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Hello, all. This guide is being updated for Cataclysm, so there will be some errors below.

Original author: Ataraxia
(Guide format shamelessly stolen from Trollvink and his awesome Enhancement Shaman guide)


Balance Druids are the caster DPS of the druid tree. This spec should be viable for leveling all the way to 85. However, you will have to pick up cloth gear for the most part, as caster leather is extremely rare before Outland. Given that, you may want to level as Feral until at least 39 (when you get Moonkin Form) or even 60 (when the gear selection becomes much better). If you do, check out Zerox's Feral Guide.


This spec is for primarily for leveling. This is not an instance or raid spec.
(Full spec can be found here)

Spells and Rotations

  • Always start at max casting range.
  • Always keep Mark of the Wild on you once you get it

Take whatever 2-handed weapon/weapon and offhand that provide Intellect and spell power.

  • Until you get Moonfire, spam Wrath until the target is in melee range.
  • Once you get Moonfire, cast it after you've launched your first Wrath. (Wrath takes time to travel to its target while Moonfire hits immediately. Your first Wrath will hit the target as he starts runing towards you.)
Rotation - Pull with Wrath, cast Moonfire, spam Wrath. Refresh Moonfire if needed.


  • Open with Wrath.
  • Spam Starfire until the target is dead.
  • When fighting multiple mobs, use Moonfire followed by Entangling Roots on one. Then, focus on other mobs, healing as necessary.
Rotation - Pull Wrath, then spam Starfire.

Eclipse Mechanic

It's important that you learn how the Eclipse mechanic works for a balance druid. Once you select the Balance talent specialization, you'll get a bar under your portrait. To the left is a moon, and to the right is a sun. The spells you cast will move the bar towards one side or the other. Once you get all teh way to one side, you'll trigger an Eclipse, the effects of which are pretty much the same except for the spells they effect.

First thing is to understand the bar's motion. Once the bar starts moving, it's direction will be shown by an arrow. Once the bar starts a direction, it will NOT go the other direction until an eclipse happens. The bar will move depending on what spell is cast. Certain spells move it a specific amount.

Wrath will move it 13 points towards a lunar eclipse, and Starfire will move it 20 points towards a solar eclipse. Starsurge will move it 15 points in whichever direction it's going (if you've just logged in or ressed, it'll go towards lunar).

A Lunar Eclipse will make your starfire do more damage, and a Solar Eclipse will make your Wrath do more damage. Because of how this mechanic works, you'll be changing Wrath and Starfire in the rotation, depending on which way your bar is moving or if you proc an eclipse. WIth that in mind, here's the rotation you should keep using:

That's pretty much it. I'll be covering some of the other options you'll have as you acquire new spells, but the rotation above should take you to 85.

This is where your rotation makes a major change, and the following pattern should be followed for the rest of your leveling.

  • Open with Wrath, then spam Starfire.
  • Start trying to find a weapon that increases spell power and/or intellect. If you get a one-handed weapon, get an off-hand to go with it.
Rotation - Cast Wrath, then spam Starfire.

We get two abilities at 40 that allow us to do a lot more damage: The iconic Moonkin Form and Hurricane.
From now on, stay in Moonkin Form

  • For single targets, the rotation is the same as above
  • For multiple targets, use Hurricane. Either run into a group or pull using Moonfire.
  • Once you get Barkskin at 44, use it before using Hurricane.
  • Use Innervate when you're low on mana.
  • Use Force of Nature on groups or tough mobs. Warning - Make sure you damage whatever it is your trees are fighting. If you don't, you get no experience or loot!
Rotation (Single Target) - Cast Wrath, then spam Starfire.
Rotation (Multiple Targets) - Run into a group (or pull multiples to you using Moonfire), cast Barkskin then Hurricane. Re-cast Hurricane as needed.

At this point, we have a fudamental change in our single target rotation.

  • For single target, the rotation is the same as above except if Eclipse (Solar) procs.
  • Cast Wrath if Eclipse (Solar) procs.
  • Use Typhoon to knock approaching mobs back or to pull several at once. Warning: The range on Typhoon is further than the animation. Get a feel for it before you use it often!
Rotation (Single Target) - Cast Wrath, then spam Starfire. If Eclipse (Solar) procs, switch to Wrath.
Rotation (Multiple Targets) - Run into a group (or pull multiples to you using Moonfire), cast Barkskin then Hurricane. Re-cast Hurricane as needed.


