Jame's Horde Leveling Guide

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Now also available as an in-game leveling addon. Please check out the following page to try the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon!

If you need guides for any other level range (or race) please check out this page.


If you don't want to try our WoW Leveling Addon, here's how to enjoy the paper version of the guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling


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I pat thee on the back

Jame, I hope you realize, deep down, how much better you've made many peoples WoW experiences. Keep kickin' ass.


Hey Jame, my DK is currently level 76 and I am 50% through your Dragonblight guide. I was thinking of going somewhere where there is a lot of Saronite ore instead of Cobalt ore because I want to level my mining and blacksmithing at the same time as leveling and also make myself tanking and dps sets. What level would you recommend I go, where and when (Eg, after all your guides, after Dragonblight etc.)

PS. I love your guides.

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Well, not being Jame I can't

Well, not being Jame I can't give you the best answer Eye But I can tell you this: There is no Saronite in the areas that Jame has guides for currently. If you want to skip ahead to Icecrown or Stormpeaks, go ahead - do what makes the most sense for your character (Also, Icecrown quests are super fun!). You may not level as efficiently without the guides but you'll be getting an important resource for yourself as you go. You can always come back and go through the guides at level 80 to make great cash from the quests (and work towards achievements).

Hope that help, at least a little!


Thanks Jiyambi, I'll go to Icecrown then go back to grizzly hills for the guide Sticking out tongue Besides I'm level 77 now and still on the Dragonblight guide.

New guides

I hope you'll have some new guides soon! I've levelled my hunter from 21 all the way to 75 so far with your guides, and I don't want to have to use some lesser guide or solo it to get the rest. I couldn't come close to the speed I've had with your guide any other way.


These guides makes getting lvls one of the easiest and fastest things in WoW and the addon is just flat out godly of all of the quest tracker addons i have used it is by farthe best.

Last Lovesong

Last Lovesong

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Love these guides

I love these guides i have got like 7 80s using these guides

Justice is my middle name

i downloaded and put the

i downloaded and put the addons in the addons folder but there is still no button in the character creation screen. can u help me?

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Losing my mind...

Ok, so when I leveled my DK to 80 I used a written guide for ZulDrak. I cant find it anywhere now. AM I losing my mind or was it another site? I have only used this site since WotLK release.

DKs rule...others drool

DKs rule...others drool

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Probably you have used Zygor

Probably you have used Zygor ZD guide or something other. I've no memories of a ZD guide here on Wowpro, so you must probably remember wrong Laughing out loud

zd guide

http://www.wtbblue.com/questing-guides has the zone guides for all of the other zones except IC. jame's guides are much better but if you want to cook off the qwests for the achievements in the other zones this site has the guides. like i said they are alright but this site's (jame's) guides are much easier to follow imo.

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Must have been somewhere

Must have been somewhere else, because we definitely have no Zul'Drak guide here Eye

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Tourguide comes with some

Tourguide comes with some guides already on it, it was probably one of those. It should still be there ... somewhere.


my guide keeps saying to go to shat and port to org to talk to thrall for a quest, but i never got the quest and cant find it, the quest was the cenarion expedition


that quest starts in thrallmar, from .. nazgrel or whatever (the big guy in the big building)

its called "the assassin" (the first part of the chain)

try looking around on wowhead for follow ups.

it has nothing to do with cenarion expedition

i've noticed a bug in the addon / guides

sometimes it automatically ticks off parts of the guide even though you havnt done it.
so you'll be heading to places you shouldnt yet.
i can remember this happend in a certain place during that salmophlange quest thingie, in the barrens. it completely skipped the part about killing the goblin who has the key..

weird though. i hope that bug is a part of tourguide, and easily fixed (coz fixing X amount of guides can take alot of time Sticking out tongue)

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Sometimes this happens

Sometimes this happens because of an error in our coding (I think the samophlange one was an example of this). However sometimes I truly cannot find the reason for the step skipping, after having checked the coding multiple times.

