Death Knight Shopping List (55-70)

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What's the purpose of this guide?

This is a list of items you can buy before creating your Death Knight to help speed up the leveling process. Please note that this list is made to be compatible with Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guides, and that means the glyphs are chosen with an Unholy Talent Spec in mind. This list is however optional and depends on how much gold you have at your disposal. I will however try to organize this list in two categories: Highly Recommended and Optional

That way, if your finances are on the low side, you can focus on the Highly Recommended List primarly and ignore the Optional one.

Help me make this list better

Right now, I don't have the time to make all the research myself, so I need your help!
It would be great if we could put this list together as a joint effort. What really needs work is the Equipment list.

So I'm awaiting your suggestions on items for each slot. Keep in mind the following criterias:

  1. Item must be a significant upgrade over the previous one
  2. Item must not have an equivalent easily acquired from a quest at this level range
  3. If possible, item must be cheap

If you got a suggestion, please post it.

Highly Recommended


♣ = Starting Gear

Weapon - Greatsword of the Ebon Blade

Head - Greathelm of the Scourge Champion

Neck - Bladed Ebon Amulet

Shoulders - Blood-soaked Saronite Plated Spaulders

Back - Sky Darkener's Shroud of Blood

Chest - Saronite War Plate

Wrist - Plated Saronite Bracers

Hands - Bloodbane's Gauntlets of Command

Waist - The Plaguebringer's Girdle

Legs - Engraved Saronite Legplates

Feet - Greaves of the Slaughter

Finger 1 - Valanar's Signet Ring

Finger 2 - Keleseth's Signet Ring

Trinket 1 - Soul Harvester's Charm

Trinket 2 - Signet of the Dark Brotherhood


Level 55

Level 70

Items for Quest Turn ins

Light's Hope Chapel Turn Ins:

Cloth Donations:

Aldor Turn Ins

Where do I farm that?

Daemun's Farming Guide



♣ = Starting Gear

Weapon - Greatsword of the Ebon Blade

Head - Greathelm of the Scourge Champion

Neck - Bladed Ebon Amulet

Shoulders - Blood-soaked Saronite Plated Spaulders

Back - Sky Darkener's Shroud of Blood

Chest - Saronite War Plate

Wrist - Plated Saronite Bracers

Hands - Bloodbane's Gauntlets of Command

Waist - The Plaguebringer's Girdle

Legs - Engraved Saronite Legplates

Feet - Greaves of the Slaughter

Finger 1 - Valanar's Signet Ring

Finger 2 - Keleseth's Signet Ring

Items for Quest Turn ins

Light's Hope Chapel Turn Ins:

  • 2 Thorium Bar (for [60] That's Asking A Lot)
  • 1 Golden Rod (for [60] That's Asking A Lot)
  • 8 Hi-Explosive Bomb (for [60] That's Asking A Lot)
  • 8 Unstable Trigger (for [60] That's Asking A Lot)
  • [/]

    Thanks Dhannek for this list! (Dhannek's Guide can be found here)


    (Work in progress - suggestions welcome)


    Hey De

    Hey De, Would you do me a huge favor and post what source or list of full enchanting mats you used to power lvl it to 350 and make that helm when you get there? I've got nothing but time and gold until WotLK so this would be great fun to start grinding for Eye


    Sorry about the reply time, kept looking at the bottom of the page for my post to get passed motivation haha.

    Anyway for powerleveling any profession I usually hit up the official profession forums: the post at:

    On a side note, If you are going to gem it out I would take a

    Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond (Meta req filled by helm alone)

    Chaotic Skyfire Diamond(Requires at least two gem slots - may be a hinderence)

    Of course, I wouldn't go spending heaps on gems at this level as it will be replaced quickly - I would first get all my enchants sorted as they give much better stat return on gold investment

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    Woah, now that's some

    Woah, now that's some serious motivation Sticking out tongue


    The beauty of the Armour Vellum is that you can apply enchants to your blue gear as soon as you complete the final death knight starter quest.

    Here is a list of what I have prepared for my death knight, I actually decided to double this so that when I hit 70 and get the outland blues I will have an instant set of enchants to slip on and continue the northrend grind with that extra small edge.

    Feet - Surefooted (over 35)
    Void Crystal (2), Large Prismatic Shard (4).