  • Same as above, except use Starfall for extra DPS on groups. Use with caution, as this spell targets all creatures within range.
Rotation (Single Target) - Cast Wrath, then spam Starfire. If Eclipse (Solar) procs, switch to Wrath.
Rotation (Multiple Targets) - Run into a group (or pull multiples to you using Moonfire), cast Barkskin then Hurricane. Re-cast Hurricane as needed.





  • Tribal Leatherworking is a great way to go if you're levelling as balance. There are some nice BoP pieces for balance.
  • Skinning is a good compliment to leatherworking, allowing you harvest your own materials. Additionally, skinning will give you a critical chance buff which helps your damage out.


In the following order: Spell Power -> Intellect -> Crit -> Stamina -> Mana per 5 -> Spirit

    1 - Spell Power: Needed to directly increase damage

    2 - Intellect: This stat give you more mana, as well as increasing spell power and spell critical chance

    3 - Crit: Higher crit chance means more damage

    4 - Stamina: Try as you might, you will get hit. This helps you stay alive longer

    5 - Mana per 5 (Mp5): Helps keep your mana up, even in combat.

    6 - Spirit: Also used to keep your mana up, but not effective in combat. Once you get Improved Moonkin Form, spirit will increase your spell damage.


Click here for a complete list of druid glyphs




The gear listed below are just suggestions. There are plenty of other choices out there. If possible, try to upgrade your gear every 10 levels or so.


    From 1-57, you'll probably be wearing cloth gear since there isn't much in the way of spell leather in Vanilla WoW. The biggest exception is the Embrace of the Viper set that drops from the Wailing Caverns instance. After that, the next major pieces of caster leather are the Ironfeather set.

    Once you get to Outland, there are plenty of pieces of spell leather. The first you should be able to get are pieces of the Wild Draenish set.

Your caster weapons are limited to one-handed maces, daggers, fist weapons and staves. If you're using a mace, dagger or fist weapon, make sure to get an off-hand item.
Once you hit Outland, you'll find several upgrades available through quests. If at all possible, get a group to do the Ring of Blood quest line at 65 for the reward. At 75, do the Amphitheater of Anguish.

Druid Quests





There are several add-ons that are directly useful to druids.

  • ControlFreak - ControlFreak is a small addon that allows you to set a target for your CC spells, as well as monitoring their status to let you know if they're out or taking damage. You can also re-cast your CC without actually switching targets.
  • Decursive - This handy addon will allow you to remove any negative effect you are capable of removing from any member of your group with a simple click, without having to target them


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Keep in mind that a lot of

Keep in mind that a lot of the old world dungeons were revamped. Scholomance, for example, is not a 56-61 instance anymore, it's 38-43 now.

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Some more comments

1) It's a little hard to differentiate between some of the colors, some because you reuse them for different purposes, some just because they look similar. An example is the orange color of links and the neutral/contested color (which you also use for 'allowable races').

2) For population, it's worth noting that another disadvantage of low/recommended servers is that the AH economy fluctuates very wildly and you're more likely to see price gouging, due to lack of people selling things.

3) You mention repentance for paladins, which could be a little misleading since that's retribution only -and- has to be talented into. Hammer of Justice and Turn Undead are more classic CC abilities, even if they're not as versatile.

4) Your size chart for races is incredibly small. It's small enough you could have it in the body of the guide, with a link to a bigger image, but at that size, size chart doesn't really help someone tell what race is which.

5) I would recommend against linking to wowwiki for racial abilities or other such things. Wowwiki lost a great chunk of its main editor pool to wowpedia before the shattering, so wowpedia tends to be more up to date.

6) Should add something about being able to dual specialize at level 30 for 10g in the stats/talent section.

7) Cold Weather Flying is available at 68.

8) Should probably add a small section on guilds. One of the first things some people face when starting out is the spam of guild invites.

9) Also a section on trade chat and auction houses and the difference with goblin/neutral AH. I know the neutral AH confused the crap out of me when I was starting out.

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Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the input, kayeich.  I'll go over the guide and see where I can put stuff in.


