them and fly about. These can be used to kill...
Scion of Eternity: These fly in the air. They are out of range of melee and can be dps'ed down by ranged dps. The melee dps that get on discs should also help kill them. These also drop discs

Phase 3
Phase 3 begins when all the scions and lords are dead. Malygos will shatter the platform you are standing on and everyone will fall. Dont worry though, cos 3 nice drakes are waiting for you.
The dragons have 6 abilities:

Flame Spike:

Damaging fire attack causing 943-1057 fire damage and awarding 1 combo point at the cost of 10 energy.

Engulf in Flames:

Finishing move which launches a blast of flame igniting target for 1500 fire damage every 3 seconds. The effect can stack and will last longer per combo point up to 22 seconds. Costs 50 energy.


A HoT that lasts for 10 seconds healing 500 per second and awarding 1 combo point at the cost of 10 energy. This can stack up to 5 times. Each drake has its own stack, so if two drakes are stacking this ability on a single drake, that drake will have two separate stacks.

Life Burst:

Huge AoE healing finishing move which increases the casters healing done by 50% and lasts longer per combo point. Max combo points award a 15k heal to all friendly targets within 60 yards over 25 seconds. Costs 50 energy.

Flame Shield:

Finishing move to protect your drake. Shield surrounds you reducing all damage taken by 80% and lasting up to 6 seconds for max combo points. Costs 25 energy with a 30-second cooldown.

Blazing Speed:

Increases your drake's flight speed by 500% for 8 seconds. Costs 0 energy with a 30-second cooldown.

If your not healer you rotation should looks something like this. 1,1,2,1,2
If you are a heaer there really is no rotaion. But Life Burst is good healing at 5 combo, something like this. 3,3,3,3,3,4.

All players should have aleast 1 combo pointup at anytime to allow the use flame shield. When malygos fixes her/his eyes on you, you need to pop 5 or you will die. And I think this also hits people around you

This fight is quite an easy one if people know what there doing. If not, this fight can be troublesome, especially with the sparks and the drakes at the end. All in all this is a very fun fight and should be enjoyed.


[80] Obsidian Sanctum

Welcome to this guide of Obsidian Sanctum (no Drakes).

This guide will cover the basic Obsidian Sanctum instance where we will kill Vesperon, Tenebron, Shadron and ultimately Sartharion. But before we get this far we will wade through the trash mobs and their most important and dangerous abilities.

Because this is my first guide ever on wow-pro I welcome all positive criticism that can help me improve this and upcoming guides. So feel free to comment!

Table of Contents

  1. Raid Setup
  2. Trash Mobs
  3. Drakes
  4. Sartharion
  5. Loot
  6. Bonus Loot
  7. Achievements
  8. External Links

1. Raid Setup

    The standard setup works perfectly for this raid.
    • 2 Tanks
    • 2 or 3 Healers
    • fill up on DPS
    While it doesn't matter what dps-classes you bring keep in mind that a rogue or hunter can be a big help as I will explain later.
Note 1: Three healers are preferred but it is doable with only two.
Note 2: 1 tank can be replaced by a good plate dps. They will need extra healing on the Acolytes and DPS must kill Lava Blazes even faster.

Back to top

2. Trash Mobs

While clearing this instance you will encounter two different types of packs. I will only list their abilities that I find important. For a full list you can always check wowhead, wowwiki and other sites available (External Links).

Pack 1:
    The most difficult and most hectic is a pack of 4 linked red dragons. These packs setup is random but always has the following mobs:

    Onyx Blaze Mistress
The smallest of the dragons and as the name suggest (probably) female making her very distinguishable by her more slender looks. The mistresses should be killed first because they are responsible for all of the AoE damage while clearing trash.
  • Rain of Fire: Calls down a molten rain, burning all enemies in a selected area.
  • Flame Orb: Conjures an orb of pure fire that floats through the air toward the target while firing searing beams.

The biggest dragons in the group, very easy distinguishable by the flag they carry around.
They will buff their group increasing their damage. Many raids kill them first and the Mistresses only second. Healers should be aware of his Mortal Strikes as this will make it harder to heal the tank.
  • Avenging Fury.: Whips nearby friendly units into a fury, granting immunity to crowd control effects.
  • Mortal Strike: Inflicts 130% weapon damage and leaves the target wounded, reducing the healing.

The Flight Captains can be safely killed as last. They will sometimes decrease your size which reduces the damage you do by 5% and interrupt your casting. But other then that they are the easiest thing to handle in this instance.

Pack 2:
    This pack will have two Onyx Sanctum Guardians. They have a rather long patrolling path and can even patrol right next to a drake. So before starting on a drake make sure they don't surprise you in the middle of the fight.