If you discover any specific instances of this happening, please post here with the details and we'll look into it. Thanks Smiling

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I have actually found this

I have actually found this to happen alot in the Dwarve/Gnome leveling guide. I am currently leveling both a Dwarve hunter and a Gnome warlock and there have been several steps (in the 6-8 level area) where quests tick off and jump ahead. Also I find that a majority of quests and steps in the 1-6 level range have to be ticked manually to continue.

Recruit a Friend?

I have been using your guide for over two years now, first on Alliance and now on Horde, and have loved it. I recently recruited a friend to warcraft, and would love to recruit him to your guides as well, but I am curious as to how you suggest handling the fact that we will be leveling three times as fast. On top of the fast speed your guide provides, we could theoretically finish in just over a day playtime. Should we continue to follow the 'go until grey' rule, and then just skip ahead to our appropriate level once again? Or skip specific lower exp-rate sections? Or since there will always be two of us, skip to a bit ahead of our current level, skipping any areas that we hate?

Also, I have been enjoying the addon addition of the guide recently, and while, compared to QuestHelper, it is significantly more accurate, there are a few points at which it has either seemed to cause a few glitches, or I have found the notes deficient or absent and have had to resort to using LightHeaded. Is there any way that we are able to assist you with this, or at modify it for our own personal benefit if you have more 'help' than you really need? I could see it being beneficial to many of us, for example, to somehow mark less beneficial quests, or quests that have no followups. But if there is anything in particular that I/we could be of assistance of as far as the addon goes, please tell. Smiling

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For part 1 of your question:

For part 1 of your question: Skipping to higher XP rate sections would be best, but I don't really know which are the highest XP rate. Perhaps I will do a better job of recording this as I level and make a list somewhere, that could be helpful. For now, I recommend skipping any zones you dislike (as long as you don't go above your level in the guide) - this should help you keep pace.

For part 2: You can report glitches/bugs/missing information on our Bug Reporting page. For specific suggestions, you can just leave a comment pretty much anywhere, but the works in progress page would be the best place.

Thanks for the great feedback and questions, hope you and your friend have a great time with the guides!

Latest toon (full wotlk levelling)

Hey, I've played a little paladin on TR lately and I quite liked the playstyle (oh, well, and the OPness Eye ), and therefore I decided a few days ago, my next toon would be one of those. Nice thing is, i didn't have one already, so I could enjoy the whole process of wotlk levelling and so I rolled a paladin and hit 80 at 4d 1h 30min /played (pvp server! Eye ). (http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/6559/69006439.jpg, if you want to see the final score screen^^, yes i have Heartstone keybinded xD )
That is without much rested bonus (I didn't specifically log out in the open world but the char was levelled over a two week span so not much time to accumulate rested exp Eye), and without taglevelling or friends instance rushing me or sth.
Just doing the current hordelevelling guide. Belf start area > barrens and standart horde guide > outlands after western plaguelands (lvl 60) > northrend after nagrand (69.XX Sad ) > sholazar > zul'drak (used alliance version of tekkub's guide there, as both zones are completly neutral anyways, sholazar first because well... you never know when Jame might release zul'drak^^)
So whag made the time so nice?
- Gear was pretty good: from level 15 onwards I used BOA Axe (enchanted with crusader) and the shoulders (not enchanted due to lazyness Eye ), all other gear was only questrewards.
- Exorzism infused paladins are beasts. A complete spike of CS, Judgement, Exorzism and divine storm is usually enough to drop the mob or at least get it in hammer range, if one is on CD, one melee hit will have a similar effect, just takes a tad longer. Regen is not needed at all due to judgements of the wise. Elite quests are easy as hell, just hit it till it dies (or kite with Judgement of Justice, if necessary (Breaking through final boss, Giants in howling fjord, ...)
- I have quite a bit of experience in speed levelling (2 80s, several 6x to 7x on both factions (now 3 80s Eye ))

