Jame's Horde Leveling Guide

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Now also available as an in-game leveling addon. Please check out the following page to try the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon!

If you need guides for any other level range (or race) please check out this page.


If you don't want to try our WoW Leveling Addon, here's how to enjoy the paper version of the guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling


hey jame my pops says your

hey jame
my pops says your guide is great!
he levels so fast!
well im level 37 and id like to start using it
should i start at the level 37 section or somwhere else?
my exp bar is almost at the beginning, one bar padt at most

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Hey, glad your pops likes

Hey, glad your pops likes the guide! Cool

About your question:

First you should do the first batch of quests from Booty Bay.

Look for this line at level 33:

"Then take the boat to Booty Bay."

Follow the guide from there until the end of the booty bay circuits (around lvl 34).

Then jump to the level 37. There'll be a few quests you miss, but just ignore those.

60-70 after WoTLK Drops?

Hey Jame, just want to first of all say, that your guides are an absolute god send for some one trying to catch up after getting a late start at the game.

Just wondering if you were going to work on a 60-70 guide for after WoTLK drops and they change the exp rate to make those levels quicker? (Or is that basically the Death Knight 60-70 guide that you have in the works?)

Just wondering because I just hit outlands, and if so I will probably start an alt, un till the exp rates are lowered.

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Hey, thank you Actually,

Hey, thank you Smiling

Actually, there's no reason for me to change my guides after they change the exp rate. The only thing I will change is tell people that they're free to go to Northrend when they hit level 70 while following my outland guide. They can also finish the outland circuits and get close to level 71 before going to Northrend, that's also a good choice.

The only thing that matters is how much XP/hour you get from following my guides. And there's pretty much nothing I can do to increase the XP/hour rate in my outland guides, so they'll be just as good as before even when they change the xp curves for 60-70.

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Ello James.

I have been following your guides for nearly two years [I think two years] and really do think they are the best "inventions" since sliced bread. Laughing out loud

Now, recently a friend of mine was like - "I want to play WoW..." and I was like - "Ok, lets link our accounts." and so we linked accounts. As you may figure, the EXP rate is a bit of a joke. One level every 30 - 40 mins, depending on how well we are playing. I have been using you guide as well so... ^_^

We are now level 42... and I am still following the level 38 section of Horde guide. What would you recommend I do? Should I follow as normal? Or skip sections every so often?

Anyways, thanks for these great guides. They have been blessings in disguise over the past few years.



PS... I can't form questions terribly well. Sticking out tongue

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Thanks for your kind words

Thanks for your kind words Smiling

I recommend skipping some zones yes, preferably those without long quest chains, like Swamps of Sorrows and the Badlands I guess.

Ahhh so thats what the read

Ahhh so thats what the read more button is for Sticking out tongue

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Why yes it is!

Why yes it is! }:)

Re 70-80 guide

Hey jame
great job on the guilds, just a small question and if youve already answered it feel free to beat me with a small stick... but ... how soon after wotlk comes out do you think ull have the horde guide ready.

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Check our front page.

Check our front page. Release Dates, 2nd article from the top ^^. No beating for this time, but next time...! Eye

new guide

make a guide for 11-20!
i dont think we need a guide for 1-10 though...thats too easy!

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That's something I'll do in

That's something I'll do in the future yes, for now though, I have the 70-80 guides to focus on first Sticking out tongue

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Thanks once again

I have thanked you before, but thought I could do it again.

I have tried out your guide for both Horde and Alliance now and they speed up my leveling process so much. I`m the kind of person who wants to do it my own way the first time though, so I leveled up my first character to 70 by my own before I started using guides for my alts. Now I used your Alliance guide from 20 to 60 on a shaman, Horde guide from 30 to 60 on a paladin and previously I did it on a hunter (started with Snowflake's blood elf guide and then moved over to yours). The hunter was level 41 last wednesday and got 60 this wednesday. I`m currently using your Outland guide and this far it's very useful. Keep up the good work.

PS. I won't use your Northrend guide before I have done it once myself first though. Eye

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Happy to hear, thanks for

Happy to hear, thanks for your comment Smiling

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No problem at all. It's fun

No problem at all. It's fun to level up alts. I currently have an alt of almost every level range (10/20/30/40/50/60/70) and pop in on those I want to do some circuits on. When I leveled up my latest alt, the blood elf hunter (currently level 64), I kept comparing my leveling range with my guild mates. One of them was 56 when I was 35 and when I was 64, he was 62. All thanks to the leveling guides.

