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For the Alliance! Achievement Guide

This guide strives towards the most efficient completion of the For the Alliance! achievements. This guide tries to cover as many bases as possible, from organizing the raid to actually downing the city bosses. If you would like to see additions, have questions or find any errors, please leave them in a comment below.

It must be said firstly that organizing a "For The Alliance" raid is time consuming and difficult. Everything from organizing the raid itself, directing your troops, coordinating movement between cities, and fending of PVP attacks is up to you. Do not take the organization of this achievement lightly, badly organized runs are frustrating and can become the laughing stock of the server forums. Even perfectly run raids can be stymied by any combination of city defense and server lag. But nonetheless, this achievement can be very fun and worth every bit of work put into it.

What is the achievement and why do it? For the Alliance consists of downing 4 of the 5 Horde race leaders in their respective capitals: Thrall of Orgrimmar, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner of the Undercity, Cairne Bloodhoof of Thunder Bluff, and Lor'themar Theron of Silvermoon City. Note that the Troll racial leader, Vol'jin, is not needed for the achievement. The reward for doing all of this work is 5 different achievements and a Black War Bear mount that will be mailed to you immediately upon completion.

A crucial decision for the raid is actually determining when to have it. Organizing during high population times can lead to disaster. While it may be easier to find players for your raid, the opposition is much more likely to defend their cities. In addition, because of the high number of players online, server strain becomes an issue and heavy lag can take effect, limiting your raid's effectiveness. It is not impossible to succeed during high playtime hours, but it requires much higher coordination and demands more individual skill from your raid.

For these reasons, it is better to organize during off peak hours such as on weekdays, specifically in the morning or afternoon, for your raid.

For class composition you can play fairly loose. Having a very well geared main tank can make the whole endeavor much easier. The tank should not wear PVP gear but the standard PVE tank gear. Have tank lean for a survivability/stamina set versus a high threat set. Your tank needs to survive the city boss, an onslaught of adds and defending players. It is also crucial to have multiple tanks who are ready to take aggro at a moment's notice. The opposition will target your main tank since this is the easiest way to dismantle a raid. It can also be helpful for Sylvanas who often aggro dumps.

You can toy with the number of healers you bring. I've done it with as few as three, but its smarter to bring 4-6. This will lower your overall DPS, but the more healers you have the more leniency you give yourself against lag and PVP. Make sure they're actual healing assignments, preferably with at least two healers on the tank and everybody else on the raid. Holy Paladins and Discipline Priests are excellent tank healers, but any healer can do the job effectively. Likewise Holy Priests, Resto Shamans and Resto Druids make effective raid healers, but again any healer can do the job effectively. Healers need to watch for aggro, not only will players target them to dismantle the raid, but NPCs will also aggro because of the healing threat. It is hard for tanks to see everything that goes on in the chaos, so communicate when you have aggro and do your best to get it off of you if you can. Paladins and can for the most part getaway with PVE gear due to their high innate survivability, but other classes should wear their PVP gear.

For DPS the main goal is to take down the bosses as fast as possible, but priority number one is to protect tanks and healers. Failure contain the city defenders will wipe your raid every time. In particular, look for casters who attempt to hide from a distance and kill off your members. Area Effect attacks are excellent weapons for both you and your enemy. High AE damage classes can help clear out spawning guards and players on the raid. However, enemy players can do the same and put a large strain on your healers. If you see somebody attacking your raid, whether it be a tank, healer or DPS, stop attacking the boss and immediately deal with the threat by killing or crowd controlling them. A Priest's Psychic Scream is especially effective since it requires no targeting and hits multiple enemies at the same time. DPSers do not necessarily need PVP gear since they are not usually focused. If you can survive a few seconds of a player's attack then you should be fine.

The Order of the Kills
Their can never be a hard fast rule for downing the bosses. Which strategy you take and what order you kill them in will depend on the opposition's city defense. This varies from the time of day and server. In general some bosses are more protected than others. Thrall in Orgrimmar is by far the most protected as he is the Horde leader and nestled deep within the Horde capital. I always recommend taking him first so that you can take the opposition by surprise. If you can take him down you have the hardest part complete.

The next choice is between Thunder Bluff and Undercity. Thunder Bluff is closer, but also the obvious choice. Thunder Bluff is easy to get to for the Horde, and with Patch 3.2 a portal from Orgrimmar to Undercity was added, making it much easier for Horde to change cities. However, I still recommend going to UC next because it is unpredictable and most people will not go that far out of their way. The choice is ultimately yours but buying yourself even a little bit of time goes a long ways when the heat is on you. It is also optimal because after you down Sylvannas in UC, its a tossup for Horde as to what city you go to next, Thunder Bluff or Silvermoon.

But ultimately, Silvermoon will be saved for last. This is because Silvermoon is as dead as a city can possibly be and in fact, many Horde probably don't know even know who the Blood Elf racial leader is.

This is a good strategy but by no means necessarily the best for your raid. Use your own intuition and knowledge of your server to customize your plan of attack. Be willing to improvise as you go and make changes as needed.

Getting to the Bosses and Killing Them




Gaining Alterac Valley (AV) Faction points

The Different Factions

You may already know this but I figured it would be best to give you the details of all factions you get in AV.

The best way to gain reputation in AV for each faction is to:

  1. Do Consistant Supply runs. The Cold Tooth mind gives 10 faction per run (Takes 2k Faction for friendly, 6k Faction for Honored, 12k For Revered and 21k for
  2. Do Irontooth Supply runs, 25 Faction per run.. Alot easier if you have the Rune of Recall so you can get back to the town easier. (The horde has to OWN this mine which
    means you are advancing past stormpike graveyard.)
  3. Kill the Alliance and Shift-Right Click the body's, faction varies (It automatically loots everything on that body).
  4. Farm Alterac Ram Hides, each hide givs 10 faction when you turn it in at the Wolf Commander. Can only be done 25 times.. when the Wolf Commander dies it can be
    done another 25 times. (South of Frostwolf).
  5. Repeatedly do the Lost Stables Quest it gives 10 faction per complete but can only be done 25 times (Until the commander dies then can be done another 25 times) Same as the
    Alterac Hide quest.
  6. If you are friendly get a small group together and kill NPCs they give 5 faction per kill (THE OPPOSING FACTION NPCS! Normal ones DO NOT work.) Once you reach honored the NPCs do not give you faction anymore.

List of Items

Here is a list of the different turn-ins and how much faction they give you:

I hope you enjoyed reading this Smiling

Nilz' AV Guide (Both Factions)


This guide was made to help those who don't the reason or what to do during Alterac Valley. In this guide I will explain what to do, how to do it, quests, and how to do those quests. Some people don't realize the potential of AV and how useful it can be. I think it is the most entertaining battleground as well as being a goldmine for honor (don't believe me check my Honor Guide) it is alliance based, however you can use it for horde too.

What to Do

When you are in AV the point is to either get the other team's reinforcements get to 0, or kill the other team's commanders.

Killing the Main Commanders

Alliance kill Drek'Thar.

Horde kill Vanndar Stormpike


If you don't want to kill the commander you can try to get the enemy's points to 0. There are several things that you can do to get their points lower:

1. Kill the other team's captains

When you kill the captain the other team's points go down about 100 points.

Alliance kill Galvangar

Horde kill Balinda Stonehearth

2. Destroy the Towers

Both team's have several towers guarded by archers at the top. Every tower you destroy the other team lose points. Some towers contain friendly npcs that you can run back to your camp.

3. Capture the graveyards (GY)

There are GYs all over AV guarded by about 4 npcs. Easily solo able at high levels. These are useful because they help you progress towards the enemy camp. These also decrease the enemy's points.

4. Kill the Other Team

Basically, kill the other team, for every kill made the enemy loses 1 point.

5. Capture Mines

There are 2 mines in AV, when you capture the enemy's by killing the boss at the end of the mine. When you capture a mine your team gain points, which is always helpful, that's all there is to winning ...but wait there more!


There are a lot of quests to get from this battleground ...and here they are.


Battle for Alterac - This quest is given by Voggah Deathgrip and in order to complete this quest you need to kill Vanndar Stormpike.

Rewards: 14300 XP + 13 and 20

Hero of the Frostwolf - This quest is a follow-up of Battle for Alterac and all you have to is choose a reward.

Rewards: Wand of Biting Cold
Ice Barbed Spear
Cold Forged Hammer
700 XP

Coldtooth Supplies - This quest is given by Frostwolf Quartermaster and in order to complete this quest you need to go to your mine and take 10 supplies and bring them back to Frostwolf Quartermaster.

Rewards: 40

Irondeep Supplies - This quest is given by Frostwolf Quartermaster and in order to complete this quest you need to go to the other team's mine and take 10 supplies and bring them back to Frostwolf Quartermaster.

Rewards: 85

Empty Stables - This quest is given by Frostwolf Stable Master and in order to complete this quest you need to use the Frostwolf Muzzle provided on a frostwolf to tame it then bring it back to Frostwolf Stable Master.

Ram Hide Harnesses - This quest is given by Frostwolf Wolf Rider Commander and in order to complete this quest you need to kill Alterac Rams and loot Alterac Ram Hide and bring them back Frostwolf Wolf Rider Commander.


Battle for Alterac - This quest is given by Prospector Stonehewer and in order to complete this quest you need to kill Drek'Thar.

Rewards: 14300 XP + 13 and 20

Hero of the Stormpike - This quest is a follow-up of Battle for Alterac and all you have to is choose a reward.

Rewards: Wand of Biting Cold
Ice Barbed Spear
Cold Forged Hammer
700 XP

Coldtooth Supplies - This quest is given by Stormpike Quarter Master and in order to complete this quest you need to go to your mine and take 10 supplies and bring them back to Stormpike Quarter Master.

Rewards: 40

Coldtooth Supplies - This quest is given by Stormpike Quarter Master and in order to complete this quest you need to go to your mine and take 10 supplies and bring them back to Stormpike Quarter Master.

Rewards: 85

Those are just some of the quests that i decided worthy enought to put in the guide if you want the whole list then go here if you are alliance. Go here if you are Horde.


AV is so easy right? Well it can be if you use the right strategy (i.e. the one I explain here) if you use a bad strategy well things can get really ugly for your team

The faction strategies differ slightly but are in the general idea.


When you start mount up and and go in generally straight line towards Balinda Stonehearth, don't go for the neutral GY that is in the middle of the map because usually the Alliance will get the first because it is closer to them, instead send a couple guys to take the GY just a bit farther then Balinda Stonehearth that way if you do die then you resurrect close to the fight. Also take down the tower just before Balinda Stonehearthas well as any other tower you see on your way. After you have killed Balinda Stonehearth go farther north while capturing all nodes on your way. Make your through the Alliance bases until you get to Vannar Stormpike. But, before you go in make sure you have enough guys as well as controlling (not in the middle of controlling it) the GY close to Vannar Stormpike just in case you ever die. After that is done establish your healers, dps, and main tank. Once that is done run in the building and kill Vannar Stormpike's guards as well as Vannar Stormpike just remember that his guards give him extra health, damage, and armor.


When you start mount up and make your way to Galvangar, capturing the neutral GY on your way. Then go to Galvangar and kill him, he is kind of easy but requires about 5 guys. Once he is killed get out and go east towards Drek'Thar but make sure you capture/ destroy all of the GYs and Towers you pass. Once you get to the horde camp you have to go through a building which is up a slope to the west, however make sure that you don't aggro any of the npcs befor Drek'Thar because they are a handful if you have to kill them on your way to Drek'Thar. There is a way to do this and basically all you do is not follow the path but instead the should be a little opening between a hut and the slope leading the the big building to the west, go up that way then avoid the npc by her hut on your way to the building which should just in front of you. Go through the building and destroy the towers past the little wooden wall. Then go south a little more past Drek'Thar's Building and capture the GY. Make sure you CAPTURE this meaning that you have full control over it and it isn't contested. Once this is done go in front of Drek'Thar's building and establish you tank, dps, and healers. Then run in the build and kill Drek'Thar and his guards who give Drek'Thar extra health, armor, and damage.

Those strategies, however, work best if the teams are even or you have the upper hand.

If you are overpowered by a lot. this goes for both factions so I won't explain it twice Eye.

