Jame's Horde Leveling Guide

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Now also available as an in-game leveling addon. Please check out the following page to try the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon!

If you need guides for any other level range (or race) please check out this page.


If you don't want to try our WoW Leveling Addon, here's how to enjoy the paper version of the guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling


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window mode + printer friendly

In addition to playing in window mode its really useful to look at the "Printer-friendly version", because the guide will "stretch" over the whole screen and you have to scroll down less often Smiling
I bet most of you had alread this idea, but whatever Eye


grizzly hills guide


Was so exited that today the grizzly hills guide was released, but I cannot find it Sad

Wheres Grizzly Hills?

Ahh ive been waiting for this forever and now its the day its suppose to be released and its not here ... cries... hope it comes soon!

I know, totally! I said the

I know, totally!

I said the heck with it and just went ahead and did Grizzly Hills on my own. It was horrible, I actually had to think and figure stuff out on my own. lolz

Jame Thanks for the guides.

Jame Thanks for the guides. Just a tip for people who don't like alt tabbing there is an in game browser: check the comment below, it's called playexpert.

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Hmm, that's interesting.

Hmm, that's interesting. I'll try it and maybe recommend it Smiling

This can also be used

This can also be used http://www.playxpert.com/web/guest/home

It has a couple of things intregrated into one, for example, xfire and browser.

It's good, but does need a few tweaks. Well worth having a look at too.

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Tried both, I would not in

Tried both, I would not in ANY WAY suggest Rogue... Had it for 5 minutes, started up WoW, *BOOM* crashed....the next day my WoW password was changed, had to use password retreival system to get my account back.
On the other hand PlayXpert is a very handy thing, that's one I'd reccomend.

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Ya, I tried out Rogue yesterday and it crashed my whole computer. I haven't had my account password changed but that is what I'm going to go do right now to be safe.

Comment me on my blog. http://kostada.blogspot.com/

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Ouch, sounds really bad,

Ouch, sounds really bad, I'll remove the link to rogue.


I'm sorry if Rogue was bad I have a mac and I was not able to test it. I was recommended on www.wowinsider.com so I though it would be safe.

Thanks ^_^

Thanks to your guide (and a combination of heavy work hours and moving house giving me tons of rest exp) I hit 80 half way through Dragonblight and am looking forward to using the rest of your guides to grind gold and achievements Smiling

What I'm wondering is - once you've finished your guides to 80 for both factions, what are you going to do? Any possibility of updating your outland guides for us achievement junkies? Or maybe a short guide pointing out some quests in each zone that are outside of the main quest hubs that are likely to be missed?

Thanks again,
Kelarik - 80 Tankadin (yes it's totally possible to level prot), Bloodscalp-EU

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It's all

It's all there:


Feel free to leave suggestions Eye

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Finishing Outland after hitting 70.

I hit 70 after turning in the first couple quests at the safari in Nagrand. Then hit 71 after turning in the last quests at the safari in Nagrand. This was with full rested xp the whole time, also I ran one instance. I then went to blade edge mountains and netherstorm and finished both of them. I am at 72.66 now and I am debating whether to go to northrend of finish netherstorm/shadowmoon valley. I was browsing the northrend guilds and I am worried that some of the quests will be too low level for me if I finish outland. I have about a half a level of rested xp as of right now. Also thanks for the great guilds, I have used them since about lvl 30 (though I remember not being able to do any hillsbrad quests because of the insane amount of gankers on my server)

Zebula (emerald dream server)

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I think that following

I think that following jame's guides is fine, no need to do SMV and the rest of Netherstorm. Being ahead of the guide is fine, but being too ahead means also some gray quests which are ineficcent Sticking out tongue I think you should go on with Nothrend guides and you will eventually ding 80 in Grizzly Hills (or even Dragonblight if you keep the rested+instance method). This way you'll have 60% of Northrend quest worth a lot of money , you are lucky Smiling

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Well, what can I say? Once again, your Northrend guides have knocked me unconcious due to their excellence.