    Exceptional Stats - Chest (over 35)
    Large Prismatic Shard (4), Arcane Dust (4), Greater Planar Essence (4)

    Enchant Cloak - Spell Penetration (over 35)
    Greater Planar Essence (2), Arcane Dust (6), Primal Mana (2)

    Enchant Bracer - Brawn (over 35)
    Arcane Dust (6)

    Enchant Gloves - Major Strength (over 35)
    Arcane Dust (12), Greater Planar Essence

    Nethercobra Leg Armor (no vellum required)
    Heavy Knothide Leather (4), Cobra Scales (4), Primal Air ( 8 ), Primal Nether

    Armor Vellum II x5
    Celestial Ink = Violet Pigment ("Commonly obtained when milling Firebloom, Purple Lotus, Arthas' Tears, Sungrass, Blindweed, Ghost Mushroom, and Gromsblood.")

    In total you would need...
    Void Crystals = 2
    Large Prismatic Shard = 8
    Arcane Dust = 28
    Greater Planar Essence - 7
    Primal Mana = 2

    Heavy Knothide Leather = 4
    Cobra Scales = 4
    Primal Air = 8
    Primal Nether = 1

    Firebloom, Purple Lotus, Arthas' Tears, Sungrass, Blindweed, Ghost Mushroom or Gromsblood = 25 (5 for each Vellum)
    Common Parchment = 5

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    Thank you, I'll add enchants

    Thank you, I'll add enchants to the optional list tomorrow.

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    Been checking daily on my realm to see if " Blade of Misfortune " has been put on AH, but it seems it hasn't at all kinda making it hard for me to get the required weapon. Although I did find something.. not as good but seems to be ok. But I want your opinion on it James.

    Sword Stats:
    DMG: 181-273
    SPD: 3.50
    DPS: 64.9
    STR: 23
    AGI: 23
    STA: 24

    Unless I get Blade of Misfortune but so far haven't had any luck and even went on a farming spree of lower level mobs for a few hours to see if dropped. >_< silly sword sells for 200g on my realm once it is on AH.

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    You could add some enchants in the ''Optional'' section, like Enchant Weapon - Potency or Enchant 2H Weapon - Savagery.

    As for the Potions and Elixirs section, I would like to add the following:

    Elixir of Major Strength and Elixir of Empowerment.

    At the moment, there aren't that many elixirs that boost Strength / Attack Power, but I think you are aware of that.

    That's all I have to add for now, I will look for further information Smiling

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    I wouldn't recommend blowing

    I wouldn't recommend blowing 120g on a weapon enchant, when DKs can just enchant their own weapon for free with Runeforging.

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    But if money wasn't an issue...?

    Let's say you're sitting at around 20k gold, you have an enchnanter hence all the mats needed for pretty much anything and just want what's best for your young Death Knight. Which enchant would you consider to be the best enchant for a Death Knight weapon. Would it be something like Potency or Executioner or is the Runeforging (even at earlier levels like level 60 for your 150g Blade of Misfortune) still better or equal?

    [Edit] I had written a post on Dhannek's levelling guide asking this, but couldn't find it after the server switching, but guess it didn't disappear after all, making this sort of a double post. Sorry about that. Shocked

    --- For Gnomeregan, Pony and Cookies!! ---

    --- For Gnomeregan, Pony and Cookies!! ---

    20k gold - not enough

    You need 20k gold~ or there abouts for the mammoth.

    Hog (engineering boe - so far still boe too) - 31k MIN (there are vendor bought items that total around 31k)

    And then leveling professions to max once more at 80 (with inflated prices if you want things maxed fast)

    So yea i wouldn't go wasting gold just yet if i were in your position

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    Quite right

    Yes, you're quite right about 20k gold not being even close to enough (I'm going to need at least three times that when I have two or more level 80 characters). But the main thing is that I allready have all the materials for several Executioner enchants since my mage is an enchanter (and void crystals and many other enchanting mats have become rather cheap on AH, not making it worth selling much of it anymore).

    I guess he'll enchant the Blade of Misfortune with Executioner and then send it over so that the death knight has it at level 60. Obviously, I'll need someone else to enchant the Honed Voidaxe from Ring of Blood at level 65, but that's a later problem... by a few days at least.

    --- For Gnomeregan, Pony and Cookies!! ---

    --- For Gnomeregan, Pony and Cookies!! ---

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    In Dalaran I saw the

    In Dalaran I saw the 3-passenger gryphon sold by a vendor for 18k. I'm guessing this goes down if you gain rep with Dalaran.