I'm not sure why the race size chart is showing up small.  You may have auto-image sizing turned on, and it's shrinking the image to fit your browser.  I know that it's using the same size images as I have for the races up there.  I'll look into it, though.

I'll add a blurb about guilds, but I'm trying not to make this guide to technical.  Things like Dual Talents and Racial abilities are probably a little too deep for someone deciding if they want to play.  An advanced new player guide might not be a bad idea, however.  Once I get through my Balance guide and make sure it's working ok I may start one.

All that being said, I'll definately give the guide a once-over again and see how many of your suggestions I can add in.

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Newb guide updated!

The first pass at updating the Newb-No-More guide has been completed.  There are still some pieces of info missing, but overall I think it's in good shape.  Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!

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Thanks to you both

I appreciate the compliments.  I'll be updating this as I can, including Worgen and Goblin racial pics and an update to the racial size chart.  Please rest assured that any suggestions that you or anyone leaves will be reviewed and incorporated if possible.

Thanks again.

Great Guide!

I really like the guide.  You guys always do such a wonderful job.  My only suggestion is, even though you already have a section for stats, maybe it wouldn't hurt to include in the class section what stats are beneficial for that particular class in order of importance. 

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Looks excellent, Lycander,

Looks excellent, Lycander, thanks so much for the update! I'm promoting this to the front page!

heirloom items


Normally I'm kinda in the shadows just trying to soak in the helpful info.

Great guide, but I noticed when discussing heirloom items that it mentions the following restrictions:

The characters belong to the same faction.
The characters are on the same server.

But I know I've sent heirloom items across faction (on the same server), from my level 80 Horde to a level 1 Alliance. I've done it with heirloom items from the Argent Tournament as well as the Cold Weather flying Book (when the ally hit 68).

So unless Blizzard changed something in the last couple of weeks (since I sent the book over), you should be able to send, atleast some, heirloom items across faction.

Just thought I'd mention.


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I didn't know that they allowed the heirloom cross-faction. I haven't been able to try that (all my character slots are full on the server with my 80s) and relied on other people's info. I'll update. Thanks!

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Where it says "When the

Where it says "When the instance in over, you'll re-appear wherever you were when you entered." there is a small typo.

It should say, "When the instance is over, you'll re-appear wherever you were when you entered."

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"be aware of your PvP flag. I've taken out a level 70 with a 23 because the two that were camping me got bored waiting for me to res a dueled. Once one lost, I rezzed and one-shotted. Of course, I was camped for even longer but still..."

"a" should be "and".

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I appreciate the catches. I'll get them fixed!

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Ooohhh - nice catch!

That's a nice catch, Urdui. I'll make some adjustments. Thanks!

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Now this is a guide, top

Now this is a guide, top notch =)

You did a great job Lycander, I'm impressed!
Hehe, this actually makes me long to start back up again.. it was a good read (yes, I do read the guides where I comment on).
The lay-out is perfect, can't think of anything to add.

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Thank you

Thank you, Shikamaru. I've used your Inscription guide and feel flattered that you like this one.

Do start back up again. I commented on your "Passing by" post, but you (and anyone else) are welcome to swing by my server and say "Hi". You can check my profile for a list of my alts.

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Very good updates.

This guide makes me want to fly back in time and be a newcomer! =) Excelent work though, surely a very nice reading for newcomers.

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Thank you

Thanks for the compliment. I was trying to make something that people would enjoy reading and help then decide if they'd like the game.

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Bumped to the front page for

Bumped to the front page for good measure!

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Guide updated for 3.3.3

Well, I think I've covered all the updated content that applies here. As usual, any feedback, comments or suggestions are welcome, as I'm trying to keep this useful. Thanks!

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Amazing work Lycander! It's

Amazing work Lycander! It's really great that we got another direct link from the official wow site, and it's thanks to you!

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Guide is being updated

I'm updating the guide for 3.3.3. SHould be done in a day or two.

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Mount updates pending

I need to go check the costs for mounts and training, so that part's not up to date. However, the levels are.

Also, does anyone think including a section on heirloom items is too much info? Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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Mount info needs to be

Mount info needs to be updated, to new mounts at level 20 and 40, and flying mounts at 60, plus new costs.

