What type of guide should there be more of?


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I would love a guide...

... specifically on mounts, just with pictures of all types and colors, maps of where to get them, what level you need to be and how much they cost, rare/special ones and random tips etc...

It would only be a small guide but interesting to read for wow-newcomers < like me Eye >

Please re-direct me if there is already one, as i couldn't see one when i browsed the guides.

Thanks Laughing out loud

There Should be more class

There Should be more class guides (Hunter,Warrior,Warlock ect.)for lower levels than 60 like maybe 20-40 (please no more 1-10 guides) Eye
But profession guides sound good for now.

Gold Making

Personally, I think we could do with some Jame-Made Gold Making Guides. Sure, we all know how to make money, but we'd use any Gold Making Guides that you'd make just like we use the Leveling Guides you make. We can do it ourselves, but you make it easier, quicker, and more fun because we, or should I say, I, feel like I've actually accomplished something on the game after using your guides because it makes it so much faster and I get so much more done. I'd use your Gold Making Guides just like I would your Leveling Guides. To make it faster, easier, and more enjoyable with an added sense of self-pride on World of Warcraft. Also, I think you could do a great job with it. So after you're done with the 77-80 Leveling Guides, I would really appreciate some Gold Making Guides. The poll shows that many people agree. What do you say Jame?

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I say let there be jame gold

I say let there be jame gold making guides!


Thanks Jame. I think they'll be very popular.

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I think that

I think that there should be more profession guides, as we don't really have a detailed guide for every profession, with awesome illustrations and maps to assist the reader in the profession. I mean, we do have profession guides already, but there's no pictures! Sad

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You're very right, and some

You're very right, and some members already started to work on that Smiling

Jiyambi's Leatherworking Guide is the primate example:


Shikamaru also did a nice one for inscription: