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Thank you so much for these guides. Ahead of everyone in my guild, they dont even know what hit them. Sticking out tongue

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Great Thanks for your

Great Eye Thanks for your feedback and please spread the word!

Borean tundra or howling fjord

Hey Jame, i was curious on your guide that ally should lvl in tundra and horde in fjord at 70, is there any reason for this?
Im ally and wanna start fjord at 70 and by reading blizz stuff it seems to work fine and then just skip tundra. Why did u pick both zones, and why start with tundra?
Think it be possible to do fjord first even as ally?

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Hello, I remember a post by Jame saying that Howlin Fjord has better quest hubs for the Horde and Borean Tundra has better quests hubs for the Alliance. Then, for a better leveling efficence, Jame decided to do quest circuits by changin the areas. That's pretty clever, isn't it? In this way you'll level very good just by clearing starting areas, and you will ding 80 very soon Smiling.


I just had to register just to tell you that I've been a long time user of many different guides and yours rocks them all.

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say thanks for all the hard work and dedication you put into them.

Fantastic job! As someone coming back to Warcraft after more than 2 years off (quit right before BC expansion) I'm looking forward to experiencing the new content through the pace your guide sets.

Exciting times indeed!


- Variz

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Thank you

Thank you Eye

Love guide

Hello Jame,
I love your guide, I was the first Death knight 80 on my server, by using your guide:D Really thanks.
Hope you will realese 75-80 guide soon, was pretty hard without the guide there! Jawdropping!

70 hunter - Argent dawn (Ally)
70 rogue - Argent dawn (Ally)
59 pala - Argent dawn (Ally)
80 DK - Argent dawn (Ally)

70 Hunter - Argent dawn (Ally)
70 Rogue - Argent dawn (Ally)
73 Pala - Argent dawn (Ally)
80 Death Knight - Argent dawn (Ally)

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Hehe awesome, you're the 2nd

Hehe awesome, you're the 2nd Death Knight who gets realm first 80 using my guide.

I made a blog post about the first one, here:

Level 80 First DK

You're the best

Awesome stuff man, I love this site.
I've also vouched for you on www.shadowpriest.com if people ask about it.


- MnilinM

- MnilinM

I don't know what to say.

I'm pretty sure you get this a lot, but I love all that these guides have done. I went from being a poor, lonely kid with pointy knives to the life of the party rogue with awesome daggers and lots of blood elf ladies.

No, in all seriousness, you've made things more than efficient, and I got from 60-70 faster than I got from 20-40 because of your guide (I started late).

Thank you, once again. Much love.

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Hello Jame & Snowflake, I'd like to have some advices and hint about some questions.
The thing is, I'd like to make another char for WotLK following your guides and posting informative and , I think, useful feedback.
The problem is that I don't know what faction choose for this "mission", the class and then the server.
I have level 70s characters on both factions, on various servers. I like the variety, you know Sticking out tongue. I just can't decide, expecially for the server. Here it comes the question, or better, the request of advice!
If you could write me a few lines and suggest me some things I would really appreciate.

p.s. I have wrote here because there isn't a space for questions, but I think that's the right place because the question is about the guides.

Bye Smiling

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Thank you so much Jame and Snowflake!

I have been using your guides since my first day of world of warcraft! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! i have leveled 3 70s and one 62 ( currently leveling Eye using your guide!) My record was with my shadow priest 9 days played and i think i might beat it with my druid this time around!! Just wanted to thank you guys for everything and everything you will do in the future!

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Welcome! Don't miss my Wotlk

Welcome! Don't miss my Wotlk leveling guides, I will need feedback for those too Smiling

A simple Question

Hi Jame,
Is there any chance on making your guid printer friendly again? I managed to print it off last time (befor new patch) by simply using the tab you had on screen.. But now I dont see it Sad Am I going blind? or just being a nub..

Love the guides, keep up the goood work,
and good luck to all in WOTLK Smiling

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You don't see this?

It's at the bottom of every guide. Written in blue: "Printer Friendly Version"

Love this guide

James, just wanted to say how much I appreciate your guide. I am currently 3 levels over your guide (I started the guide at lvl 30 with no extra XP, fresh at 30)... I followed your guide completely, sometimes I just logged my character out, where I left off on the guide (so no double xp), and bam still 3 levels ahead of the guide. Don't know how or why, but this guide works. If only converting it to Tour Guide was Easy I'd be set for life Sticking out tongue ...

OK, Who's pet pooped on the bed?

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Hello, in some posts Jame said that he was thinking to do that conversion, but He would lose the contribution that comes from the people visiting the website. I must say that a Tour Guide addon-style edition of this guide would be Superawesome, but Jame needs us for keeping the site alive.


Hey Jame's first off I want to say great guide i am not even half way done with the 70-71 guide and I am already 71. Probably helped that I did a few instances.

The reason why I wanted to reply is that I wanted to inform you that in order to get the quest "Scouting the Sinkholes" you must complete the full Iggy quest line to access it. This may have already been brought to your attention but I didn't see it in any reply's. Once again thanks for the great guide.