Jame's Horde Leveling Guide

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Now also available as an in-game leveling addon. Please check out the following page to try the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon!

If you need guides for any other level range (or race) please check out this page.


If you don't want to try our WoW Leveling Addon, here's how to enjoy the paper version of the guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling


your guide rules man,

your guide rules man, idol!!!!

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Great, the more the merrier

Great, the more the merrier Eye

Love the help

Thanks so much for all the work you've put into this guide. Fantastic Job. I'm in the process of leveling up my third character to a high level. Having done it twice already I was dreading it untill I came across your guide. Its helped so much and i'm easily going to be level 70 by WOTLK release, which makes me so happy Laughing out loud So thank you Jame!

A couple things you may want to add to your guide. I've followed the 60-65 thru completion, and because of the new outland xp change im level 68 at the end of it. I'm going to keep going thru the 65-70 step for step because its easy. Anyways back to my point, because i've followed step by step, you may want to add in your guides that if you do follow it step for step you will end up with the Hellfire and Zangamarsh quest achievements. A little something people might like to know.

Thanks again Laughing out loud

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Always nice to know, I

Always nice to know, I haven't had the time to test that out at all lately.

Do you know by any chance if you also get the Terokkar / Nagarand / BeM achievements while following my guides? If anyone finds out, let me know Sticking out tongue

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I just did your Terokkar

I just did your Terokkar quests, you end up 3 quests short. I'll let you know once I do the others Smiling

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Actually during the Nagrand

Actually during the Nagrand section you complete the Terokkar quests - right after turning in [65] Success! in the south-western tip of Terokkar.

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Awesome Smiling

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Just completed the Nagrand

Just completed the Nagrand section, still 68/87 quests for the achievement, so that one may be a no-go.

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That must be all the groups

That must be all the groups quests and that long quest chain involving thrall.

I think I'll revamp my Outland guides a little in the future to include 100% of the quests, for achievement addicts Smiling

Did you do the ring of blood? 6 quests.
All the nesingwary group quests? 4 quests.

These are optional in my guide, but it would get you quite close already.

There's also that other 3-man chain with Atruis the Suffer (about 6 more quests). Not included in my guide.

And there's also those other groups quests with the ogre king and also that big elemental.

Durn the hungerer would also add one.

And then there's the thrall chain, I won't bother counting that one, but that should definitely give the achievement.

It's just too bad I can't include these in the normal leveling guide, because you can't solo those quests and finding a group is getting harder and harder for old zones.

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I did all optional quests

I did all optional quests including ring of blood, big game hunter, the Goredawg one, and the other ogre one. And Durn. I haven't done the Altruis ones or the ones with Thrall yet. I seem to also remember one that sends you under Oshu'gon but that may be the one with Thrall.

It's nice having a guild of bored 70s to help do group quests Smiling

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Hmm that's a lot of missing

Hmm that's a lot of missing quests then, I'll have to look into this when I get the time.

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Me? Why, yes. I guess I am.. >.<
And my avatar is crappy. I made this account after I deleted a load of files. And that was the only suitable picture for this site.. o.o



"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."

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Jame.. Please can I have your babies? Smiling
Your guides got me my first 70 after more than a year of playing WoW, and I plan to level more characters with your guides in the future. Thankyou ever so much for taking time to write these guides, and more importantly, thanks for not charging us for them!
I love you.
In the most unscariest way possible.



"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."

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Hehe, thanks! You're an old

Hehe, thanks! You're an old wow-pro member aren't you? I remember your avatar from somewhere Smiling

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Excelent guides!

Jame, I am thrilled over your guides! They are all excelent in every way. I do not see what your guides dont have that other guides required payment do. I've been using your guides and they have helped me alot, all my friends have been informed about your superb guides by me, I would like to thank you a whole lot for taking your time writing and effort your leveling guides!

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You're very welcome!

You're very welcome!

what do i do?

I'm a big instance-leveler. My dad suggested using the guide, because he thinks it may be quicker. I decided to start the guide at lvl 41 (because i was level 40 at the time ). But the quests [Bloodscalp Clan Heads(41)] and [Split Bone Necklace(42)] weren't available to me in Grom'gol. Are these quests part of a chain or were they taken out during the 3.0 patch? Are there any other chain quests i should complete before using the guide?
BTW great guide, 5/5, mine and my dad's opinion Sticking out tongue

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You can't get those quests

You can't get those quests because you didn't do the pre-reqs. You should go to my previous chapter and do the stranglethorn vale circuits to catch up with the quest lines, then you should be back on track.


I am sure you get a ton of thanks everyday, as you should, thought I would send mine along. I had two level 70's and could not bear leveling a third, and was dreading the expansion leveling. Thanks to your guides, leveling my druid was a breeze, and I cannot wait to level all three of my 70's in the expansion. Thanks so much for all the work that you do!