I started out on my Paladin. Who had rested exp from 70-73. So that obviously gave a boost, aswell as the Wintergrasp Essence buff you get if your faction controls Wintergrasp.

Other than that: I started out, at level 70 with 41 days played. I am now level 77, at 43.5 days played. And that was with RL interruptions (With me forgetting to log out) and random ingame stuff that didnt include leveling.
Not to mention, I still have a good chunk of your Dragonblight guide to finish. Hopefully this will take me near, or to, level 78.

So thats, 3 Zones I will have completed.

Grizzly Hills should hopefully take me from 78-80.
So, that's four zones completed, and five zones left for cash.
WUT???!?!?!? 0.0
There's 350 Quests total, according to the achievements..
Multiply that by, what, 15? 5250.
Plus all the drops and stuff, vendor loot, etc, I'd say 6000/7000 is waiting.

So, not only is your Northrend guide a leveling guide, I guess it is also a gold making guide, too, in a sense.

If you follow Jame's guide with rested exp, you'll be riding that mammoth in no time (:



"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."

You forgot to mention quest

You forgot to mention quest rewards. If there are no upgrades, you can get an additional 6-7g minimum from each quest!

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Awesome Thanks for the

Awesome Eye Thanks for the feedback!

Kinda confused.

Hey Jame, I used your guide to get one of my 70s up to 74, and I LOVE the guides. They are awesome!!! Smiling

Anyways, I made a troll hunter a while back and got him to 40... Now I am sitting at 40 and looking at your 41-51 guide and I am so overwhelmed. Should I go and ding 41 first?? I already did all the Safari quests in STV a while back. Where should I be? Also a bunch of the quests you mentioned in the 41-51 guide that I should have in my Quest log are not there... I am stuck and would love some help....

Other than that, keep it up bud!

-Sboopy5170 (the confused)-

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Just jump in the guide

Just jump in the guide somewhere close to your level and in an area where you haven't done all the quests.

If you're behind in levels, it's realy no problem, you'll catch up eventually, trust me, I've made the guides that way Eye

If you're ahead in levels, that's great. Don't skip anything unless the quests become grey to you.

I use your guides

I use your guides differently than most people, I assume, Jame. I use it as a guideline, as in, just using it to find quests/quest-hubs. I'm the kind of player who cannot stick to a certain way of doing things. While it's slower, I find it more enjoyable, and overall, more chances to throw an instance in.


are you currently working on guides from 75-80?

Yes, he is

Read the front page for the release date of his Grizzly Hills guide. Hopefully that also answered your question? Sticking out tongue

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I'm lvl 65 i was wondering if i should start your guide 65-70 or will it be too hard to catch up?



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No, it won't be hard at all.

No, it won't be hard at all. Just go straight to Nagrand and ignore the quests I mention at the start, you'll outlevel the guide anyway, since it was written prior to the xp curve change.

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Great guides dude.

Love these guides trying to get my Deathknight to level 70 so i can start at Northend -)


Good Guides

My only problem I find is that I sometimes get bored of a zone and want to switch. That's also why I level slowly, I guess. Glad to see you keep these guides for free, blah blah blah.. Can't wait for more from you, especially the in-game add-on. I'll try to help this site however I can so these guides stay alive, since they've aided me, and so many other men and women who play WoW, to a great extent. /get off of soapbox pedestal.

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I know what you mean by

I know what you mean by getting bored with a zone.

But yes it's actually bad, because in general when you follow my guides, the best part is towards the end of the zone, when you finally turn in a bunch of quests at the same time Sticking out tongue

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I think it is worth mentioning that whenever your faction wins at Wintergrasp (PvP area of Northrend, even if you are on a PvE server you'll be marked as PvP upon your entrance in the are) you will gain a buff that increase experience gained by 5% from all sources. That is a nice buff if mixed up with rested xp. Smiling

It's also a good time..

To do instances. You can start saving up for Heirloom items, by looting Stone Keeper's Shards off of instance bosses.

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Heirloom items. Yummy,

Heirloom items. Yummy, twinky, yummy!

