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New Moderator: Crackerhead22

I am very pleased to announce Crackerhead22 as our newest moderator!

Anyone who has been on the site long knows that Crackerhead has done a TON of work for the addon, including bug reporting and fixing, as well as providing support for new users and those having trouble with the addon. He was also very active during the pre-Cata-launch rush, and was responsible for several of the guides during that time. Additionally, he has gone back and re-worked and completed the Outland guides.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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New Moderator: Ludovicus Maior

Cognradulations to our newest moderator, Ludovicus Maior!

Ludovicus has been an amazing help in keeping the addon going while I've been away from the site. Not only has he continued updating the guides as he works through his Loremaster title, he also developed software to help automatically update the addon guides from the changes made to the website pages for each guide!

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