WotLK Daily Quests

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i cant see guides

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When Cataclysm is released,

When Cataclysm is released, I'll be moving these guides to the archive.

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Lich King Dailies or other WotLK content

I think it is doing the community a disservice to move Lich King content to the archive. Some of it may need to be updated slightly, but truthfully people may want to do the dailies to grind rep, or get non-combat items from faction vendors. Yes, the equipment is rather irrelevant now that Cataclysm is out--but there are crafting recipes, minipets, mounts, fishing poles (Kal'uak) etc. that can only be purchased if you have a high enough rep. Heck, even Burning Crusade dailies or repeatables are still relevant in that case.

Is there some way to directly access the archive? If I do a search on something, will it pull up content in the archive?


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Hordes daily

Please write same daily guides for horde. thx Smiling

icecrown daily quest guide

I swear I saw an icecrown daily quest guide on this site yesterday, but for the life of me I can't find it. Does this guide exist?


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Look up

The guide's currently listed right above this post, Icecrown - Grizzly Hills Daily Guide... Smiling