Shinke's Horde Grizzly Hills PvP Dailies Guide

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Grizzly Hills is only 2nd in line to Wintergrasp in the case of Northrend PvP. This guide is devoted to that.
Grizzly Hills has 3 designated PvP zones with daily PvP quests and rewards. This guide is going to take you through the fastest way possible, to get that stuff outta the way! =P

Part 1: Blackriver Logging Camp

The first place we'll go to is found at the island just east/northeast of Conquest Hold

Accept Blackriver Brawl from Captain Kronn.

Kill 10 Alliance players or NPC's on the island. The Orcs will help if you need it.

Go back, turn in, get your money and/or 20k XP.

Part 2: Blue Sky Logging Grounds

This is our second destination in this day, and in my opinion the easiest.

Accept the following:

  • Shred The Alliance
  • Making Repairs
  • Overwhelmed!
  • Keep 'Em on Their Heels

Head to the island southeast of the camp.

  1. Pick up every Shredder Part you see until you finish Making Repairs

  2. Kill every Alliance NPC / Player you see.

  3. Use the Renewing Tourniquet on Wounded Skirmishers you find.

  4. Once done with those 3, find a Shredder and run back to camp in it.

Once you have all 4 quests complete, turn them in.

Part 3: Venture Bay

Now it's time to take an epic ride out of Blue Sky Logging Grounds.

Find the NPC on the same level as the Horde quest givers, he's standing on a platform next to a "waterway." (Sort of shown in pic)

Talk to him.

This may say "You are busy" just keep trying until you are riding a log down to Venture bay. It took me 12 tries my first time.

This is the largest of the PVP hubs with a captureable area in the center (the lighthouse) that offers the daily quest Riding the Red Rocket if your faction controls the area. If you have control of the lighthouse you also get access to the Venture Coin rewards vendor. Here you will do the daily PVP quests Smoke 'Em Out, Keep Them At Bay,and Crush Captain Brightwater!.There is also a non-daily PVP quest here - Seeking Solvent - that turns into a turn-in quest Always Seeking Solvent after you complete it.


Kill every Alliance mob (or player if you prefer) on your way to the closest building with Venture Company Stragglers.

Once here, use the Smoke Bomb

After clearing that house you should have 5-7 of the 20 you need complete.

Head east (killing Allys still) to the next house.

Use the Smoke Bomb once again.

At this point if you don't have all 20 there's one more house just to the east.
You should be done with Smoke 'Em Out.


Now head south to the dock.

Go to the easternmost ship.

Here you'll find 3 Alliance mobs and Captain Brightwater.

He's a 74 Elite but only has 30k HP. Easy to solo for anyone.


Head to the middle ship.

Now you're going to clear the ship to the last room.

Here you'll find Element 115.

Pick it up and you'll get a debuff that increases damage taken by 35% and doesn't allow you to move faster from mounts or any other buffs.

Run back to camp avoiding fights and turn in all the quests. (assuming you killed 10 allys around the area.)

If your faction has control of the island, you can do Riding the Red Rocket. For this quest you need to go back to the middle ship and take the Element 115 to the dock at the end of the island. Mount on the rocket.

This is in my opinion one of those games you saw in an arcade in 1987. You have to go south for about 5 seconds then go east, avoiding icebergs, and run into the Ally ship docked on the edge of the island.

Note, this is not one of the boats we've been to before, it's east of them. And if you crash into an iceberg you have to go back for the Element 115 again.

After you do all of these quests (assuming you aren't 80 yet) You'll get 5 or 6 gold each, along with 20k XP each, for a total of nearly 200k XP per day. Thats not bad. Continue to do this while leveling to 80 as you get a good amount of Venture Coins That you can turn in on the controllable island at Venture Bay for rewards. The complete list of rewards is here. Plus a lot of XP!

Also, if your looking for a good World of Warcraft podcast with Blizzard news, rumors, facts, patch information, and everything else you need, check out The Instance, my personal favorite. It has also won an award for best gaming podcast! I highly recommend it. You can find it on iTunes or here


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changed venture bay and blue

changed venture bay and blue sky around, as i found the quick ride to there. (not sure if it was in your guide jame sorry if i stole the idea) i also added Riding The Red Rocket

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Completely rewrote Part 1

Completely rewrote Part 1 and 2, will eventually get to rewriting Part 3, but seeing as there are already good guides out there covering this section, I don't think it's necessary for this guide to stay on the site.

