[Shaman] [Enhancement] Leveling guide, 1 'till 80.

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Table of content:

1. Foreword
2. What's the best leveling spec?
3. The spec
4. Abilities and Rotations.
5. Tips
6. Stats
7. Gear
8. Totem Quests
9. Glyphs
10. Addons

1. Foreword

This is a guide which will tell which talents are the best to choose while leveling, also what rotation you should do, what kind of stats you should be focusing on and some tips. This is based on my opinion, that's why it's an Enhancement leveling guide in the first place Smiling. I have included alot of feedback, too, and I will change this guide when the class will change too.

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2. What's the best leveling spec?

The best (solo) leveling spec for the shaman is Enhancement. This is because it's the most mana efficient tree there is, while it still maintains a lot of damage, in fact the shaman deals the most damage with minimum mana useage (with duel wield, that is). This only counts after level 40, though, and before that you might try Elemental. Elemental is our Casting spec, with it, we boost our Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Shocks and Totems.

I could write an Elemental leveling guide, but thats not needed. Browsing at the Wowhead forums brought me a guide for elemental leveling. Read CanadianSnipers' Elemental Leveling Guide if you choose to level as Elemental. That guide can take you to level 80.

If you want to level as Enhancement all the way, then read further. Otherwise, you could pick up the guide from level 40 and get some gear from the Auction House.

3. The spec:

10 - 14:
Ancestral Knowledge - 5/5.

15 - 19:
Thundering Strikes - 5/5

Shamanistic Focus - 1/1

21 - 22:
Improved Ghost Wolf - 2/2

23 - 24:
Elemental Weapons - 2/3 (only 2)

25 - 29:
Flurry - 5/5

Spirit Weapons - 1/1

31 - 33:
Mental Dexterity - 3/3

Elemental Weapons - 3/3.

35 - 37:
Unleashed Rage - 3/3

38 - 39:
Weapon Mastery - 2/3 (only 2)

Stormstrike - 1/1

Dual Wield - 1/1

42 - 44:
Dual Wield Specialization - 3/3

Lava Lash - 1/1

46 - 47:
Improved Stormstrike - 2/2

48 - 49:
Static Shock - 2/3 (only 2)

Shamanistic Rage - 1/1

Static Shock - 3/3

52 - 54:
Mental Quickness - 3/3

55 - 59:
Maelstrom Weapon - 5/5

Feral Spirit - 1/1

We are now moving to the Elemental tree.

61 - 65:
Concussion - 5/5

66 - 68:
Elemental Devastation - 3/3

69 - 70:
Elemental Warding - 2/3

71 - 75:
Elemental Fury - 5/5

Elemental Focus - 1/1

77 - 80:
Reverberation - 4/5

Click here for the build. This spec is made for solo gameplay, keep that in mind when your asked for an instance, group, or whatever.

4. Abilities and Rotations

Always take weapons with the highest min/max. damage range. These are usually slow weapons.

1 - 9.

  • Until you gain Earth Shock, simply spam Lightning Bolt.
  • When you get Earth Shock, use it when your target is in melee range, and use Lightning Bolt until a mob is near you.
  • Keep up Lightning Shield always.
  • Enchant your weapon with Rockbiter.
  • Use the best DPS weapon, be it a 1h + shield or 2H (the slow weapon part does not apply here, because we don't have Windfury yet)

    Rotation: Auto attack + Earth Shock. Pull with Lightning Bolt. Always keep up Lightning Shield.

    10 - 19.

  • Same as above but:
  • Use Flametongue instead of Rockbiter.
  • You might want to use a fast weapon, so that Flametongue hits more (which does more damage than it would on a slow weapon).

    Rotation: Lightning Bolt, until the mob is near you, then spam Earth Shock while auto attacking. Again, always keep up Lightning Shield.

    20 - 29.

    From now on, we will be using a method I call ‘Shield Twisting’. All you do is keeping a balance between Lightning Shield and Water Shield. Water Shield gives mana, but more then we need. Lightning Shield gives free damage, so keep a nice balance between those two ability’s.

    Rotation: Lightning Bolt, until the mob is near you, then spam Earth Shock while auto attacking.

    30 - 39.