Find the nearest GY and gather your team and wait for the opposing faction to come. When they do stay by the GY and fight, when you die either wait or if that was your first time dying just go to corpse, if it wasn't then just wait by the spirit healer. Then jump back into the fight, if you ever see anyone trying to capture your GY just attack him/her once with any move you can spare, as this will stop the person from capturing it. Sadly, if you are very overpowered you will eventually get taken over and the GY will be captured by the opposing faction. If this doesn't happen then very good! Continue fighting. If it does then just retreat towards the nearest controlled GY, and fight there. Once you get pushed back to your main boss, Alliance = Vanndar Stormpike, Horde = Drek'Thar, go inside the building and wait the there but also make sure the other faction does not capture the GY, however if the do then no worries just stay with your boss and fight there so it delays the loss as much as possible. that is basically the way to lose with pride Sticking out tongue.

Nilz' AV Honor Guide (Alliance Only)


The point of this guide is to explain the best and fastest way to get honor from doing the battleground AV. In this guide I will explain ways for both low level players as well as higher level characters. This is an Alliance only guide, however, it can also be used as a Horde player but all the names are Alliance specific so if you are a Horde just try to convert the names to suit your needs. I got all my info from my main who is level 66 so I am a lower level but as you can see in my screenshots at the bottom i still get high amounts of AV, maybe you will be just as lucky Smiling.

Useful Addons

Curse Website - Download the Client which makes it easier to download addons.
Deadly Boss Mods - Just add some time bars that help during AV.
YouWereKilledBy - Funny to have, lets you know who to hate Eye.
AutoProfit v4.5 - This isn't related to PvP but it helps clear bag space.
DMiniCoords - A simple box which displays coordinates, left-click it to move it where you like.

Jame explains how to put addons on without the client:
In case you don't know how to install add-ons, simply download an addon from one of the links above and unzip it. Then drag the unziped folder in your Addon folder (full path is c:\\Program Files\\World of Warcraft\\Interface\\Addons). Then, restart World of Warcraft and it should be working.

If it isn't working, you might need to log out to your character selection screen and click on "Addons" in the lower-left corner. Tick the box that says "Load out of date Addons". Re-launch WoW.


1. When I say any level I only say the second digit, the first digit is represented with an x (i.e. x5 = 55/65/75, x7 = 57,67,77 and so on). Also y will represent one higher than x (i.e. y0 = 60,70,80, y1 = 61,71,81 etc.)

2. Most things are color coded:

First check out this video on AV - AV Video - Not made by me!

Lower Levels 1-5

Even Teams or More Team Members

Before I start I just want to mention that depending on what realm you are on different factions (horde/ Alliance) will win. If you are lower then half of your level range and are unsure whether you are good with your class I would suggest you stand back and watch and occasionally use you aoe spells and heals. The reason why we use our aoe spells is to raise your damage done which makes it look like your doing something. If you are healing (Priest, Druid, Shaman or Paladin) then use ctrl-v to see your team's health bars. If you die, healers especially, you will aggro a lot of enemies and will probably will killed, DO NOT go to your corpse, unless your body is close enough to be resurrected by the npc and can resurrect by your body. The reason is because if your insignia is taken while running to your corpse you waste time getting back to the npc resurrect. It will also help (obviously) if you have extra health because the higher levels will try to kill you so try to get some help from some team mates. Finally if you ever see an enemy trying to retreat back to his team, stop him by any means necessary (i.e. stun, freeze, death grip-DK's only)

Uneven Teams - Overpowered

If your team is overpowered (not 2 or 3 less players) and your team will get destroyed then sadly you will have to forget about honor for a bit and try focusing on training. The quickest way to do this is grind on the Harpies by the cave and work you way through the cave until you reach the Alterac Yeti, he is level y1 (elite). Once you make it to the Yeti you can try to kill it but you most likely will die, especially if you are a lower level. If you ever do die don't worry because by this time the teams should have evened out so then just go and help your team. If it hasn't evened out you will have to go back and continue to grind on the Harpies, another thing to do is you can complete some of the quests at the main camp. Do this until the teams even out, when that happens go help your team (see the above guide: Even or Overpowered). If the teams never even out , sadly, you'll have to continue grinding on the Harpies or you can try your luck at battling the horde team, however, you may die... a lot Sad.

Higher Levels 8-10

The reason I left 2 levels between the lower half and upper half of the levels is because at those levels it depends on your abilities with your class. This means that if you are good with your class at level 6 then you can go to the higher higher levels, on the other hand, if you... well... suck with your class at level 7 you may want to stick with the lower level guide for a little bit.

Anyway, if you are level 8 or above you will probably be the main dps, so it is vital that you use an aoe spell (i.e. Paladins - Consecration, Mage - Blizzard, Hunters - Frost Trap + Volley, DK's are a little harder to aoe but it is possible - Aoe With a Dk - Provided by Jame. Obviously, it helps to have a lot of health because you will aggro a lot of guys, also if possible use heals - Paladins should bubble heal, DK's should use blood aura. As a main dps you will probably want to use a strong, fast weapon and close to the best gear you can have.

Even Teams or More Team Members

Basically , as a main dps you should stay with the main group and work your way through the bosses until you hit Drek'Thar, when you get to Drek NEVER retreat because then you reset his health and it will take way too long to kill him and a lot of unnecessary deaths will occur. All of the bosses are level y1 (boss) therefore they are impossible to solo, so never go in alone (especially for Drek) wait for your team to rally up then blitz, or attack all at once, the boss. If you ever aggro the boss never run out of the building because he will then reset his health and it will take way to long to kill him.
These are the two Horde bosses that should/need to be killed.

Drek'Thar - when you kill him you win AV!

Galvangar - When you kill him the Horde reinforcements decrease by about 100 points!

Also remember to capture all of the graveyards on your way to the Horde Base because then when you or other people die then it is easier and faster to get back to your team, be sure to get the graveyard past Drek because then you spawn close and never really miss out on the kill, also as an added bonus the horde team cannot spawn there. Once you have killed Drek you win AV instantly. However if, for some reason, you can't kill Drek (Not enough team members/work) then you can capture all of the bases and start killing the horde team for even more honor and wait for their reinforcements to diminish when that happens you win AV!

Less or Uneven Teams

If you are ever overpowered by the other team then sadly you have no choice but to stand and fight. You could grind on Harpies but it may get a little boring and it is very easy. However, fortunately there is a technique that will allow you still get some honor but it is a little slower. When you see that the Horde is coming close, stand at the nearest graveyard (GY) and wait for the horde. When you are at the GY make sure that there is a group of Alliance players because if there isn’t then you will get destroyed very easily ...this is bad Sticking out tongue. When the horde come, jump right in to the fight (p.s. watch for Dk`s because they will probably use Death Grip to pull you closer so be ready, don’t worry if you die because you will spawn right next to the fight (that is why we fight at the GY). When you are in the middle of a battle use a lot of your aoe spells, or traps ( - hunters only). Sadly the horde should eventually over power your team, however, one way to delay this is that whenever you see someone try to capture the GY flag, attack them by any means necessary because that will interrupt their capture. If they ever do capture the GY so it is contested try to capture t back because if you don’t you will most likely have to retreat to the next GY. If that ever happens, where the Horde control the GY, go back to the nearest GY which is usually the main camp. If it isn’t the main camp just continue to do the same thing as before until it is taken over, if it isn’t taken over then just continue to fight until the game ends. If it is at the main camp with Vanndar Stormpike (our boss) then get your team and run into the building with Stormpike and wait there because most likely the Horde will try to kill Stormpike so as soon as the Horde come in the building start to fight them so you protect Stormpike and delay their victory. If you have downloaded DBM then check it constantly to make sure that the Horde don’t take the GY because if they do then you spawn at the beginning and it takes to long to get back to Stormpike. During this BG you have a very low chance of winning so if you lose don’t worry it was expected.

Possible Objectives (All Levels 1-10)

During AV if you don’t want honor then there are many quests to do at the main camp.
1. Armour Scraps - this is given by Murgot Deepforge (43, 15) a very easy quest to do as well as giving good advantages. When you are in the fights collect the insignias of the fallen players to collect armour scraps, when you have enough, or you want to turn them in, go back to Murgot Deepforge and turn all of your armour scraps in. It is repeatable and a little honor. As well as npc upgrades per 25 turn ins, and 1 Stormpike rep is offered per turn in of 20.

2. Empty Stables – talk to Stormpike Stable Master (42, 16) and accept the quest and you will be given a collar. Once you have the collar get off the road and find any Alterac Ram and use your collar on it and you will begin to tame it. Once it is tamed mount up and go back to Stormpike Stable Master and turn in Empty Stables for some honor and rep (10 Ironforge, 1 Stormpike).

3. This quest is the second part of Empty Stables and you get Ram Riding Harnesses (42, 17) from Stormpike Ram Rider Commander and you need to farm Frostwolf hides, you need 25 for all of the rams.

Here are a few screenshots of my level 66 Paladin. These are not edited in any form except that I made them smaller to be viewed easier.

In this screenshot you can see that I have the lowest damage done and around near the middle for killing blows. This just proves how effective staying back and milking honor off other players is Eye

In this screenshot you see that I have captured one GY, this accumulated a little bit of honor (certainly better than no honor Smiling) also the secondary objective was a quest I got from "Prospector Stonehewer" (43, 14) called The Battle Of Alterac

So that concludes my Guide (this is my first one so any feedback will be great Smiling )

Also please ask whenever you have a question about anything concerning this guide (i.e. spelling errors, unclear instructions).

Thx. Go Horde ...Alliance Eye

PVP Points Conversion (4.0.1)

Welcome to a flash card 4.0.1 guide. Hopefully this may better prepare you for the new PVP awards system going live today (12 th Oct 2010). This guide is intended to be very brief and a quick reference for you on how to maximize your awareness of 4.0.1 mechanics.

Honor points are getting a make over. So if you had 400,000 honor points before the patch, and notice a huge cut, here is what happened.


Old Honor Points * 0.024 = New Honor
Old Arena Points * 0.85 = New Honor
Battleground Mark of Honor * 2.976 = New Honor
Wintergrasp Mark of Honor * 19.08 = New Honor
Stone Keeper Shard * 1.6 = New Honor
Venture Coin * 3 = New Honor
Spirit Shard * 1 = New Honor

(Source: Nethaera - Blizzard Poster)

In 4.0.1 there will be a soft cap for honor conversion, similar to justice point conversion, this is 4000. This means if you have more than 4000 points, you will have to spend them to get under this cap, before you are able to accumulate them again.

In the final patch before Cataclysm (4.0.3) this will become a hard cap. Any honor points over the 4000 mark, will be converted to 35 per point.

Other useful info

You do not LOSE Honor points, if you keep below 4000 points, until Patch 4.0.3
Honor points WILL be used in Cataclysm, so if you are keen to get geared up for Cataclysm arena or BG in the next leg of content, going into Cataclysm with 4000 HP earned from WotLK PVP is acceptable (unless they reset the JP, though I really can not see them doing so)

PVE Badges are also being reformed, please see my PVE Conversion guide for more info.

Shinke's Horde Grizzly Hills PvP Dailies Guide

Grizzly Hills is only 2nd in line to Wintergrasp in the case of Northrend PvP. This guide is devoted to that.
Grizzly Hills has 3 designated PvP zones with daily PvP quests and rewards. This guide is going to take you through the fastest way possible, to get that stuff outta the way! =P

Part 1: Blackriver Logging Camp

The first place we'll go to is found at the island just east/northeast of Conquest Hold

Accept Blackriver Brawl from Captain Kronn.

Kill 10 Alliance players or NPC's on the island. The Orcs will help if you need it.

Go back, turn in, get your money and/or 20k XP.

Part 2: Blue Sky Logging Grounds

This is our second destination in this day, and in my opinion the easiest.

Accept the following:

Head to the island southeast of the camp.

  1. Pick up every Shredder Part you see until you finish Making Repairs

  2. Kill every Alliance NPC / Player you see.

  3. Use the Renewing Tourniquet on Wounded Skirmishers you find.

  4. Once done with those 3, find a Shredder and run back to camp in it.

Once you have all 4 quests complete, turn them in.

Part 3: Venture Bay

Now it's time to take an epic ride out of Blue Sky Logging Grounds.