Very nice Guide. Looks good

Very nice Guide. Looks good now. I've done a little bit pvp there, while i was questing there last weekend. Great Zone.

It would be great, if you could make a list with the rewards, that you can buy with the Venture Coins.

And I think it looks a little bit confusing, when the numbers in the map don't have the same size.

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Yeah, he's right, you should

Yeah, he's right, you should use the same font size for every number Smiling

Also, in the last image, some numbers have shadow, and some don't.
Choose between one of them, shadow or no shadow Sticking out tongue

Otherwise it looks confusing, just like the other font sizes.

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I'm not exactly sure what

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by shadow..... but I'll get a list of rewards for venture coins.... and I'll try fixing the font but as stupid as I am with photo editors it may be impossible. Sticking out tongue
Anyways thanks for commenting.

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What program are you using,

What program are you using, maybe I can help Smiling

And about the shadow:

There's a light red shadow behind the first, seconds and fourth number (1, 1, 3).
Could be something that just happens when editing, though.

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I spaced out the guide, added lots more details and clear, readable steps. Added a pic, the Venture Bay one, it's temporary as obviously it's pretty bad. I'll have a new one in that place in a couple days. Took out the stuff at the bottom of the page, let's see what else.... oh yeah! Put some more links in certain steps. Besides the Venture Bay pic I'm not sure what else to change.. Plz comment and let me know! Smiling
Also I'm definitely looking into making new, better guides for all things...Any tips you have are appreciated!

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It's already much

It's already much better.

But holy smokes, that map is hideous, it gave me a good chuckle Eye

You are using MSPaint I assume?

If yes, then I suggest you use the "Text" tool to write your numbers. You can change the color and the size, and it will look much better than the manually drawn numbers Smiling

But for making good maps with a nice quality, I recommend using a more advanced picture editing programm, there are good free ones out there, like GIMP.

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I'll get that right now, appreciate the comment(s). Thanks! Smiling

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It's much much better. Keep

It's much much better. Keep it up!


Use a bigger size and a different color for the title of each big part.

Like this:

Part 1: Blackriver Logging Camp

Here is the code (just remove the spaces):

[ size=17][ color=#3366ff][ b]Part 1: Blackriver Logging Camp[ /b][ /color][ /size]

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Done! Thanks for all the

Done! Thanks for all the suggestions youve given to me to make my guide better, much appreciated Smiling

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Got the hideous map outta there, and changed the first map a tad. If this is confusing to anyone I'll put a walking path on the first map but otherwise I think I did a pretty good job. Sticking out tongue
Enjoy the guide!
Teh_best_warriors_are_teh_Death_Knights! Eye

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Maps look wasy better, keep

Maps look way better, keep up the good work! Smiling

Although, the numbers in the maps are a bit hard to read, I'd pick a more flashy color, like yellow Smiling

People won't have to focus their eyes and search for the numbers that way.

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Changed, thanks!

Changed, thanks! }:)

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Looks great Shinke, job well

Looks great Shinke, job well done! Laughing out loud

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MUCH easier to read, good

MUCH easier to read, good job!

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Not bad for a first

Not bad for a first guide!

Suggestions to improve it:

  • For the Venture Bay area, a map showing the location of the quest objectives would help. You can check the map I made in my grizzly hills guide for the same area, to give you an idea.
  • Also to make it easier to read, you should split each steps in different parts. So that people just have to read one or two lines maximum and they can start following your directions, and then when they are done with the first direction you gave them, they can read the next line. You can also take example of my descriptions in my grizzly hills guide for the venture bay area.
  • Be more precise with your descriptions of what you need to do. For example when you say "heal some Horde friends" for the Blue Sky Logging Grounds quest. You should say: Use the Renewing Tourniquet on Wounded Skirmishers.

Keep it up!

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Also, When you're at file


When you're at file attachements, you could un-check ''list'' for all pictures.

This way you won't have a list of all pictures underneath your guide Smiling.

Other than that, looks great! Smiling

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Thanks Jame and Shikamaru, I'll get to this right away! Smiling