  • Use the Windfury weapon enchant.
  • Always take a 2H weapon with a speed of 3.0 or more.
  • Don´t forget the Shield Twisting method.

    Rotation: Pull with Lightning Bolt, then Auto attack + Earth Shock.

    40 - 49.

    Okay, so you´ve made it to level 40. Ready to rock? Because now we get our key ability’s. Between these levels we get Dual Wield, Stormstrike and Lava Lash. The fun can now start!

  • Start dual wielding at level 44, otherwise you will miss too much without the +hit talents. Also put Windfury on both weapons.

    Rotation: Stormstrike > Earth Shock > Lava Lash > Shield Twist.

    Note: Although I call this a rotation; you’ll notice that, after a while, you’ll simply be using the first ability that pops up from the cooldown. That's why you'll see "priority list" instead of "rotation" next time.

    50 - 75.

    As explained up here, you’ll now rather have a priority list rather than a rotation.

  • Use Shamanistic Rage when you're out of mana.
  • Again, don’t forget the Shield Twisting method.

    Priority list: Stormstrike > Earth Shock > Lava Lash.

    Whenever you have 4/5 or 5/5 Mealstrom Weapon, use Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning, (use Chain Lightning only on AoE). Try to have the Stormstrike debuff on the target before pulling this one out. Do this when their is a gap between the cooldowns.

    75 - 80.

  • Use Windfury weapon enchant on main hand and Flametongue on your off-hand. Still take a slow off-hand (Because of Stormstrike, Lava Lash and Windfury will still be used.

  • Use Shamanistic Rage at 40% mana, or at least close to. And always use it when you’re about to start a fight, since it ‘procs’ from attacks, you’ll want to make the most of it every time you use it.

  • Again, don’t forget the Shield Twisting method.

    Priority list: Stormstrike > Earthshock > Lava Lash.

    Again, do a 5/5 Mealstrom Weapon when their is a gap between your cooldowns.

    5. Tips


  • Use Earthliving if you are going to heal for an instance.
  • Whenever you are at a boss fight, drop: Strenght of Earth, Flametongue totem, Windfury Totem and Healing/Mana stream totem.[/b]


  • Just heal yourself with Lesser Healing Wave whenever you need to heal. Once you get Maelstrom Weapon, use that to do instant/short Healing Wave'es
  • If you're multipulling, use your Stoneclaw Totem to crowd control.
  • You can also pop your Spirit Wolves to help with the crowd, since they can heal you.


  • The best options are Skinning/Mining, because they make lots of money. Skinning gives critical strike rating and mining gives extra stamina, which scales with buffs like Blessing of Kings. These bonuses are small and not needed at all, and you can pick up any proffesion.

    6. Stats

    In the following order: Stamina > Agility >Intellect > ManaPer5Sec > Strength.

      1 - Stamina: Needed for health.

      2 - Agility Needed for Attack Power and Critical strike chance. Also gives armor and dodge, but that's not why we're using it.

      3 - Intellect: Needed for mana, also gives spell critical strike chance. Needed for everything, and gives attack power because of the talent Mental Dexterity.

      4 - Mana Per 5 Seconds: You won't see this alot until outland, but Water Shield gives this, too. It basicly gives you a certain amount of mana every five seconds. But since patch 3.0 we see mana flowing in very smooth, but the term "MP/5" is still used.

      5 - Strength: Needed for Attack Power. Since Shamans gained attack power from Agility, and Intellect, this stat has lost his power. Let's just say that this stat is not bad to take. But don't go for it.

    7. Gear.

    Here I will show some gear you can pick up while leveling, although this guide is aimed at solo gameplay, going to an instance or two isn't a bad idea.

    Weapons & Shield's
    Combinations have the same color, and are under each other.

    10 - 20:

    20 - 30:

    30 - 40:

      Lvl 37 - 2H - Ravager
      Lvl 35 - 1H - Mallet of Zul'Farrak, Note: you can get this weapon at level 35, but this thing is very powerful. It can last 'till Outland. Imo, this weapon is a good choice you won't regret - Thanks to Lycander for letting me know about this weapon.

    40 - 50, you can Dual Wield now.