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I've been away

Sorry about the lack of updates, but I've been working odd shifts and moving so I haven't been able to play WoW, and in turn haven't had the info to update. I should be able to keep up with the new patches now, though. Thanks again for all the input I've received from everyone, it's really helped this guide grow.

Just a typo

At the proffesions area, it says 'tiems' instead of 'items' just under enchanting.

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Fixed, thanks

Thanks for catching it.


I lied earlier, it is 25 minutes, not 30. I apoligize for not double-checking myself. If someone could fix it so people do not get confused.

"Like sands through an hourglass, so are the the days of our lives." Yet, you can't flip life upside-down and restart.

A few updates to suggest

Great job, wish I had known about this when I started playing. I have a few gramatical/logical fixes though... just trying to help Smiling

First (as I read down the page/guide):
You make the statement that in order to play Draenei (and Blood Elf), you "must have BC or Wrath installed". Since you can't have Wrath installed CORRECTLY without having an installed version of BC, you can take out that last part. It should read: "Only playable if you have Burning Crusade installed"

You posted this (which is NOT correct any longer):
"IMPORTANT: Once you spend a talent point, it's locked into place. You can reset your talent points, known as a respec, by visiting your class trainer. However, it costs 1 GOLD the first time. After that, it goes up to 5, then increases by 5 every time after that until it hits the max of 50 GOLD. Every month that goes by and you haven't respecced, the cost drops by 5 gold, to a minimum of 10 gold. Do some research before you spend them and save yourself some money."

You can now turn on the option to preview your talent points in the game-menu. I can't remember where it is off-the-top-of-my-head, but iirc, it is [Esc]->Interface->??? (it is an option on the lower right side). With this check-box set, you can put your points wherever you want, and they will not be permanent until you select "apply" and then confirm that you are done.

Those were the only two that I have found so far... I will post again if I notice any other corrections/mistypes.

For an instant fix to ALL your problems, please press [ALT] + [F4] now.

For an instant fix to ALL your problems, please press [ALT] + [F4] now.

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Good Points

I've updated the talents with the preview info. As for the distinction between needed Wrath and BC, as I've tried to write this guide for new people, it's possible that they were given an account with Wrath access, and they may not know that it includes BC. I don't feel that the extra info could cause any harm, but thanks for pointing it out.

Great guide overall. There

Great guide overall. There is a lot of very very useful information here. Just my two cents on a couple things inside.

I'd say that one of the most valuable traits of Shamans for leveling is the 15 min Astral Recall + your hearthstone. 7.5 minutes if glyphed. Saves huge time when leveling.

Strat has two sides, living and undead. The undead side has a 45 minute timer attached to it which rewards additional rep and required for t0.5 armor quests.

For completeness I would add preBC Naxx40 and just note that it was removed from the game. A lot of the early questlines still refer to it, especially those in EPL.

To train to be Grand Master in professions you need level 65 not 68. Some professions it can be done from earlier, i.e gathering professions are 55 I believe.


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Thanks, I've included most of it.

Thanks for the info. I'm still leaving out the preBC Naxx 40, as it doesn't exist any more. I don't want this to confuse new players.

Two mistakes

Two mistakes that caught my attention:

>Level 77 (Skill Level 375; Cold Weather Flying)
Cold Weather Flying does not increase the riding skill level (which is still 300 at the maximum). It simply gives the ability to ride flying mounts in Northrend.

>Grand Master 350 68 450
Grand Master level can be obtained at level 55, 60 or 65, depending on the profession, not at level 68. See for more detailed info.

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Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of the change in professions, it's been so long since I've leveled them.

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When i started playing it took me ages to work out what these 'roles' people talked about actually were. My biggest problem was the term Tank. Years down the line I take it for granted but one of the first sections in this guide is class breakdowns, a brief explanation at the very beginning of what the roles actually refer to and the basic mechanics of group play would help clarify. As a complete beginner guide you assume a little too much knowledge imo, its the basic stuff that always used to confuse me, the complex stuff just builds on the essential knowledge. And also I couldn't find a definition of the term 'tank' anywhere , no matter how much i googled.

Great guide!

Tag. Smiling

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There actually is a section defining those terms,

There actually is a section defining those terms, it's just down under "Groups". I've added it to the ToC, so that may help. Thanks.