    Anyway, better be loaded with cash for WotLK Smiling

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    If I had too much gold, I'd

    If I had too much gold, I'd probably go for the Executioner enchant for leveling, until you get Rune of the Fallen Crusader at level 70.

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    Woops, my bad

    Sorry, my bad Sticking out tongue

    Totally forgot about that Shocked

    For people that don't know what it is --> Runeforging

    Anyway, then you could maybe add the runes that can be inscribed, such as Rune of the Fallen Crusader.

    I could make a list for you, if you want Eye

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    Hey Shikamaru! A list would

    Hey Shikamaru! A list would be great Smiling

    There's a level 66 sword

    There's a level 66 sword from Halaa in Nagrand that's a great upgrade. I used it until WotLK in the beta.

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    Yea, but for that you need

    Yea, but for that you need Halaa to be under your faction's control. And if you do the Ring of Blood chain, you'll get a better upgrade too.

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    The only logical time/place

    Edit - Oops this supposed to be a reply to a comment below, but somehow it replied to the thread instead of that reply. Oh well!

    In regards to Ungoro/Silithus turn ins, the only logical time/place to turn in those quests is after you fly to Thunder Bluff to turn in cloth for horde, or fly to Iron Forge to cloth for Alliance.

    The Horde side is not too much of a detour, it just seems like a bit of a waste. The alliance one is pretty out of the way, seeing how Alliance DKs no longer have to fly to Theramore to pick up training for Heavy Runecloth Bandages. You would have to make the major detour of Iron Forge -> Wetlands -> Theramore -> Un'goro/Silithus, hence it seems like a waste of time.

    The purpose behind my speed guide was to just get to 60 ASAP, and then move on to Outland due to DKs having much better means to leveling on harder HFP mobs/quests at 60 than 58. Going to Un'goro and such is just really tacked on XP since you can get to 60 eaily via WPL/LHC turn ins. (By the way, is it 'turn ins' or 'turn-ins'?)

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    I just tried it, and I have

    I just tried it, and I have to agree with you, it takes too long and too many efforts for such a small gain (you could get about as much XP/hour by simply following the plaguelands circuits and then going to HFP). I won't put the blasted lands / silithus turn ins in the guide after all, even as optional, it seems like a bad advice.

    When Lich King hits the

    When Lich King hits the servers are probably gonna be swarmed by DKs. So I dont mind spending a few ekstra mins flying around, turning in stuff, instead of fighting all the rest for quest mobs. Just a personal opinion though Sticking out tongue

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    Thats a good point, however

    Thats a good point, however I'm not sure it's gonna be that much of an apocalypse in the DK starting zones, simply thanks to the phasing engine, Blizzard did a great job with that.

    As you progress through the DK quest line, the zone changes and you're moved to different instances of it, thus avoiding a huge messy crowd of DKs Sticking out tongue

    I was more thinking in the

    I was more thinking in the epl area, once you finish the DK quest area. But then again, we might be lucky that all the stupid DKs head straight to Outland after the starting area.

    Anyways I think Im still gonna do the slacker mode and fly around and deliver stuff. Gives me an irl break to get food and stuff done }:)

    Also Im leveling a horde char, so not that much out of the way for me. Btw 1 quest was forgotten in the guide: Dukes of the Council. So thats another turnin quest in Silithus

    A thought

    Ok, bear with me here -- but I think that there might be a way to squeeze another 11k XP out of Shattrath. If you want to be, say, Scryer; initially pick Aldor. Do the "Allegiance to the Aldor" quest, getting -3500 rep with Scryer. Now go and turn in however many sets of 8 Dampscale Basilisk Eyes are needed to swap over to Scryer (since the quest is only avalible if you are not on good terms with the Scryers). The inital turn in of Eyes will give you 11k XP; and now you can level your reputation as normal. Assuming that -3500 rep is all you get, it would only take 14 turn ins (250 Rep a piece) in order to get back the 3500; so only 112 Eyes, which at a drop rate of ~30% per mob is only just over 300 Basilisks you need to kill to get 11k XP for your unborn DK.