Still that time is about 3-4 days faster than I thought I could possibly do, so I decided to share it with you Eye

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Awesome post ^^ I also

Awesome post ^^

I also think that your /played is somewhat a record, because it's hell of a short time. You make me want to roll a paladin but sadly I haven't a free slot on my server... so I need to delete one char Sad
Also, I like your UI and I'm wondering what kind of addon you're using for player and target frames (looks better than xperl... at least for me Eye ).
Byee Smiling

Sorry for the long wait, i

Sorry for the long wait, i don't happen to browse the wow pro comments that eagerly Eye
The Unitframes was Kollektiv Unit frames, who happened to be annoyed with the code of the nurfed unit frames, so he wrote his own and applied the nurfed look (he didn't update them for 3.2 though Sad )

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That's an awesome leveling

That's an awesome leveling time, thanks for sharing it with us! Paladins are awesomely fun, aren't they? I'm still working on mine, my progress got slowed down due to school and raiding >_<

I started my first week in

I started my first week in the university this semester quite uhm... relaxed. And I don't raid that much anymore (6 days/week during classic, but sorta burned out, and didn't play much during TBC (just some pvp), and well... the current content is so easy i don't really care about it Eye ), so i had enough free time(4 days of paladin twinking in two weeks equals around 7h/d, which is rather much, huh? ^^)

Concerning paladin: Yes, it is strangely fun to spike mobs/players in 5 to 10 seconds (:


Hi jame, i realy enjoy your guide, making it easier since i dont want to waste time leveling anoter toon to 80. But i was wondering, im always half a lever lower than your guide or so. i guess its not the first time you hear this Sticking out tongue,and theres quest in ur guide that have level requierement so what should i, keep going or, grinding or anything else ?

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Actually, usually people are

Actually, usually people are a bit ahead of the guide. The only time we usually hear that people are behind is if they have no rested XP and don't run instances. If you find yourself behind, I would definitely suggest you try and find a group for an instance at your level. That usually will boost your XP enough to help you catch up, and also help you get some good gear!

problems with guide

hello jame
Thanks for the guide justwondering, i am doing the level 40-41 badlands part of your guide(onlly just started using it) and teh quests inSTV have already been finished by me b4 i used the guide. Should i skip the quests and go to the nxt place and grind at the end if i do not reach the target level?

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Yup, that's probably the

Yup, that's probably the best way to deal with it. If you can get a group for some instances, that could also help you catch up.


Thanks for the fast reply, i think i may have accidenly posted this 2 sorry.

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Thank you Jame and team

I'm a busy student in my first year of college (almost done). All my friends played WoW with more time to play, so they're all level 80. Then I decided to take a break from WoW (3 months). Now i'm back into it but i can only play for a couple hours each day. This is where you come in ^_^.

With only a couple hours each day (if i'm lucky) i absolutely LOVE Smiling your guide. The bursts of circuits are absolutely perfect for me. I'm able to finish one or two circuits each time i get a chance to. You got me from level 21 - 77 in a time i could never dream of doing on my own. The game content that i've seen because of your guide is amazing. Thank you so much!

Every chance I get, i let all my friends know about your guide. I tell people about you in general chat, trade chat, in random groups. I'm sure they love your guide too. Thanks to everyone who have been making this guide, you guys have made my WoW experience a million times better.

I hope all your other projects work out great.

P.S. To all the complainers...

stfu, these guides have brought us 100% further than we'd be able to do on our own. If you say that's B.S. then make your own guides. stop being such ungrateful spoiled little babies.

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almost forgot

currently level 77 (still got plenty of circuits in the dragonblight guide)

thanks again ^_^

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Thanks so much for the kind

Thanks so much for the kind post! Smiling

thanks, ive moved on and its

thanks, ive moved on and its working really good now, thanks!