    50 - 60:

    For more items, use http://www.wowhead.com/

    8. Totem quests.

    Im not going to write a walkthrough for every quest, but I give the links to first part of the quests.

    Call of Earth.

    The earth totem quest for Orcs/Trolls
    The earth totem quest for Taurens
    The earth totem quest for Draenei's

    Call of Fire

    The fire totem quest for Orcs/Trolls
    The fire totem quest for Draenei's
    The fire totem quest for Tauren's

    Call of Water

    The water totem quest for Orcs/Trolls
    The water totem quest for Taurens
    The water totem quest for Draenei's

    Call of Air

    The air totem quest for Orcs/Trolls
    The air totem quest for Taurens
    If you by accident accept the quest that will teleport you on a mountain, don't be afraid and jump off the wooden plank, you will be teleported back to the quest giver!
    The air totem quest for Draenei's

    9. Glyph's

    Click here for a list of Shaman glyphs.

    The following glyph's are a good choice for enhancement:

    Major - Glyph of Lightning Shield
    Major - Glyph of Stormstrike
    Major - Glyph of Shocking or Glyph of Water Mastery - Your choice.

    Minor - Glyph of Water Shield
    Minor - Glyph of Water Walking
    Minor - Glyph of Ghost Wolf or Glyph of Water Breathing - Again, your choice.

    10. Addons

    Here are some addons specific for the shaman.

    • Call of Element's [i]An addon which shows bars for your totems, tells you when you need to pull a totem, tells when your totems are destroyed and tells you when your weapon enchant is expired.

    • ShieldsUp An addons which tells you when your Water Shield/Lightning/Earth shield fade's.

    • Windfury Cooldown Timer This addon shows the [b]invisible cooldown of Windfury, if you want, you can use Stormstrike or Lava Lash so that it can proc Windfury.

    Click here for a list of shaman addons.

    Useful Addons while leveling:

    • RatingBuster, The design aim of RatingBuster is to provide detailed, meaningful and customizable information about items so you can easily decide for yourself which item is better.

    • AutoProfitX , Adds a button to a vendor-window which, if you click on it, makes you sell all the gray items in your inventory.

    • XBar, Makes bars for things like Tracks, Buffs, Companions, and of course, Totems!
    • ArkInventory, is a bag addon, which allows you te create seperate windows for different stuff, also shows the vendor price of items.

    .Special thanks to:

    - Gotler
    - Cyonna
    - Jiyambi
    - Zerox.

    And especially Brune, he is a P.I.T.A, but knows alot about the shaman class, too Sticking out tongue.


  • Comments

    Trollvink's picture

    Okay, thanks. ~Trollvink

    Okay, thanks.


    Hi, great guide, my friend

    Hi, great guide, my friend is going to level a shaman and I will show him this page. Two questions, you don't say to use flametongue on the offhand weapon until level 75. I should use 2 windfuries until then? I know that's probably the answer but just wanted to check. And you say you can use a fast OH or slow, depending on preference. Does it really not matter at all? Which would really be the best?

    Trollvink's picture

    Yep, Flametongue on the

    Yep, Flametongue on the off-hand after you maxed out Elemental Fury, you also could pick-up the Glyph of Flametongue.


    Ok, thanks a lot. What do

    Ok, thanks a lot. Smiling What do you think about the fast or slow OH weapon? Slow until 75 then fast until 80, or just slow all the time? I know it says its just preference, so is neither really better?
    Also, what enchants should I get on my heirlooms? Since agi now gives AP, would +25 agi be better then crusader?

    Trollvink's picture

    Slow, always slow. Lava Lash

    Slow, always slow. Lava Lash and Stormstrike hit better, then. And I wouldn't know about Crusader or 25 agi - I assume your using a 2hander then, which sucks after level 44, 'cause of Dual Wield. Anyway, I'd go with 25+ agility. I just like crits, in the end I think it comes down to your preference.

    Ok thanks, I guess that

    Ok thanks, I guess that means im stuck with no heirloom weapons past level 44, since there are now slow 1 handed weapons that shamans can use and Balanced Heartseeker can never be good because its too fast. Thanks a lot for all the answers.

