Jame back to guide writing & Site updates

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As you might have noticed it was a bit quiet the last few weeks around here. This is due to the load of work that Jame and me had to face in RL. Fortunately we are soon done with these obligations and will be back full time to guide writing. The site also badly needs upgrades concerning its design and structure.

Guide Projects will be:

  • Leveling guides from 60-70 Horde/Alliance
  • Guides for all new instances normal/heroic
  • Raid instance guides for Karazhan/SSC/TK/Black Temple/Hyjal
  • How to get your epic flying mount + exhalted with all factions
  • How to get your flying dragon mount
  • Tradeskill guides and much more.

About the site:
If you know Drupal (5.1) and have already worked with it, we are searching for someone (professional) who would like to help out wow-pro by designing a new theme for the website. The best theme will be permanently applied to the site and the theme-designer will of course be paid by us for his efforts. For details, please contact or use the contact form.



Jawdropping! Cant Wait!


Cool Cant wait till the Outlands guide comes out, These guides were the best I ever tried..

could we know an aproxx.

could we know an aproxx. date until ur superb guide come out Smiling ?i'm so excited ... Sad..it will be soon ?

Can't wait for the new

Sticking out tongue Can't wait for the new guides!! The profession guides seem interesting too. Woot, Love your guides james.


Sweeet, Jame is back to making amazing guides
Looking forward to the Leveling guide from 60-70 Alliance

Thanks for all the great guides you've written so far Smiling


Yay jame is back to writing guides i look forword to them


thank you jame, you're guides are the best
i am waiting to get you're new guide!!! Hope it will not take long!!

Good news :D

Good to hear that Snow and Jame are back on the track. Best thing that happened to the WoW community since a good while Laughing out loud

Cheers guys and I am sure the quality of the guides will great again.

Thank you for the Newbies

Thank you for the Newbies section in the guides Smiling

Can't wait....

Jawdropping! Can't wait to see the new guides. Sounds like it going to be some good information!!!

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I'm glad that Jame is gonna be back writing guides, as I really love them. Smiling Smiling Smiling }:)

The funny thing is, I hate jelly.