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    I don't know really, 112

    I don't know really, 112 eyes only to get an extra 11k xp seems like so much work for so little Sticking out tongue

    I recrunched the numbers,

    I recrunched the numbers, its actually 128 Eyes or Sacs -- since you drop -3850 (128 of either = 16 turn ins, 16 x 250 = 4000 XP). And yes, you're right -- its a lot of work for just a little boost; I was just wondering if anyone was as bored as I. If I spend an hour or two farming for 11k XP before WotLK comes out, it is an hour or two well spent Sticking out tongue

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    Ugh, can't you just apply to

    Ugh, can't you just apply to the Scryers initially, get the -3500 Aldor rep, and then do the Aldor version of the "So you hate us but want our rep ok go grind this" quest once for the XP?

    You'll lose -250 rep or something with Scryers by doing the Basilisk eyes turn in to Aldor once, but you'll still get 11k XP (for just 8 eyes) and then you can go back to merrily turning in Scryer rep.

    Much easier than ~120 eyes.

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    I've noticed that you stated ''BoE Items'' 2 times in your guide, while they are not all BoE.

    It's clear that some are Bind on Pick-up (BoP) items when you hover over the items.
    Could be your intention, though.
    I just thought I should post it, even if it is me that's not thinking right here.

    As for the Potions & Elixirs, I will look into it.


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    Very good point. I had

    Good point. I had started with BoE Items only in mind, then changed my mind Sticking out tongue
    Replaced all "BoE Items" with "Equipment" to avoid confusion.

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    The second to last post on

    Don't forget the Battlemaster's Breastplate (quest reward from HFP), the Helboar Slicer (alliance quest from HFP for those who dont have the Blade of Misfortune), and also a good wolf-helm from Terokkar and Shoulders from an early Zangar quest. I leveled my main on the beta before I collected stuff like the Blade of Misfortune and other good BoEs, so those are the main quest items I remember getting that were huge upgrades as I leveled to 68 (I quit before BEM as I leveled so fast). What someone (with more time than I do) can do is set up a filter for plate quest rewards from each zone on WoWHead, and that shows what the quests are that give the good rewards!

    I do like the idea of showing quest rewards from the intro zones in Northrend, to compare against in case someone might think something from Netherstorm or such that people would be receiving at 68-70 pre-WotLK would get. A few craftable epics at 70 are also still very good to get, especially now badges are pretty much worthless so spending 15 on nether vortexes (or just buying them) are cheap as heck. I think the Red Belt of Battle is a good example of this, and actually might be THE ONLY example :]

    Also, good BoEs that I don't see listed are the Boots of the Decimator and Gauntlets of the Skullsplitter. The second to last post on this thread over at has a full list of purely BoE upgrades, but most of them are the dumb "...of the Beast" style BoEs that are incredibly hard to acquire due to it being a random chance at a certain flavor of an already random drop! I tend to shy away from posting those, as they are 'super optional' due to their rarity.

    Nice job on this, as this was something I was planning on doing to be included with my Pre-Outland speed leveling guide, but it kind of made the project bloat out of control a bit when I really wanted to concentrate on just the leveling part. That is why you notice a whole part on 'recommended equipment' and 'optional xp quests' and such. I'll make sure to add a link to this guide from those sections, as you have done a good job so far on finding the quest items out that I have been too busy/lazy to do. I only really have a list of the BoEs that can be bought off of the AH.

    Also, I have a huge revision of my guide coming up tonight, and it will hopefully be the final copy. It has a full list of all of the non-soulbound items to turn in for XP quests in Outland. The only one I am missing right now from the current list that are the 10 Oshu'gun Crystal Fragments for [66] Stealing From Thieves.

    (I also like the level in brackets-- I'll add that to mine to help differenciate what a quest link looks like! :] )

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    Hey Dhannek. Now thats some

    Hey Dhannek. Now thats some proper feedback, thank you! Looking forward to your guide update.

    About the Boots of the Decimator, Girdle of Siege, Gauntlets of the Skullsplitter and Nagascale Legplates of the Beast etc. The reason why I didn't put them in: Fel Iron Plate.