    Brune's picture

    In my opinion, go with

    In my opinion, go with whatever is better. At 80, you can get Pride, but until then, just use whatever's better, and use WF/FT.

    Lycander's picture

    I just wanted to say thank you.

    I looked at your guide after my shaman just wasn't doing as well as I expected. Following your suggestions, I'm doing awesome now. I just wanted to say thanks for doing this.

    One other thing I almost forgot - under weapons, the new Mallet of Zul'Farrak is awesome. It's DPS and stats are better, IMO, then the Hand of Antul'Sul. I thought I'd let you know. Thanks again.

    Trollvink's picture

    Hello there, thanks for your

    Hello there, thanks for your comment Smiling

    About the weapon, I'll add it. When I made that section, Mallet of Zul'Farak was just an item to summon Gahz'Rilla (or something).


    Lycander's picture


    Yeah, the mallet used to be just an inventory space, but I have a tendency to keep ANYTHING that might be important. So when I was looking through my main's bank and saw the mallet, I was a little surprised. Once I compared it to the level 43 Hand of Atul'Sul and realized it was a higher DPS and had stats, I just had to get it. Coupled with the fact that it's useable at 35, this will last 15 levels or so as a weapon assuming someone will run you through to get it.

    40 - 49 - Start

    40 - 49

    - Start duelwielding at level 44 because you will miss to much without the hit talents.
    - Same as above.

    Rotation: Stormstrike > Earthshock > Lava Lash > Water Shield. or [/b]Lightning Shield[/b]

    I read that part of the guide and thought to myself, "I better not let Troll keep slipping up like this!" So, corrected version :

    40 - 49

    - Start dual-wielding at level 44 because you will miss too much without the hit talents.
    - Same as above.

    Rotation: Stormstrike > Earthshock > Lava Lash > Water Shield or Lightning Shield.

    Trollvink's picture


    Fixed Smiling

    EDIT: I'm replacing every ability and talent mentioned in this guide into links, so that you can see the tooltip when you hover it.

    guys I need some help. I

    guys I need some help.
    I have followed this guide from 46 to 70.
    Everything was fine at 69 I was doing 550ish dps and all was well.
    I go to northrend to do some major whoop arse and OUCH.
    I am doing about 440dps and running out of mana and well its a mess.
    Solo Rotation: Stormstrike > Earthshock > Lava Lash > 5/5 MW Lightning Bolt* > Watershield / Lightning Shield.
    I think that lava lash is doing 20 damage and a waste of mana, I am using 5/5 Mealstrom just for the instant heals.
    If I get an ad, God forbid, I hit wolves and elemental just to keep from dying.
    Pretty much I suck I guess but I have an 80 pally and DK as well as a 71 priest and this guy sucks compared to all the others.

    Trollvink's picture

    And btw, lavalash is great

    And btw, lavalash is great to get that extra windfury proc, or MW proc.

    Benhir's picture

    What Jame said.

    What Jame said it's one reason, if you went to Northrend at 69 it's typical.. At level 70 you will learn some abilities/spells that are a bliss for you solo gameplay. That's the same for every class. Level 20, 40, 60 70 mean a lot of new spell to use. If you follow entirely Jame's guide you will end at 71 and leveling in Northrend would be a lot easier.

    Jame's picture

    It's not surprising. You

    It's not surprising. You made the typical mistake of going to Northrend too early. Mobs have more HP, more armor, hit harder and are higher level.

    Go back to Outland and follow my guides until you're level 71. Then go to Northrend and you'll see the difference. You'll actually level faster this way and it will be much easier. And you'll also end up richer at level 80.

    Tenebrosity's picture

    A Question

    First off, great guide. Lots of tips, nice formatting. just a question...why do we not use Flame Shock to apply the DOT, then use Earth Shock when the cooldown is up? At lower levels it would seem especially nice as fights last a bit longer. The mana costs are about the same, and the initial damage loss from Flame Shock seems to be made up with the DOT. Am I missing something?

    "As if you could kill time without injuring eternity."

    "As if you could kill time without injuring eternity."

    Trollvink's picture

    That is the rotation most

    That is the rotation most raiding 'enhancers' use, I believe. And like Brune said, it'll only be confusing.