    Onyx Sanctum Guardian

Basically this is tank and spank with a little annoyance.
  • Curse of Mending: He will randomly curse raid members. A cursed raider must stop attacking the mob until the curse is dispelled. Put a mage on dispell duty!

On Heroic these mobs have more health and more damage. Their abilities are the same, thus the killing order should stay the same. Even on heroic you should have no problem killing them.

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3. Drakes
    The drakes are the purple dragons who are overseeing Sartharion's island. You can reach them by clearing trash mobs and following the path that tours over the ledges around the island.
    Vesperon is located on the left, Tenebron in the back and Shadron on the right. The big black dragon in the middle is Sartharion himself.
    Fighting the drakes is basically a tank and spank fight with your offtank (or the plate dps) taking the Acolytes or Whelps, just watch out for the following abilities:

    • Shadow Breath: As all dragons, the drakes also have a frontal bad breath. Tank them head away from the raid.
    • Shadow Fissure:Shown as a blue ring around a player. Failing to move out of the ring will likely result in you being one-shotted.

    Every drake has one special ability unique to him.


      • Summon Acolyte: An Acolyte of Vesperon will spawn in the Twilight Realm. At the same time a portal will open allowing you to enter the realm and kill the Acolyte. While you are inside the realm you get a debuff (Twilight Shift) dealing ~1000 shadow damage every second and decreasing your damage done by 25%.
      • Twilight Torment: While the Acolyte is alive the drake shields himself making him immune to all damage, even reflecting damage done to him back to the raid. Therefor it is impossible to ignore this Acolyte and just burn down the drake quick.

        To defeat Vesperon the entire raid, except the main tank and a healer, should enter the portal and kill the Acolyte.


        Key to the fight is entering the portal very quick and start killing as many eggs as possible. A good raid should be able to AoE all the eggs down and have not a single whelp hatching. If you have whelps spawning anyway you have to kill them first before going for Tenebron again.


        Exactly the same fight as Vesperon but a Acolyte of Shadron is spawned inside the portal and Shadron doesn't shield himself.

    Alternative Strategy:

      Shadron and Tenebron can be killed without entering the portals and dealing with the add(s), Acolyte or Whelps, when they emerge from the portal. Just burn down the drake fast and the acolyte/whelps will despawn when the drake dies. This tactic requires a little more healing because of the Acolyte's debuff or whelps running loose. Only use this tactic if you got great DPS that can burn down the drake fast. If you are still learning the drakes I recommend you take the portals until you are familiar with the encounter.

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4. Sartharion
    Health: 2.510.100 (7.669.750)

Abilities and Annoyances

  • Tail Lash: Dealing 3-4k damage (4k-5k) to all standing behind him, stunning them for 2 seconds

  • Flame Breath: Frontal attack dealing 9k-11k fire damage (10k-15k) to all in front of him.

  • Cleave: Inflicts 35% weapon damage to his target and all nearby players.

  • Lava Blaze: The whirlwinds you see in the lava around his platform will fire lava bolts in a big arc towards the raid. On impact, independent if it hits a player, there is a chance on spawning a Lava Blaze. It is the offtank (or plate dps) his job to gather up all the blazes so they don't go killing your healers.

  • Lava Wall: a wall of fire moving over the island from left-to-right or from right-to-left. There are gaps in this wall so you can avoid being hit.

The Fight
    The Sartharion fight is a fight with a lot of movement and a couple of things happening at the same time. It is not a race in anyway, so focus on doing it right instead of doing it fast. For beginners it is a pretty though fight but once you know what is going on and how to handle it, this fight is one of the easiest encounters in the game.

    ==Note:== I only draw the tank (green) and Sartharion (yellow) in the pictures. I suppose DPS and healers are smart enough NOT to stand in the waves.

  1. Handling the Tail Lash, Flame Breath and Cleave

      Have Sartharion tanked with his side to the raid. Where you tank him is less important but there are two generally accepted spots. Your tank must make sure that the Lava Wall coming from behind him doesn't require him to move.

      The first one is used in most PuGs and is perfectly suited if you have killed all drakes.
      The second one requires the tank to put a bit more effort in positioning him right. This should be the tanking spot if you keep one or more drakes alive. It is probably a good idea to tank him here if you are preparing for drakes up.
  2. Handling the Lava Blazes
      Assign your offtank (which can be a wellgeared plate dps) to pick up all the adds. DPS should focus on killing this Blazes first and only attack the boss if no more adds are alive. If you have experience with the fight and a really good tank, have the offtank bring all adds close to the boss. Killing them with AoE-spells will also damage the boss, making the fight last a bit shorter, but as I said already this fight isn't a DPS-race.

      To have a maximum dps uptime on Sartharion himself it is very important to have all your dps kill the blazes. The faster the blazes die, the faster all dps can go nuking the boss before new adds spawns. This is mainly a sore point in pugs where 'meter-hunters' (People who want to be first on the DPS-meters) simple ignore the adds and get their DPS as high as possible on the boss.