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Re: Roles

If you look at the Chatspeak section, there is a link to a page of common terms and definitions. Tanks is included.

Not to sound harsh, but if this is your best attempt at communication the true "pwnage" is going to occur when you apply for a job that doesn't require you to wear a paper hat. - Doomplague


Not to sound harsh, but if this is your best attempt at communication the true "pwnage" is going to occur when you apply for a job that doesn't require you to wear a paper hat. - Doomplague
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Just a nit-pik!

You forgot Zul'Aman.


Not to sound harsh, but if this is your best attempt at communication the true "pwnage" is going to occur when you apply for a job that doesn't require you to wear a paper hat. - Doomplague
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Holy Crap!

How could I forget that? I've thrown it in. Thanks for the catch!

CoT Strat and Shammy

"Culling Has a 25-minute timed heroic run for an epic flying mount" It is a 30-minute timer. Also Shamans can be abbreviated Shammy.

"Like sands through an hourglass, so are the the days of our lives." Yet, you can't flip life upside-down and restart.

"Like sands through an hourglass, so are the the days of our lives." Yet, you can't flip life upside-down and restart.

Lycander's picture

Don't know why I was thinking it was 25

I've fixed it. Thanks!

I lied. You were correct.

I lied. You were correct.

"Like sands through an hourglass, so are the the days of our lives." Yet, you can't flip life upside-down and restart.

Under Races >> Alliance >>

Under Races >> Alliance >> Dwarves, you spell Ironforge as Ironfogre.

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Fixed, Thanks!

Fixed, Thanks. I appreciate the catch.

Hey again "Players The

Hey again Smiling

The colors for players are a little more extensive...."

You don't mention the opposite faction NOT flagged for PvP (this is blue too, right?)

"Level 77 (Skill Level 375; Cold Weather Flying) - This skill allows you to use your flying mount in Northrend. Cost is 1100g" I'm 95% sure it's 1000g.

I'll look more in to it later, still, awesome guide, mate Eye

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Oohh - missed that one

Oohh - missed that one. I'll add the flag color. I could be wrong about the cost. I'll change the cost as well.

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You might want to

You might want to explain the racial abilitys each race has, and stress the importance of them. Here are the racial abilitys:



Stoneform : Activate to gain immunity to poison, disease, and bleed (will also remove these types of debuffs); +10% Armor; Lasts 8 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.

Gun Specialization : increases chance to critically hit with Guns by 1% as of Patch 2.3 (was increase Gun Skill by 5).

Frost Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Frost spells by 2%.

Find Treasure : Activate to see treasure chests on mini map - lasts until canceled - no cooldown.

Treasure finding also marks many "node-type" quest items on the mini map.


Escape Artist : Escape the effects of any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect. Instant cast. 1 min, 45 sec cooldown as of Patch 2.3 (was 1 min).

Expansive Mind : Increase Intellect by 5%.

Arcane Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Arcane spells by 2%.

Engineering Specialist : 15 point skill bonus to Engineering (note, this also raises the cap by 15 at each level of Engineering).


Every Man for Himself : Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character. This effect shares a cooldown with other similar effects, 2 minute cooldown.

Perception : Increases your Stealth detection, passive.

Diplomacy : Reputation gains increased by 10%.

The Human Spirit : Increase spirit by 3%.

Mace Specialization : Increases expertise with maces and two-handed maces by 3.

Sword Specialization : Increases expertise with swords and two-handed swords by 3.

Night elf

Shadowmeld : Activate to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence. Lasts until cancelled or upon moving. Any threat is restored versus enemies still in combat upon cancellation of this effect, 2 minute cooldown.

Quickness : Reduces the chance that melee and ranged attackers will hit you by 2%.

Wisp Spirit : Transform into a wisp upon death, increasing speed by 75%.

Elusivesness: Reduces the chance enemies have to detect you while Shadowmelded or Stealthed.

Nature Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Nature spells by 2%.


Gift of the Naaru : Heals the target of 170 damage over 15sec. The amount healed is increased based on the caster's Spell Power or Attack Power, whichever is higher. This ability does not lose casting time from taking damage. 3 minute cooldown.

Heroic Presence : Increases chance to hit with all spells and attacks by 1% for you and all party members within 30 yards.