    Brune's picture

    Basically, as far as I can

    Basically, as far as I can understand it,

    Yes, at certain points, when you have a new shock, that will be your most powerful until you get a new level of ES.

    But an important thing to consider is we're talking maybe 50 more DPS, FS isn't better all the way through, and we don't want to confuse people Smiling

    Profession Recs

    I would actually say that herbalism is better than skinning or mining (take your pick which one to drop). It provides nearly as much money as mining (sometimes more) thanks to the inscription profession and it gives you a very nice, mana-free HoT spell (that has saved me more times than I can count). This of course is not Shaman-specific. It's very nice for rogues and warriors, too.

    Anyway, I like the guide. Like others I feel that - from my own experiences - Elemental actually does more damage up to level 40. Prior to that, all shamans fight exactly the same way and elemental just plain does more damage. After 40 and with Stormstrike is where Enhancement really shines. I've leveled Shamans now going both routes (pure Elemental and pure Enhancement). The Elemental one was before the water shield changes, too: back when you had to be level 62 or so to get it. I haven't noticed an appreciable difference in leveling difficulty though and enhancement really is more fun at least Smiling

    Brune's picture

    Not a bad guide. There are

    Not a bad guide.

    There are a few things, however, I STRONGLY disagree with. Talents, while levelling aren't majorly important, so I'll just ignore any minor quibbles I may have with them Sticking out tongue

    First off all, I disagree with using shamanistic rage when your mana hits zero. If your mana hits zero, it's too late already. You should use it when it breaks half, (levelling and instancing) as the time you save with the cooldown more than makes up for a little over manaing.

    Also, personally I much prefer the use of Lightning Shield over water shield (except in certain circumstances) the shield button on my hotkey bar is a macro, which basically, while I'm in combat, pressing the button to cast it casts LS, ALT + [Number] gives WS. Outside of combat, the reverse occurs.

    Using this, I can cast WS if my mana starts getting low, but still benifit from the lightning shield DPS.

    Continuing on the topic of mana, MP5 above intellect? What? With the intellect buff, improving our itemisation, Mp5 is practically redundant, let alone better than int! Following Jame's guide, I do not recall seeing a single item of gear I chose with +Mp5 on it. It's just not needed. The easiest example I can think of off my head (although I accept the major differences between PvE and PvP) is that the shammy 70 Enh PvP gear had Mp5, 80, none.

    Your glyph selection isn't bad, but one glyph, two glyphs. No apostrophe Smiling

    Hope you don't mind this little critique, and I hope you give a good argument in response Smiling

    EDIT: And another thing, waiting for the invisible WF cooldown to be over before using lavalash or stormstrike? Bad idea. The extra cooldown + messed up rotations makes it very not worth it.

    The standard 80 priority (orders don't quite work for enh shammies, with Maelstrom) Maelstrom lightning proc -> Storm strike -> Earth Shock -> Lava Lash (Refresh shields when necessary)

    I find this produces noticeably higher DPS. Try it Smiling

    Trollvink's picture

    Hmm, on my Shaman, I don't

    Hmm, on my Shaman, I don't have the feeling I can use LShield. He is out of mana way too quick to use it. Given, he is only level 53 at this moment (This is not my only Shaman) and, in all honest, using Shamanistic Rage on low mana isn't a problem for me, at all.

    And about the SS spam-when-it's-up, I know that in the end it gives a little difference, but Imo, I think it's more safe to use SS to get a Windfury proc (this changes once you start using Flametongue on offhand, I think).

    And can you explain the your glyph critique a bit more?

    Brune's picture

    Well, I think the important

    Well, I think the important thing to remember is that... Well, to be honest, Malan said:

    'Timing Stormstrike to Proc Windfury

    Has not been shown to be a significant DPS increase during Burning Crusade. With the release of 3.0 mechanics, waiting to use Storm Strike is actually detrimental because it also delays the use of Lava Lash, Shocks, and a possible Maelstrom Weapon proc. Abilities should be used as they are available, according to DPS priority. Simulation shows that delaying any instant attack in order to time them with Windfury results in a net loss of DPS.'

    And that's good enough for me, when you look at the arguments in there, particularly concerning maelstrom. As well as the enormous amounts of data EJ have at their disposal.