Find the NPC on the same level as the Horde quest givers, he's standing on a platform next to a "waterway." (Sort of shown in pic)

Talk to him.

This may say "You are busy" just keep trying until you are riding a log down to Venture bay. It took me 12 tries my first time.

This is the largest of the PVP hubs with a captureable area in the center (the lighthouse) that offers the daily quest Riding the Red Rocket if your faction controls the area. If you have control of the lighthouse you also get access to the Venture Coin rewards vendor. Here you will do the daily PVP quests Smoke 'Em Out, Keep Them At Bay,and Crush Captain Brightwater!.There is also a non-daily PVP quest here - Seeking Solvent - that turns into a turn-in quest Always Seeking Solvent after you complete it.


Kill every Alliance mob (or player if you prefer) on your way to the closest building with Venture Company Stragglers.

Once here, use the Smoke Bomb

After clearing that house you should have 5-7 of the 20 you need complete.

Head east (killing Allys still) to the next house.

Use the Smoke Bomb once again.

At this point if you don't have all 20 there's one more house just to the east.
You should be done with Smoke 'Em Out.


Now head south to the dock.

Go to the easternmost ship.

Here you'll find 3 Alliance mobs and Captain Brightwater.

He's a 74 Elite but only has 30k HP. Easy to solo for anyone.


Head to the middle ship.

Now you're going to clear the ship to the last room.

Here you'll find Element 115.

Pick it up and you'll get a debuff that increases damage taken by 35% and doesn't allow you to move faster from mounts or any other buffs.

Run back to camp avoiding fights and turn in all the quests. (assuming you killed 10 allys around the area.)

If your faction has control of the island, you can do Riding the Red Rocket. For this quest you need to go back to the middle ship and take the Element 115 to the dock at the end of the island. Mount on the rocket.

This is in my opinion one of those games you saw in an arcade in 1987. You have to go south for about 5 seconds then go east, avoiding icebergs, and run into the Ally ship docked on the edge of the island.

Note, this is not one of the boats we've been to before, it's east of them. And if you crash into an iceberg you have to go back for the Element 115 again.

After you do all of these quests (assuming you aren't 80 yet) You'll get 5 or 6 gold each, along with 20k XP each, for a total of nearly 200k XP per day. Thats not bad. Continue to do this while leveling to 80 as you get a good amount of Venture Coins That you can turn in on the controllable island at Venture Bay for rewards. The complete list of rewards is here. Plus a lot of XP!

Also, if your looking for a good World of Warcraft podcast with Blizzard news, rumors, facts, patch information, and everything else you need, check out The Instance, my personal favorite. It has also won an award for best gaming podcast! I highly recommend it. You can find it on iTunes or here

[Horde] WSG, AB, EOTS and AV Guide for Dummies.

----A guide about WSG/AB/AV And EotS for dummies.

1. The reason why I’m writing this guide is because I cant stand the fact that every single time I get into a horde side Battleground there are atleast 5 players not knowing what to do.
This guide is to get a few normal and simple ways to win Battlegrounds.

2. Alterac Valley (AV)
This battleground has 40 Alliance and 40 Horde players.

- What to do in this battleground :
Kill Vanndar. This is the main boss inside Alterac Valley once he is killed the game ends and the Horde wins.
- Survive. This battleground is the only battleground with Reinforcements. Which are your resurrections. If you run out of them you lose.
You will lose these reinforcements by letting Guard towers get destroyed and letting Generals get killed such as Galv he resides in the Iceblood Garrison.
- And Defend. This is quite simple. Most players will run off to Balinda then camp the road towards IP and Aidstation. Players with a clean way of thinking and listening to others will mostly do this. I’m not saying your not supposed to attack but without defence your pretty much doomed.

A game such as Alterac Valley starts in a cave. (Usually defended by leechers.)
This is where everybody able to buff..should costs no mana so you can keep on going without having to drink, Mages should try and make a table and Warlocks Healthstones.

This is also the part where everybody should get arranged and know what to do.
There are always a few shouting out stuff like “G1-3 Defend Galv” Meaning that if you are in G1-3 you should go and defend him. This is seriously not a bad thing to do cause this will keep the alliance back and most of the time they lose.

- The Towers
These are attacked by the alliance in order to get your reinforcements down fast.
Defend those at all costs. (Blizz should seriously re-moddel those cause they are quite weak)
The ones inside your main base where Drekk resides will also get attacked frequently by stealthers just cause they can.

- Graveyards. When a group runs off to Balinda 2 people should try and get SH GY.
The best way to do this is by one of them running through the guards training them away and the other one just tags it. This will keep the alliance away and will help out greatly.

- Bunkers : These are your best way of getting the alliance there reinforcements down.
There aren’t allot of them but as our towers are our main prio so are the bunkers for the alliance.
Try and keep about 4 man to defend it till they are destroyed.
The more you destroy these the higher the chance becomes that you win this BG.
You will also be greatly rewarded with honor points.

- Abbreviations :
IB G : Iceblood Garrison
IB GY : Iceblood Graveyard
IB Tower : Iceblood Tower
Drekk : Drekk’Thar main boss in AV for the horde
Vann(darr): Main boss of the alliance in AV.
Galv : Horde Genaral If killed alliance gets about 67 honor points and you lose reinforcements.
Bal: Alliance General if killed horde gets about 67 honor points and loses buff’s/reinforcements
(and 300 more. Usually just short terms of Graveyards and Bunkers)

- Arathi Basin (AB): This battleground has 15 alliance and 15 horde players.

- What to do in this battleground :
- Tag : In this battleground you will find several bases
Such as : Farm , Goldmine , Lumber mill ,Blacksmith and Stables.
By tagging these bases you will start getting recourses these will make you win as soon as you manage to get 2000 of them.
The more bases you get the faster your resources start coming in.
The less you have the slower you will get them as well.

- Defend : Once you managed to get hold of a few stables. Make sure you got more than the alliance else its no use.
You start defending. Try fighting at the flag as much as possible. The closer you do damage near a flag the higher the chances that you can keep the alliance from taking it from you. Sometimes you find yourself defending alone. Do not be scared to call out for help.

- Help out : If you find yourself fighting at flag tagging them and moving on and someone calls out for help, Help him or her then!
You are more beloved when you are helping then when you are in there for Honorable Kills.

- Abbreviations :
ST : Stables
GM : Goldmine
BS: Blacksmith
Farm : Just the farm
LM: Lumber mill

*-Big tip : LEAVE STABLES-* Its damn useless and you wont be able to hold it unless you’re a well arranged fixed group.

- Warsong Gulch (WSG) : This Battleground has 10 alliance players and 10 Horde players.

- What to do in this battleground :

- Steal the flag: This battleground will make you play Capture The Flag. Its quite simple take the flag run to your home base and get one point. You will need to steal 3 flags in order to win. Most horde players run off to get the flag and hope for the best.That’s not really my kind of thing. Cause it takes a whole lot of time because then you wont be able to take your own flag when it gets stolen and you’ll be searching your ass off for an hour or so.. at least that’s how it feels and it gets damn boring then.

- Defend your flag : At the start you’ll have a minute to prepare. Buff up and all that hand out food/healthstones and what not. As I said most horde players just run off to get the alliance flag and hope for the best. This is where you step in and be a defender. What you do is keep the alliance from taking your flag. They usually get a buff from the cave. Charge in take the flag and run and slow them down! Every class has a capability to do so.
Once the flag did get out of your reach don’t freak out. Wait patiencely for one of your team members to bring in the alliance flag ones its on your base make sure you defend him further on.
The rest of the party will continue with getting your own flag back. Do this in a large group otherwise you will not stand a chance. The alliance flag carrier should only be defended by 2 players and himself in the base.

- Defend the flag carrier : The flag carrier is the person that managed to get the flag.
I usually like druids cause they can heal themselves and become a bear and have a whole lot of health/armor. Which is good cause they wont go down that fast then.
They can run rather fast as well and won’t have to deal with crippling effect’s.
This doesn’t mean that when you are capable of healing you don’t have to heal him. Keep him up at all costs.
Once the flag carrier managed to get back to the horde base you do not have to stay with him with 10 man. I’d say 2 people + himself are enough. The rest should get our own flag back if it got stolen by the alliance.
For the 2 people that are needed to defend the Flag Carrier I’d go for a healer and a ranged DPS. Such as a mage or Warlock in order to fear/sheep the attackers.

- Abbreviations :
FC : Flag carrier usually shouted out cause he’s under attack
Ramp : A small ramp leading up to the horde/alliance bases. To point out directions where the FC of the alliance/horde is going
Tun : Tunnel to point out directions where the FC of the alliance/horde is going
GY : Graveyard t to point out directions where the FC of the alliance/horde is going

- Eye of the storm (Eots) : This battleground has 15 alliance players and 15 horde players.
What you do in here is kind off the same as what you do in Arathi Basin.
You have 4 bases and 1 flag. Your goal is to reach 2000 Resources before the alliance does.
- What to do in here

- Tag : You have 4 bases consisting of : Dreanei Tower , Mage tower , Felreaver and Blood elf tower. The fastest ones possible to tag are Bloodelf and Felreaver. These bases are there to be able to place your flags in.

The more bases you have the more resources you will get. So a big boost to get some resources is to run to the mage or dreanei tower as soon as you captured the Belf/felreaver tower. This will make the alliance a bit slower with getting resources and a bigger chance for you to win!

- Defend : If you are only holding 2 bases it means the alliance will try and take it from you because you are in a weaker position. Defend these bases. The only way of not letting them taking it is to kill them because the way of getting those bases is by standing near them. You will also have a flag carrier. Usually someone able to run fast. If he is in a sticky situation such as a warrior or a mage on them try and help him out.

- Capture the Flag : The reason why you will be capturing flags is to boost your resources income. The more flags you capture the faster you will win. There is usually one or two people capturing after each other. This will go nice and fast cause as soon as one has the flag the other one should be running back from the base to the middle of the spawn position of the flag this is a nice way to keep up the pace.

- Abbreviations :
FR : Felreaver usually shouted out because is under attack
DR: Dreanei tower shouted out to attack it or to defend it
FC: Flag Carrier mostly used to shout out for help or to kill the alliance FC
Mage: Mage tower shouted out to attack it or to defend it
Belf: Bloodelf Tower usually shouted out because is under attack

[WotLK BG] Strand of the Ancients

I've been enjoying the new battleground, but lamenting the fact that players are woefully unprepared when they enter. Blizzard drops players into the invasion of Normandy without any idea which way is up. This guide is an attempt to orient you and give a few tips.


This is an assault style battleground. One team attacks while the other defends. After a successful attack or 10 minutes (whichever comes first) the attackers play defense and vice versa. The attacking team spawns on two boats (half the team on each boat) which sail to the northeast and northwest beaches during prep time. The defending team spawns at the southern graveyard to start. The defending team can move at will during prep time and can even wait on the docks for the attackers to land if they choose. The goal of the attacking team is to reach the southernmost building and click the artifact inside. To do this they must break down a series of walls between the landing site and the artifact using two kinds of siege weapons.

The first barrier has two walls--one on the east and one on the west. The second barrier has a similar setup. The third and fourth barriers have one wall each, located at the midline of the map.

Graveyards can be captured by the attackers, but cannot be recaptured by the defenders once lost. Capture is achieved by clicking the flag, similar to Arathi Basin (not like EotS).

If the first team successfully captures the relic, the sides immediately swap regardless of the time left on the clock. The second team must then beat the first team's assault time to win. If neither team touches the artifact, the match is a draw. A draw will not count as a win for the daily quest, and both teams receive only one mark. Due to these rules, the maximum time for a complete game is 20 minutes.

There are two brackets for SotA: one for levels 71-79 and one for level 80.

