Guides in Other Languages

WoW-Guides translated into different languages. If you'd like to translate a guide, send a PM or an email to Snowflake, stating which guide you'd like to translate. She will then send you the source code so you don't have to reformat your guide once it's been translated. If you don't mind reformatting, you can also simply copy paste another guide and add the paste to a child page here in this section.

If your language is not amongst the ones listed in this section, simply create a child page (check below links). In the title section put "Guides in [name of your language]" and in the body field add a little description.


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Dutch Guides

If there's any need for Dutch guides, I'll gladly translate some guides.

Oh, if they are needed and I'm allowed to translate them, please remember that it could take a while! Sticking out tongue

I really like a dutch guide

I really like a dutch guide and when are they gonna update the site to level 90

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lvl 90

The level 90 guides are posted on the site and part of the download (since Sept 25) :)

Translations isn't something I know anything about tho.

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If it neeed. I can translate

If it neeed. I can translate in Latvian

Yes, Please translate

Yes, Please translate Latvian!

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As Jame told me a couple of

As Jame told me a couple of months ago, most people in The Netherlands can write, speak and read English fairly well. No Dutch translations are needed, as of this moment. Of course, you could ask Jame for more information about this, maybe he's changed his mind.

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Guides in dutch ?

So i've been using jame's guides for the last year, and started to use the addons now aswel, i'm so happy with them, they were a real live saver, and saved me some time so i could spend some in RL Laughing out loud

So as for saying thanks, i'd like to contribute something to this community. If there's still help needed I would translate some leveling guides from english to dutch, doesn't matter which one but perhaps it would be better to translate the northrend ones because those tend to be used more often.

Send me a PM as soon as you can give me the green light, so i can start this project !

-- Sonan / xaiia / xinterp

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Hey, I was thinking of

Hey, I was thinking of translating the horde leveling guides in Northrend into Danish.
If not Soda is already doing it?

It will take a long time of course.

Translation of Jame's Horde leveling guide to Danish

You are very velcome to take over the translation project from me.

I don't know when I'll get around to it so extra help always welcome!


I want to say thanks for all

I want to say thanks for all this guide, with translating it in my language.

I would like to translate guides in german. If I can choose which guide, I would like to translate first, I would choose "Boston's 1-12 Dun Morogh Leveling Guide", because I know it very well. I used it 3-times in a row for my PVP twinks so it's easy for me to translate it in german. Maybe I can help, when I'm not allowed to translate it, I could choose another guide to translate.

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Sure thing, please check

Sure thing, please check your private messages.

Italian translations

I'd be more than happy to help with the italian translation of your guides. I've already PMed the Admin about it.

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English <---> Swedish

If you need something translated from English to Swedish or vice versa, I can do that for you.

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--- For Gnomeregan, Pony and Cookies!! ---

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Sure, translations are

Sure, translations are always welcome. Send me a private message mentioning which chapter you'd like to start on and I'll send you the source code.

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Guides in Finnish

I would be happy to translate some guides for you if anyone has a need for Finnish guides that is Smiling

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Of course, any extra

Of course, any extra language is welcome. Please send me a private message and tell me which chapter (alliance or horde) you'd like to start with.

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I want guides in bulgarian !

Ako ima nqkoi koito da prevede guide i na bulgarski 6e e mnogo dobre !
Is there someone who can wrote one guide in bulgarian !

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sure thing

Sure I can translate whenever you want me to, to pretty much any language, I have a firefox translator tool Sticking out tongue

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Err no If it was that easy

Err no Sticking out tongue

If it was that easy I'd do it myself. Automated translations are horrible, sometimes barely understandable. They just give you a vague idea of the meaning, and a big headache.

We want real quality translations, made by people who understand english perfectly and who can write in the translated language fluently.

S udovolstvie shte preveda

S udovolstvie shte preveda stiga avtorite da nqmat nishto protiv.

I can try to translate some of the guides in this site in Bulgarian.
If the authors don`t mind. Eye

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Sure thing. When you're

Sure thing. When you're ready to translate, send me a privatge message please.

Guides in Norwegian

Hey, I would like to translate a guide to Norwegian.
Is there anyone from norway here that got a guide they will be translated?

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I'd love to translate some

I'd love to translate some guides in romanian, but I don't know if anyone would be interested... Any romanians here?

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romanian guide

Yes , I would very much appreciate it.. if u don`t have the time for it all , I would gladly help.

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Just message me or post a comment with the guides you'd like to be translated.

Greens come and go but epics stay soulbound Eye
*Haylie, EU Bronze Dragonflight*

Guides in Dutch

Guides in dutch.
Guides vertaald in het nederlands.


Jame's Guides in het Nederlands zou wel gaaf zijn Sticking out tongue

Ik wil Jame's complete guide

Ik wil Jame's complete guide vertalen, wel handig!

Romanian guide

I could gladly translate Jame's both alliance and horde guides in romanian. Just let me know Jame