[Leveling] Grind to 60 in few days /played

How do some people level way too fast? How is this possible.. there are two ways. Grinding, or Questing. But not ordinary grinding & questing by any way, there are special routes to take, at certain levels, that will keep you dinging in the shortest of time.

The easiest way really, is to grind imo. Although its terribly boring, and it can make you *hate* playing WoW, I have to admit that I find grinding the fastest way to level, for me that is. There are other routes you can take. You can quest only, and if you knew where you're going and this and that, you could probably level faster than grinding.

I have leveled about 3 characters to 60 using this method. I actually have 5 60's though, one of them was my very first 60 and like everyone else, i screwed around and hit 60 in about 30 days played(laugh at me.) The other 60 was my brother's rogue, but yeah.
I recommend you have 4x 16-slot bags ready for your character. Also, make sure you always rest at an inn when you are logging out for more than a couple hours.

Some classes have it easy, some classes have it tough. Mana-user classes can sometimes be rough because of the need to regen mana after killing mobs. Also, some classes, such as Paladins and Warriors, have a slower kill-rate than classes such as Rogues, Mages, Shadow Priests. This is proven, and this is a fact, There are some ways to improve their kill-rate, such as being an Engineer, or getting decked in blue/epic gear. Some classes are made to have it tough, some aren't. Here's a little chart I made that will help you understand things a bit better:

Difficulty of Leveling w/ each class
Rogue - Easy/Medium
Hunter - Very Easy
Priests - Very Easy
Mages - Easy
Warrior - Medium/Hard
Paladin - Hard
Warlock - Easy/Medium
Druid - Medium
Shaman - Medium

You will make lots of money, while you level fast. It is best to spend the -least- amount possible, avoid buying level 19 blues when you will replace it in the next 10 levels. Avoid low-level instance running unless you are searching for a weapon that will improve your kill rate by a huge margin. Upgrade your gear every 10 levels or so, if you are melee, upgrade your weapon every 6-7 levels or so. Make sure you have plans for your talent build, make sure they are the best build for solo leveling, most likely DPS builds.

XP per Hour
In order to keep track of this, I use TitanPanel. Whether you like it or not, the mod isn't necessary and not very important, but for those who like to keep track might want to go download them at any WoW UI websites. I prefer ui.worldofwar.net or curse-gaming.net.

Remember not to worry about the amount of XP you make per hour too much. Trying out different locations to see if you get a boost might sometimes waste a lot of precious time.

Leveling Path
Which do you prefer? Quests followed by more and more quests with few grindage? Or do you want maximum grindage? If you are a casual player, I highly recommend questing and following James Alliance/Horde Guide. If you have lots of free time, and you have high tolerance(which means you won't give up after 10 minutes of grinding), the best way to gain the fastest XP may be grinding. Nevertheless, always take a break once in a while. Grinding can be a bore, trust me.

Grinding Spots

Because of the fact that grinding doesn't truly shine until you reach the level of 30-35, I recommend plain-old questing til you reach the 30 area.

20+: Tarren Mill(H), Stonetalon Mountains(H)
Kill mobs and quest

25-29: Galak humanoids in Thousand Needles
These guys(and i guess some are girls..) die so fast that my Paladin was able to level extremely fast killing these, even when they were green to me.

30+: Stranglethorn Vale, Tigers/Panthers & Quest. Thousand Needles, Shimmering Flats, Basilisks/Turtles/Birds & Quest

31-34: Yetis - Hillsbrad Foothills

Yeti's in Hillsbrad are kick ass. Also great for skinners who need some free leather.

34-37: Venture Co. Goblins in STV

These mobs are great! They die quick, and their casters. Their lightning bolts tend to hit a bit hard for their level, take caution.

37-39: Murlocs in STV

These guys are also great. Enjoy the sun, the sound of the murlocs, and enjoy that pool because you're gonna be dippin in there for quite a while.

