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WoW Insider's Addon Spotlight author uses WoW-Pro!

Hi everyone! A guild-mate of mine forwarded me something awesome today from this week's "Addon Spotlight" column over on WoW Insider, one of the top WoW news sites around. One of the users wrote in to the "Addon Mailbag" section talking about how awesome Carbonite was, and asking the author's opinion. His response?

Mathew McCurley of WoW Insider wrote:
"I switched over to WoW-pro plus TomTom for my Cataclysm alts, however, because Carbonite was doing weird things to my quest window and I wanted more control and fewer compatibility errors."

I know it's just a passing mention but this makes me so proud of what we've accomplished as a community. A casual, positive reference to our addon from a high-profile WoW news source is clear testament to the dedication and hard work put in from all of you wonderful contributors. Thank you for making the addon such an awesome resource for WoW players everywhere!

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