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Wondering... archievements

Hiya Jame Smiling


Are you planning on making a archievement guide for the Loremaster stuff? (atm I'm lv 80 and finishing the Shozalar basin quests to get the 75 quests complete. After that I haven't even been in Icecrown, Stormpeaks and Crystalsong... i assume your guides will go from Grizzly Hills --> Zul'Dral --> Shozalar. Are you planning on making guides for the Loremaster title with the quests complete at Icecrown, Stormpeaks and Crystalsong? (and poss. others?)


- Magekíd

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thank you

good job, when the next guides (lvl75+) plzzz? Sticking out tongue

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Check the front page.

Check the front page. Release dates are there.


Okay,well anyway, im lvl 7 Sad im new to the game and I was wondering is there a guide for 1-10 and 11-20? Like I said, Im new to the game and I hope you can help me with things to kil. BTW im a Blood Elf and a Dwarf.


Go Wow U can contact me on Blackwing Lair or Blackwater Raiders on my accounts Bloddyelf Gertjaars Lichyinglol


Go Wow U can contact me on Blackwing Lair or Blackwater Raiders on my accounts Blddyelf Gertjaars Lichyinglol


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Thak You James.

Go Wow U can contact me on Blackwing Lair or Blackwater Raiders on my accounts Blddyelf Gertjaars Lichyinglol


Go Wow U can contact me on Blackwing Lair or Blackwater Raiders on my accounts Blddyelf Gertjaars Lichyinglol


Zone Progression


For the Horde side what will be the zone progression (to 80) you will be using for your guides? I have completed all of your WOTLK guides and want to move on blindy Sad, but still want to follow your zone progression.


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Grizzly Hills > Zul dark >

Grizzly Hills > Zul drak > Scholazar Basin > Storm Peaks > Icecrown

Thanks a lot!

I never leveled faster than now, without missing anything. Your Guides are really awesome. I'm looking forward for your upcoming guides. I'm at Level 76.5 and still have some Quests to do in Dragonblight.

Thank you very much!


Way to go man..way to go.

I'm not one to leave comments on others work. but jame man you did what many people have tried to do. your guide is extremly helpful. i have used your guide since 31. and i have been blown away time and time agian. just your little tips that do it. and after the dragonblight chapter. i went to grizzly hills. following you examples I have tried to streamline my quest. and i know have a higher respect for the work you do. All i have to really say is ......Jame thank you not only making these guide's, but posting them free of charge so your fellow gamers may learn from your hard work. Again I thank you. keep up the good work.

See you in game.
And may the sword of thousand truths give you its blessing.

He may not get its blessing,

He may not get its blessing, but if the tanks in his raid group got it, he can meet its identical twin, Slayer of the Lifeless, it who was the one truly foretold by Salzman!

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Gotta love the south park

Gotta love the south park references Smiling

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Hey! Thanks for the great levelling guides, love'em!
Have you ever thought of creating a Jame's Levelling Guide Addon?
It wouldn't need to be anything flashy, just your guide uploaded into the game so it can be viewed more easily.
Or, if you like Flashy, you could make it kind of like Quest helper, except that it tells you what to do according to your guide.


I had the same thought. All

I had the same thought. All that would be needed is a simple text box that just had all the guides and pictures uploaded. Nothing else, keep it simple.

But I suppose you are going to want to finish off the other wotlk guides first though.

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To Silverchief and

To Silverchief and tribe:

Jame will first continue writing and complete his Northrend Guides. After that, or atleast that's what I picked up from what he was saying, he's going to make an in-game addon for his guides.

The main problem is that he has so much work to do, writing his guides, leveling his own characters and of course RL! You should just frequently check the site on any news about the addon, or an ETA on when it will be released Smiling

For those that don't know what I mean by an in-game addon, it is meant to make the leveling process even faster. You won't have to ALT+tab out of the game everytime you need read the next part. This will also eliminate the issue of being in Windowed Mode! Smiling


In game browser

an in game wow browser has been released but iwont mind having a go of making a q helper type macro


Can you link me to this?

Can you link me to this?

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This guide Works!!

makes leveling sooo much easier!!!
Thnk you!!