Thanks so much

Hey i just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication on this guide and I especially want to thank you for not selling like all those other leveling guides out there, i honestly think this guide is a better quality than those guide anyway. I plan to level a new character using this guide starting today hopefully ill have enough time to get to 70 before lich king. Wish me luck!

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Another thanks!

Like so many others, I want to thank you Jame! My friends keep asking me, how are you leveling so fast? I always refer them to your guide. While I am glad I leveled my first toon without a guide so I could explore on my own, this has been such a help for my alt. Thanks to yoru guide, I have met my goal of getting my druid to level 70 before the expansion hits!

I am really looking forward to your WotLK guides. Now all I have to do is decide wether to level my druid or my rogue!

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You're welcome! Please keep

You're welcome! Please keep using my guide and telling your friends about it, that's the best you can do to help wow-pro grow bigger and bigger.

I wish I could help you about choosing what class to leve, but I'm just as confused as you Sticking out tongue I'm probably gonna end up leveling every class in the end anyway ^^

How much?

Hey there James, i was wondering how much would this take? I like...have 2-3hours per day play time, and i was just wondering how much this would take, since WotLK is coming out. I hoped i would level 70 in time to go into northrend. But even if i dont its better couze with my sucky computer i wouldnt move at all in northrend, since the whole realm is in one map Laughing out loud
So, if i have only 2 hours per day of play time, how much time would it take for me to get to level 70?


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7 days /played on average

7 days /played on average from 1 to 70, without zero rested bonus. With rested bonus you can probably lower it down to 6 days /played. That's of course if you don't waste time doing tradeskills, AH browsing, pvp, or whatever that gets in the way of questing.

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Faster with patch

I would hesitantly say its probably even faster now, with the changes to the leveling from 60-70. That was a pretty big chunk of time before, and it's like a breaze with the newest patch. Smiling

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Oh yes, you're absolutely

Oh yes, you're absolutely right, that was with the old xp curve. It's probably much less than that now, and I have no idea exactly how much. If someone finds out, please let me know ^^

Outlands Gold Quests

Hi James,
I made it to 70 and was wondering this. You mentioned that you guide would avoid going to netherstorm and shadowmoon as they have good gold pay outs for the quests once a person in level 70. My question is do you have a guide to do those areas as I found that doing your guides even though I didnt level as fast ie doing professions etc. ( my fault not the guides)gave really good structure to the leveling process. If you do have guides for the quest in that area or can recommend some that would be fantastic. :-)Well back to pvp Angryrogue.

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Sadly not yet. My guides

Sadly not yet. My guides only cover about half of the Netherstorm quests, and none of the SMV quests, so you'll be on your own for these, until I release extra circuits for these zones (will do it in the future, after WotLK leveling guides).

Hey just wondering if you

Hey just wondering if you have any 1-21 guides??
Oh yeah and great guide Smiling 5/5

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We've got a lot of 1-21

We've got a lot of 1-21 guides, I just didn't write them myself but they are just as good.

There's a whole list here:

1-70 Alliance & Horde Leveling Guides

I personally recommend Snowflake's and Boston's leveling guides.

Well, this sucks.

By the time I stumbled on this guide, I'd already purchased the paid Alliance and Horde guides (being an altaholic, I was becoming frustrated that I couldn't seem to level efficiently--desperation FTL?), and while those guides are fantastic, this one is fantastic and I didn't have to drop 30-something bucks for them first.


AND you go to Hillsbrad.

The only thing I could suggest, maybe, would maybe be adding links to the quests. But, since you have nice, shiny images that show you where to go, anyway, I imagine it would hardly be worth the effort. Anyway, great guides, I hope to get some use of them! And thank you for not charging for them. Laughing out loud

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Sorry to hear you had to

Sorry to hear you had to spent 30 bucks :/

At least now you know where to look for free wotlk leveling guides, and I assure you they will be of higher quality than anything you can buy out there.

Spread the word, tell your friends about my guides, and you might help them save some cash Sticking out tongue

Thx a lot

I only got like 6 lvls (from 32 to 36) and in only 8 hours of game play (first toon so im a newb XD)but I didn't knew what to do at my lvl, everything seeming too high or too low and this guide helped me alot to pass this difficult task, it's sure that I will use it to lvl up to 70 (or 80 when wotlk will come out Sticking out tongue)

Thanks alot


Admin's note: Fixed spelling. Please do an effort with your spelling next time. Use proper capitalization, "i" instead of "I" etc. “Thanks” instead of “thx”. Thanks in advance.

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You're welcome

You're welcome Smiling

Hey Jame!

Hey Jame! I'm currently leveling my 4th char to 70, following your guide. First time I used this guide was two years ago, and I almost couldn't believe there was such guides out there, free! I leveled to 60 in 14 days, and was really proud, since that was my first char. After leveling three other chars, I felt it was time to thank you for the effort you are putting into these guides, not many would do this without feeling without being obligated to it:D I also find it really cool that you actually reply to what people ask for, telling them at what point in the guide to start on, even if it's almost selfexplained in the guide Sticking out tongue

Keep up the good work Jame, good luck with the WoTLK guide Smiling

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Where do i start

hey jame.

started my alt and he is level 34 and im half way to the next one. i heard good things about your guide in my guild, when i compained about the paying for guides(never used those). anyway, i have done some quests here and there (desolace, hillsbrad and arathi highlands)but havent been in sranglethorn vale yet. where do i start ?