New Toys

Anti-Personel Cannon

(25000 HP in 71-79 bracket)
Cannon Blast
• Shoots a explosive in the targeted area for 3500 or so damage on demolishers and about 2000 on players in the 71-79 bracket. (2 second CD)
• These do not respawn once destroyed

Battleground Demolisher

These can have 1 driver and 2 passengers. The attackers start with 4 and they respawn at the docks. After you capture the first set of graveyards, they will also spawn at the goblin workshops farther up. Since the tanks move at run speed, capturing these graveyards is important to speed your assault. They have two abilities:
Hurl Boulder



You have two methods of taking down enemy gates.
1) Demolishers
2) Seaforium charges

Use them both at the same time. Every attacker should carry a seaforium charge at nearly all times. 4 demolishers can carry 12 people with seaforium charges (4 drivers, 8 passengers). If you can mass 4 demolishers and 12 charge-carrying attackers that wall is going down. String the demolishers in a line so the back tanks can give covering fire to the front tanks. When your demolisher is destroyed go straight for the wall and drop the charge.


WoW-Pro Leveling Addon (Old)

Current Version: 7.3.2
Last Update: Oct 24, 2017
Next Update: Nov 15, 2017

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Basic Guide Window

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How To Install:

  1. Download the addon using the big shiny button.

  2. Download TomTom from WoW Interface or Curse. TomTom is important! Without it, you won't see the arrow telling you where to go! Get version v70000-1.0.0 or later.
  3. Unzip the downloaded files into your addons directory. (How do I unzip the file?)

    Windows 7/8 location:

      C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons

    Mac location:

      Macintosh Main HD/Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons
  4. Log into the game. In the lower left-hand corner of your character select screen, you should see an "Addons" button. Click it. The WoW-Pro addon and TomTom should both be listed. Make sure they are checked, and you're ready to go!

  5. If you have any trouble installing the guide, stop by our Addon Help Chat Room to get help!

You can also visit the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon Troubleshooting Guide, where you'll find a fix for most common issues.

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Learning git/github with WoWPro Addon - Part 1

This is the Part 1 of the guide on how to use git / github, covering Introduction and Installations.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What’s git?
  3. What’s github?
  4. Tutorial: Getting started

1. Introduction

WoWPro addons are developed using a control version system called git and hosted in github, a git public hosting site (I’ll explain what that means later on). Although you are definitely not required to learn git in order to contribute with WoWPro addons, it certainly wouldn’t hurt. Eye

  • Who this guide is for exactly?

It is mainly designed to be useful to WoWPro addon developers, allowing them an easier and more resourceful access to the project. For people out there with some programming skills, who want to contribute with the development of the addon, then this guide is definitely for you! Along with the tutorials themselves, I'll also show some "etiquette" suggestions when using git / github.

For guide writers/coders/editors, this guide can certainly be also useful. However, just be aware that we are trying to centralize guide edits, posts and bugs on their respective community pages here on So, we ask you to not push your changes directly into the original github's project. But even with this restriction, using git can help tremendously in your task! I'll explain all that in the next part of the guide, as well as some "etiquette" suggestions.

For people who are reading this guide right now and have no idea what this is all about (like general WoWPro addon users), but are curious and willing to learn new things, then I invite you to also read the guide. But I won’t mind if you go somewhere else. Smiling

Also, this guide assumes Windows users, but if you have another operating system, you should be able to follow it just fine, as the git user interfaces should be similar across OSs.

  • What this guide is not?

There is a plethora of guides, tutorials, articles on how git will save the world, articles on how git sucks, etc on the Internet and it is not my intention to compete with them (in fact, I’ll provide several references at a later time). Partly because it wouldn’t be useful to the community here and partly because I’m not an expert on this subject! So, this guide is really just an overview of git and github, with some tutorials focused on WoWPro addon.

2. What’s git?

Let’s say you have a project composed of text files, that you continuously perform changes. Since the changes can be somewhat sensitive, you then decide to keep track of different versions of the same files, over time. The classical way is opening up the relevant, original file in a text editor, make the changes you want, and then use the “Save as...” option. Then, the name of the new file can be the original’s, plus some other identification, like a version number or the date it was created/modified.

But as the number of versions increases, it gets difficult to know what each of them actually means with just different name files. So, you could also improve this pedantic version control by writing, at the beginning of the text file, a change log, enumerating all the changes you performed in that particular version.

It works, but as you can see (for a number of reasons), this cumbersome system does not scale well with the number of files/lines, number of versions, etc. So people developed other, smart control version systems, of which git is one of them. These can perform easily all the processes described above and more! You’ll see some of the functionalities later on.

Before we get to the tutorials, there’s something else I should mention: what happens if you have more than one person working on the same project? This leads us to github...

3. What’s github?

You can do all the control version processes described above with git, in your local computer. You don’t really need to be like me, who does not remember even what he had for dinner last night, to appreciate easy access to changes / versions / comparisons in a personal project you’ve been working on, say, for months.

But a control version system really shines when more than one person is working on the same project, especially nowadays with all the open source projects and global collaboration. For that, a git project can be hosted in a server, which can then be accessed (and potentially modified), by people around the world through the internet.

Github is git hosting site, which provides interesting functionalities to project management and collaboration. You’ll learn some of them in the next tutorials.

Repository (repo, for short): a git project, its files and information stored by git, 
such as the different project versions. A repository can also refer to a 
full copy of a git project (more on that later).  If it’s located in your local computer, 
then it’s called “local repository”. If it’s shared, in a server, it’s called remote 
repository. Usually, you need a local repo in order to work with a remote one.

Now let's get on the hands-on...

4. Tutorial: Getting started

Let’s start by downloading and installing git. There are several tools and interfaces that you can use to do git control version, from the blander, but more robust command lines to graphical interfaces. For this guide, we’ll use a git interface for Windows, called Git Extensions. For a complete list of interfaces, including the original one for unix/linux, check the following reference link: Git Interfaces list.

You can download the latest version of Git Extensions from here:

Or more directly, for the version as of this writing, here:

Direct Download Link

Run the downloaded file to begin the installation:

Unless you have absolutely sure you have the required softwares, check to install both of them and continue in Next:

For the next step, leave the installed features as they are, just click Next. But here, let's use Putty:

Then, just continue with the installation. At some point, it will ask you to install Git (which is actually the core’s program) and kdiff3, which you shouldn’t worry about it. For both, just use the default options as they are and keep clicking “Next” or “Continue”.

If the installation is successful, you should see a new icon on your Windows desktop (and/or somewhere in the Windows Programs menus), that looks like... hmm... a Tauren?. Open the program Git Extensions, click “Ok” if a checklist settings window is shown, and you should finally see something like this:

For this guide, as you can see, we’ll use the graphical interface, but don’t be afraid to use the git command line if you want to. Git commands are few and easy to remember (yes, even to me), since they are all English words. If you want to try that later, you should see a program called git bash, which opens the git command line.

Ok, now let Git Extensions rest for now and let’s deal with github...

Go on and click on the big, blue button. Don’t be scared about the plans, prices... for public projects such as the WoWPro addon, github is completely free, easy and quick to sign up and use.

Now, choose the Create a Free Account option. Unless you already have a github account, just choose an username, e-mail, password and you’re good to go. Your github home looks a little empty right now... but we'll fix that in the Part 2 of the guide!

Learning git/github with WoWPro Addon - Part 2

This is the Part 2 of the guide on how to use git / github, covering Forking github projects and managing local and remote repositories.

Here's the link to part 1.

Table of Contents

  1. Tutorial: Forking & Remote repository
  2. Tutorial: Setting up keys
  3. Tutorial: Creating a local repository
  4. Important notice for WoWPro project

1. Tutorial: Forking & Remote repository

So, by now, you should have your very own github account.

Let's add a project to it, by "forking" WoWPro’s addon, from Jiyambi’s original repository.

Fork: make a full copy of a github project in order to start independent development on it.

For that, while logged into Github, go to Jiyambi’s repo, here:

And click the "Fork" button. You can also click Watch, to receive notifications and news, by e-mail and on your github homepage, related to the project.

Ok, now you have a forked version of WoWPro's addon. Don’t worry about all the news things that came up on that page, we’ll be dealing with some of them as the guide progress.

As you can see, your forked project is called username/WoW-Pro-Guides, which will be your personal remote repository of WoWPro.

But now, to actually modify it, as I hinted before, we need to have a local repository of that remote. For that, we go back to gitExtensions. (From now on, try to keep both gitExtensions and the github site opened and/or minimed for quick access).

2. Tutorial: Setting up keys?

Before we go on with the tutorial, let me explain a bit the next steps. The communication between your local and remote repo(s) is done via the SSH protocol, by using a pair of keys that can recognize each other. One of the keys, called private, will be stored on your local computer (and attached to you local repo) and the other key, public, will be given to github (the remote).

But how do we create a pair of keys in the first place? Fortunately, GitExtensions has a tool to generate pretty unique keys. Click on Remotes->PuTTY->Generate or import key.

Click on Generate and you get a short and easy mini-game: just keep moving your mouse cursor around until you complete the green bar and the keys get generated.

For the private key, you'll just need to save it in your computer by clicking 'save private key button'. We'll use it in a minute, so save it with a file name and in a location you'll remember (unless you want to it to play the mouse cursor mini-game again!)

You should also see a field, highligthed above, with random characters on the top of that window: that's the public key. It starts with 'ssh-rsa' and ends with '==somename'. We are going to copy that public key (exactly as it is) and paste it in the following place, on github: Account Settings -> SSH Public Keys -> Add Another Public Key:

Before minimizing/moving on, let's copy the repo remote address. Go to your forked project home, and copy the address highlighted below ( should be like :username\WoW-Pro-Guides.git ).

3. Tutorial: Creating a local repository

Now let's finally download the repo. Go back to GitExtensions, click on 'Clone repository'. Paste the just copied address into the field: 'repository to clone', choose a place for it in 'destination'. In the field 'branch', just pick 'master'. It should look like the following:

Now click on Load SSH Key to load the generated private key we saved earlier. Then, click on Clone. If all is well, you should see the download of the repo and, at the end, the notice that the cloning was successful. If not, go back to the 'generate keys' section. If you're still getting errors, post a comment on this thread.

Important notices for WoWPro project

Before moving on with the guide (in part 3), which will deal with the actual editing of file codes, I'd like to draw attention to two things regarding how WoWPro addon project is organized:

  • If you follow my guide here, you'll notice that I taught you how to create your own version (forked) of WoWPro addon. For the part 3 of the guide, if you keep following it, any changes you make to the file codes (locally and, then, remotely) will not automatically be incorporated into the "official" addon project itself. Instead, the changes made will lie on your forked version (username/WoW-Pro-Guides). After that, if you'd like your changes to be incorporated into the addon, I'll explain how to "open a ticket" to Ludovicus or Jiyambi so they can analyze the change and make the merge.

  • To make it easier for Ludovicus or Jiyambi to update the addon with the recent guide changes/correction, the guide files should be updated on their respective pages here on WoWPro. So, even though you could make the changes through git/github, you should do them by editing the pages on WoWPro, or your changes won't make through.

Part 3 should be up soon, where by soon (tm) I mean when it's ready! Eye

Source Code - Durotar

If you feel comfortable editing guide files, feel free to fix bugs on this page. Make sure you record your changes in the change log! If you'd rather just leave a comment with any mistakes you find in them, someone else can add the changes to the file at a later time.