    You can get them much earlier and much cheaper, and if you do the math, it's pretty close:

    Girdle of Siege
    Boots of the Decimator
    Gauntlets of the Skullsplitter
    Nagascale Legplates of the Beast +26 STR +26 AGI +41 STA

    Armor: 2549 | Str: 124 | Sta: 77 | Agi: 44 | Hit Rating: 12 | Crit Rating: 18
    Total Cost (avg.): ~200g (probably more now, because the prices for those are going up a lot lately)

    Fel Iron Plate Belt
    Fel Iron Plate Boots
    Fel Iron Plate Gloves
    Fel Iron Plate Legs

    Armor: 2386 | Str: 122 | Sta: 114 | Agi: 0 | Hit Rating: 15 | Crit Rating: 0
    Total Cost (avg.): 31g

    Armor and str are almost identical. Fel Iron Plate has a lot more stamina, a little more hit rating, but about -3% crit.

    However, they are much cheaper, much easier to obtain (Blacksmiths craft a lot of those while leveling up smithing) and they also can be equipped earlier.

    Or better, you can simply buy the fel iron ore / bars and ask a blacksmith friend of your to craft them for you.

    Should I even bother adding the blues to the optional list? The difference is so small and the price so big.

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    I'd say add them but note

    I'd say add them but note the differences as you did. Stamina is really a non-issue for any competent Death Knight, however I don't know if those will be steady supply with all of the DKs going to be infesting Outland! A lot of people simply don't know that the named BoEs are good for DKs yet, so the prices have been incredibly low for me.

    But yes, I didn't know about Fel Iron Plate stuff since I am blissfully ignorant of most BS stuff due to having a Warlock main for so long Sticking out tongue

    As for quest rewards:

    Bladefist's Breadth
    Helboar Carving Blade (Alliance only - substitute for those who can't get a BoM)
    Battlemaster's Breastplate

    ... and so on.
    Here is how I find them, however it is more annoying to look for cloaks/rings/trinkets that are better since it is so much easier just to do a plate search.

    Off the top of my head, I remember having quite the clownsuit on my original DK in late june, well after they added the good blue quest reward set to the DK zone in the beta. I definitely remember the Helboar Carver (this guy was alliance), shoulders from Zangar, the Brestplate from Hellfire, and the wolf mask from Terokkar being the first few amazing actual upgrades instead of side grades before Nagrand where things start becoming upgrades more commonly.

    edit - now with more links!

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    Thanks, that's quite helpful

    Thanks, that's quite helpful Smiling

    Girdle of Siege is a BoE

    Girdle of Siege is a BoE that should keep you covered in the waist slot from level 63 until 68 when you pick up Borak's Belt of Bravery from the Cipher of Damnation questline. Average buyout on the Girdle according to wowhead is 35g.


    Here are a few armor items I bought and enchanted:
    - Adamantite Plate Bracers (lvl66)
    - Adamantite Plate Gloves (lvl66)
    - Girdle of Siege (lvl63)
    - Gauntlets of the Skullsplitter (lvl64)
    - Boots of the Decimator (lvl60)
    - Blade of Misfortune (lvl60)
    There's larger compilation at

    Additional quest items:
    These are for the Blasted Lands quests:
    - 5 Snickerfang Jowl
    - 6 Blasted Boar Lungs
    - 6 Scorpok Pincer
    - 11 Basilisk Brains
    - 14 Vulture Gizzard

    General reputation items that can be pre-farmed:
    - 840 Encrypted Twilight Texts (neutral->exalted cenarion circle)
    - 360 Unidentified Plant Parts (neutral->honored cenarion expedition)
    - 1080 Arakkoa Feather (neutral->honored lower city)
    - 260 Sanguine Hibiscus (friendy->exalted sporregar, get 40 additional glowcaps for tabard and pet)
    - lots and lots of scryer/aldor rep items (shoulder enchants will be useful for a long time)

    Other items:
    - 12 Netherweave Bag (8 bank, 4 inventory)

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    Quote:These are for the

    These are for the Blasted Lands quests:
    - 5 Snickerfang Jowl
    - 6 Blasted Boar Lungs
    - 6 Scorpok Pincer
    - 11 Basilisk Brains
    - 14 Vulture Gizzard
    These are good for Death Knights below 60. Personally I am going to be at 60 before I get to the Blasted Lands (per my guide) and thus those quests will be grey by then.

    I've amassed almost every good piece of equipment that may be possibly good for Death Knights 60-68. Most are side grades to quest gear you get 60-68, but some are pretty good. My server is down right now, but I'll post them later.