Gemcutting : 5 point skill bonus to Jewelcrafting (note, this also raises the cap by 5 at each level of jewelcrafting).

Shadow Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Shadow spells by 2%.



Blood Fury : Activate to increase attack power and spell damage/healing by an amount based on level/class for 15 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

Hardiness : Reduces duration of stun effects by 15%.

Command : Damage done by Death Knight, Hunter and Warlock pets increased by 5%.

Axe Specialization : Expertise with One- and Two-handed Axes increased by 5.


War Stomp : Activate to stun opponents - Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

Endurance : Hitpoints increased by 5%.

Cultivation : 15 point skill bonus to Herbalism (note, this also raises the cap by 15 at each level of herbalism).

Nature Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Nature spells by 2%.


Berserking : Activate to increase attack and casting speed for 10 seconds. Speed is raised by 10% at full health, increasing as health is lost to a maximum bonus of 30%. 3 minute cooldown.

Regeneration : Increase health regeneration bonus by 10%. Also allows 10% of normal health regen during combat.

Beast Slaying : 5% damage bonus when fighting against Beasts.

Throwing Specialization : Increases chance to critically hit with Throwing Weapon by 1%.

Bow Specialization : Increase Bow critical strike chance by 1%.

Da Voodoo Shuffle : Reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 15%. Trolls be flippin' out mon!


Will of the Forsaken : Removes any Charm, Fear and Sleep effect. 2 minute cooldown.

Cannibalize : When activated, regenerates 7% of total health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Only works on Humanoid or Undead corpses within 5 yards. Any movement, action, or damage taken while Cannibalizing will cancel the effect.

Underwater Breathing : Underwater breath lasts 233% longer than normal.

Shadow Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Shadow spells by 2%.

Blood elf

Arcane Torrent : Activate to silence all enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds. In addition, you gain 15 Energy, 15 Runic Power or 6% Mana. 2 min. cooldown.

Arcane Affinity : 10 point skill bonus to Enchanting (note, this also raises the cap by 10 at each level of enchanting).

Magic Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by spells by 2%

This information was found at,

Lycander's picture

I thought about that

I thought about that, but as I said at the beginning I don't want to re-print the manual. Most new players won't understand the benefit of those abilities, anyways. However, this does point out to me an idea that should have been obvious to me in the first place, which is a link to an in-depth description. Thanks for the idea.

Quote:Type - Realm type

Type - Realm type defines your interaction between your character, the environment and other players.

* Normal - This type of world is closest to that of your typical console or PC-based game. It's you versus the game's AI. You only become killable by other players if you enter an opposing faction's Capital City, enter a battleground, attack or buff another flagged player, or by turning on your own flag manually. You are also allowed to have characters of both factions. This is generally considered the easiest type of realm to play on.
* PvP - This type of realm is almost identical to a Normal realm, except you will become flagged for PvP

I don't think this section is very clear for new players. Maybe you should explain what flagged means, and that you can only be killed by members of the opposing faction.

Lycander's picture

Good point, thanks

Good point, thanks. I'll throw the explanation in there.

Hey there, awesome guide!

Hey there, awesome guide! Smiling

Found some mistakes though:

Secondary Skills, "Two riding skills avbailable at 70?"
Welcome to the World..., "I can't cove reverything"
Talents, "...the area you specialize in on yoru character."
Equipment, "Blue (Rare): Blues are found more often as quest rewards and in instances, but do occasionally drop on the world.", that doesn't sound right ..
Party Roles, "Well, temprarily incapacitating 2 of 5 people..."

Death Knight, "DK's abilities either generate or consume Runic Power." ...And runes Smiling
Party roles: You say, "Death Knight tank = Frost". I disagree, Unholy is too a great spec for tanking and I've even seen blood specced tanks tanking well to. Every DK spec should be able to tank well if good enough geared and if specced correctly in that spec.

It's called The Sunwell Plateau, and the abbrev. is SP.
Abbrev for Mount Hyjal is MH (afaik).
Isn't The Stockades refered too as ST?
I've known Auchenai Crypts as AC.
Gun'Drak is known as GD.
I've also known Eye of Eternity as EoE.

In my personal opinion, I think the pictures for the races should have their specific background for the race.
Location: Is this only an option in the US? I think it is. I think you should mention that Smiling