Source Code - Valley of Trials (01-04)

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('JiyDur0105', "Leveling", 'Valley of Trials (Orc)', 'Jiyambi', 'Horde')
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, 'BitDur0512')
WoWPro:GuideIcon(guide,"Icon", WoWPro:GuidePickGender("Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Orc_Male","Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Orc_Female"))
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A Your Place In The World|QID|25152|M|45.33,68.58|N|From Kaltunk.|
T Your Place In The World|QID|25152|M|44.90,66.31|N|To Gornek.|

A Cutting Teeth|QID|25126|M|44.94,66.43|N|From Gornek.|PRE|25152|
C Cutting Teeth|QID|25126|M|51.82,54.74|N|Kill boars in the nearby boar pen.|
T Cutting Teeth|QID|25126|M|44.94,66.43|N|To Gornek.|

A Invaders in Our Home|QID|25172|M|44.94,66.43|N|From Gornek.|PRE|25126|
A Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise|QID|25136|M|42.97,62.42|N|From Galgar.|PRE|25126|

C Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise|QID|25136|NC|M|48.89,75.18;52.81,77.63;47.11,82.61;42.04,85.34;36.97,83.12;36.32,81.69|CN|N|Loot cactus apples from cactuses.|S|
C Invaders in Our Home|QID|25172|M|47.60,83.19|N|Kill Northwatch scouts to the south.|
C Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise|QID|25136|NC|M|48.89,75.18;52.81,77.63;47.11,82.61;42.04,85.34;36.97,83.12;36.32,81.69|CN|N|Loot cactus apples from cactuses.|US|
T Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise|QID|25136|M|42.97,62.42|N|To Galgar.|
T Invaders in Our Home|QID|25172|M|44.94,66.43|N|To Gornek.|

A Sting of the Scorpid|QID|25127|M|44.94,66.43|N|From Gornek.|PRE|25172|

A Lazy Peons|QID|37446|M|46.03,63.33|N|From Foreman Thazz'ril.|PRE|25172|
C Lazy Peons|QID|37446|S|NC|U|16114|M|57.74,45.82|N|Hit the Lazy Peons with the Foreman's Blackjack when they are lying down with Zzzz's coming from their head.|T|Lazy Peon|
C Sting of the Scorpid|QID|25127|M|57.74,45.82|N|Kill and loot scorpids.|
C Lazy Peons|QID|37446|US|NC|U|16114|M|57.74,45.82|N|Hit the Lazy Peons with the Foreman's Blackjack when they are lying down with Zzzz's coming from their head.|T|Lazy Peon|
T Lazy Peons|QID|37446|M|46.15,63.37|N|To Foreman Thazz'ril.|
T Sting of the Scorpid|QID|25127|M|44.94,66.43|N|To Gornek.|

A Hana'zua|QID|25128|PRE|25127|M|41.68,69.95|N|From Canaga Earthcaller.|
A Vile Familiars|QID|25131|PRE|25127|M|45.72,63.37|N|From Zureetha Fargaze.|
C Vile Familiars|QID|25131|M|49.83,20.60|N|Kill Vile Familiars near the cave to the north.|
T Hana'zua|QID|25128|M|34.75,44.18|N|To Hana'zua.|

A Sarkoth|QID|25129|M|34.75,44.18|N|From Hana'zua.|
C Sarkoth|QID|25129|M|33.65,60.90|N|Kill and loot Sarkoth.|
T Sarkoth|QID|25129|M|34.59,44.38|N|To Hana'zua.|

A Back to the Den|QID|25130|M|34.59,44.38|N|From Hana'zua.|PRE|25129|
T Back to the Den|QID|25130|M|34.40,61.14;40.59,62.94;45.05,66.07|CC|N|To Gornek at the starting area. As a short-cut, you can jump down near where you fought Sarkoth.|
T Vile Familiars|QID|25131|M|45.87,63.37|N|To Zureetha Fargaze.|

A Burning Blade Medallion|QID|25132|M|45.87,63.37|N|From Zureetha Fargaze.|PRE|25131&37446|
A Thazz'ril's Pick|QID|25135|M|45.87,63.37|N|From Foreman Thazz'ril.|PRE|25131&37446|

C Burning Blade Medallion|QID|25132|M|41.80,8.73|N|Kill felstalkers as you go through the cave.|S|QO|1|
C Thazz'ril's Pick|QID|25135|NC|M|53.10,21.01;46.97,9.67|CC|N|Enter the cave here, Inside the cave, central passage.|
K Yarrog Baneshadow|QID|25132|M|41.80,8.73|N|Kill Yarrog Baneshadow, then loot the Burning Blade Medallion. On entering the cave, he's at the end of the left tunnel, from Thazz'ril's Pick, take the tunnels to the right.|QO|2|T|Yarrog Baneshadow|
C Burning Blade Medallion|QID|25132|M|42.08,15.47|N|Finish killing the felstalkers as you leave the cave|US|QO|1|

H Valley of Trials|QID|25132|M|52.61,68.23|N|Hearth or run back to the Den.|

T Thazz'ril's Pick|QID|25135|M|46.03,63.41|N|To Foreman Thazz'ril at the starting area.|
T Burning Blade Medallion|QID|25132|M|45.91,63.49|N|To Zureetha Fargaze.|
A Report to Sen'jin Village|QID|25133|LEAD|25167|M|45.91,63.49|N|From Zureetha Fargaze.|PRE|25132|

; Now we go from ValleyOfTrails to Durotar
R Sen'jin Village|QID|25133|M|55.36,73.35|Z|Durotar|N|Follow the road to the east until you see the signpost, then head south-east along the dirt track to Sen'jin Village.|ACTIVE|25133|
T Report to Sen'jin Village|QID|25133|M|55.93,74.69|Z|Durotar|N|To Master Gadrin.|



Source Code - Echo Isles (01-04)

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('BitDur0105', 'Leveling', 'Echo Isles (Troll)', 'Bitsem', 'Horde')
WoWPro:GuideIcon(guide,"Icon", WoWPro:GuidePickGender("Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Troll_Male","Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Troll_Female"))
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, 'BitDur0512')
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

D You silly Death Knight|QID|24764|C|DeathKnight|N|Do not bother with this zone. There are no quests for YOU.|
D You silly Palandin|QID|24764|C|Paladin|N|Do not bother with this zone. There are no quests for YOU.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|31159|C|Monk|M|42.82,53.44|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24764|C|Druid|M|42.82,53.44|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24750|C|Mage|M|42.82,53.44|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24770|C|Rogue|M|42.82,53.44|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24607|C|Warrior|M|42.82,53.44|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|26272|C|Warlock|M|42.82,53.44|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24782|C|Priest|M|42.82,53.44|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24758|C|Shaman|M|42.82,53.44|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24776|C|Hunter|M|42.82,53.44|N|From Jin'thala.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|31159|C|Monk|M|52.57,51.86|N|To Zabrax.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24764|C|Druid|M|58.05,54.01|N|To Zen'tabra, who wanders.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24750|C|Mage|M|59.67,52.07|N|To Soratha.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24770|C|Rogue|M|52.89,49.91|N|To Legati.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24607|C|Warrior|M|52.55,53.66|N|To Nortet.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|26272|C|Warlock|M|50.03,49.93|N|To Voldreka.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24782|C|Priest|M|58.04,49.26|N|To Tunari.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24758|C|Shaman|M|50.08,52.75|N|To Nekali.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24776|C|Hunter|M|56.38,50.09|N|To Ortezza.|

A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|31158|C|Monk|PRE|31159|M|52.57,51.86|N|From Zabrax.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24765|C|Druid|PRE|24764|M|58.13,54.14|N|From Zen'tabra.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24751|C|Mage|PRE|24750|M|59.68,52.10|N|From Soratha.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24771|C|Rogue|PRE|24770|M|52.89,49.90|N|From Legati.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24639|C|Warrior|PRE|24607|M|52.54,53.65|N|From Nortet.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|26273|C|Warlock|PRE|26272|M|50.02,49.96|N|From Voldreka.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24783|C|Priest|PRE|24782|M|58.04,49.26|N|From Tunari.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24759|C|Shaman|PRE|24758|M|50.08,52.74|N|From Nekali.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24777|C|Hunter|PRE|24776|M|56.37,50.08|N|From Ortezza.|

C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|31158|C|Monk|M|58.13,54.14|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24765|C|Druid|M|58.13,54.14|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24751|C|Mage|M|58.13,54.14|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24771|C|Rogue|M|58.13,54.14|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24639|C|Warrior|M|58.13,54.14|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|26273|C|Warlock|M|58.13,54.14|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24783|C|Priest|M|58.13,54.14|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24759|C|Shaman|M|58.13,54.14|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24777|C|Hunter|M|58.13,54.14|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|

T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|31158|C|Monk|M|52.57,51.86|N|To Zabrax.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24765|C|Druid|M|58.13,54.14|N|To Zen'tabra.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24751|C|Mage|M|59.68,52.10|N|To Soratha.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24771|C|Rogue|M|52.89,49.90|N|To Legati.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24639|C|Warrior|M|52.54,53.65|N|To Nortet.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|26273|C|Warlock|M|50.02,49.96|N|To Voldreka.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24783|C|Priest|M|58.04,49.26|N|To Tunari.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24759|C|Shaman|M|50.08,52.74|N|To Nekali.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24777|C|Hunter|M|56.37,50.08|N|To Ortezza.|

A A Rough Start|QID|31160|PRE|31158|C|Monk|M|52.57,51.86|N|From Zabrax.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24767|PRE|24765|C|Druid|M|58.13,54.14|N|From Zen'tabra.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24753|PRE|24751|C|Mage|M|59.68,52.10|N|From Soratha.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24773|PRE|24771|C|Rogue|M|52.89,49.90|N|From Legati.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24641|PRE|24639|C|Warrior|M|52.54,53.65|N|From Nortet.|
A A Rough Start|QID|26275|PRE|26273|C|Warlock|M|50.02,49.96|N|From Voldreka.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24785|PRE|24783|C|Priest|M|58.04,49.26|N|From Tunari.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24761|PRE|24759|C|Shaman|M|52.89,49.90|N|From Nekali.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24779|PRE|24777|C|Hunter|M|56.37,50.08|N|From Ortezza.|

C A Rough Start|QID|31160|C|Monk|M|58.13,54.14|N|Kill and loot the Wildmane Cat for their Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24767|C|Druid|M|58.13,54.14|N|Kill and loot the Wildmane Cat for their Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24753|C|Mage|M|58.13,54.14|N|Kill and loot the Wildmane Cat for their Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24773|C|Rogue|M|58.13,54.14|N|Kill and loot the Wildmane Cat for their Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24641|C|Warrior|M|58.13,54.14|N|Kill and loot the Wildmane Cat for their Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|26275|C|Warlock|M|58.13,54.14|N|Kill and loot the Wildmane Cat for their Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24785|C|Priest|M|58.13,54.14|N|Kill and loot the Wildmane Cat for their Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24761|C|Shaman|M|58.13,54.14|N|Kill and loot the Wildmane Cat for their Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24779|C|Hunter|M|58.13,54.14|N|Kill and loot the Wildmane Cat for their Pelts.|

T A Rough Start|QID|31160|C|Monk|M|52.57,51.86|N|To Zabrax.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24767|C|Druid|M|58.13,54.14|N|To Zen'tabra.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24753|C|Mage|M|59.68,52.10|N|To Soratha.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24773|C|Rogue|M|52.89,49.90|N|To Legati.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24641|C|Warrior|M|52.54,53.65|N|To Nortet.|
T A Rough Start|QID|26275|C|Warlock|M|50.02,49.96|N|To Voldreka.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24785|C|Priest|M|58.04,49.26|N|To Tunari.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24761|C|Shaman|M|50.08,52.74|N|To Nekali.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24779|C|Hunter|M|56.37,50.08|N|To Ortezza.|

A Proving Pit|QID|31161|PRE|31160|C|Monk|M|52.57,51.86|N|From Zabrax.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24768|PRE|24767|C|Druid|M|57.89,53.94|N|From Zen'tabra.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24754|PRE|24753|C|Mage|M|59.68,52.10|N|From Soratha.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24774|PRE|24773|C|Rogue|M|52.89,49.90|N|From Legati.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24642|PRE|24641|C|Warrior|M|52.54,53.65|N|From Nortet.|
A Proving Pit|QID|26276|PRE|26275|C|Warlock|M|50.02,49.96|N|From Voldreka.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24786|PRE|24785|C|Priest|M|58.04,49.26|N|From Tunari.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24762|PRE|24761|C|Shaman|M|50.08,52.74|N|From Nekali.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24780|PRE|24779|C|Hunter|M|56.37,50.08|N|From Ortezza.|

C Proving Pit|QID|31161|C|Monk|M|51.94,51.35|N|Speak to Darkspear Jailor and tell him you are ready for the challenge.|CHAT|QO|1|
C Proving Pit|QID|24768|C|Druid|M|51.94,51.35|N|Speak to Darkspear Jailor and tell him you are ready for the challenge.|CHAT|QO|1|
C Proving Pit|QID|24754|C|Mage|M|51.94,51.35|N|Speak to Darkspear Jailor and tell him you are ready for the challenge.|CHAT|QO|1|
C Proving Pit|QID|24774|C|Rogue|M|51.94,51.35|N|Speak to Darkspear Jailor and tell him you are ready for the challenge.|CHAT|QO|1|
C Proving Pit|QID|24642|C|Warrior|M|51.94,51.35|N|Speak to Darkspear Jailor and tell him you are ready for the challenge.|CHAT|QO|1|
C Proving Pit|QID|26276|C|Warlock|M|51.94,51.35|N|Speak to Darkspear Jailor and tell him you are ready for the challenge.|CHAT|QO|1|
C Proving Pit|QID|24786|C|Priest|M|51.94,51.35|N|Speak to Darkspear Jailor and tell him you are ready for the challenge.|CHAT|QO|1|
C Proving Pit|QID|24762|C|Shaman|M|51.94,51.359|N|Speak to Darkspear Jailor and tell him you are ready for the challenge.|CHAT|QO|1|
C Proving Pit|QID|24780|C|Hunter|M|51.94,51.35|N|Speak to Darkspear Jailor and tell him you are ready for the challenge.|CHAT|QO|1|

