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Revisions for [Rogue] Level 29 Guide to Twinking

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2010-11-16 07:00 by Jiyambi

ok a major update on the tactics and also made an index so you can move around faster

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2007-06-10 20:57 by painfury

ok big change: added body enchants changed many of the small things i had put befor twinking. added a new weapon and side armorslike rings and trinkets also fixed the tactics section next time i will add some screenshots and maybe my own vide:D

2007-06-08 21:49 by painfury

added a whole section on hwo to beat each class and added a whole new talent build and change some small issues. will add body enchants and new videos very soon

2007-06-08 21:47 by painfury
2007-05-22 22:23 by painfury

so i added a tactic section for WSG, a video section, added the addon AlaarBgHelper, a list of the best armor to get and some little tweaking. tell me if anything is not right or you need anything

2007-04-21 10:08 by painfury