You write that you're planning to do class specific guides? Are you also planning on modifying the guides to have professions taken into account? "How to NOT level past your mining" for example. On the other hand, maybe too many variations of the guides would only lead to one big mess of it all.

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It's just as you said, I'm

It's just as you said, I'm currently debating it. Tradeskills are really subjective to what one wants to do with his character. If one wants to just be as powerful as possible, one will go for enchanting for the ring / neck enchants for example. If one wants to make money while leveling, they'd go for gathering skills.

So I don't want to force any tradeskill on any class and for now I'll just leave them aside and simply focus on other things.

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i always used your guide to

i always used your guide to level my guys and i finally joined, just wanted to say that your guide is awesome and i cant wait to use it to get to 80 Laughing out loud


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Just found this page, making a new character

Well, I found this page after looking at a bunch of other expensive, usless guides. I'm making a blood elf (but leveling him in the undead area) using your guide. After using the undead 1-13 and then the guide after that, I'll switch to James guide. So, wish me luck! Eye

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Welcome to wow-pro Are you

Welcome to wow-pro Smiling

Are you sure you want to level your blood elf in the Undead area? The Blood Elf starting zones are so much better, and we got an amazing guide for those zones, made by Snowflake. I really recommend following Snowflake's Blood Elf Starting Guide and Snowflake's Ghostland Guide.

Anyway, enjoy!

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Your Leveling guides rule!

Hi Jame,

I use your guide a lot and really like it and it works awesome! But im walking a little bit behead of the guide because im almost 48 and still doing the quests of begin lvl 47 because I tought I couldn't just skip half the guide if i was ahead. So what should I do? Just follow the guide or skip the part until its correct for my lvl.

Greetzz,, Feroby

P.S: Sorry for some of the bad english xD

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ell, first of all, let me

Well, first of all, let me just tell you that being ahead of my guide in levels is actually a good thing, so don't worry about it. Unless the quests make you kill grey mobs, you shouldn't skip anything. Just skip the optional circuits when there are some. If the quests are grey, what you can do is quickly check if the quest has a follow up (or several follow ups). If it doesn't, just abandon the quest and move on.

Just use the search function (CTRL + F) and type the name of the quest and you'll quickly find out if it's part of a chain or not. You can also look that up on wowhead.com.

Hope it helps.


Been a while, leveled 2 alliance characters with the guide. I cancelled my account for 6 months but just recently got the bug again to play. after immediatly realizing the game is a total grind at 70 right now (pre LK) and having made 10k gold in the AH and dailies in just 2 weeks i realized i had plenty of money and was totally bored.

so the time has come again! i started a few ally characters and it was just more of the same old game. its fun but something was just not exciting about it. enter the horde leveling guide! yes i have decided to level my first horde character and i used snowflake's 1-21 in 2 days (12hrs played!!!) to get it done and now im on your 21-70 guides.

yes this is long winded but to everyone out there i have to say its almost like a whole new game playing the other faction. except you allready know how to play the game. its really fun again!! thanks wow-pro!

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Glad to hear. By the way,

Glad to hear. By the way, 10K in 2 weeks? That's pretty darn good. You wouldn't feel like writing a guide about it by any chance? Eye

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Thank you!

Hey Jame,
I just wanted to thank you for your absolutely amazing guide! I had to give up on lots of lvl 70 toons due to Serverchange (from EU to US) I started to lvl a rouge and was about to give up and never play WoW again when it was about lvl 21, then I found your guide. I've been always against using guides to lvl but decided to at least give it a try. And I loved it!
My rogue is currently lvl 56 and got there in no time.
So again ab big THANK YOU!
/bow Eye

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Glad I converted you!

Glad I converted you! Sticking out tongue

This guide is amazing to say the least


I don't know where I would be without this guide (probably running in circles doing quests that are completely useless)! It works perfectly, I even started at level 33 when I found out about it, and I have been able to seamlessly hop right in, and I'm already level 46 after about 2 days of playing! I end up leveling more quickly than the guide says at the beginning of each chapter and by chapters' end I am dead on! I recommend this guide to every single person I group up with and I have yet to get negative feedback. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put forth to help the ever-growing WoW community, it is very much appreciated. Take care and keep up the GREAT work.

Lethon - Horde

Absolutly Stunning...

All I can say is wow. You put in a lot of work into this and it shows. I've used this guide to level several alts of mine. Unfortunately, I didn't find it until after I got my first 70. Took a long time too, lol. Fabulous work!