C Proving Pit|QID|31161|C|Monk|M|51.37,51.66|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|QO|2|
C Proving Pit|QID|24768|C|Druid|M|51.37,51.66|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|QO|2|
C Proving Pit|QID|24754|C|Mage|M|51.37,51.66|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|QO|2|
C Proving Pit|QID|24774|C|Rogue|M|51.37,51.66|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|QO|2|
C Proving Pit|QID|24642|C|Warrior|M|51.37,51.66|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|QO|2|
C Proving Pit|QID|26276|C|Warlock|M|51.37,51.66|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|QO|2|
C Proving Pit|QID|24786|C|Priest|M|51.37,51.66|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|QO|2|
C Proving Pit|QID|24762|C|Shaman|M|51.37,51.66|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|QO|2|
C Proving Pit|QID|24780|C|Hunter|M|51.37,51.66|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|QO|2|

T Proving Pit|QID|31161|C|Monk|M|52.57,51.86|N|To Zabrax.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24768|C|Druid|M|57.57,52.68|N|To Zen'tabra.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24754|C|Mage|M|59.68,52.10|N|To Soratha.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24774|C|Rogue|M|51.40,52.59|N|To Legati.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24642|C|Warrior|M|51.40,52.59|N|To Nortet.|
T Proving Pit|QID|26276|C|Warlock|M|51.40,52.59|N|To Voldreka.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24786|C|Priest|M|57.57,52.68|N|To Tunari.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24762|C|Shaman|M|51.72,52.06|N|To Nekali.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24780|C|Hunter|M|57.22,50.78|N|To Ortezza.|

A More Than Expected|QID|31163|PRE|31161|C|Monk|M|52.56,51.84|N|From Zabrax.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24769|PRE|24768|C|Druid|M|58.04,53.82|N|From Zen'tabra.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24755|PRE|24754|C|Mage|M|59.68,52.10|N|From Soratha.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24775|PRE|24774|C|Rogue|M|52.89,49.90|N|From Legati.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24643|PRE|24642|C|Warrior|M|52.62,53.59|N|From Nortet.|
A More Than Expected|QID|26277|PRE|26276|C|Warlock|M|50.02,49.96|N|From Voldreka.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24787|PRE|24784|C|Priest|M|58.04,49.26|N|From Tunari.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24763|PRE|24762|C|Shaman|M|50.08,52.74|N|From Nekali.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24781|PRE|24780|C|Hunter|M|56.37,50.08|N|From Ortezza.|

T More Than Expected|QID|31163|C|Monk|M|61.57,65.85|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24769|C|Druid|M|61.57,65.85|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24755|C|Mage|M|61.57,65.85|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24775|C|Rogue|M|61.57,65.85|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24643|C|Warrior|M|61.57,65.85|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|26277|C|Warlock|M|61.57,65.85|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24787|C|Priest|M|61.57,65.85|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24763|C|Shaman|M|61.57,65.85|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24781|C|Hunter|M|61.57,65.85|N|To Vol'jin.|

A Moraya|QID|25064|PRE|31163|C|Monk|M|61.57,65.85|N|From Vol'jin.|
A Moraya|QID|25064|PRE|24769|C|Druid|M|61.57,65.85|N|From Vol'jin.|
A Moraya|QID|25064|PRE|24755|C|Mage|M|61.57,65.85|N|From Vol'jin.|
A Moraya|QID|25064|PRE|24775|C|Rogue|M|61.57,65.85|N|From Vol'jin.|
A Moraya|QID|25064|PRE|24643|C|Warrior|M|61.57,65.85|N|From Vol'jin.|
A Moraya|QID|25064|PRE|26277|C|Warlock|M|61.57,65.85|N|From Vol'jin.|
A Moraya|QID|25064|PRE|24787|C|Priest|M|61.57,65.85|N|From Vol'jin.|
A Moraya|QID|25064|PRE|24763|C|Shaman|M|61.57,65.85|N|From Vol'jin.|
A Moraya|QID|25064|PRE|24781|C|Hunter|M|61.57,65.85|N|From Vol'jin.|

A Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|PRE|31163|C|Monk|M|60.53,62.90|N|From Tora'jin.|RANK|2|
A Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|PRE|24769|C|Druid|M|60.53,62.90|N|From Tora'jin.|RANK|2|
A Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|PRE|24755|C|Mage|M|60.53,62.90|N|From Tora'jin.|RANK|2|
A Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|PRE|24775|C|Rogue|M|60.53,62.90|N|From Tora'jin.|RANK|2|
A Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|PRE|24643|C|Warrior|M|60.53,62.90|N|From Tora'jin.|RANK|2|
A Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|PRE|26277|C|Warlock|M|60.53,62.90|N|From Tora'jin.|RANK|2|
A Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|PRE|24787|C|Priest|M|60.53,62.90|N|From Tora'jin.|RANK|2|
A Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|PRE|24763|C|Shaman|M|60.53,62.90|N|From Tora'jin.|RANK|2|
A Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|PRE|24781|C|Hunter|M|60.53,62.90|N|From Tora'jin.|RANK|2|
C Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|M|65.89,43.37|N|Kill and loot the Pygmy Surf Crawlers for the Fresh Crawler Meat.|
T Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|M|60.53,62.90|N|To Tora'jin.|

T Moraya|QID|25064|M|56.83,63.68|N|To Moraya.|
A A Troll's Truest Companion|QID|24622|PRE|25064|M|56.83,63.68|N|From Moraya.|

T A Troll's Truest Companion|QID|24622|M|45.58,85.11|N|To Kijara, who wanders a bit.|
A Saving the Young|QID|24623|PRE|24622|M|45.58,85.11|N|From Kijara.|
A Mercy for the Lost|QID|24624|PRE|24622|M|45.72,85.00|N|From Tegashi.|
A Consort of the Sea Witch|QID|24625|PRE|24622|M|45.72,85.00|N|From Tegashi.|

C Saving the Young|QID|24623|U|52283|S|M|37.02,68.58|N|Use the Bloodtalon Whistle to rescue the Lost Bloodtalon Hatchlings.|NC|
C Mercy for the Lost|QID|24624|S|M|34.59,66.26|N|Kill the Corrupted Bloodtalon Raptors.|
C Consort of the Sea Witch|QID|24625|M|37.02,68.58|N|Kill Naj'tess and retrieve his orb. Any Hatchlings you have with you will attack as well.|
C Saving the Young|QID|24623|U|52283|US|M|37.02,68.58|N|Use the Bloodtalon Whistle to rescue the Lost Bloodtalon Hatchlings.|NC|
C Mercy for the Lost|QID|24624|US|M|34.59,66.26|N|Finish killing the Corrupted Bloodtalon Raptors.|

T Saving the Young|QID|24623|M|45.58,85.11|N|To Kijara.|
T Mercy for the Lost|QID|24624|M|45.72,85.00|N|To Tegashi.|
T Consort of the Sea Witch|QID|24625|M|45.72,85.00|N|To Tegashi.|
A Young and Vicious|QID|24626|PRE|24623&24624&24625|M|45.58,85.11|N|From Kijara.|

C Young and Vicious|QID|24626|T|Swiftclaw|U|50053|M|48.32,62.22|N|Use the Bloodtalon Lasso to capture Swiftclaw. If he does not immediately spawn after you take the quest, abandon it and re-acquire it from Kijara.|QO|1|NC|
C Young and Vicious|QID|24626|T|Swiftclaw|U|50053|M|53.18,64.74|N|Ride him to the raptor pens near Darkspear Hold.|QO|2|NC|

T Young and Vicious|QID|24626|M|56.83,63.68|N|To Moraya.|

A Breaking the Line|QID|25035|PRE|24626|M|58.97,66.85|N|From Tortunga.|
R Spitescale Cove|QID|25035|M|59.09,66.92|N|Talk to Jornun, right behind Tortunga for a ride to Spitescale Cove.|CHAT|ACTIVE|25035|

T Breaking the Line|QID|25035|M|58.90,23.08|N|To Morakki.|
A No More Mercy|QID|24812|PRE|25035|M|58.90,23.08|N|From Morakki.|
A Territorial Fetish|QID|24813|PRE|25035|M|58.90,23.08|N|From Morakki.|

C No More Mercy|QID|24812|M|63.49,11.38|N|Kill the Spitescale Naga.|S|
C Territorial Fetish|QID|24813|U|52065|M|62.49,10.26|N|Place 8 Territorial Fetishes on Spitescale flags. You can place on same flag more than once when Fetish wears off.|NC|
C No More Mercy|QID|24812|M|63.49,11.38|N|Finish killing the Spitescale Naga.|US|

T No More Mercy|QID|24812|M|58.90,23.08|N|To Morakki.|
T Territorial Fetish|QID|24813|PRE|24812|M|58.90,23.08|N|To Morakki.|
A An Ancient Enemy|QID|24814|PRE|24812&24813|M|58.90,23.08|N|From Morakki.|

; The waypoint arrow points towards the cave. A new player may not know that this is on top of the cave and not inside.
C An Ancient Enemy|QID|24814|M|62.85,23.92;62.23,18.00|CC|N|Follow the waypoints to Vol'jin, who is on top of the cave, then tell him you're ready.|CHAT|QO|1|
C An Ancient Enemy|QID|24814|M|60.29,16.97|N|Wait for Zar'jira, the Sea Witch to become attackable, then kill her.|QO|2|
R Darkspear Hold|QID|24814|M|61.37,16.19|N|Wait for the dialog to finish, then speak with Vanira for a teleport back to Darkspear Hold.|ACTIVE|24814|CHAT|

T An Ancient Enemy|QID|24814|M|61.57,65.85|N|To Vol'jin.|
A Sen'jin Village|QID|25073|LEAD|25167|PRE|24814|M|61.57,65.85|N|From Vol'jin.|
T Sen'jin Village|QID|25073|M|55.95,74.72|Z|Durotar|N|To Master Gadrin.|

N Are you sure? |QID|1|LEAD|25073|N|Are you sure you want to skip this guide totally? You can't skip any quests on Echo Isles. This action will lead you out of Echo Isles and onto Durotar.|

D Onwards to Durotar|N|You have finished the Echo Isles guide, the next guide will start as soon as you click off this step.|



Source Code - Durotar (05-12)

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('BitDur0512', 'Leveling', 'Durotar', 'Bitsem', 'Horde')
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, 'BitAzs1220')
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A Breaking the Chain|QID|25167|M|56.02,74.71|N|From Master Gadrin.|
A Cleaning Up the Coastline|QID|25170|M|55.77,75.34|N|From Bom'bay.|
C Cleaning Up the Coastline|QID|25170|S|M|59.02,74.41|N|Kill 5 Pygmy Surf Crawlers for Crawler Mucus.|

C Breaking the Chain|QID|25167|M|52.45,80.60|N|Kill the Northwatch Lugs, and destroy the supply crates they drop.|
C Cleaning Up the Coastline|QID|25170|US|M|59.02,74.41|N|Kill and loot the Pygmy Surf Crawlers.|
r Trayexir|QID|25167|M|56.47,73.11|ACTIVE|25167|N|Take this opportunity to sell and repair with Trayexir, who is at the back of the hut to the north of Master Gadrin.|S|
T Breaking the Chain|QID|25167|M|55.95,74.80|N|To Master Gadrin.|
A Purge the Valley|QID|25168|PRE|25167|M|55.95,74.80|N|From Master Gadrin.|