Im finding the guide very helpful, appreciate what you guys have done Smiling

One question, if Im a level higher than the guide because a friend ran me through SM, should I do the quests still or should I skip forward to my level? Im only one level higher though atm

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Jame's advice is always:

Jame's advice is always: keep with the guide unless you are killing mobs or doing quests that are gray. Green quests/mobs still give plenty of XP and you can do them faster since you are higher level, so it makes up for them being a little lower.

If you are only one level ahead, then definitely stick with the guide.

Hmm although the addon did

Hmm although the addon did not direct me to splintertree properly, i continued with the guide, which led me to hillsbrad as well, when i was meant to go to zoram outpost. However, when giving directions to the quest giver, it gave the right direction. Then, when I was meant to collect wraithtail heads, it again headed towards hillsbrad. Upon collecting the 20 heads, the addon correctly lead me back to the quest giver...

I have a problem with the

I have a problem with the tourguide or tomtom addons, the guide tells me to go to splintertree but will point me in the direction of hillsbrad... been trying to fix it to no avail, anyone have a similer problem?

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Please tell us the faction

Please tell us the faction and specifically which guide it is, so we can look into it.

It is the horde

It is the horde 21-31

Thanks for the quick reply

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Wow, I feel stupid. Of

Wow, I feel stupid. Of course it's Horde, you're talking about Splintertree Post Sticking out tongue

I'll look into it, most likely a |Z| zone tag just got left off.

TomTom Distance Estimates

I'm not sure what the problem is but, ever since I started on the lvl 21+ guides, the distance estimates given by the TomTom arrow have been off by a significant margin. For instance, I will be in the entry to the Ruins of Lordaeron, and the arrow will indicate that the UC FP is 3500+ yards away. Around the same time, I will be leaving UC to go to the Sepulcher for the first time and it indicates that, from the entry to the Ruins of Lordaeron, the Silverpine Forest is 3000 yards away and in the direction of Alterac or Dalaran. It would seem that the markers used for estimating distances have to be rechecked.

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Do they point to the correct

Do they point to the correct location?

If not, it's probably because someone forgot a |Z| zone tag. If they do point to the right place, well then something funny is going on but honestly distance estimates isn't the most important thing about them, it's whether they get you where you are supposed to go Eye

Sad Panda

On my Addon screen (the character one) it says there's a Dependency missing. When I hover over the Guide it says Depencies: TourGuide. Any help?

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I'm thinking you only

I'm thinking you only downloaded the WoW-Pro guides, not the addon TourGuide that actually runs those guides. Go back to our download page and download TouGuide. You will also need Lightheaded and TomTom.

No, it wasn't that. I

No, it wasn't that. I accidently saved the TourGuides addon to interface, corrected it now. Thanks anyway.

P.S. I've used the Guide for a while and it's absolutely brilliant, nice work.

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Heh, well glad you figured

Heh, well glad you figured it out, sorry I wasn't of help Smiling


The guide keeps trying to use Hinterlands as a zone and I think it needs to use "The Hinterlands" because it keeps saying it cannot find the zone.

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This is a known issue due to

This is a known issue due to the naming of the guide, I think there are plans to fix it for the next release.


Love the add on. Great guide ! I have been playing WoW for 3 or 4 yrs now and this has been a great help to my lvling. I did notice one thing missing in the Horde add on was a Tauren guide from 1 - 12. I am currently using Shinke's Tauren 1 - 12 guide on my 2nd monitor so I don't have to tab back and forth. But other than that, LOVE this add on

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Yup, the addon version of my

Yup, the addon version of my guide is in the process Eye

TzTz is working on it, as well as revising some quest routes, making leveling much more efficient. I can't give you an exact date the guide will be in the addon, but it will be soon. Smiling


Hey, I have been using the Add-on version of your guide and I've noticed there is no guides from 52-60. I don't know if they're not made yet or the update is just missing them. Just letting you know =] (Horde guide btw)