  3. Handling the Lava Wall

      This wall is without any doubt the most annoying and hardest thing that happens during the fight because it has some side-effects you have to deal with. At fixed intervals a wall of fire will move over the flatform. Which side it starts is completely random and depending on the side the gaps are at different places.

    • Avoid the wall, get in the gaps!

        Following pictures show both waves and the gaps. Note the markings on the ground to identify where you can stand safely. If you get hit by a wall you will get knocked back, take heavy fire damage and a big fire DoT that will kill you rather fast.
    • Tank position
        If you compare the pictures with the tanking position and the pictures with the Lava Wall you will notice that the tank is always standing in a gap when the wall starts behind him. This allows the tank to stay put on this wave. The wave coming from the other side he will have to step out of sideways, he should be able to see it coming through the legs of Sartharion well ahead of time and thus never have a problem avoiding it. Right after the wall passed the tank moves back into his original position.
    • 1 --> Normal tanking position2 --> Move out of the wave3 --> Return to your position

    • Lava Blazes
        When hit by a Lava Wall the Blazes will gain a buff/enrage Molten Fury. Enraged they deal 200% more damage and have 100% more health. The buff can be dispelled by hunters with Tranquilizing Shot or rogues with Anesthetic Poison + Shiv for instant dispel. Dual wielding Anesthetic Poison and doing Fan of Knives is great for dispelling multiple enraged mobs at once.
        Have to offtank kite the blazes through a gap to avoid as many enraged blazes as possible.

    • Bonus Loot can be obtained by engaging Sartharion while one or more drakes are still alive. The living drakes will come to aid Sartharion during his battle and you will have to fight them simultaneously.

  4. Heroic?
      Since all his abilities are the same, they just hit harder, you don't have to alter tactics to beat him on heroic-mode. Just stick to the plan and all will be fine
Extra Drakes

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5. Loot


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6. Bonus Loot

Extra loot will be dropped, on top of the normal list one of the following will also be found on Sartharion. 1 Drake alive.
One extra ilvl200 item.

2 Drakes alive.
One extra ilvl200 item(see above) + one extra ilvl213 item.

3 Drakes alive.
One extra ilvl200 item(see above) + one extra ilvl213 item(see above) + a mount.

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7. Achievements


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8. External Links

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[80] Ulduar Raid Guide

Ulduar, the final frontier (at the moment). The bosses do not fall easily, but when they do the loot is the best you can get. This guide will outline how to take down every boss in the dungeon, having read the tactics it is up to you to take them down!


Flame Leviathan

Ignis the Furnace Master (in progress)

Razorscale (in progress)

XT-002 Deconstructor (in progress)

Assembly of Iron (in progress)

Kologarn (in progress)

Auriaya (in progress)

Mimiron (in progress)

Hodir (in progress)

Thorim (in progress)

Freya (in progress)

General Vezax (in progress)

Yogg-Saron (in progress)

Algalon the Observer (in progress)

Gear Requirements

10 Man

Full Naxxramas 10 gear required (ilevel 200).

25 Man

Full Naxxramas 25 man/Eye of Eternity 25 man gear required (ilevel 213).

Note: Check out Eric's Naxxramas Guide for help gearing up for Ulduar.

Stat Requirements

If you want to check if you are well enough geared check out WoW-Heroes or Be.Imba, these sites will collect character data off the armory and recommend the best instances for you to go to.

I will not post minimum stats for healers/tanks/dps as they are highly controversial and there are whole threads on the internet filled with debate about them. I recommend using the sites I linked taking into account skill level, Ulduar is very reliant on skill; more so than any of the other raid instances. I would also recommend talking to someone who knows your class and spec in game, and asking their opinion.

Ideal Raid Setup

For some fights it is useful to have people able to switch to a different spec (for example and extra tank is really useful on Thorim, while some fights can be done with fewer tanks. Generally I would advise the following:

10 Man

2 Tanks
3 Healers
5 DPS (2 Melee and 3 Ranged)

25 Man

3 Tanks
6-7 Healers
15-16 DPS (5 Melee and 10/11 Ranged)

Good luck soldier!

[80] Vault of Archavon - Normal Mode.


Welcome to this little guide for the raid Vault of Archavon, in which you will fight Archavon the Stone Watcher. He is fairly easy, and can be done with without very good gear. The only require is being level 80. Don't forget this is the 10-Man version of the raid.

Group set-up

  • 1 Main Tank.
  • 1 Off Tank.
  • 2 Healer, one for the Main Tank, the other for the Off Tank and the rest of the raid.
  • 6 DPS classes.