T Cleaning Up the Coastline|QID|25170|M|55.72,75.39|N|To Bom'bay.|
A Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile|QID|25165|PRE|25170|M|55.72,75.39|N|From Bom'bay.|RANK|2|
A The War of Northwatch Aggression|QID|25169|M|55.46,75.04|N|From Lar Prowltusk.|PRE|25167|

C Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile|QID|25165|U|52505|M|54.16,75.20|N|Summon the Poison Extraction Totem, then let the Clattering Scorpids cast Envenom near it.|RANK|2|
C Purge the Valley|QID|25168|M|46.64,79.51|N|Kill Northwatch Rangers and Infantryman troops.|S|
R Northwatch Foothold|QID|25168^25169|N|Head to Northwatch Foothold.|M|50.78,79.10|ACTIVE|25169^25168|
C Attack Plan: Valley of Trials burned|QID|25169|M|49.7,81.6|QO|1|N|Burn the Valley of Trials attack plans that are sitting on the ground.|NC|
C Attack Plan: Sen'jin Village burned|QID|25169|M|47.95,77.5|QO|2|N|Burn the Sen'jin Village attack plans that are sitting on the crate.|NC|
C Attack Plan: Orgrimmar burned|QID|25169|M|46.41,78.86|QO|3|N|Burn the Orgrimmar attack plans that are on the ground inside the tent.|NC|
C Purge the Valley|QID|25168|M|46.64,79.51|N|Finish killing the Northwatch Rangers and Infantryman troops.|US|
T The War of Northwatch Aggression|QID|25169|M|55.35,75.17|N|To Lar Prowltusk.|
T Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile|QID|25165|M|55.71,75.39|N|To Bom'bay.|RANK|2|

T Purge the Valley|QID|25168|M|55.94,74.79|N|To Master Gadrin.|
A Riding On|QID|25171|PRE|25168&25169|M|55.94,74.79|N|From Master Gadrin.|
f Sen'jin Village|ACTIVE|25171|M|55.38,73.31|N|Grab the flight point from Handler Marnlek in case you need to get back.|
R Razor Hill|QID|25171|M|55.18,74.59|N|Talk to Raider Jhash for ride to Razor Hill.|CHAT|ACTIVE|25171|
N Profession Trainers|QID|25171|M|52.96,41.90|N|When you arrive in Razor Hill, Runda the Profession Trainer, just outside the Barracks can teach you most professions, whilst Rawrk inside the barracks will teach you First Aid.|S|ACTIVE|25171|T|Runda|
h Razor Hill|QID|25171|M|51.61,41.65|N|At Innkeeper Grosk.|ACTIVE|25171|
T Riding On|QID|25171|M|51.92,43.48|N|To Gar'Thok.|

A From Bad to Worse|QID|25173|M|51.92,43.48|N|From Gar'Thok.|PRE|25171|
A Meats to Orgrimmar|QID|6365|M|50.76,42.78|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|From Grimtak.|RANK|2|
T Meats to Orgrimmar|QID|6365|M|53.07,43.59|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|To Burok.|RANK|2|

A Ride to Orgrimmar|QID|6384|PRE|6365|M|53.07,43.59|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|From Burok.|RANK|2|
;This is an N not an F, as the guide would not auto-complete the |CC| step with F, and the R Valley of Strength auto-completes in-flight.
N Fly to Orgrimmar|QID|6384|M|45.40,0.29|CC|N|Speak to Burok and get a flight to Orgrimmar.|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|ACTIVE|6384|
R Valley of Strength|QID|6384|M|43.66,3.06|N|Take the lift down to the Valley of Strength.|ACTIVE|6384|
T Ride to Orgrimmar|QID|6384|M|46.83,6.67|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|CS|N|To Innkeeper Gryshka.|RANK|2|

A Doras the Wind Rider Master|QID|6385|PRE|6384|M|46.83,6.67|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|From Innkeeper Gryshka.|RANK|2|
T Doras the Wind Rider Master|QID|6385|M|43.66,3.06;45.54,0.23|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|CS|N|Head back up the lift, then to Doras.|ACTIVE|6385|RANK|2|

A Return to Razor Hill|QID|6386|PRE|6385|M|49.49,59.30|Z|Orgrimmar|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|From Doras.|RANK|2|
F Razor Hill|QID|6386|M|49.49,59.30|Z|Orgrimmar|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|Fly back to Razor Hill.|ACTIVE|6386|

A Exploiting the Situation|QID|25176|M|53.05,43.12|N|From Gail Nozzywig.|PRE|25171|
T Return to Razor Hill|QID|6386|M|50.78,42.85|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|To Grimtak.|RANK|2|

C Northwatch Marines|QID|25173|S|M|57.45,55.24|N|Kill the Northwatch Marine|QO|1|
C Northwatch Sharpshooters|QID|25173|S|M|57.45,55.24|N|Kill the Northwatch Sharpshooter|QO|2|
C Exploiting the Situation|QID|25176|M|59.78,58.28|N|Loot the Kul Tiras Treasure scattered inside Tiragarde Keep.|NC|S|
K Lieutenant Palliter|QID|25173|M|59.5,58.2|N|Kill Lieutenant Palliter who is on the top floor of the big building in Tiragarde Keep.|T|Lieutenant Palliter|QO|3|ACTIVE|25173|
C Exploiting the Situation|QID|25176|M|59.78,58.28|N|Finish looting the Kul Tiras Treasure scattered around Tiragarde Keep.|NC|US|
C Northwatch Sharpshooters|QID|25173|M|57.45,55.24|N|Finish killing the Northwatch Sharpshooters|QO|2|US|T|Northwatch Sharpshooter|
C Northwatch Marines|QID|25173|M|57.45,55.24|N|Finish killing the Northwatch Marines|QO|1|US|T|Northwatch Marine|
T From Bad to Worse|QID|25173|M|51.89,43.52|N|To Gar'Thok.|

A Storming the Beaches|QID|25177|PRE|25173|M|51.89,43.52|N|From Gar'Thok.|
T Exploiting the Situation|QID|25176|M|53.06,43.12|N|To Gail Nozzywig.|

A Shipwreck Searching|QID|25178|PRE|25173&25176|M|53.06,43.12|N|From Gail Nozzywig.|
C Storming the Beaches|QID|25177|S|M|58.96,49.79|N|Kill Foaming Sea Elementals. |
C Shipwreck Searching|QID|25178|S|M|57.35,44.65|N|Obtain 4 sets of Gnomish Tools.|NC|
A Loss Reduction|QID|25179|M|57.90,45.10|N|Speak to an Injured Razor Hill Grunt.|CHAT|PRE|25173|
C Loss Reduction|QID|25179|M|59.64,49.92|N|Rescue the Injured Razor Hill Grunts.|CHAT|
C Storming the Beaches|QID|25177|US|M|58.96,49.79|N|Finish killing the Foaming Sea Elementals. |
C Shipwreck Searching|QID|25178|US|M|57.35,44.65|N|Finish looting the Gnomish Tools.|NC|

T Shipwreck Searching|QID|25178|M|53.10,43.18|N|To Gail Nozzywig, back at Razor Hill.|
A Thonk|QID|25227|LEAD|25187|M|53.10,43.18|N|From Gail Nozzywig.|PRE|25178|

T Storming the Beaches|QID|25177|M|51.92,43.48|N|To Gar'Thok.|
T Loss Reduction|QID|25179|M|51.92,43.48|N|To Gar'Thok.|

T Thonk|QID|25227|M|50.92,42.26;49.58,40.16|CS|N|To Thonk on top of the guard tower.|
A Lost in the Floods|QID|25187|M|49.58,40.16|N|From Thonk.|
C Lost in the Floods|QID|25187|U|52514|M|49.54,40.38|N|Use Thonk's Spyglass to search for Raggaran. Do not cancel the cinematic, otherwise it won't count.|NC|QO|1|
C Lost in the Floods|QID|25187|U|52514|M|49.54,40.38|N|Use Thonk's Spyglass again to search for the flooded hut. Do not cancel the cinematic, otherwise it won't count.|NC|QO|2|
C Lost in the Floods|QID|25187|U|52514|M|49.54,40.38|N|Use Thonk's Spyglass once again to search for Misha. Do not cancel the cinematic, otherwise it won't count.|NC|QO|3|
C Lost in the Floods|QID|25187|U|52514|M|49.54,40.38|N|Use Thonk's Spyglass one more time to search for Zen'Taji. Do not cancel the cinematic, otherwise it won't count.|NC|QO|4|
N Rank 2 Quests|QID|25187|N|After you hand in Lost in the Floods to Thonk, there will be nine quests which involves a lot of running, but has a good storyline and good rewards. Please ensure your difficulty/completeness (located in Display Settings > Guide Display) is set to 2 or 3 if you wish to do these quests.|ACTIVE|25187|S|
T Lost in the Floods|QID|25187|M|49.56,40.22|N|To Thonk.|
A Watershed Patrol|QID|25188|PRE|25187|RANK|2|M|49.56,40.22|N|From Thonk.|

A Raggaran's Rage|QID|25190|RANK|2|M|45.51,44.38;42.67,49.86|CS|N|From Raggaran. |ACTIVE|25188|
C Raggaran's Rage|QID|25190|M|43.88,49.01|N|Kill the Razormane Quilboar and the Razormane Scouts.|
T Raggaran's Rage|QID|25190|M|42.73,49.85|N|To Raggaran.|

A Raggaran's Fury|QID|25192|PRE|25190|RANK|2|M|42.73,49.85|N|From Raggaran.|
C Raggaran's Fury|QID|25192|M|39.89,52.55|N|Kill the Razormane Dustrunners and Razormane Battleguards. Beware the Captain.|
T Raggaran's Fury|QID|25192|M|42.65,49.89|N|To Raggaran.|

A Unbidden Visitors|QID|25194|RANK|2|M|35.87,41.37|N|From Zen'Taji.|ACTIVE|25188|
C Unbidden Visitors|QID|25194|M|34.84,43.35|N|Attack 3 Wayward Plainstriders until they flee toward the Barrens.|
T Unbidden Visitors|QID|25194|M|35.79,41.49|N|To Zen'Taji.|

A That's the End of That Raptor|QID|25195|PRE|25194|RANK|2|M|35.79,41.49|N|From Zen'Taji.|
C That's the End of That Raptor|QID|25195|M|35.70,29.10|N|Kill Screamslash. He runs around.|T|Screamslash|
T That's the End of That Raptor|QID|25195|M|35.85,41.29|N|To Zen'Taji.|

A Lost But Not Forgotten|QID|25193|RANK|2|M|43.30,30.58|CN|N|From Misha Tor'kren. Avoid killing Alligators on the way over. You need them later.|ACTIVE|25188|
C Lost But Not Forgotten|QID|25193|M|42.44,33.59|N|Kill and loot Crocolisks until you gain 250 teeth.|
T Lost But Not Forgotten|QID|25193|M|43.33,30.60|N|To Misha Tor'kren.|

T Watershed Patrol|QID|25188|RANK|2|M|49.55,40.17|N|To Thonk.|

A The Burning Blade|QID|25232|M|52.27,43.09|N|From Orgnil Soulscar.|
R Dustwind Cave|QID|25232|M|54.13,40.71;55.68,38;52.79,28.53|N|Run to Dustwind Cave.|CS|ACTIVE|25232|
C The Burning Blade|QID|25232|M|52.79,28.53|N|Kill and loot the Burning Blade thugs, neophytes and cultists for their spellscrolls.|
H Razor Hill |QID|25232|N|Hearthstone to Razor Hill.|M|51.61,41.65|ACTIVE|25232|
T The Burning Blade|QID|25232|M|52.26,43.05|N|To Orgnil Soulscar.|

A The Dranosh'ar Blockade|QID|25196|PRE|25232|M|52.26,43.05|N|From Orgnil Soulscar.|
A Winds in the Desert|QID|834|M|46.37,22.95|N|From Rezlak. Run north through the canyon.|RANK|2|
A Securing the Lines|QID|835|M|46.36,22.99|N|From Rezlak.|RANK|2|
C Securing the Lines|QID|835|M|54.00,27.37|N|Kill the Dustwind Pillagers, Harpys, Storm Witch and Savages|S|RANK|2|
C Winds in the Desert|QID|834|M|49.50,22.00|N|Loot Sacks of Supplies from Razorwind Canyon.|NC|RANK|2|
C Securing the Lines|QID|835|M|54.00,27.37|N|Finish killing the Dustwind Pillagers, Harpys, Storm Witch and Savages. You'll find more in Drygulch Ravine (through the cavern)|US|RANK|2|
T Winds in the Desert|QID|834|M|46.41,22.96|N|To Rezlak.|RANK|2|
T Securing the Lines|QID|835|M|46.41,22.96|N|To Rezlak.|RANK|2|