40+: Rock Elementals & Whelps in Badlands

This is one way to go once you hit 40 and get your brand new spankin mount. These mobs will help you get your money back. Rock Elementals drop very nice vendor-trash loot and Whelps have a chance to drop Dragon pets which should sell for a bit in the AH. On my server, they probably don't but Whelps are also easy to kill. There is also quests for rock elementals, consider that a little bonus.

40-44: Wastewander in Tanaris

These are what I usually grind on. Some of these mob gouges you, and theres also a higher level patrol which can make this place a bit irritating. But this place is still a very good grinding place, and you'll get a lot of mageweave. Mageweave on my server usually go for around 3g-5g a stack, usually because you don't see as many Mageweave in the AH, not as much as Runecloth, Netherweave, Silk and Linen. Theres also quests for Wastewanders.

44-49: Dem Filthy Nagaz stole my bike, in Feralas

These mobs are extremely kick ass. They die so fast.. its not even funny. The only thing that I didn't like about this place is the loot, having 30 pearls in your bag can get quite annoying. Other than that, this is probably the #1 leveling spot.

47-49: Dunemaul Ogres in Tanaris

I'll be honest here, this place is great for some Mageweave and Silver drops, even a blue sometimes. I however, did not like this place on Melee characters I leveled with. This place was great for casters though, mainly Shadow Priests. Worth a shot to try these guys, and see if your XP/hr is decent enough.

49-51: Thistleshrubs in Tanaris

This place is also similar to Dunemaul Ogres, a bit easier, but their root totems can get quite annoying. There's also a quest for these guys, for the Noggenfogger quest. I didn't like this place too much with my Paladin, but i loved it on casters.

50+: Un'goro Crater
Welcome to level 50. Time to wander a bit in Un'goro, OR you could come back here at around 52. But other than that, this place is self-explatinory. You can get pretty nice xp, killing mobs and doin all the quests there.

50-54: Skeletons, Zombies in WPL -OR- Sorrow Hill

These mobs are pretty cool. They die fast enough, they drop scourge tokens & bone fragments which can sell for a bit, or can be saved up for Argent Dawn rewards. One level and I got about.. 200 ish Bone fragments and 100 tokens. Also, lots of runecloth here. I got to 300 Firstaid in this area. As you get a few more levels, you can move on from the far west area to the ones a bit more to the east(Dawson Creek or w/e).

53-56: Blood Elves of Ashzara

These are probably #2 on my best leveling spot list. They die super-fast, and they drop fantastic loot. Few cons though, are the fact that this place is crowded with farmers & other levelers(probably other Blood Elves or Draenai.) This place is also quite rough at the lower levels, two or more blood elf mobs can nuke you down pretty quick, they hurt. They also heal, but that isn't such a big problem.

56+: Ice Cave Yeti's of Winterspring

Few Cons/Pros about this place. They die quick, they drop nice loot(and leather for skinners), there are tons of them, and there is a quest for them for small bonus xp. You even get your own minature yeti! Now here's what I don't like bout em, they freeze. As a melee class, I tend to hate being frozen for more than 3 seconds. Few of them also hit a bit hard, I forgot if they enrage or not. This place is better suited for casters imo, but melee should do fine here too.

57-60: Ghosts of Winterspring

This was the final grinding place for my Warrior. These drop nice loot, sometimes enchanting patterns for Unholy(I think) and can get lots of xp from these.

58+: Hellfire Peninsula
This is completely up to you, there are tons of people at 58 goin here. In all honesty, I wouldn't even want to visit this place til im at least 60.

58+: Instance
Last few levels may be somewhat hard. But by this level, you are most likely able to go to Scholo/Strath/DM, or Ramparts even, with a group of friends you know.

58+: Grind in previous locations
By this level, if you don't want to instance, or go to Hellfire just yet, I would recommend goin back to the Blood Elves in Ashzara or Ice Cave Yeti's in Winterspring and rip through shit, they should all be greens after all.

And this concludes my leveling guide. Remember that, this guide is for dedicated peeps who are interested in *grinding*. I know tons of people who hate grinding, believe me. Grinding will test your patience, I'd recommend lookin at the guide on improving your grinding pace, if you ever feel that you need to that is. Good luck! Smiling