    With the mana, is it possible you've not spent your points in things like Mental Quickness and Mental Dexterity?

    So... if using SR on low mana isn't a problem for you, why do you have so much trouble with mana that you have to keep WS up all the time? Just try using it whenever it's up and you're below half mana. Works like a charm. Also, like I said, just pop it on between fights, easy.

    And I was just saying you've got an unnecessary apostrophe (Glyph's).

    Sorry if I've missed something out, I wrote this in several sittings.

    Trollvink's picture

    Okay, you've convinced me,

    Okay, you've convinced me, I'll change the guide. I Now use SR at 50% mana, I can indeed go on forever.

    Brune's picture


    Glad to have helped Smiling

    Shinke's picture

    This is probably the WORST

    This is probably the WORST time for me to jump into the argument, but I just want to point out one thing...

    I don't even find WS keeping my mana up it's not necessary. LS proves to add, oh I don't know, about 5 - 10% damage (at level 48 at the moment) and this really helps me edge out that rogue on DPS in Mara, and using WS like I use AotV with my Hunter. It's not something that needs to be used all the time, and it drops your dps.

    I am in agreement with Brune on this one.

    Sorry Trollvink Sad

    Great Guide

    Since after WOTLK I tried make shaman again and tried this guide it worked great so far but I have only one tiny problem.

    Since I have to use earthshock most of time but only few mob is immuned to it like earth elemental? what other shock should i use if i am facing those elemental?

    Trollvink's picture

    Other shocks?

    Well, you got 2 options:

    - Fire Shock
    - Frost Shock

    Was it really that hard?

    Trollvink's picture

    Other shocks?

    Sheez, I hate doubleposts.

    Improved Ghost Wolf? REALLY?!?

    For 20-30, having the talent points in ghost wolf was nice, but for soloing, there are very few situations where I miss the instant cast since I respecced. Seems like if you're not doing PvP a lot, it's better to spend those points on melee enhancements rather than a convenience/flee talent.

    You can get Elemental Weapons up to 3/3 faster, or throw in the extra 4% haste boost via Improved Windfury Totem (very nice even if you don't group), etc.

    The boost given by Unleashed Rage is pretty small for solo play, but you suggest putting all five points into that, so I'm not sure why you wouldn't suggest Improved Windfury Totem. I'm not suggesting that UR isn't worth having, but I believe IWT gives more DPS per point spent - haste improves total damage output because it just makes you faster, so all factors are considered - base weapon damage, attack power, windfury weapon procs, etc. UR boosts only AP, so the 2% there doesn't actually give as much of an overall boost.

    Trollvink's picture

    That really comes down to

    That really comes down to one's playstyle. I'm quite lazy and usually don't drop totems. Also, I love an instant ghostwolf while questing. Simply because I get faster to the next mob.

    I disagree with with your statement about UR. You could say UR is passive, since you don't have to activate anything. Also, the AP it gives, is Spell Power. I know this is a bit low, but certainly not something to forget.

    Maybe I'll add some sort of playstyle-choice for talents. I guess that's the best solution Sticking out tongue


    Those are incredibly good

    Those are incredibly good points. I have always think of it in terms of "how can I maximize my DPS" rather than "how can I kill things as fast as possible"

    I stopped dropping totems except when up against particularly tough enemies, and now I definitely see why the windfury boost is unnecessary: (a) it's faster to just rush in and attack than to drop the totems, and (b) dropping totems in the middle of the fight tends to cause more OOM situations, AND triggers the global cooldown. The global cooldown is a killer when you have so many different instants you need to use (stormstrike, lava lash, and shocks). As you suggest, the 4% boost provided by Improved Windfury just isn't worth the two points. Time to respec Smiling

    As for UR, yeah, I definitely see it now. It's not much of a boost, but it's passive, so it's a lot easier to keep up, costs no mana, takes no time away from other skills and spells, etc.

    And ghostwolf as an instant is more than just convenience, now that I think about it. Getting from mob to mob without the 3-second delay of mounting can be HUGE when trying to power through levels.