    As for rep items:

    General reputation items that can be pre-farmed:
    - 840 Encrypted Twilight Texts (neutral->exalted cenarion circle)
    - 360 Unidentified Plant Parts (neutral->honored cenarion expedition)
    - 1080 Arakkoa Feather (neutral->honored lower city)
    - 260 Sanguine Hibiscus (friendy->exalted sporregar, get 40 additional glowcaps for tabard and pet)
    - lots and lots of scryer/aldor rep items (shoulder enchants will be useful for a long time)
    The 360 Unidentified Plant parts are pretty easy to get. 10 just for the inital XP.

    The 1080 Feathers is pretty hilarious, but actually semi-easy to get. Just go to the Arrakoa camp at the very south west part of Terokkar. There is a camp there without any upper levels, as it is a pain to go up and down those bird houses of theirs! Also, there is like a minimum number of mobs that NEED to be up for some reason, so it is a non-stop kill fest. I did this in about 3-4 hours (playing bejeweled mod while watching movies in Windowed mode) on my destructo-lock with a Voidwalker sacrificed for endless health and life-tapped mana pre3.0. An affliction warlock should have even less downtime (no casting) than I did post 3.0.

    36 Pair of Ivory Horns for Consortium Neutral->friendly in Nagrand. Super easy to get, just find the "Wild Elleks" roaming around. Each kill is a guaranteed drop.

    Sanguine habisicus are easy for stealth classes with herbalism-- annoying for anyone else.

    Otherwise I have a complete list of all 'turn ins for xp only' in my guide elsewhere.

    Edit - I would love for this 'what to gather' guide to circulate well. I have far too spare much stuff saved up that I need to sell for a good profit :]

    "260 Sanguine Hibiscus

    "260 Sanguine Hibiscus (friendy->exalted sporregar, get 40 additional glowcaps for tabard and pet)"

    If you are planning on getting this and you happen to have a highlevel friend that can help you, you should consider doing for This quest req min lvl 63 and Sporregar exalted.

    So another nice wep before you can get ring of blood at 65.

    Quote:These are good for

    These are good for Death Knights below 60. Personally I am going to be at 60 before I get to the Blasted Lands (per my guide) and thus those quests will be grey by then.

    Afaik the quests become grey at 61 so they might still give some xp. Also the buff items you receive as rewards could be used right away in Outlands. It's not a necessity by any means but since we come the way anyway and it's not hard to farm the items why not.

    36 Pair of Ivory Horns for Consortium Neutral->friendly in Nagrand

    A small note: Remember to do one turn-in of Oshugun Crystal Fragment ( for xp before you get friendly because the quest is no longer available afterwards. The fragments can be farmed in advance as well and are an alternative to the ivory horns to get to friendly

    Another okay spot for farming arakkoa feathers is northeast of the lake. If you are alone you don't need to go to the upper levels and can run circles (this might not work for affliction locks because of the kill speed).

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    The Blasted Lands animal

    The Blasted Lands animal parts are definitely grey at 60, I tested with my DK. Wowhead has the grey level wrong.

    DK Enchants

    You can now get the enchants of the following for your Deathknight, because there is Armor Vellum II now:
    These are my personal recommendations. Don't take them for granted.

    Enchant Gloves - Major Strength (Arcane Dust x 12 Greater Planar x 1)

    Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats (Arcane Dust x 4 Greater Planar x 4 Large Prismatic Shard x 4)

    Enchant Boots - Fortitude (Arcane Dust x 12)

    Enchant Back - Greater Agility (Arcane Dust x 4 Greater Planar x 1 Primal Air x 1)

    Enchant Shoulder - Inscription of the Blade (Honored Scryers, Arcane Dust x 2)

    Enchant Bracer - Brawn (Arcane Dust x 6)

    The following are NOT enchants, but Armor Kits.

    Head - Heavy Knothide Armor Kit (Heavy Knothide Leather x 3)

    Legs - Nethercleft Leg Armor (Primal Nether x 1, Primal Earth x 3, Thick Clefthoof Leather x 16, Heavy Knothide Leather x 4)

    I mostly went for Strength and Stamina, those get buffs from your talents (think Ghoul)
    I hope I didn't make any mistakes and that it'll help some people!