Thanks in advance

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Hey, just start at the

Hey, just start at the beginning of the level 31-41 guide, ignore the quests you've already done and the ones you can't get because you don't have the pre-reqs. You will probably be ahead of my guide in levels, but that's actually a good thing.

At some point you should be back on track with the guide anyway Smiling

After 2 going on 3 years

After 2 going on 3 years using your guides, I felt I had to leave a message saying thanks, your guides are awesome and i almost know them by heart thanks to how many alts ive levelled!

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Awesome, glad to hear that

Awesome, glad to hear that Smiling

Thanks a BUNCH

I don't know what to say Jame... If my friend did not suggested your guide I would have never hit 70 on my Rogue... I never even thought of having a Character at the level cap... Anyway... Great guide, got to 70 in /played 11 days... Don't know what I would have done without it. Oh ya... Not hit 70 haha... Would have stayed at 39 Barf!

Keep up the great work! Eye

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Glad to hear, I hope you'll

Glad to hear, I hope you'll try my WotLK guides too Smiling

Hey jame. thanks a bunch for

Hey jame. thanks a bunch for the guide would be no where near 65 if it wasnt for you Smiling but i do have 1 problem Sad in the 6065 section at 64 near the end there is a quest called "skywing" in the description it says you should be able to solo it just interupt his casts his melee isnt that hard. i dont know if it was changed but his melle is like 1k on my whereas his lighting bolt is only 600 Puzzled anything i can do? tyvm Eye

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Try to let the bird tank as

Try to let the bird tank as much as possible and don't interrupt his casts.

Thanks a million man.

Well, I got 70 on Friday, October 5, and it was all thanks to you. I've followed your guide since level 21, and I've always thought about posting a comment on here. I made my druid on June 23, got him to 20 (on the free trial) using the guides on this website, then I bought WoW and went from there. He'll probably be my only 70, and sooner or later my only 80. I'll admit since I have a month to do heroics and stuff before WoTLK, It'll be alot different without you "telling me where to go," but I'm sure I'll get by. I'll admit I had my troubles, (mostly because I can't get any addons on my computer,) so your cartographer points didn't make things any easier... Thanks a million man!

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You're welcome. And don't

You're welcome. And don't worry, I'll always write my guides in paper format and make maps for those who can't or don't want to install addons.

Questing with your guide yet again! :D

Hello james!!! Smiling

I have used your guide once before to lvl my rogue up to 70 (and he currently has reached that goal + full s2 gear Sticking out tongue ). Recently a buddy of mine has shared his beta account with me and because of playing the wotlk beta i have decided to roll a warrior and have gotten him up to lvl 29 so far (lvl 30 very soon). I have decided because your guide is so helpful and awesome to use it once more but I was wondering if you can tell me where in the guide i should start off in? And by the way I just started the XP circut in shimmering flats in 1000 needles. i know you get tons of people asking the same question but i was hoping for a specific answer. TYVM ahead of time and love the guide

P.S. cant wait for your WOTLK guide Smiling Smiling Smiling

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Meh, I don't know You

Meh, I don't know Sticking out tongue

You could do the last circuit of the previous chapter in Ashenvale.

Look for this line:

1. Fly to Splintertree Post. Make the inn your home. Take [30] Destroy the Legion from Valusha.

And then just follow the 31-41 chapter, if there's any quest you miss from the previous chapter, just ignore them, you'll catch up with the guide at some point anyway, it's made that way Sticking out tongue

TY for the reply

AHA! Ty for the reply and i will get right on that. There has been some real freaky lag in the WHOLE area of Eastern kingdoms on my server (blackrock) and it goes from tirisfal glades all the way down to Booty bay...its just the whole damn continent...and its not just me..every1 else has the damned lag too...so questing there is horrible atm..so picking up on the guide in ashenvale will by some time before they fix the lag. Btw has any1 else experienced this problem on other servers or on my server?

P.S. If you ever wanna talk or anything my main is Samfischer on blackrock and my alt that im lvling right now is Wargodsz Eye Sticking out tongue

My lvl 26

Where should i start on this guide for a level 26? I've done all the Hillsbrad quests except for the Battle Of Hillsbrad 6 and 7 and the two high level quests at TM. Any help would be appreciated as i keep getting confused on where to start because I am missing quests and whatnot.

Where to ?

I´m a lvl 47 Undead rogue!
I have finished all the quest that is on lvl 47-50...
where shall i level?
i havent follow the guide but now when i found it i see it´s a relly nice one Laughing out loud!
so where shall i continue my andventure?