[Leveling] Joan’s 13-20 Alliance Leveling Guide (Darkshore/Westfall)

Joan’s Alliance Leveling Guide Chapter 2 – Alliance level 13-20


This guide starts at level 13. So if you want to play up a character you may follow my guide for 1-12 witch in practice takes you to 13.

I wont take the quests that’s specific for the class, but I recommend you to do them. They are most often worth the trouble.

I won’t say “sell and repair” or “visit the class trainer” just do it when you think it’s proper, but try to keep them when you are in the area of a vendor or a trainer.

I don’t say this is the fastest or even a fast way to do it (even if I think it is..) but it’s a way to level between 13-20.

Many people may think the travel is a waist of time but consider that you have to do the travel at some point this may be it .


When I’ve done this guide I’ve used the add on “Titan panel” witch is very useful and I recommend you to use it.

Titan panel: It’s a very useful addon with may different features. But it’s mostly because I sometimes use locations in my guide with coordinates (x,y), and the panel shows them. But it’s also shows you a lot of other things. Download the lates version here.

Chapter 2

Level 13

Time to travel to Westfall! When you have crossed the bridge in to Westfall there is two farmers standing along the road. Take the following quests:

Then follow the road until it splits in two, leave the road and go to the farm ahead, but do not go into the fields! When you get close, keep an eye out for Sack of Oats and if you find any pick it up.
At the farm turn in [10] Westfall Stew and take the quests:

When that done, move on to Sentinel Hill. Remember to take the flight path. Once that’s done, turn in [10] Report to Gryan Stoutmantle . And take the quests as follow:

Empty you bags, buy food and drink, then it’s time to move out. There is a lot of places where you may find Defias Trapper and Defias Smuggler, but I find the best spots just around the village.

Start killing them to finish of

When you are done, turn in [15] Red Leather Bandanas and [12] The People’s Militia , and take the follow up. When that is done you should be well over level 14.

Level 14

Time to travel, fly to Stormwind, and there put in your quest items in the bank to save bag space. After that:
In short: Travel to Darkshore.
In detail: First to Ironforge, then to Loch Modan and after that to Wetlands. From Wetlands take the boat over to Darkshore.
Remember to take the flight paths in all the areas you pass.

When you get to Auberdine make it your home. Take the flight path and then collect the following quests:

Empty your bags and buy some food and water.

2. Head to the beach just outside the village to the north. Kill Pygmy Tide Crawler until you find 6 Crawler Leg. Go along the beach until you find Beached Sea Creature, you may have passed it but just go back then. And if you find any Murloc Eye it’s a bonus so just save them until later.

3. Head over to Bashal’ Aran and up the cliff to Asterion. Turn in the quest and take the follow up [12] Bashal’ Aran . Then start killing the Vile Sprite and Wild Grell[/] until you find 8 Grell Earring. When you are done, turn the quest in and take the follow up. Now you need to kill Deth’ ryll Satyr and find Ancieit Moonstone Seal, it can be in any one of them so just look around. Turn in the quest and take the follow up. If you haven’t dinged level 15, this is a good grinding spot so just grind up to 15.

Level 15

Go out in the forest and capture a Rabid Thistle Bear with your trap. Then head back to Auberdine. Turn in the quests and take the follow ups:

On the image is the buzzbox.

Empty your bags and head out again. Now is a good time to walk in the forest to get some extra xp, but if you don’t want to you just have to do some grinding later on or have rest bonus.

How ever, head to Ameth’ Aran, but on the way… Walk in to one of the camps with Blackwood’s, so that you complete [14] How Big a Threat? . Then start walking on the road until you comes to Ameth’ Aran. Once there just follow the road a few steps until you find a guard that gives you

Start at the most south point of Amath’ Aran and walk in, killing ghosts. Walk up to the flames witch looks like on the picture.

Then look after the first stone plate, just a little bit away from the flames to the southeast. Keep an eye out for the ghost Anaya Dawnunner. Move over to the second plate and take it. Then just kill ghost and Anaya Dawnunner until the following quests is done.

Turn in [12] The Fall of Ameth’ Aran down at the road. Then heart back to Auberdine. And turn in the quests there. Take the follow ups:

Then go to Thundris Windweaver and turn in the quest and take the follow up;

Empty your bags and it’s time to do circle 2.

1. Go to the camp where you find Blackwood’s and kill them until the quest is completed.

2. Go out to loc (31,46) where you find Skeletal Sea Turtle and from it you get Sea Turtle Remains.

3. Go back to Auberdine and turn in [13] Washed ashore .

4. Then just go north in the water and start killing Darkshore Thresher until you have completed [12] Buzzbox 411 .

5. Head to loc (41,31) and take the quest from the Beached Sea Creature. In the water you will find more Murlocs to kill utnill you have found 3 Murloc Eye. Then go to the Buzzbox just a bit further up along the beach.