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    Thank you, that will save me

    Thank you, that will save me some time Smiling

    Firstly, thanks Jame for all

    Firstly, thanks Jame for all your guides. They've been great, I've always loved them! Smiling

    Quest Handins

    30 x Crypt Fiend Parts
    30 x Bone Fragments
    30 x Savage Frond
    30 x Core of Elements
    30 x Dark Iron Scraps

    300 x Wool Cloth
    300 x Silk Cloth
    300 x Mageweave Cloth
    300 x Runecloth

    7 x Red Power Crystal
    7 x Yellow Power Crystal
    7 x Blue Power Crystal
    7 x Green Power Crystal
    1 x Abyssal Crest
    20 x Encrypted Twilight Text

    Can be done at 60-61
    43800 XP

    Now, Im skeptical that its worth the time. So I checked out how long it took, assuming I could port to Theremore and recall out of silithus.

    0 Arrive Theremore
    1 Fly out to Un G
    5 Arrive Ung
    7 Talk to Collie
    15 Finish tower loop arrive back and Collie
    16 Fly to Silithus
    18 Hand in, finished.

    So 18 minutes for 43800 xp or 146000 xp/hour. I dont know if this good xp/hour at this level or not? I thought Jame you should know if its worth it or not. You also may Smiling be aware of some deilvery quests or some other quests that might add a little xp to this?

    14 x Vulture Gizzard
    11 x Basilisk Brain
    6 x Scorpok Pincer
    6 x Blasted Boar Lung
    5 x Snickerfang Jowl

    These Blasted lands turn ins are definately worth doing for a cool 34000xp. It must be done before 60, a quick flight from stormwind or grom'gol before doing the WPL quests is how it has to be done.

    1 x Flawless Draenethyst Sphere
    1 x Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment

    1 x Nethergarde Bitter

    6 x Bog Lord Tendril (i forget do you need the rep for quests at sporegar? should i get more?)
    6 x Fertile Spores
    360 x Unidentified Plant Parts (so can instantly get shoulder enchants)
    10 x Glowcap
    5 x Sanguine Hibiscus
    10 x Mature Spore Sac

    30 x Arakkoa Feather

    10 x Dampscale Basilisk Eye
    10 x Mark of Kil'Jaeden
    10 x Mark of Sargeras
    1 x Fel Armament

    3 x Pair of Ivory Tusks
    10x Oshu'gun Crystal Fragment

    My Personal Gear Upgrade Path with Enchants

    EH Shoulders - Saronite Plated Spaulders
    EH Wrists - Plated Sarionite Bracers - Brawn
    EH Hands - Bloodbane's Guantlets of Command - Major Strenth
    EH Legs - Engraved Saronite Legplates - Cobrahide
    EH Back - Sky Darkener's Shroud - Major Agility

    60 2hd - Blade of Misfortune - Savagery
    60 Feet - Boots of the Decimator -Runspeed or Fortitude?
    60 Head - Legion Coif of Strength (mail, +49 stre Laughing out loud) - Knothide armor kit, Arcanum of Ferocity as soon as reach Zang.
    61 Chest - Breastplate of Blade Turning - +6 stats
    62 Neck - Pendant of Cunning
    62 Back - Shroud of Frenzy - Greater Agility
    63 Wrist - Blade Dancer's Wristguard (leather) - Brawn
    63 Waist - Girdle of Siege
    64 Hands - Guantlets of the Skullsplitter - Major Strength
    65 2hd - Honed War Axe - Savegary
    66 Wrist - Adamantite Plate Bracers - Brawn - Sov Shadow Draenite
    66 Hands - Adamantite Plate Gloves - Major Strength - Sov Shadow Draenite, Bold Blood Garnet
    66 Chest - Adamantite Plate Breastplate - +6 stats - 2 x Sov Shadow Draenite, Bold Blood Garnet


    Roasted Clefthoof
    Purification Potion (WPL and random stuff)
    Elixir of Major Strength
    Earthen Elixir
    Gift of Arthas (does this still work with deathknights?!)
    Healing Potion Injectors (probably wont use them, but just in case)
    Fel Sharpening Stones
    Greater Runes of Warding

    Jame's picture

    Quite the list there, thank

    Quite the list there, thank you! Sticking out tongue

    146K xp /hour is pretty good at this level, above average.

    The blasted lands turn ins are also interesting, I'll add them.

    I wouldn't bother with:

    6 x Bog Lord Tendril
    6 x Fertile Spores

    You'll pretty much get those while following my circuits in zangarmarsh, before you even get to the sporregar part.

    360 Unidentified Plant Parts is a good idea, I will add it too. What shoulder enchants do you mean though? If you mean Arcanum of Ferocity, it's actually a head slot enchant and requires revered with CE.

