Itemstats & Private Messages

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As of now itemstats is fully functional and you can use it while making guides or posts. This is how it works:

[ item]Full_name_of_your_item_here[/item ]

By putting the correctly spelled name of your item between [ item ][/ item ] tags (without spaces) you should get the following:

[item]Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer[/item]
[item]Bulwark of Azzinoth[/item]
[item]Bangle of Endless Blessings[/item]

Furthermore you can use [ itemico ][/ itemico ] tags to show item icons:

[itemico]Magtheridon's Head[/itemico]

Or [ itememb ][/ itememb ] tags to show the loot's description right away:

[itememb]Chronicle of Dark Secrets[/itememb]

Last but not least you can also use [ itembi ][/ itembi ] to show both the icon and the name of the loot:


On another note: Private Messages are working again! On the menu (to the left) you should see your inbox.

Also Guide Link submisson is now fully working, just use the following link:


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Nice and useful for pretty much every guide Laughing out loud

The funny thing is, I hate jelly.