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Thanks a lot guys.

Thanks a lot guys.


Hey jame! I just had to say.. you are an absolute genious! To be able to have thought of such good quest routes and picking the right quests must have taken you ages!

my hats off to you!

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Thanks Smiling

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I've been playing MMORPG's since the beginning, except for WoW. I finally decided to try it, and with your guide, as a complete NEWB, I've reached level 43 in 3 days played. I wasn't looking forward to starting a new MMO all over again, but your guide has made the experience enjoyable. THANKS!!! Smiling

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My preferred addons

Reading some of the comments, I thought I would post my recommendation of addons:

Carbonite Quests:
Carbonite Quests is something that seems to have been recently released, but it is an all-in-wonder addon. It includes the neatest implementation of maps I've seen - using the Google Earth style of scrolling and zooming.

In addition, it has what I feel is actually a better quest assistance mod than QuestHelper (Though your maps sometimes looks like someone took a box of origami paper and threw it at you. If that is overwhelming, you can right-click the map areas and select "stop tracking" to removing them.).

It's not done yet, the addon also comes with it's own quest mod, information-sharing add-in (even reports when you level to others using the mod if you want it too), and other small bonuses, like showing your current speed and keeping a "punk list" for PvP.

What I feel is an awesome companion mod to this is called QuestIon. It is a quest mod that, once you get past a bit of a learning curve, is incredibly flexible. It also adds one key piece of functionality: It checks to see if the mob you are highlighting is related to any quest you are trying to complete (it's not perfect, but gets a large percentage right, like 92-95%). If it is related, the quest objective appears as part of the mob's tooltip! Occasionally you'll get a good laugh too, like when you see that a hunter's pet is needed for your quest to kill raptors Smiling

Finally, a very simple addon that moves those tooltips out of they're obnoxious home in the corner of the screen and onto your mouse, with lots of nice colorations based on friendliness and such, all while making them very small, is called TinyTip

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Hey Jame! Long time user of

Hey Jame!

Long time user of your guide here, though just now getting around to signing up to add some comments Smiling

This guide is absolutely phenomenal, even before the revamp with the awesome maps! I have been using it ever since about level 50 on my alliance druid, and have since used it to level that to 62-ish (before the post-60 guides), another druid to 63, a warlock on a PvP server to 50 (my current main), and numerous other characters to the 35-40 range.

If there was one thing bad about this guide, it would have to be that it makes me level too fast to quest or instance with other lowbies, unless they happen to catch me just at the right time!

While taking time to level tailoring, mining, first aid, cooking, and even some fishing, I leveled my warlock on a PvP server to level 50 in under 5 days /played. There was also some significant BG play, random chatting, and leaving the game on while I went to eat or whatever.

Every time I re-use your guide, I see more additions and updates. Major props to you for keeping it up to date!

I cannot believe you are offering up this masterpiece for free, but people sure love you for it! Do you accept any form of donations?

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Hey, glad you decided to

Hey, glad you decided to register and post comments then Eye

Yes, we definitely accept donations, it's in the contribute tab.

Or you can simply follow this link:


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Thank you for this!

I had two level 60 alliance characters before I switched to Horde. I zipped my main up to 70 with the help of a buddy. Now I'm leveling my second character on my own. I was completely dreading this, my fourth trip up the ladder to 60 (and beyond) but this guide is making my trip fun. I'm exploring zones and grabbing quests I didn't know existed.

Thank you so much - I recommend your guide to everyone I know!



hey james great guide.
i have a 70 now and i was just wondering if you are gonna create some quest circuits for the rest of netherstorm and shadowmoon valley so i can get money for my epic flyer. Puzzled Sticking out tongue

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Yes I will, I just need to

Yes I will, I just need to get some time. Too busy at the moment Sad

Level 52 Warlock.

Hello Jame, I've read through quite a bit of your guide and it seems excellent. I've never used it before and I'm a level 52 Orc Warlock. Was wondering what you think is the best place to jump in. I'm one to finish random quests and I noticed that my leveling is getting very slow around this level so hoping your guide will help me progress, since I did random quests what do you recommend, following your guide and if I have already finished the quest ignore that quest and do the others that you state?

Thank you for your feedback and your great guide! Smiling

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Just jump in the guide at

Just jump in the guide at the beginning of a circuit close to your current level, and ignore the quests you can't get. After a while, you'll be back on track, and those quests won't matter anymore.