A The Wolf and The Kodo|QID|25205|M|44.94,14.78|N|From Shin Stonepillar.|
C Shin Stonepiller|QID|25205|M|55.24,13.99|N|Speak to Shin Stonepiller, ask him to tell his fable.|CHAT|BUFF|73841|
C The Wolf and The Kodo|QID|25205|M|54.00,15.00|N|Run East until you find fighting Kodos. Use Key 1 to increase your movement speed.|NC|
T The Wolf and The Kodo|QID|25205|M|44.90,14.76|N|To Shin Stonepillar.|

T The Dranosh'ar Blockade|QID|25196|M|44.97,14.74|N|To Gor the Enforcer.|
A Fizzled|QID|25260|PRE|25196|M|44.97,14.74|N|From Gor the Enforcer.|
A Thunder Down Under|QID|25236|M|44.97,14.74|N|From Gor the Enforcer.|
A Ignoring the Warnings|QID|25206|M|44.95,14.74|N|From Gor the Enforcer.|PRE|25205|

C Thunder Down Under|QID|25236|M|40.71,30.06|S|N|Click the Thunder Lizards all over the bottom of the lake. Their lightning discharges will stun you for a couple of seconds.|NC|
C Fizzled|QID|25260|M|42.11,26.69|N|Dive down to Fizzle Darkclaw's corpse, attempt to loot the orb, then loot his hand.|CHAT|
C Thunder Down Under|QID|25236|M|40.71,30.06|US|N|Finish clicking the Thunder Lizards all over the bottom of the lake. Their lightning discharges will stun you for a couple of seconds.|NC|
C Ignoring the Warnings|QID|25206|M|37.39,19.46|N|Kill the Furious Earthguards and Teeming Waterguards.|

T Fizzled|QID|25260|M|44.98,14.76|N|To Gor the Enforcer.|
A Margoz|QID|25261|PRE|25260|M|44.98,14.76|N|From Gor the Enforcer.|
T Thunder Down Under|QID|25236|M|44.98,14.76|N|To Gor the Enforcer.|
T Ignoring the Warnings|QID|25206|M|44.98,14.76|N|To Gor the Enforcer.|

A Beyond Durotar|QID|25648|PRE|25206&25236|M|44.98,14.76|N|*Azshara Quest*\n\nFrom Gor the Enforcer.\nAccept this quest if you plan on going to Azshara next. |ACTIVE|25261|
T Margoz|QID|25261|M|56.39,20.17|N|To Margoz.|

A Skull Rock|QID|25262|PRE|25261|M|56.39,20.17|N|From Margoz.|
A Sent for Help|QID|25256|M|56.39,20.17|N|From Vek'nag.|RANK|2|
T Sent for Help|QID|25256|M|58.81,23.14|N|To Spiketooth|RANK|2|

A Ghislania|QID|25257|PRE|25256|M|58.81,23.14|N|From Spiketooth.|RANK|2|
A Griswold Hanniston|QID|25258|PRE|25256|M|58.81,23.14|N|From Spiketooth.|RANK|2|
A Gaur Icehorn|QID|25259|PRE|25256|M|58.81,23.14|N|From Spiketooth.|RANK|2|

C Griswold Hanniston|QID|25258|M|59.12,22.36|N|Speak to Friswold Hanniston at the beach and challenge him to combat.|CHAT|RANK|2|
C Ghislania|QID|25257|M|59.62,22.66|N|Speak to Ghislania at the beach and challenge her to combat.|CHAT|RANK|2|
C Gaur Icehorn|QID|25259|M|59.37,23.36|N|Speak to Gaur Icehorn at the beach and challenge him to combat.|CHAT|RANK|2|

T Ghislania|QID|25257|M|58.84,23.10|N|To Spiketooth.|RANK|2|
T Griswold Hanniston|QID|25258|M|58.77,23.12|N|To Spiketooth.|RANK|2|
T Gaur Icehorn|QID|25259|M|58.77,23.12|N|To Spiketooth.|RANK|2|

C Skull Rock|QID|25262|M|55.02,9.78|N|Kill and loot the Burning Blade for their Searing Collars|
T Skull Rock|QID|25262|M|56.41,20.05|N|To Margoz.|
A Arnak Fireblade|QID|25263|PRE|25262|M|56.41,20.05|N|From Margoz.|

R Orgrimmar |QID|25263|ACTIVE|25263|N|Head to Orgrimmar|M|45.50,11.43|
T Arnak Fireblade|QID|25263|M|58.35,54.18|Z|Cleft of Shadow@Orgrimmar|N|To Neeru Fireblade, in the Cleft of Shadow in Orgrimmar.|

N Azshara |QID|25648|ACTIVE|25648|N|You have an Azshara quest in your log. If you wish to move onto Azshara zone next, please manually change the guide to Azshara. Otherwise, please abandon the quest "Beyond Durotar"|
A Ak'Zeloth|QID|25264|PRE|25263|M|58.50,54.34|Z|Orgrimmar|N|*Northern Barrens Quest*\n\nAccept this quest as you plan on going to Northern Barrens next. From Neeru Fireblade.|
N Azshara |QID|28496|ACTIVE|28496|N|Whoops. You have an Azshara quest in your log. If you wish to move onto Azshara zone next, please manually change the guide to Azshara. Otherwise, please abandon the quest "Warchief's Command: Azshara"|
A Warchief's Command: Northern Barrens!|QID|28494|LEAD|871|M|45.55,5.93|N|*Northern Barrens Quest*\n\nAccept this quest as you plan on going to Northern Barrens next. From Warchief's Command Board.|


WoW-Pro Dungeons Addon


Hello all!

I am working on a new module for the WoW-Pro addon called WoW-Pro Dungeons, that should provide the framework for guides and information related to dungeons in World of Warcraft. Right now, the WoW-Pro Dungeons is still in its early alpha stage, but I decided to create this page to explain my own design ideas and to hear feedback from the community (especially those that are in the beta, since I'm not).

That way, if we decide to change something, I won't waste too much programming time. Smiling

Basic Idea

WoW-Pro Dungeons will make use of the WoW-Pro Guide frame, showing steps and information in a similar way, that happens now, with the WoW-Pro Leveling module. Because of this, only one module will be active at a given time, but there should be plenty of options for the player to switch between them, manually or automatically (more on that later).

But there are important differences between leveling and dungeon guides:

  • dungeon guides do not have a fixed format and some players may only be interested in specific information, like a list of quests for a given dungeon or its bosses fights, and not in full walkthrough guides;
  • leveling guides are much more popular, so I would not expect good quality walkthrough guides for all dungeons, at least not initially. Given that, it would be better if we provide ways to accept smaller contributions from the community.

Therefore, unlike WoW-Pro Leveling, WoW-Pro Dungeons should allow access to different types of guides, for each dungeon, from the more basic to the more lenghty. For another hand, the dungeon guides should follow, as much as possible, the format of the WoW-Pro Leveling guides, to not confuse guide writers and players.

Types of Dungeon Guides

The types of guides, for each dungeon, I'm thinking of are the following:

  • Location: At least for some dungeons in Cataclysm, the player has to discover them before using the Dungeon Finder directly. The location "guide" can contain a single coordinate step to map (something that I could include as default) or be more complex, for dungeons that require a lot of running around (or flying) to get to the actual dungeon portal. The location "guide" could also be used by dead players unfamiliar with the dungeon, unsure on how to get back to the dungeon portal.

  • Quest list: Showing the list of all quests that should be completed in the dungeon, marking which ones the player already has; has completed and turned in; have completed but not turned in; whether the quest is too high level; etc. All these will make use of the format defined by the WoW-Pro Leveling steps, like Accept/Turn-in, and also the mapping by TomTom, showing where to get and where to turn in each quest. It will also allow the use of class/level/etc flags.

    EDIT: It seems quests are more easily picked up in cataclysm dungeons, so this guide type may be obsolete.

  • Boss guides: Guides that explain boss/encounter fights. They are meant to be used in dungeons, so some restrictions on mapping will apply. It will also allow the use of class/role/etc flags. The idea is that the guide should be short enough to be read by a player just before fighting the boss, but this can be changed.

  • Walkthrough guides: The pinnacle of dungeon guides, steps that form a complete walkthrough in the dungeon. The idea is that this type of guide should be used mainly (or completely) inside the dungeon, so some restrictions on mapping will apply. WoWPro already has several good of such guides:

    Though probably some (the lower levels?) will need to be updated or re-written for Cataclysm.

  • Achievements guides: Guides for completing achievements related to specific dungeons.

Once I get the addon in a more stable way, I'll provide at least one guide of each type, as an example, and also some instruction on writing dungeon guide for the addon. Again, the format should be quite similar to the Leveling guides, but not completely.

Planned features

  • Option to allow smart auto-load of dungeon guides, based on being in a dungeon, boss fight, etc.
  • A frame to allow guides to show images.
  • Allow sharing guide steps with party members (especially good for boss fights).

Preview of the Dungeon/Guide list frame

  • Dungeon names, levels and progress come from LFG tool.
  • The progress comes from the dungeon achievement, when possible it will show the number of missing/defeated bosses, to mark the dungeon as completed.
  • Level ranges can be by allowed or recommended levels.
  • Dungeon names will likely have colored text, like the LFG tool, but a different highlight than shown in the above image.

Feedback Questions

If you have any suggestion/info on the following topics, please post in this thread.

  • How much the Dungeons module should interact with Leveling Guides? For example, if you skip a quest in a Leveling guide, that is a pre-requisite to a Dungeon quest, would you want the Dungeon guide skip steps related to that skipped leveling quest?
  • Should this addon support guides for raids? If so, what would need to be changed (if any) in the layout discusses above?
  • How to deal with heroics? I think most, if not all, guides that works in the normal mode will work for the heroic versions of the dungeons. So, my idea is to just have a 'heroic'/'normal' tag, that guide writers can use, in specific guide steps. Then, those steps would only be shown if the player is in the heroic/normal version or if the player set an option for that. Or, I could include all the heroic versions in the dungeon list pictured above, with their own guide types icons.

More info and images to come later!

WoWPro Addon - Keybindings

Just a quick blog entry to revisit a WoWPro addon feature...

WoWPro addon has two keybindings implemented, that you can make use of while playing:

  • Use Quest Item: Default key: CTRL-SHIFT-I
    Attempts to use the first quest item shown (as a small clickable button) on the addon's guide panel, if there's one.

  • Target Quest Mob: Default key: CTRL-SHIFT-T
    Attempts to target the first quest mob shown (as a small clickable button) on the addon's guide panel, if there's one.

By "first" above, I mean from top to bottom on the addon's guide panel, following the guide progression.


Instead of clicking the quest item button associated with the quest "Speaking their language" (shown in the image below), you can use the keybinding to use that item (default: CTRL-SHIFT-I). In this case, the pressed keybinding blows the horn to summon the quilboar's chieftain... *snort*

How to change WoWPro keybindings

Open up the game options frame (ESC), and click on Keybindings.

Scroll all the way down (or almost all the way, depending on other addon's keybindings you might also have) to find the WoWPro keybindings. If you haven't changed the default keybindings yet, you should see something like this:

Then you can change WoWPro's keybindings like any other in the game, including also adding a second key for each.

Known issues

  • If both the top "sticky" step and the imediate follwing step have clickable item/target buttons, then the keybinding will favor the non-sticky step. That's because I figured that would actually the "current" guide step. In any other case, though, the keybindings should work as expected.

If you notice any other issue, please feel free to post a reply here or on the addon's general bug report page.

Also, I don't plan (myself) on adding any more keybindings to the addon, but I wrote that part of the code to be easy to expand. So, if any other developer wants to add more keybindings, I'll gladly point you the way.

Good questing! *snort*