The Trash

Before you can fight with Archavon, you'll have to clear four Archavon Warders, they have about 135k life and will sometimes use Shield Crush. Don't tank them against the wall because when your Main Tank is being thrown away, s/he will become very vurnable to physical damage (and wants to get away, using this knockback). Let the Off Tank taunt immidiately.

Archavon: The Fight

First of all, Archavon is a DPS race. He will Enrage after five minutes. Now, let's review his ability's:

Rock Shards - Every 15 seconds, Archavon will throw a rock shower on a random player. This ability inflicts 472 to 528 physical damage in an area of 5 yard around the target 9 times a second for 3 seconds.

Like described, he will do this every 15 seconds, on a random raid member. The raid member can't avoid the damage by walking away, other raid members near him/her will have to move away. It doesn't do alot of damage, so the healers won't have alot of problems with this one.

Choking Cloud - Every 30 seconds, Archavon will perform a Crushing Leap on a random target, inflicting 5,000 physical damage to the target and other players in a 10 yard radius. The leap also leaves a Choking cloud on the ground for 30 seconds, dealing 2,000 damage per second and reducing chance to hit by 50% to everyone standing in it.

Archavon leaps to a random raid member and leaves an AoE attack. He will automaticly walk back to the tank (assuming he has the aggro). Other raid members need to walk out of the AoE.

Stomp - Every 45 seconds, Archavon will stomp the ground, dealing approximately 4,000 unmitigable damage to everyone and stunning them for 2 seconds. At the same time, he'll Impale his highest aggro target, removing it from the fight for 8 seconds.

When this happens, the Main Tank will be unable to do his job. That's why you need an Off Tank. Let the Off Tank pick up Archavon as soon as possible.

Berserk - After 5 minutes of fighting, he will enter in a frenzy, increasing his attack speed by 150% and damage done by 900%, wiping the raid almost instantly.

This is the Enrage we talked about earlier, if this happens, you will most likely wipe.

Additional info

  • You can only fight him if you have Wintergrasp in control.
  • He has a chance to drop Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth.
  • Click here for a list of all his loot.
  • You can go to Wintergrasp Fortress, using the portal of Wintergrasp in Dalaran.

I hope this little guide is useful, and that you will farm him weekly!


Attunements and Keys

Guides on how to obtain keys and attunements for certain areas of the game such as Onyxia's Lair or Naxxramas.

[80] VoA - How to play Emalon, The storm watcher. 10 - 25 man

This is a guide how to play Emalon, The storm watcher in the raid Vault of Archavon.

Recommended addons:
Deadly boss mode Link to

    Needed players: 10man
  • 1 Main-tank. Tanking boss
  • 1 Add-tank. Tanking adds.
  • 2 Healers. 1 healer on off-tank. 1 healer on raid and main-tank.
  • 6 dps. At least 2000dps
    Needed players: 25man
  • 1 Main-tank. Tanking boss.
  • 1-2 Add-tank(s). (It's comfortable when picking up an add when there's 1 extra tank. Would recommend just 1 Add-tank though. It depends on gear of the Add-tank) Tanking adds.
  • 4 healers. 2 on Add-tank and 2 on Main-tank and raid.
  • 18-19 Dps. At least 2,500dps.

Before you start you have to decide who heals on what tank(s).

The fight

To start there's 4 adds on this boss.

The Add-tank going in first right behind him is the main tank and taunting the boss off him as fast as possible. Add-tank need heal in 5sec or he's dead, unless he's good geared.

Add-tank going to left and Main-tank going to right.

After that the pull it's really easy. All dps on boss. After that the boss will do lightning nova, then the dps have to run from the boss. You always gonna take some damage but the more far away you are the less damage you take. Deadly boss mode warns for lightning nova. The tank is standing on the same place in lightning nova.

This is the most important in the whole fight When an add are overcharged all dps on that add. The overcharged is stacking up more and more. When it reach 10 charges you probably going to die. Because the add damage more and more each charge.
When 1 add is dead it'll spawn an add with the boss. the Add-tank have to taunt it and get aggro.

After this it just go around and around until the boss are dead.


  1. Pull the boss
  2. Dps boss
  3. Watch out for lightning nova
  4. Kill overcharged add
  5. Taunt new add
  6. Do everything again, and again until the boss are dead.

That's everything, a very easy boss fight! Smiling

[80] Eric's Guide to Naxxramas 10 man

The guide introduces all the basic tactics of Naxxramas 10 man version. A step to step guide on how to beat the bosses in the instance.

For a normally naxxramas run you will need:
1 Maintank
1 Offtank
2-3 Healers
1 Mage/Hunter
1 ranged DPS
3 random DPS's
And a maximum of 2-3 melee DPS. When the group will reach Kel'thuzad , it will start to be close.

All should have at least full rares (blues) and a few epics is recommended.


The guide is splitted up in 5-6 parts.