    Thanks for your response, definitely helps put things in perspective.

    improved ghost wolf

    Not only you can move to next mob but easy to chase a runaway mob Cool

    Matthias's picture

    Are there certain classes

    Are there certain classes that make better Shamans than others?

    Trollvink's picture

    I don't understand your

    I don't understand your question... Are you asking that there are other classes that are better then the shaman? In that case, no (Reply if you want me to explain that).

    Matthias's picture

    Sorry about that. I meant

    Sorry about that. I meant races, not classes.

    Trollvink's picture

    Ah, you should choose what

    Ah, you should choose what you like. In the end, you'll be leveling that toon for 80 levels, and probably stay at 80 for some time. And you don't want to look ugly in order to have that little extra bonus. Looks > Racials.

    If you still want to check racials, or backgrounds of races (for Role-playing or whatever), I recommed going to WoWWiki.


    Elemental Focus vs. Elemental Fury

    It might make sense to put the point into Elemental Focus before starting to load up Elemental Fury at 71. Maybe a bit of a min/max suggestion, but the bit of extra mana efficiency should reduce downtime when you are stringing together pulls, and provide a boost to DPS in instances where you don't consume water shield orbs constantly. This is based on mostly Northend quest reward gear, those with better +crit gear may have different results.

    Matthias's picture

    When you say that slower

    When you say that slower weapons are better, do you mean that literally, or are you talking about weapons that do more damage per hit?

    Jame's picture

    The latter.

    The latter.

    Hallo, Troll! It's been a

    Hallo, Troll! It's been a while since I've posted so once again, it is time to be grammatically corrected!

    At welcome, you spell focused as focus'd. (it just feels weird when I try to say it!)

    In 1. Foreword, you spell be as b and focusing as focus'ing.

    Under 2, you say "This is because of it's," when it should be something like "This is because it's." (No period! Sticking out tongue)

    Under 2, again, "alot of damage" should be "a lot of damage." and the period to end the sentence so it doesn't run on. Then, you should capitalize the I in "infact" and put a space between "In" and "fact"

    I'll edit more in later, but I must ask. Are you nearly done updating the talent part with 3.0.8 changes?

    Trollvink's picture

    Hai thar.

    Hai thar,

    I'm done updating the typo's and talent changes for 3.0.8.


    P.S: Are you playing a shaman your self?

    Just a query

    "Mental Quickness - 3/3" in the "build link" it is "static shock" that is used not mental quickness.

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    I'll change that. Came with

    I'll change that. Came with new patch, didn't it?

    Am i seeing things

    I don't want to be rude but are you sure you can use "48 - 49: Mental Quickness - 2/3" because i just tried and it needs 40 tpoints to unlock it. by lvl 48 only 38 are available. I think putting "52 - 54: Weapon Mastery - 3/3" in at lvl 48 would solve the problem.

    Trollvink's picture

    That was because...

    That was because 'Mental Quickness' and 'Static Shock' have switched places, resulting it unable to get at level 48. The guide is now updated for patch 3.0.8.

    Sorry, if this caused any trouble.


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    True, but...

    That is indeed true. But this is a guide aimed for the starters of shamans, so if I would tell people to use Frost shock, things like instance's might be going wrong or w/e (Since it creates alot of threat).

    It's a bit of a bad excuse example, but it really won't make much of a difference while leveling..

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    Oh sure, that makes sense..

    Oh sure, that makes sense.. and solo play I did a little "experiment." I turned on Recount and used 50 straight Earth Shocks. Then I did 50 Straight Frost Shocks. Earth Shock > Frost Shock, but just a little.. Of course the critical hits vary so it could go either way. I only even thought about Frost Shock because of that one Youtube video about the shaman spamming frost shock. XD

    Thanks for the guide, I was wrong about Frost Shock, thanks for correcting me/clearing it up. Level 30 now, going strong with the guide Eye

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    Well, you aren't totally wrong, Frost Shock is used in PvP alot for it's slow and more damage then Earth Shock. But while leveling each everytime you get a new rank of Frost/Earth Shock, the one is better then the other, I just say Earth Shock always to make it less confusing Sticking out tongue

    Anyway, thanks for the comment and rate my guide if you haven't!


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    Just did

    Just did Smiling