Take the follow up;

6. Go to Bashal’ Aran and turn in that quest at Asterion.

7. Go out in the woods and start killing Rabid Thistle Bears and Moonstalkers until [16] Cleansing of the Infected and [14] Buzzbox 323 is done.

8. Go to the next Buzzbox at loc (51,24) and turn in the quest don’t take the follow up.

9. Then just jump down in the river next to a waterfall and fill your little glass to the quest [15] The Cliffspring River .

By now you should be well over level 16, if you are not it’s time to grind until you ding and maybe a bit more to be on track.

10. Warp back to Auberdine if it is up, other wise just run.

Level 16

Turn in all the completed quests. Take the boat back to the Wetlands and flight back to Westfall. This is a good time to do a pit stop in Stormwind to learn new abilities and check AH. Remember to take out what you did put in on the bank.

1. Empty your bags and move out.

2. Go southeast and kill all Goretusk you can find as well as all birds, until you have done;

3. Go more south and start killing Riverpaw’s until [14] Patrolling Westfall is completed.

4. Head over to Moonbrook and start killing the Defias for [color=#009900][14] The People’s Militia[/]. You can go to the farm that is marked on the map above, there you can find Defies as well.

Level 17

5. When you are done heart back to Sentinell Hill if you can. Turn in the quests there and take the follow ups.

1. Move out again. It’s time to kill Harvest Watchers until you have completed;

Remember to save the Okra and Oil.

2. Go and turn in [14] Poor Old Blanchy to Verna Furlbrow.

3. Go to the next farm and turn in

4. Now move over to the path in the mountains and start killing the Defias there to [17] The People’s Militia. Just move along the path until you are on the other side. By then you should have completed the quest.

5. Move out to the coast and over to the lightning house and take the following quests;

Then you just have to turn in [16] Keeper of The Flame .

6. Then just move along the beach and kill what you have to kill until [19] The Coast Isn’t Clear , (you have to move a long way to the north to complete it). When you are in the south of the beach, keep an eye out for Old Murk-Eye. By now you should have dinged level 18, if you haven’t just grind something on the beach.

Level 18

7. When they are completed go back to the lightning house and turn the quest in.

Run back to Sentinell Hill, turn in [17] The People’s Militia and take the follow up, [18] The Defias Brotherhood . Now is a good time to take a trip to Stormwind, otherwise warp to Darkshore.

1. Collect the following quests;

2. It’s time to move out again. First of, some killing of big bears. Go up to the small cave just next to the big Blackwood camp. In it there are some small bears in levels around 10. And then there is the big one, witch you need to kill. Try to take out some of the small ones before pulling the big one. It can be a bit tricky but everyone can do it.

3. Swim over the river and up to the second cave and kill the mobs so that you can pick the mushrooms so that you complete [17] Cave Mushrooms . If you can’t do it by yourself there are most often someone that can help you out.

5. Follow the road and turn in the quest [18] The Tower of Alhalaxx and take the follow up.

6. Go up to the tower and start killing the humans there until [18] The Tower of Alhalaxx[/] [/b] is completed. Go back and turn it in, don’t take the follow up.

7. Go out to the beach and kill the crabs, you will find Beached Sea Turtle, take the quest it gives. Keep killing Crabs until [17] Fruit of the Sea is done.

8. Warp back to Auberdine and turn in the quests. You should ding level 19 if you haven’t already.

Level 19

Now you have to make a choice because now is a really good time to do The Deadmies, otherwise you have to grind your way up to level 20, or do quests on your own because I strongly advice you to do The Deadmines. It’s a good experience to know how your character works in a instance and work in a team.

If you choose to do The Deadmines then there is some legwork to do. First of, take yourself to Stormwind and from there to Lakshire in Redridge Mountains. There, take the flight path and find the person you need to talk to, to complete [18] The Defias Brotherhood , (he is in the second floor of the inn.) Take the follow up and fly back to Stormwind. Go to Old District. Turn in the quest and get the follow up. Then go over toDwarven District and take the following quests;

Then head over to Westfall and Sentinell Hill. Turn in [18] The Defias Brotherhood . Then, you are suppose to kill the Defias Messeger. He walks along the coast way in Westfall and respans in Moonbrook. Just walk along the road up to the mine and back again and you should find him, otherwise wait in Moonbrook until you find him there. Then head back to Sentinell Hill and turn the quest in.

Then at the foot of the tower there stands one or two mans. If it is just one, you have to wait until the second one appears. He gives you an escort quest that you should take and escort him to Moonbrook. Then go back again. Turn in the quest and take the last follow up.

Just one more quest to collect, and it's an easy one. At the top of the tower and take the quest.

Now I suggest that you use Jame’s Deadmines guide witch you find here.

Level 20

When you are done in The Deadmines, and have turned in the quest you completed you should be well over level 20, and here ends this guide.

I hope you have enjoyed it.