Where to start =)

Hey Jame, i'd first of all like to say Kudos to you on making such a fantastic looking free guide.

I've been using another outdated leveling guide up until this point, but it has alot of errors and I feel as though im running around way too much.

I'd like to ask you on your view of where I should START in your guide. I play Priest alongside a Mage friend of mine and we have been exclusively questing together in a Group since we started. We are now level 25, and we have done nearly ALL Stonetalon and Southern Barrens quests. Done 2 quests in Ashenvale and started in 1k needles (done message to freewind Post, alien egg, pacify the centaur, test of faith). We have NOT touched any quests in Hillsbrad though.

Bearing in mind I quest in a group, (and most of the time been behind the old guide in terms of xp and what lvl I ought to be when I finish a zone) where do you suggest I start on your guide. I've heard you say that being infront of your guide (lvl & xp-wise) is a good thing?

I look forward to your reply, and fully understand that it will take a while to get back on track to the guide when starting mid-way, but any pointers on a place to start would be greatly appreciated. ^^

Many thanks, Hirsch. Smiling

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Just jump in the guide at

Just jump in the guide at the beginning of a circuit close to your current level, and ignore the quests you can't get. After a while, you'll be back on track, and those quests won't matter anymore.

And yes, being ahead of the guide is a good thing. But if you fall behind it's not so bad either, because since you duo you'll probably have an easier time to do elite quests / instances to catch up.


There is a easy questline that invloves goign places you are alredy going that should be added to your guide.
During the level 30 section, add a part at either the part when your going from TB->hearthstone->Org or Splintertree->Org (start of level 31)To stop at the cross roads and pick up the quest http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=1145 then deliver it to the guy in orgrimar at the start of level 31 section for a easy 1450xp and pick up the follow up. Then turn in the follow up at the start of the 32 section when you are running to the shimmering flats for a easy 2150 xp, and pick up the follow up. If at the end of the 32 section you find yourself not 33 yet compleat the third section of this quest rather then killing random guys otherwise abandon it. (Its a hardish quest)

Also another thing you might want to add, is that at the end of the 31 section you can pick up the quest http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=1361 then turn it in when your flying from Orgrimar too freewind post, for a measily 675xp, (not out of your way though) and pick up the follow up and turn it in whenever you reach the desolance level 37 section for another 675xp, really only worth 6 kills of XP but its really easy and quicker then killing the 6 guys.

Where to start now??

Hi,i have lvl 52 paladin and lvl 41 rogue.i was at the begining chapter3 (41-51) with rogue,and begining of the chapter4 (51-60)(both old versions).Now Blizz made lvling easier till 60.Where should i start with the new guides?Btw i followed Jame's guides with 3 chars before Tbc and it's a realy good guide.

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Just jump in the guide at

Just jump in the guide at the beginning of a circuit close to your current level, and ignore the quests you can't get. After a while, you'll be back on track, and those quests won't matter anymore

Unsure wether to use guide....

im a level 39 lock and i really wanna use your guide,however in the past ive done alot of quests higher than my level,and i was just wondering where to start following your guide,and is it possible for me to? and will i end up having to have a big grinding session to catch up?


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You'll most likely have zero

You'll most likely have zero grinding to do.

Just jump in the guide at the beginning of a circuit close to your current level, and ignore the quests you can't get. After a while, you'll be back on track, and those quests won't matter anymore.

Ive got a problem...

Ive leveled many characters since wow came out. But one thing I try to avoid is STV and instead level in desolace. I was suprised to see STV on the places to go. My lvl 33ish warrior could not do much quests in STV without getting ganked especially around Nessingwary's camp.

It has taken me around 5 hours to do all the quests in STV because of alliance camping Nessingwary. I had to log out for the day because BGs had shut down and a lot of 70 alliance have decided to raid STV instead. Just my luck!

Maybe you could create an optional place to level instead of STV?

-- TKMantis

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I wish I could create a

I wish I could create a magical place to replace STV, trust me. Sadly it doesn't exist and blizzard refuses to let me create a cow level, because they are an evil company. Sad

haha, Diablo 2 cow levels

haha, Diablo 2 cow levels ftw.

Your Alliance guide was great from chapter I to III. (That's all I used Eye ) I absolutely recommend this guide for anyone. Great tool to use when you want a fast way to 70. Amazing guide, and continue to update. Maybe they'll throw in a WoW cow land somewhere. 25-man raid for the Cow King.

Money Making Guide

Hi Jame. When is the guide coming out that finishes Netherstorm and Shadowmoon?