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We've introduced a brand new section to our site: Guide Links!

What is it?

Everyone of us knows certain sites or links about wow they find useful. But while a site is useful for a certain topic (ex: instance guides) other sites might be much more useful and have much better guides concerning other topics (ex: leveling).
The new Guide Link section gives wow players the opportunity to exchange links, rate them, comment on them and make lists of their favorite wow links.

How can I contribute?

Very simple: Click on create content. There you choose "Guide Links" as type of content. Now what you need is:

  • The title or subject of the guide/post
  • The URL to the guide/post
  • Optional: Author's name or contact information
  • Optional: A short description
It basically takes you about 10 seconds to submit a link! Afterwards everyone will be able to rate it or comment on it.
Why not get started right now? Smiling

What's next?

Of course we just started the project and several things might not be optimal yet. For example some more categories might be needed or a different layout for displaying links.
So if you have any suggestions concerning the new project, please let us know by either using the contact form or by directly mailing to .


the submission link does not yet work

so here is the link to some really good profession guides:
There used to be a nice .pdf file for all professions by Highlander, but it seems like they removed it from the site and only left links to individual professions.

Guild Building Guide:
I have recently commented on a guild guide on this site, saying it was complete trash - which it was - and did make some suggestions on how to improve it. Instead of me reinventing the wheel, here is a decent guide which touches on most of the important aspects of a guild. If there exists a demand, I can expand on this guide (which I did not write myself) and elaborate on points for which people still have questions.

More links to come soon

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Thanks for informing me

Thanks for informing me Trition, what exactly doesn't work when you try to submit?

WoW-Pro Admin

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Nvm, I found out Sorry

Nvm, I found out Smiling Sorry about that, the issue should be fixed, please try resubmitting the links and tell me if it worked correctly for you.

WoW-Pro Admin