    The item list looks good, I'll check it thoroughly later tonight and update the guide.

    Thank you, very useful Smiling

    Dont bother with enchanting

    Dont bother with enchanting weapons, at least as ive understood it, its either enchant or rune forging, and rune forging is cheaper and to some extent better? Jame pls confirm Smiling

    Jame's picture

    Confirming. DKs don't need

    Confirming. DKs don't need to enchant their weapons. See my Death Knight FAQ and look up Runeforging. Sticking out tongue

    Its debatable wether

    Its debatable wether runeforging is better than enchants prior to Fallen Crusader (Affixes your rune weapon with a rune that has a chance to heal you for 3% and increase total Strength by 30% for 15 sec) which you get at 70.

    Until then, the only dps ones are ones arent that great unless leveling with frost. This is why I chose savagery until 70.

    Cinderglacier Affixes your rune weapon with a rune that has a chance to increase the damage by 20% of your next 2 spells that deal Frost or Shadow damage. Lasts 30 sec.
    Razorice Affixes your rune weapon with a rune that causes 2% extra weapon damage as Frost damage and has a chance to increase Frost vulnerability.

    Jame's picture

    It's debatable of course.

    It's debatable of course. Cinderglacier is fine though even if you're not frost, it boosts the damage from death coil / scourge strike, so it's also fine for Unholy.

    Anyway, it's for sure a hell of a lot cheaper Sticking out tongue

    Dhannek's picture

    If you get to 60 before you

    If you get to 60 before you head to Outland, the Blasted Lands animal turn ins are grey.

    Also, it is debatable if the Un'goro and Silithus quests are worth the time to fly down there.

    Jame's picture

    Yea, I'll add them as

    Yea, I'll add them as optional and tell people to go there right away after they get out of the DK starting zone if they want to do those turn ins.

    Items i've gotten.

    Here's a list of items i've gotten for my dk, if anyone has some suggestions i'd be happy to hear them.


    4x imbued netherweave bag
    7x netherweave bag (for bank)

    20x elixir of major fortitude
    20x elixir of major strength
    10x flask of relentless assault
    20x ravager dog(food buff, 40ap 20spi)
    20x Roasted clefthoof(food buff, 20str, 20spi)
    40x scroll of strength VI (20str 30min)
    20x Fel sharpening stone
    5x super healing potions(with the char, will keep more at bank or mule)

    2x savagery scroll
    1x fortitude scroll
    1x Major strength on gloves
    (got some items already enchanted)
    3x Cobrahide Leg armor

    Quest turn-ins:
    10x firewing and sunfury signets
    1x arcane tome
    5x sanguine hibiscus
    30x arakkoa feather
    10x mature spore sac
    6x fertile spores
    6x bog lord tendril
    10x glowcap
    10x unidentified plant parts
    3x pair of ivory tusks
    8x dreadfang venom sac

    30x Bone Fragments
    30x Dark iron scraps
    30x Savage Frond
    30x Core of Elements
    30x Crypt fiend parts

    300x wool cloth
    300x Rune cloth
    300x mageweave cloth
    300x silk cloth

    1x golden rod
    8x Hi-explosive bomb
    8x unstable trigger
    2x thorium bar

    1x imperfect draenethyst fragment
    1x Flawless draenethyst sphere

    Glyph of Horn of Winter(minor)
    Glyph of Pestilence(minor)
    Glyph of Death's Embrace(minor)
    Glyph of the ghoul(major)
    Glyph of death strike(major)

    Furious Gizmatic Goggles
    Blade of misfortune (savagery)
    Demon-Forged Chestguard of the Beast(exceptional stats)
    Fel iron plate belt OR girdle of siege
    Fel iron plate boots OR boots of the decimator(fortitude)
    Fel iron plate Gloves OR gauntlets of the skullsplitter(+15 str ench.)
    Fel iron plate Pants OR ??Need suggestions?? (Cobrahide Leg armor)

    All the stuff to get the goggles with engineering.

    Also got 6000 gold, and will continu to get more before wotlk.

    I appreciate all the help people can give, and hopefully someone gets something out of the list to get for themselves.


    Question: When creating a

    Question: When creating a Death Knight - what flight points are available after you get out of the starting area? All of them? Or do you have to go discover some? How does that break down?